How to Build & Sell a Profitable Ecommerce Business at Only 14 Years Old!

by | May 29, 2020

I love today’s episode!

Earlier this year my husband & I sold our Amazon business and started to buy small e-commerce businesses with growth opportunity.

We came across an EarPod business and fell in love with the founder more than the business!

Peter Samios is 14 years old and spent 18 months building Fuzepods, an e-commerce store selling wireless EarPods (I can’t call them AirPods as that’s Apple’s product but that’s pretty much what they are).

He decided to sell his business primarily because his parents told him he needed to focus on his studies, but also as he revealed to me in the podcast he had become a bit ‘bored’ with the business and wanted to look at new opportunities!

He is such an inspiring young man and even more so for jumping on today’s episode to walk us through his journey.

Apologies for the quality of the video, I was new to Zoom and thought I might just record this as an audio, but a friend encouraged me to upload the video also, so feel free to watch or listen!

  • Peter is a 14 year old lad from the beautiful Australian city of Brisbane. Yep just 14!
  • What’s the business and what’s it all about? Peter walks through the business model, what he sells and how it works.
  • Peter didn’t buy expensive courses or spend months thinking about what he should do. He discovered this model and utilized free resources and training online to teach himself. Oh to have the limitless mind of a 14 year old again!
  • So Peter totally broke the rules with product selection choosing simply to find a product he ‘liked’ as opposed to something trending, or high sales volumes, low competition etc (all the stuff we’re taught to do).
  • How Peter names his business. Once again he uses a very scientific method… 😁
  • The software Peter used to build the store and how he learned everything he needed to do to get it all live.
  • How Peter found his supplier and worked out a way to significantly reduce shipping time! (one of the things we were attracted to when buying)
  • How Covid19 affected the business.
  • How Peter priced the products and the software he uses to automate the sales. Very very clever!
  • He got his first sale on his first day of business! This just keeps getting better. Lucky for us he tells us exactly what he did to get that sale.
  • Peter tells us all the way he’s been marketing his business and driving sales for the last 18 months.
  • Why Peter thinks the average drop-shipper puts too much work into their site and what to do instead.
  • Why Peter decided to sell the business and how he went about it.

What an inspirational young man!

I learned so much from this podcast about following your intuition and not always listening to what ‘should’ be done and just getting on with it!

I hope you find this interview as inspiring as I did and it lights a fire in your belly to just get out there and make it happen!

Click here to listen!

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