Do What You Love 💗

Yesterday I talked about my ‘why’ being travel.

Why just have one why though?

I have many and they’re all wrapped up in my passions & doing what I love!

* I love entrepreneurship & am a huge advocate of the future being about micro brands and a more equal distribution of wealth. Hence I love to teach how to build your own lifestyle business and am also starting our own travel ecommerce business next year with my hubby!

* I love my daughter & want her to grow up with a deep sense of self belief & a strong work ethic therefore I love to demonstrate to her empowerment & being a strong woman.

* I love writing & spreading my message to the world, hence I want to become a published author, build my audience & spread awareness of empowerment, self belief & contribution.

* I love to travel to see the world, open my mind, explore new cultures & along the way within my writing, my influence, connections & community hope to spread awareness of those in need and be a catalyst for change.

It’s all interlinked – travel, travel brand, ecommerce, microbrand, teaching others, writing, strong female entrepreneurs, empowerment, women in developing countries, contribution.

Every day I get to wake up doing what I love!

This didn’t happen overnight.

I found my passions & my loves by getting out there and ‘taking action’ everyday.

I had an inkling of what I enjoyed, but to discover your passion you have to be ‘doing’, not thinking.

Follow your heart, it will guide you in the direction you need to take, but most importantly ‘act’, and your passions will reveal themselves. ❤️

Make it your life’s mission to wake up everyday loving what you do because happiness is the ultimate success. 😁

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