An Easy to Follow Content Strategy

by | Jun 5, 2020

I must admit I have a love hate relationship with content.

I so want to create lots of valuable information and share other awesome content I find online, but it’s also so easy to get completely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff you could share that you end up sharing nothing!

That’s why today I decided to break down the content strategy that I recently started using to part the trees and give me some clarity on my most valuable and important topics I want to share.

I hope this helps!

It’s a total misconception that we need to be pumping out a boat load of content all the time! In fact less is more.

  • Step 1 – What is your objective for creating content? Check out Episode #50 – Planning Your Ideal Lifestyle Budget to help you work out your end goal.
  • Step 2 – With the end in mind write out your topic clusters. Create a maximum of 5 main topic clusters under which all your content will fit. For example here on this blog my main clusters are – Business, Lifestyle, Destiny. All of my content fits under one of those 3 main topics.
  • Step 3 – Research 10 questions per cluster. I get specific to give you a framework within which to work, but of course there are no hard and fast rules.
  • Step 4 – So you’ll now have 50 pieces of ‘pillar’ content to be working with, (5 clusters x 10 questions), which is enough for one piece of content a week. So now we need to create a content calendar. Meet my favourite piece of software!
  • You don’t have to create all your own content. There’s so much out there these days you could become a master of curation.
  • Quick recap.

So you see you don’t actually need to be delivering daily content or be everywhere at the same time.

You just need to create a simple strategy that meets the needs of your audience and fits in with your lifestyle and then put in place a ninja repurposing and delivery model which I’ll discuss in an upcoming episode.

Make it happen my friend! 😁

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