My Mum, now 80, used to tell me when I was younger, ‘Jo, I’m a doer and your father is a dreamer’, you’ve luckily managed to get a bit of both.’
She was so right!
I’m a huge dreamer but thankfully I’m an action taker also (although I can procrastinate with the best of them!)
10 years ago I met a man who would take ‘doing’ to a new level. My gorgeous fella (who I’m set to marry next year by the way), is like a machine when it comes to doing.
By the time I’ve explained to him an idea, he’s usually put it into action.
I remember attending an internet marketing event in London back in 2010, and some friends of ours who lived in Cyprus were going traveling and wanted someone to housesit their apartment for 6 weeks.
I phoned my action taking fella and mooted the idea with him.
By the Sunday night when I got back he’d put all our belongings on sale on gumtree (UK equivalent of Craigs list) and within a week we were on a plane to Cyprus.
We haven’t looked back since and together we have traveled the world (with our daughter), now live in Phuket and have built two very successful location independent businesses.
Most people talk.
It’s the people that do, that have all the luck. Go figure!
Be a doer, not a talker.
Jo :)

January 11, 2019