What Business Are You In?

by | May 15, 2020

So you’ve got as far as knowing you want to run a lifestyle business. You may even know that you definitely want to be a blogger or an affiliate marketer or sell products or services online.

But what ‘business’ are you actually in?

Perhaps you haven’t quite defined the niche you want to go into, maybe you’re unsure what your passion is, or perhaps you have so many ideas you just don’t know which one to choose!

Maybe you’re scared to miss out on opportunities if you single out just one business idea.

I feel you! I understand how important it is to start a business that suits you, your personality, your passion, your gift!

In today’s episode, I’m walking through the 5 steps you can take to get absolute clarity on exactly what business you are in, so you can get started on your journey to ultimate freedom with confidence!

[01:26] Step 1 – What kind of Lifestyle Entrepreneur are you? As much as it defines you, your personality will define your business. I’m outlining 3 dominant personality types of lifestyle entrepreneurs, which one are you…?

[06:53] Step 2 – Here I’m walking through 5 different approaches to determining your business model including your passions & interests, your strengths & weaknesses, the kind of people that excite you, problems & challenges & gaps in the market.

[15:05] Step 3 – Are there people out there that are going to buy your product or service? If there’s no-one to purchase your offerings you have yourself a hobby not a business my friend, so we need to ensure your niche has a buyers market ready & waiting.

[17:12] Step 4 – If you start chasing more than one rabbit, you will lose them all. Pick one thing! One business idea, one niche and stick to it!

[20:29] Step 5 – Plan for profit. Start with the end in mind and get clear on the objective of your business and how you will fund your ideal lifestyle doing something you love.

[23:51] A lot of people struggle to choose one niche! So, I am leaving you with my 2 biggest pieces of advice that will help you to overcome this common issue.

Clarity is power. If you start out knowing exactly what your niche is, what your business os, who you’re targeting and how it can be monetized you will move towards your goal faster and with greater purpose.

I hope this episode helps you to gain that clarity!

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