Energy is Everything!

Tony Robbins says “Repetition is the Mother of Skill”

Jo Barnes says “Energy is the Mother of Productivity!”

I have had a terrible day today.

Coming down off my big trip no doubt, I couldn’t sleep last night and was up listening to podcasts and reading from around 2am until 5am.

My lovely hubby to be let me sleep in from 5 – 9 and when I woke I felt weary but ready for action.

I jumped on my bike (only 1 week left until Ride 4 Kids) and cycled for 90 minutes while – she ashamedly admits – I did not watch productive videos on growing your social media following or improving sales funnels.

I watched 2 episodes of Outlander! I have to say it certainly made the stationary indoor cycling much easier and as I haven’t been on the bike for almost 6 weeks while I’ve been traveling and I just needed to get some time on the saddle!

The rest of the day has kind of gone by in a haze of tiredness.

The cycling coupled with a poor nights sleep, add in a carb heavy lunch and it was sayonara baby.

My to do list went by the wayside and I had an altogether very unproductive day. 😟

Energy is everything.

Without energy you will not function at your best.

Even the smallest little bumps in the road will feel like Mount Everest and your primal brain will talk your more action taking pre-frontal cortex out of everything positive you want to do.

We must do everything we can today to ensure we have maximum energy tomorrow.

Drink plenty of water, eat nutritious foods, exercise enough but not too much and ensure we get enough sleep! (Note to self there).

And if you are someone who struggles with sleep deprivation I have heard that ‘The Sleep Revolution’ by Arianna Huffington is a good read although I have not read myself, so don’t take my word for it.

I’m off to bed.

Night! 😴

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