Easy Things To Sell On Etsy: 50 Best Products

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Looking to start an Etsy store but not sure where to begin? Finding easy things to sell on Etsy is the key to a successful and manageable venture, especially if you’re new to the online marketplace.

One great tip is to focus on products that align with your existing skills and interests, as this can significantly reduce the learning curve and allow you to produce high-quality items that resonate with buyers.

In this post, we’ll explore more than 40 of the best products across categories like personal care, arts and crafts, home improvement and decor, digital products, and baby care.

These ideas are not only easy to create but have proven to be popular among Etsy shoppers. Whether you’re an artist, a craftsperson, or just someone with a passion for creating, this guide is sure to inspire your next profitable project.

Easy Things To Sell On Etsy: Personal Care

Quick Takeaways:

  1. Align Products with Skills and Interests:
    • Focus on products that align with your existing skills and interests to reduce the learning curve and produce high-quality items that resonate with buyers.
  2. Popular Product Categories:
    • Explore over 40 best-selling product ideas across personal care, arts and crafts, home improvement and decor, digital products, and baby care.
  3. Customization is Key:
    • Emphasize customization in scents, colors, and shapes for personal care items like handmade soaps and bath bombs.
  4. Market Trends Matter:
    • Stay informed about current market trends in various niches such as arts and crafts, home decor, and baby care.
  5. Quality Over Complexity:
    • Success on Etsy is not about complexity; it’s about focusing on quality, uniqueness, and understanding your target audience.
  6. Etsy’s Diverse Platform:
    • Etsy provides a diverse platform for creative entrepreneurs, offering opportunities for various products, from handmade goods to digital products.
  7. Digital Product Opportunities:
    • Explore the growing market for digital products, including printable planners, digital illustrations, and web design templates.
  8. Effective Pricing Strategies:
    • Strike a balance between covering costs and remaining competitive when pricing your items on Etsy.
  9. Attracting Buyers:
    • Utilize effective product presentation, SEO, and active promotion on social media to attract buyers to your Etsy shop.
  10. Handling Challenges:
    • Professionally manage challenges such as negative reviews and disputes by prioritizing good communication and utilizing Etsy’s resolution center.

1. Handmade Soaps

Making soap at home using natural ingredients and molds can be a simple process. They’re popular due to the customization in scents, colors, and shapes, and the emphasis on natural products.

easy things to sell on etsy - handmade soap

2. Bath Bombs

Comprising baking soda, citric acid, and fragrances, these can be made in bulk. Fun shapes and colors make them appealing gifts.

bath bombs

3. Natural Body Lotions

Using natural oils and butters, these can be customized to suit different skin types. The focus on natural and organic products makes them popular.

easy things to sell on etsy - natural body lotions

4. Essential Oil Blends

Mixing different essential oils can create unique scents for therapeutic purposes. Custom blends for relaxation, energy, etc., cater to a broad audience.

5. Lip Balms

Made with simple ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil, they’re cost-effective to produce and can be flavored uniquely.

6. Customized Face Masks

Using clay, oatmeal, or other natural ingredients, these can be designed for different skin types. The personal care trend encourages these products.

7. Organic Shampoo Bars

Environmentally friendly and easy to make with natural ingredients. They appeal to the eco-conscious consumer.

8. Beard Oils

Simple to make with a blend of carrier and essential oils. Targeted at the growing market of men’s grooming.

9. Scented Candles

Made by melting wax and adding fragrance, these are perennially popular gifts and can be made in unique containers.

10. Bath Salts

Mixing Epsom salts with fragrances and colors can create a luxurious bathing experience. They’re easy to package and sell.

Easy Things To Sell On Etsy: Arts and Crafts

11. Handmade Jewelry

Simple beadwork or wire-wrapping techniques can create beautiful pieces. Unique designs are always in demand.

easy things to sell on etsy - handmade jewelry

12. Custom Portraits or Paintings

Artists can offer personalized artwork. These are popular as personalized gifts.

custom portrait paintings

13. Personalized Greeting Cards

Easy to design and print, these cater to the market seeking thoughtful, unique sentiments.

easy things to sell on etsy - Personalized Greeting Cards

14. Hand-knitted Scarves and Hats

If knitting is a skill you possess, these can be made in various patterns and colors, appealing to fashion-conscious buyers.

15. Pottery and Ceramic Items

Though requiring skill, these items have a high perceived value and are sought after for their uniqueness.

16. Hand-bound Notebooks

Made by binding paper into decorative covers, these are popular among writers and journal enthusiasts.

17. Stained Glass Decorations

Though it requires practice, small stained-glass pieces can be unique decor items, appealing to art lovers.

18. Embroidery Kits

By providing all the necessary materials and patterns, these kits appeal to hobbyists looking to get started in embroidery.

19. Craft Supplies

Packaging unique beads, fabric, or crafting tools can attract other crafters on Etsy looking for specialized supplies.

20. Leather Goods

Items like wallets and bracelets can be made using basic leatherworking tools, appealing to those who prefer a rugged, classic aesthetic.

Easy Things To Sell On Etsy: Home Improvement and Decor

21. Custom Wall Art

Whether it’s prints, paintings, or digital designs, unique wall art can brighten a space and have broad appeal.

easy things to sell on etsy - Custom Wall Art

22. Hand-painted Furniture

Upcycling furniture with creative painting is environmentally friendly and taps into the trend of personalized home decor.

Hand-painted Furniture

23. Vintage Restored Items

Restoring vintage finds requires some skill but appeals to the nostalgia market.

easy things to sell on etsy - Vintage Restored Items

24. Personalized Nameplates or Signs

Using wood or metalworking skills, these are popular for family homes or as gifts.

25. Handmade Pillows and Cushions

Sewing skills can create unique home comforts, tapping into the market for customized home furnishings.

26. Decorative Mirrors

Adding decorative frames or accents to mirrors can create unique pieces with broad appeal in home decor.

27. Custom Light Fixtures

With some electrical know-how, these can be personalized to fit various aesthetics, appealing to home renovators.

28. Unique Plant Holders

Using ceramics or woodworking, these are popular among plant lovers looking for unique displays.

29. Hand-carved Wooden Utensils

These functional art pieces are simple to carve and appeal to those looking for unique kitchenware.

30. Personalized Coasters

Easy to make with cork or ceramic, they can be customized with names, initials, or unique designs.

Easy Things To Sell On Etsy: Digital Products

31. Printable Planners

Designing planners for specific niches (e.g., wedding planning, fitness tracking) caters to organized individuals.

Printable Planners

32. Digital Illustrations

Artists can offer custom or ready-made illustrations, providing a unique touch without shipping costs.

Digital Illustrations

33. Web Design Templates

For those with web design skills, these products offer solutions for businesses and bloggers.

Web Design Templates

34. Downloadable Guides and eBooks

Writing specialized guides on subjects you’re knowledgeable about can reach a wide audience.

35. Custom Fonts or Graphics

Designing unique fonts or graphic elements is an ongoing demand in the design community.

36. Stock Photography

If photography is a hobby, selling stock photos can cater to bloggers, businesses, and designers.

37. Virtual Classes or Workshops

Teaching skills through virtual platforms can reach an international audience.

38. Mobile App Designs

Designers can sell ready-made app interfaces to developers looking for a professional touch.

39. Video Editing Presets

These cater to the growing community of video content creators on platforms like YouTube.

40. Music or Sound Effects for Creators

Musicians can create background music or sound effects for other content creators.

Easy Things To Sell On Etsy: Baby Care

41. Personalized Baby Blankets

Adding a personal touch to baby blankets makes a thoughtful gift and taps into the baby shower market.

Personalized Baby Blankets

42. Hand-knitted Baby Booties

If knitting is a skill, these small, adorable items are popular gifts for new parents.

Hand-knitted Baby Booties

43. Custom Baby Onesies

Printing or embroidering unique designs on onesies caters to parents looking for something special.

Custom Baby Onesies

44. Handmade Baby Toys

Creating safe, soft toys appeals to parents seeking unique and thoughtful products for their children.

45. Baby Care Hampers

Packaging organic baby care products into gift baskets makes a thoughtful and appealing present.

46. Nursery Wall Decorations

Custom paintings, prints, or decals for nursery walls cater to the trend of themed children’s rooms.

47. Custom Baby Books

Personalized storybooks using a child’s name or image make unique and cherished gifts.

48. Handmade Diaper Bags

Sewing unique diaper bags with various compartments caters to parents looking for functionality and style.

49. Personalized Baby Feeding Sets

Engraving or customizing feeding sets makes them special keepsakes.

50. Baby Photo Albums

Crafting or personalizing photo albums is a sentimental product appealing to families looking to preserve memories.

Pros and Cons of Selling on Etsy


  1. Vast Marketplace for Best Selling Items:
    • Etsy provides a vast marketplace for Etsy sellers to showcase and sell the best things, making it an ideal platform for a wide range of best-selling products.
  2. Easy Entry for Etsy Newbies:
    • For those new to Etsy selling, the platform offers a user-friendly interface and a supportive community, making it easy for Etsy sellers to set up their Etsy shop and start listing items.
  3. Customization for Unique and Profitable Items:
    • Etsy’s emphasis on customization allows sellers to create unique and profitable items, ensuring a diverse range of products that stand out in the Etsy marketplace.
  4. Access to Etsy Business Resources:
    • Etsy offers free Etsy resources, including workshops and tutorials, providing valuable insights for Etsy business success and helping Etsy sellers optimize their Etsy listings.
  5. Targeted Audience of Etsy Shoppers:
    • Etsy shoppers actively seek unique and handcrafted items, creating a target audience that appreciates the best selling products offered by Etsy sellers.
  6. Etsy Payments and Gift Cards:
    • Etsy Payments and the option for Etsy gift cards make transactions convenient for both Etsy sellers and Etsy shoppers, enhancing the overall Etsy selling experience.
  7. Profitable Niche Markets:
    • Sellers can tap into profitable niche markets on Etsy, discovering popular things to sell on Etsy within specific categories like personal care, arts and crafts, home improvement, and more.


  1. Competition in the Etsy Marketplace:
    • Due to the popularity of the platform, there is substantial competition among Etsy sellers, making it crucial for sellers to find a niche and market their best-selling items effectively.
  2. Etsy Fees Impact Profit Margins:
    • While Etsy provides a platform for Etsy sellers, it’s important to consider Etsy fees, which can impact profit margins, especially for sellers offering lower-priced items.
  3. Managing Etsy Listings Requires Time:
    • Constantly updating and managing Etsy listings demands time and effort, particularly for Etsy sellers with a diverse range of best-selling products.
  4. Dependency on Etsy’s Policies:
    • Etsy sellers are subject to Etsy’s policies and may need to adapt to changes in terms of Etsy fees, Etsy Payments, and other aspects of Etsy selling.
  5. Balancing Quality and Quantity:
    • Etsy sellers need to strike a balance between offering a variety of items and ensuring the quality of each product, catering to the diverse demands of Etsy shoppers.
  6. Promotion Essential for Etsy Sales:
    • Generating Etsy sales requires active promotion, both within the Etsy marketplace and through external channels, highlighting the need for consistent marketing efforts.

Easy Things To Sell On Etsy – Summary

Etsy provides a diverse and dynamic platform for creative lifestyle entrepreneurs to market their products.

From personal care items crafted with natural ingredients to unique digital products tailored to specific needs, the opportunities are vast.

Key takeaways from this guide include the importance of aligning your products with current market trends, personal interests, and the demands of various niches such as arts and crafts, home decor, or baby care.

If you found this information valuable and are looking to expand your knowledge about running an Etsy business, we invite you to explore our other Etsy-related posts, such as;

Creating and selling your products on Etsy doesn’t have to be complex. Rather, focusing on quality, uniqueness, and your target audience can set you on the path to success.

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Easy Things To Sell On Etsy: FAQs

What can I sell on Etsy as a beginner?

As a beginner on Etsy, it’s advisable to start with products that are straightforward to produce and align with your interests or existing skills.

Items like handmade jewelry, custom greeting cards, or digital printables are popular choices. Additionally, you might consider curating vintage finds or crafting simple home decor items.

Remember to focus on quality and presentation, as these are crucial factors for success on the platform.

What stuff sells well on Etsy?

Several product categories consistently perform well on Etsy, thanks to their unique and customizable nature. Some of the top-selling items include:

  • Handmade jewelry, especially those with personalized touches
  • Custom art, such as personalized portraits or prints
  • Digital products like digital planners or custom graphics
  • Home decor, including handcrafted candles, wall art, and pottery
  • Personal care items like handmade soaps, bath bombs, and natural lotions

These are just some of the easy things to sell on Etsy. The key to success is ensuring that the products stand out, either through craftsmanship, unique designs, or personalized elements.

What can I sell on Etsy with no skill?

If you feel you lack specific crafting or artistic skills, there are still numerous opportunities on Etsy!

Consider the following:

  • Curate and sell vintage or unique finds.
  • Assemble DIY kits with all the necessary materials for a particular project.
  • Offer digital products, such as pre-made templates or designs.
  • Source high-quality, unique craft supplies and sell them as bundles.
  • Collaborate with a skilled friend or family member, combining your marketing and organizational skills with their craftsmanship.

What is usually sold on Etsy?

The platform is known for its vast range of unique, handcrafted, and vintage items, which makes them easy things to sell on Etsy.

The platform primarily hosts:

  • Handmade Goods: From jewelry to clothing to furniture, these are often unique and customizable.
  • Vintage Items: Products that are at least 20 years old, ranging from clothing to collectibles.
  • Craft Supplies: This includes beads, tools, fabrics, and more for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Digital Products: Items like printables, stickers, graphics, templates, and digital art.

Etsy’s strength lies in its community of artisans and the unique, personalized touch they bring to their products.

How do I determine the right price for my items on Etsy?

Pricing on Etsy requires a balance between covering your costs and remaining competitive, which makes these easy things to sell on Etsy.

Start by calculating all your expenses, including materials, time, shipping costs, and Etsy fees. Once you have a baseline, research similar products on Etsy to gauge the price range.

Remember, unique or high-quality items can often command higher prices due to their perceived value.

How do I attract buyers to my Etsy shop?

Attracting buyers involves a combination of effective product presentation, search engine optimization (SEO) for your listings, and active promotion.

Use high-quality photos, write clear and descriptive titles and descriptions, and utilize relevant tags and keywords.

Additionally, promote your shop on social media platforms, collaborate with influencers or bloggers, and consider using Etsy Ads for added visibility.

Can I sell items made from someone else’s designs on Etsy?

You can sell items made from someone else’s design only if you have obtained the appropriate permissions or licenses from the original creator.

Unauthorized use can lead to copyright infringement issues. It’s crucial to always respect intellectual property rights and ensure that what you’re selling doesn’t violate any laws or Etsy’s terms of service.

Is it necessary to offer international shipping on Etsy?

Offering international shipping isn’t mandatory, but it can expand your potential customer base.

If you decide to ship internationally, be transparent about shipping costs and times, and familiarize yourself with customs regulations and potential import duties for different countries.

How can I handle negative reviews or disputes on Etsy?

Customer service is pivotal.

If you receive a negative review, approach the situation professionally and calmly. Reach out to the buyer, acknowledge their concerns, and try to find a mutually satisfactory resolution. Often, good communication can resolve many issues.

If disputes arise, utilize Etsy’s resolution center and always be willing to work towards a fair outcome.

How do I manage inventory and order fulfillment efficiently on Etsy?

Inventory and order management are crucial for maintaining a smooth operation.

Consider using tools or software that sync with Etsy to track your stock levels. Set clear lead times on your listings to manage buyer expectations.

As your shop grows, you might also consider hiring assistance or using a fulfillment service to streamline the process.

What products sell fast on Etsy?

Etsy shoppers often gravitate towards unique and handmade items. Best-selling products include personalized jewelry, custom artwork, and digital printables, which align with current market trends and Etsy shoppers’ preferences for unique and customizable items.

What is the easiest thing to make for Etsy?

For Etsy sellers looking for simplicity, handmade soaps, bath bombs, and custom greeting cards are among the easiest things to make for Etsy. These items allow for creativity while being manageable for those starting their Etsy journey.

What to sell on Etsy as a side hustle?

To turn your Etsy shop into a profitable side hustle, consider offering digital products like printables or downloadable guides. These items have a broad audience, and with effective marketing, they can generate passive income for your Etsy business.

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