10 Easy Side Hustles to Make Money Today

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A side hustle is like part-time work that you do on the side of your regular day job to make additional money. Every third American has a side hustle to increase the income streams and I am also one of them. If you are working 9-5— it is near impossible to find opportunities to earn more money but easy side hustles allow you to do so.

You can make more than an extra $1000 a month with side hustles—only if you have enough time, energy, and motivation to take it up. Here you go with some of the most lucrative and legal easy side hustles that can earn you a good amount of money every month. Scroll down to know more!

Quick Takeaways:

  1. Side Hustles Can Supplement Income Successfully:
    • Side hustles offer a viable way to supplement income, with the potential to earn more than $1000 a month, providing individuals with additional financial opportunities beyond their regular jobs.
  2. Diverse Options for Side Hustles:
    • The article presents a variety of side hustle options, including offering online courses, creating YouTube channels, participating in online surveys, freelance writing, and designing social media posts, catering to different skills and interests.
  3. YouTube Channel Creation for Additional Income:
    • Starting a YouTube channel is highlighted as a lucrative side hustle, with insights on the potential to earn a 55% share in advertising revenue, making it a popular and profitable option.
  4. Monetization Strategies for YouTube Channels:
    • Practical tips for monetizing a YouTube channel, such as utilizing Google AdSense, engaging in affiliate marketing, and collaborating with businesses, are provided, offering clear pathways for turning a channel into a source of income.
  5. Start Small and Expand with Multiple Side Hustles:
    • Encouraging the idea of starting small and gradually expanding, the article suggests having multiple side hustles if time and energy permit, providing a flexible approach to increasing income streams.

10 Easy Side Hustles to Make Money Today

1. Offer Online Courses

10 Unique Side Hustles

If you feel that you have enough experience in any field, you can start offering online courses. You can also teach others what you’re currently doing for a living. Just like, if you’re working as a nutritionist—you can offer your services online and educate people about a balanced diet, healthy eating habits, perks of physical activity, and a lot more. You can start customizing diet plans for your clients according to their medical profile and history. It allows you to utilize your professional skill set and expertise in maximizing your revenues.

Sandra Rios, Owner of Buzz Agency says “No worries if your skillset cannot be taught online. You can still offer any other services. Just like you can teach your mother tongue or promote travel by educating people about the natural beauty of your hometown, historical sites in it, it’s cultural values and customs, food, fashion, and much more.”

Matt Weidle, Business Development Manager of Buyer’s Guide says “You can either provide online courses directly to interested individuals or to third parties who buy your course from you and sell it to the potential audience online.” You will need to create a course outline capable of delivering the course objectives that you can use to record your lectures and helping material. Udemy is the best platform to sell your courses online where interested candidates approach to get enrolled.

2. Create a YouTube Channel

10 Unique Side Hustles - Create A Youtube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is one of the hottest and most used easy side hustles nowadays. The ever-increasing trend of vlogging and accessing everything online have promoted the need for YouTube channels.

YouTube provides a perfect platform to utilize your leisure in generating some additional revenues. You can have a 55% share in every dollar paid by the advertisers—offering you a handsome amount of money at the end of the day.

Like I do—you can start a YouTube channel about anything on Earth. It can be as simple as sharing your daily routine and your way of doing things—to a masterclass where you teach how to fix the engine of a passenger aircraft.

Michael Hess, eCommerce Strategy Lead at Code Signing Store says “You can also project your hobby using your YouTube channel where you may post everything about your hobby.” Just like, if your hobby is collecting coins—you can talk about every coin on your YouTube channel. You can provide information about the history of the coin-including the era, place, and people it belongs to. People having the same hobby are not going to miss any of your vlogs and you would enjoy your hobby while making money.

“You can start your channel about your profession which will also cost you no extra effort,” says Mike Owens, Digital Marketing & Growth Director at Web Hosting Advices. If you are a math teacher—you can provide simple and easy techniques for cracking those complex questions and millions of people are going to find you with the right tags.

Brian Case, Director of eCommerce & Retail at Selkirk adds “There are hundreds of YouTube channel ideas that you may search for and pick one to create your own.” However, it is highly recommended to choose the most trending and popular niche to convert your YouTube channel into a cash cow.

You may need to invest some time in researching a niche that is also going to stay popular in the coming years. You must add value to your YouTube videos to make people feel the need to avoid missing out on any post from your YouTube channel. Therefore, maintaining the quality of content is highly crucial to sustaining and increasing viewership.

Ellie Shippey, E-commerce Growth Specialist, EZContacts further adds “Once you’ve created your YouTube channel and it’s all set with the relevant tags—it’s time to spread the word.” You must create social media handles for your blog and also use your own social media profile to promote your channel. For this, you can post related content on your social media and invite subscriptions by delivering value.

Derek Bruce, Operations Director at Manchester First Aid Courses says “When your YouTube channel becomes prosperous enough to get monetized—you can promote your earnings using Google AdSense, starting affiliate marketing, or teaming up with other businesses for promoting their products and services straight to your subscribers.”

3. Participate in Online Surveys

10 Unique Side Hustles - Online Survey

If you don’t have any assets on hand to monetize them—you can start investing your time in this easy side hustle. You can start participating in online surveys. There are a number of companies that are willing to pay you for sharing your opinions. Online surveys are usually too precise and easy to complete.

Jake Cowans, Founder, and CCO of CompanyScouts say “You can take part in different types of surveys present online.” Some companies may ask you to provide your opinion on popular brands or products, while others will invite you to participate in marketing research experiments. You can also take part in surveys that ask you to share your thoughts on several issues or trends to get paid for it.

However, it is not something you may rely upon as a primary source of income. This side hustle allows you to generate income that will be enough to meet some of your monthly expenses. Just utilize it until you find a high-paying side hustle.

4. Start Serving as a Freelance Writer

10 Unique Side Hustles - Freelance Writer

As per a study, 24% of freelance writers make an average income of $50,000 per month. If you are good at language and expression and also have some free time on your hands—freelance writing can be a high-paying side hustle for you. For freelance writing, you don’t require to hold any professional qualification or certification. You have a good hold on your words and know how to write—you are good to go.

All you need is a reliable internet connection and a laptop or computer to run the show. There are a number of online platforms where you can start selling your services right away.

Steve Elliott, Franchise Owner, Restoration1 explains “Just list your services on any of these websites and start getting hired. You can join any of the freelance working platforms where you will easily get writing tasks too. These websites include Upwork, Fiverr, and a lot more.”

You can also handle the blogs of certain companies and professionals who hardly find time to do so. Here you may post required content as per their content planner. Moreover, you can also work for any newspaper, YouTube channel, or independent brand to fulfill their content needs. You can rather build your career around it in the long run.

5. Design Social Media Posts

10 Unique Side Hustles - Design Social Media Posts

If you are good at graphic work and love to play with colors and designs—you are the best fit to become a part-time designer of social media posts. For this, you will need to design posts for social media pages, business profiles and the daily feeds of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more.

You can use freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer to promote your services and get paid. Finding customers is never too hard if your profile has the potential to appeal to clients.

All you need to follow are the guidelines given by the client and there you are. However, you must explore and learn to use colors and design color schemes to make your graphic work more attractive.

Tia Campbell, Director of Marketing at Practice Reasoning Tests recommends “This is a highly-paying side hustle that can earn you even more money than your primary source of income—allowing you to expand your skill set in graphics and so your service offerings.” You can then include logo designing, business card designing, posters, flare designing, and even UX designing. The key to success is the excellence of service quality through which you may win laurels in this area of work.

6. Become a Freelance Proofreader

10 Unique Side Hustles - Proofreader

In today’s digitally connected world—millions of new articles and social media posts are published every day. It generates the need for proofreading to remove the flaws from the content—if any. This makes proofreading a great side hustle for people who love to read and have great attention to detail. Scott O’Brien, Head of Sales at PPC Ad Lab says “Proofreading allows you to earn good money and you may operate from the ease of your home.”

You can pick several proofreading projects all at once and keep on delivering them once they’re done. Once the project is completed— you and your employer part ways. As Head of Marketing at Psychometric Success Robert Smith mentions “You can also get hired by different news agencies and educational institutions as a proofreader for your excellence in the area of work. You can easily find proofreading projects from LinkedIn, Upwork, Clickworker, or Fiverr.”

7. Offer Translation or Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Today the internet has shattered all the geographical barriers and every business is striving hard to expand virtually. The customer of any brand no longer belongs to a certain locality or area. Since the customer base has become limitless virtually. For this, businesses need to translate their web pages into multiple languages, and here comes the need for translators and transcription specialists.

According to Myles Robinson, Digital Marketing Expert at LoanCorp “If you are bilingual—you’re having an opportunity to earn using your linguistic skills.” You can easily find translation or transcription jobs where you may simply need to convert content from one language to another. Just like if you know French and Spanish—you may work as a translator for French and German companies along with being a service provider for everyone who wants to convert their content from their language to German or French. This side hustle costs you nothing and you can start it from your home.

8. Start a Blog

10 Unique Side Hustles - Start A Blog

If you’re good at writing—you can always start a blog about anything you feel is close to your heart or appeals to your mind. Blogging is a very profitable side hustle that can earn more than $1M a year and its an easy entry point to make money online for beginners. But it requires you to do it like a professional. You must know everything about blogging and how to make it profitable before sitting back and expecting a heavy dollar rain.

Gerrid Smith, Director of Ecommerce at Joy Organics explains “Blogging requires proper research and expertise from a selection of niches to ranking and sustaining an audience. You can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing by running ads for products and services of companies affiliated with your blog.”

For example, you can start a travel blog and start posting engaging content to attract audiences from across the world. You can partner with road and air travel agencies, travel equipment providers like camping kits, the hotel industry, and even food chains that offer discounts to travelers.

Lachlan de Crespigny, co-CEO of Revelo adds “You can also sell tour plans, or tour guides to interested customers through your travel blogs. Similarly, you can pick any popular niche to create a blog and monetize it to make extra dollars.”

Offline Side Hustle Ideas

10 Unique Side Hustles - Offline Side Hustle Ideas

How about having multiple easy side hustles? Nothing prevents you from making more money if you’re allowing yourself to do so. You can have more than one side hustle if you have enough time and energy for it, just like, if you already have an online side hustle—you can utilize offline resources to make more money.

Here you go with some offline easy side hustle ideas that you may kick start without going above and beyond. Check it out!

9. Rent Your Garage

Do you know that many billion-dollar companies have started their companies from their garages?

10 Unique Side Hustles - Rent Your Garage

Shawn Malkou, Managing Broker at X2Mortgage says “Never underestimate the potential of your assets at hand. Unused spaces can be repurposed to earn you some additional money. You only need to know how to utilize them to your benefit.”

If you no longer possess a car, take benefit of the unused garage that you—occasionally clean. You can either use it on your own to earn money by starting a small set-up but cannot afford commercial spaces for it. Moreover, you can also rent it out to interested people who either want to park their car or install a workstation for their micro agency.

Joe Troyer, CEO & Head of Growth at Digital Triggers says “You will need to clear up all the junk from your garage and make it presentable to appeal to the customers. Take attractive photos and upload them to property-dealing apps and websites to convince potential renters. People might have various reasons for renting your garage. They may also need it for additional storage or restore their vintage vehicles. Just share the garage images on several platforms and local boards to spread the word about the availability of your garage.”

10. Become a Delivery Driver

10 Unique Side Hustles - Delivery Driver

You might be the one who fears renting your car to strangers for the sake of money but still want it to meet your monthly expenses. You can use your own car and start working as a part-time delivery rider. You can offer food delivery, courier delivery, grocery delivery, in-city exchange, or delivery of various items.

There are a number of specialized platforms connecting you with potential customers who need something delivered. You can register yourself with Uber, Uber Eats, Grubhub, individual food brands and chains, courier companies, Amazon, and a lot more.

Joe Troyer, CEO & Growth Advisor of ReviewGrower elaborates “You can always pick something that suits best your primary job schedule and of course your lifestyle.” Just don’t over-commit and keep an eye on the rush hours to ensure being on time and meeting all of your delivery deadlines.

11. Rent Out Your Car

10 Unique Side Hustles - Rent Out Your Car

If you live in a big city that has a good mass transit system—you probably don’t need to rely on your car to get around. Everything you may need is close enough to reach by foot or you are only one stop away to catch a bus and be there. Still, you must not leave your vehicle sitting around – instead, it’s a great idea to rent your car to others as a unique side hustle that will earn you a good amount of money.

It was a time when I also used to rent out my car so let’s tell you how it works. First of all—you need to ensure that your insurance program will cover any eventual damage done throughout the rental period. You must keep a check on the condition of your vehicle and don’t forget to take detailed pictures before proceeding with any rental deal. You can keep these photos as evidence for your insurance company to claim any prospect losses caused by damages.

Alex Savy, Co-Founder, and Editor-in-Chief at ComfyNorth recommend “Once the insurance process is complete—it’s the right time to get your automobile registered with a number of specialized websites or mobile apps that allow you to rent your car to people or businesses.” Once you’ve decided on the platform for renting, all you need to do is to create an account and list your car rental offer. You can add appeal to your offer by including high-resolution images displaying the features of your car. Also, provide all the basic information about the automobile to boost the probability of finding a potential customer.

Abdul Saboor, Full Stack Developer at The Stock Dork further adds “You can also take pride in highlighting some special features that your four-wheeler may have including self-driving capability or eco-friendliness.” Someone is surely going to reach you and you can sit back and relax after your job while your car would earn you good money.

Pros and Cons of Easy Side Hustles


  1. Diverse Income Streams:
    • Engaging in the best side hustle ideas provides an opportunity to diversify income sources, helping individuals add a few extra bucks to their bank account each month.
  2. Flexibility to Fit Around Day Jobs:
    • Many side hustle jobs, such as data entry, dog walking, or delivering packages, offer flexibility, allowing individuals to earn extra income without compromising their day jobs.
  3. Potential for Financial Freedom:
    • Pursuing digital marketing or starting a dropshipping business can lead to financial freedom, enabling individuals to go beyond just earning extra cash and achieving long-term financial goals.
  4. Utilizing Free Time Effectively:
    • Side hustles leverage free time, transforming it into a productive and profitable venture. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace offer opportunities to find clients and sell products, contributing to extra income.
  5. Scalability and Business Growth:
    • Initiating a bookkeeping business or a dropshipping venture allows for scalability, providing a path to transform an extra income source into a full-fledged business, potentially offering more than just a few extra bucks.


  1. Time Commitment Challenges:
    • Some side hustles, like food delivery or running a dropshipping business, may demand significant time commitments, potentially affecting work-life balance and free time availability.
  2. Unpredictable Income:
    • The income from certain side hustles, such as dog walking or gig-based jobs like delivering packages, can be unpredictable, making it challenging to rely on them as a consistent source of extra money.
  3. Initial Investment and Risks:
    • Starting a dropshipping business or venturing into digital marketing might require an initial investment and involve inherent risks, requiring careful consideration before diving into these side hustle options.

Final Words on Easy Side Hustles

If you want to make more money—there are a trillion ways you can! All you need to do is to figure out what works best for you and how well you may handle it along with your primary source of income. So just find out what’s best for you and start converting your sluggish side hustles into massive cash cows! Remember—the easy side hustles that you may handle virtually are going to remunerate better than the ones in the physical world but the choice is of course yours!

Easy Side Hustles – FAQ’s

How can I make an extra $2000 a month?

To make an extra $2000 a month, consider exploring high-paying side hustle options like digital marketing, starting a bookkeeping business, or engaging in dropshipping. These ventures provide opportunities to significantly boost your income beyond just earning a few extra bucks.

What is the #1 side hustle?

Determining the #1 side hustle depends on individual skills and preferences. However, popular choices include digital marketing, offering online courses, or running a dropshipping business. These versatile options cater to various interests and can contribute to both extra cash and financial freedom.

How can I make $100 in a week?

If you’re looking to make $100 in a week, consider side hustles with quick payouts. Options like food delivery or gig-based jobs such as delivering packages can offer fast earnings. Additionally, selling items on platforms like Facebook Marketplace can help you achieve that extra income goal.

What side hustles pay weekly?

Side hustles that pay weekly often include gig-based jobs like food delivery, dog walking, or delivering packages. These opportunities provide a consistent flow of extra money to supplement your bank account, offering flexibility for those with limited free time.

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