Digital Products To Sell On Etsy in 2024: 100+ Best Options

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Are you an online solopreneur or lifestyle entrepreneur looking for innovative ideas to boost your ecommerce business? Discover an array of untapped potential with this comprehensive list of 100+ best digital products to sell on Etsy.

Navigating the digital marketplace can be challenging, but choosing the right products is the first step towards success.

From printable planners to online courses, these digital products can provide a consistent income source with low overhead costs.

Start harnessing the power of Etsy’s vast customer base, and tap into their appreciation for unique, personalized digital items.

This guide is your first step in building or expanding your digital product inventory on Etsy.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Versatile and High-Demand Digital Products: “Discover top-selling digital products on Etsy, like printable planners, digital illustrations, and customizable digital items, that cater to a wide range of customer needs and interests.”
  • Low Overhead, High Potential: “Capitalize on digital products that offer consistent income with low overhead costs, such as online courses, digital art, and eBooks, leveraging Etsy’s vast customer base.”
  • Diverse Opportunities for Creativity and Profit: “Explore diverse product options including business graphic designs, DIY craft tutorials, and digital music production packs, each offering unique opportunities for creativity and profit in the digital marketplace.”

100+ Best Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

digital products to sell on etsy

Here’s a list of 100+ unique digital products that can be created and sold on Etsy:

1. Printable Planners

You can create daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly planners in a variety of designs. These can range from personal planners, diet planners, to business planners. Your customers can simply download and print them out for use.

2. Digital Illustrations

Offer custom or pre-made digital illustrations for personal or commercial use. These can include illustrations for book covers, websites, social media posts, or any other purpose. As they’re digital, customers can easily modify the size and sometimes colors to fit their needs.

3. Printable Stickers

Printable stickers are popular for personalizing items like laptops, notebooks, and planners. You can design a variety of themes like floral, motivational quotes, anime, or cute animals. Customers can print them on sticker paper and cut them out.

4. Business Graphic Designs

Offer design services or ready-to-use designs for logos, flyers, business cards, banners, and more. High-quality graphics can help businesses stand out, and many small businesses look to Etsy for unique designs.

5. Digital Artwork

Create digital paintings, sketches, or abstract art that people can purchase, download, and print for their personal use. This could be anything from fan art to original creations.

6. Ebooks

Write and sell ebooks on a variety of topics. This can be anything from a how-to guide, a cookbook, a self-help book, a novel, or even a collection of short stories.

7. Online Skill Courses

Create courses in your area of expertise. This could be anything from drawing, painting, computer programming, marketing, language learning, and more. You can deliver these as video series, written content, or a combination of both.

8. Digital Scrapbooking Elements

Scrapbooking enthusiasts are always looking for new materials. Design digital papers, borders, stickers, and tags that customers can download and print.

9. Photoshop Templates

These can be templates for social media posts, business cards, invitations, resumes, and more. Make sure to offer detailed instructions on how to use these templates.

10. Custom Blog Headers

A unique blog header can help a blog stand out. Offer a service to design custom blog headers based on the customer’s content and branding.

11. Vector Images

These are images that can be scaled up or down without loss of quality. They’re used in everything from logo design to print-on-demand products. Offering a library of versatile vector images can be quite profitable.

12. Lightroom Presets

If you’re a pro at photo editing, consider selling your Lightroom presets. These are popular with photographers and influencers looking to maintain a consistent aesthetic on their photos.

13. Digital Caricatures

Caricatures are a fun, personalized gift. Offer your services to create digital caricatures based on photos customers send you.

14. Customizable Wedding Invitations

Digital invitations are increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness and convenience. Create beautiful designs that customers can personalize with their own details.

15. Printable Greeting Cards

Design greeting cards for various occasions like birthdays, holidays, or congratulations. Customers can download, print, and use them whenever they need them.

16. Digital Sewing Patterns

If you’re skilled at sewing or design, consider selling your patterns. Customers can download and print them out, and you can offer instructions on how to use the patterns to make the finished product.

17. Digital Embroidery Designs

Similar to sewing patterns, you can create and sell digital files for embroidery designs. These can be used by people with embroidery machines, which require a digital file to guide the machine.

18. Virtual Reality Experiences

If you have the skills, you can create and sell virtual reality experiences. These could be games, educational tours, or simply immersive experiences. This is a growing market with a lot of potentials.

19. Podcast Lyrics or Jingles

If you have musical talent, consider creating jingles for podcasts. As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, many podcast creators are looking for unique ways to stand out.

20. Music Production Sound Packs

Musicians and producers are always on the hunt for unique sounds. Sell packages of digital sound effects, loops, or samples that customers can use in their own music production.

21. Voice-Over Services

If you have a great voice and good sound equipment, offer voice-over services. These could be used for videos, commercials, podcasts, e-learning, or audiobooks.

22. Web Design Templates

If you’re skilled at web design, sell your own custom-made website templates. These can range from simple blog designs to more complex e-commerce store templates.

23. DIY Craft Tutorials

If you’re good at crafts, you can create and sell digital guides or video tutorials showing others how to make your creations. You could cover anything from knitting patterns to paper craft templates.

24. Personalized Birth Announcements

Design beautiful, customizable digital birth announcements. Parents can add their newborn’s details and share the news with their friends and family in a memorable way.

25. Digital Fonts

If you’re skilled at typography, create and sell your own custom fonts. These can be used by designers for branding, creating logos, social media graphics, and more.

26. Social Media Templates

Many businesses and influencers want to maintain a consistent aesthetic on their social media profiles. You could create customizable post and story templates for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

27. Infographic Designs

Infographics are a powerful tool for conveying information in an easy-to-understand format. You can create and sell custom infographic designs or templates.

28. Printable Wall Art

There’s a large market for home decor. Create beautiful digital artwork that customers can download and print to hang on their walls.

29. Animated Instagram Stickers

If you’re proficient in animation, you can design custom Instagram stickers that individuals or businesses can use in their stories.

30. E-Commerce Branding Kits

Branding is vital for any business. Create kits that include logo designs, color palettes, fonts, social media headers, and other branding elements.

31. Printable Party Decorations

These could include themed banners, cupcake toppers, placemats, and more. Customers can download, print, and use them to spruce up their parties.

32. Recipe Ebooks

If you’re passionate about cooking, you could compile your favorite recipes into an eBook. This could be a general cookbook or focused on a niche like vegan recipes or desserts.

33. Video Editing Presets

If you’re proficient in video editing, you can create and sell your own editing presets. These are commonly used in software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

34. Blogging Resource Guides

If you have experience in blogging, create and sell guides on how to start a blog, grow traffic, monetize, create content, and more.

35. Fitness Programs

If you’re a fitness expert, design and sell digital workout plans. These could be general fitness programs or focused on specific goals like weight loss, muscle building, or training for a marathon.

36. Meditation Guides

Develop and sell guided meditation scripts or audio files. These can help people relax, reduce stress, or achieve specific goals like improving self-confidence or productivity.

37. Printable Chore Charts

Design creative and interactive chore charts for kids. Parents can download, print, and use them to motivate their children to help around the house.

38. Digital Home Organization Systems

Create and sell guides or templates for home organization. These could include printables for meal planning, cleaning schedules, or budget tracking.

39. Personalized Love Coupons

These are fun and creative gift ideas. Create beautiful digital templates that customers can personalize and gift to their loved ones.

40. VR Art Galleries

If you’re a digital artist and know how to create VR experiences, consider creating a virtual art gallery. Visitors could “walk” around and view your artworks as if they were in a physical gallery.

41. E-Magazines

If you have a passion for a particular subject, create and sell digital magazines. These could be about anything – fashion, food, travel, business, or even a specific hobby.

42. Personalized Digital Caricatures

Offer to create digital caricatures based on customers’ photos. These make fun and unique gifts and can be used in a variety of ways, from social media avatars to personalized greeting cards.

43. Virtual Interior Design Plans

If you’re an interior designer, offer your services virtually. You could provide consultation via video call and then deliver a digital plan including a layout, color scheme, and furniture recommendations.

44. Email Newsletter Templates

Many businesses need attractive, easy-to-use email templates. Sell your designs for newsletters, sales emails, or welcome emails that customers can customize for their own business.

45. Digital Landscape Designs

If you’re a landscape designer, offer your services online. Provide a digital design based on a customer’s specifications and photos of their property.

46. Animated Logos

An animated logo can help a brand stand out. If you have skills in graphic design and animation, offer custom animated logo design services.

47. Business Plan Templates

Many entrepreneurs need help crafting a solid business plan. Create templates that guide customers through the process of outlining their business model, marketing strategy, financial projections, and more.

48. Mobile App Interfaces

If you’re skilled at UX/UI design, create and sell mobile app interface templates. Customers can use these as a starting point for their own apps.

49. Printable Bookmarks

Design a variety of bookmarks with different themes and styles. Customers can download and print them out at home, making these a cost-effective and instant gift option.

50. 3D Game Assets

If you have skills in 3D modeling, create and sell digital assets for video games. These could include characters, landscapes, buildings, or other elements.

51. User Interface Elements

Design and sell digital UI elements like buttons, icons, sliders, and more. These can help web and app developers save time and achieve a consistent look.

52. Printable Calendars

Offer downloadable calendars with various designs. These could be yearly, monthly, or weekly calendars, and could have themes like productivity, wellness, or inspirational quotes.

53. Guitar Chord Charts

If you’re a musician, create and sell digital guitar chord charts for popular songs. These can be downloaded and printed by customers learning to play guitar.

54. E-Postcards

Design digital postcards that customers can personalize and send electronically. This is a quick and environmentally friendly way to send greetings for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

55. Custom Twitch Overlays

As streaming becomes more popular, many Twitch streamers are looking for ways to make their streams look professional. Offer custom overlay design services to help them stand out.

more digital products to sell on etsy

56. Custom Discord Bots

If you’re proficient in coding, create custom bots for Discord servers. These could automate tasks, moderate chat, play music, or provide fun games for members.

57. Custom LinkedIn Banner Designs

A personalized LinkedIn banner can help a professional stand out. Offer design services to create custom banners that reflect the customer’s industry and personal brand.

58. Printable Sudoku Puzzles

Design a collection of Sudoku puzzles that customers can download and print. These are popular for people looking for a quick and portable brain workout.

59. Digital Diet Plans

If you’re a dietitian or nutritionist, create personalized diet plans based on a customer’s dietary needs, fitness goals, and food preferences. Always be sure to emphasize that customers should consult a doctor before starting any new diet.

60. Video Game Music Tracks

If you’re a musician and gamer, create and sell unique music tracks for video games. Indie game developers might be interested in buying your tracks for their games.

61. E-Learning Modules

If you’re an expert in a particular subject, create and sell e-learning modules. These could be used by schools, businesses, or individuals looking to learn a new skill.

62. TikTok Video Templates

TikTok is a growing platform with unique video needs. Design and sell templates that users can customize with their own content to create professional-looking TikTok videos.

63. Snapchat Geo-filters

If you’re skilled at digital design, create and sell custom Snapchat filters. These are popular for events like weddings, birthdays, or company parties.

64. Printable Sheet Music

If you’re a musician, consider creating and selling your own arrangements of popular songs, or your original compositions as printable sheet music.

65. Digital Mindfulness Courses

With growing interest in mental health and wellness, a digital course teaching mindfulness techniques can be a popular product. It can include video tutorials, audio guides, and printable workbooks.

66. Home Schooling Resources

Create and sell digital resources for homeschooling. This could include lesson plans, educational games, or printable worksheets on a variety of subjects.

67. Customized Virtual Reality Tours Itinerary Templates

If you have the skills, create and sell customized VR tour templates. This could be templates for virtual tours of real estate, historic sites, or even AI-generated environments.

68. Printable Adult Coloring Pages

Adult coloring is popular for its relaxation and mindfulness benefits. Create and sell intricate printable designs that adults can color in their free time.

69. Character Audio Messages

Offer a service where you record character-based voice messages for various occasions, such as birthday greetings, motivational messages, or custom affirmations.

70. Instagram Highlight Icons

Instagram users love to personalize their profile with custom highlight icons. Offer a design service or sell pre-made icon sets.

71. YouTube Video Intros

A unique intro can make a YouTube channel more professional and memorable. Offer a service to create custom intros based on a customer’s branding and content style.

72. Printable Journal Pages

Journaling is a popular activity for self-reflection and mindfulness. Design and sell a variety of printable journal pages or complete journaling kits with different themes like gratitude, mindfulness, or goal-setting.

73. Custom Emoji Sets

Emojis are a fun way of expressing emotions digitally. If you’re skilled in digital design, create and sell your own unique emoji sets.

74. Career Advice Ebooks

If you have significant experience in a certain field, compile your knowledge and advice into an ebook. This could be tips on how to succeed in the industry, how to navigate job interviews or advice for career advancement.

75. Custom Music Playlists

If you have a good ear for music and know about a wide range of genres and artists, offer a service to create custom playlists. Customers can specify the mood, occasion, or themes they want the playlist to cover.

76. Online Photography Courses

If you’re an experienced photographer, consider offering online courses to teach others your craft. This could cover basics like understanding camera settings, or more advanced techniques like portrait photography or post-production editing.

77. Virtual Escape Rooms

If you enjoy puzzles and game design, consider creating virtual escape rooms. Customers can purchase access and play with their friends as a fun online activity.

78. Printable Flash Cards

Create and sell sets of printable flash cards for various educational purposes. These could be for learning a new language, studying for an exam, or practicing math skills.

79. Budgeting Templates

Many people struggle with managing their finances. Create and sell digital budgeting templates that help customers track their income, expenses, and savings goals.

80. Wedding Planning Guides

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. If you have experience in this field, consider creating a comprehensive digital guide to help couples navigate the process.

81. Printable Workout Logs

Create and sell printable logs where customers can track their workouts. This could include sections for exercises, reps, sets, and comments.

82. Virtual Staging Custom Design Templates

Virtual staging is a cost-effective alternative to traditional staging for real estate. If you’re skilled in home interior modeling, offer customizable program templates virtually stage homes.

83. Virtual Assistant Task And Scheduling Templates

If you’re organized and good at managing tasks, offer your services as a virtual assistant. You could help clients with scheduling, email management, data entry, or social media management.

84. Printable Origami Instructions

If you’re skilled at origami, create and sell printable instruction sheets. These could be for a range of designs from simple to complex.

85. Minecraft Mods

If you’re a fan of Minecraft and know how to code, create and sell your own custom Minecraft mods. These could add new features, change the game’s mechanics, or introduce new content.

86. Video Game Strategy Guides

If you’re a seasoned gamer, write and sell comprehensive strategy guides for popular video games. These could include walkthroughs, tips, secrets, and more.

87. Baby Milestone Cards

Design and sell printable cards that parents can use to capture their baby’s milestones. These could include “First Steps”, “First Word”, or “First Birthday”.

88. Virtual Fashion Styling

If you have a flair for fashion, offer your services as a virtual stylist. You could help clients choose outfits for special occasions, build a capsule wardrobe, or update their style.

89. Online Makeup Tutorials

If you’re a makeup artist, create and sell online tutorials showing how to create various looks. You could also offer personalized video consultations.

90. Translation Or Language Tutorial Guides

If you’re fluent in more than one language, offer your services as a translator. You could translate written documents, videos, or provide live interpretation templates or services.

91. Diet and Exercise Tracker Templates

Many people aim to lead healthier lives. Create and sell comprehensive trackers where customers can log their meals, workouts, water intake, and more.

92. Mind Maps for Studying

If you’re skilled at creating comprehensive mind maps, create and sell them for various subjects. These can be a useful tool for students studying for exams.

93. Printable Agendas

In the age of digital calendars, some people still prefer physical planners. Design and sell printable agendas with customizable features such as color schemes, sizes, and templates.

94. Sound Effect Packs

Sound designers, podcast creators, and filmmakers often need sound effects. Create and sell themed sound effects packs for various purposes, like horror films, nature documentaries, or sci-fi podcasts.

95. Meal Planner Templates

Help customers plan their meals and grocery shopping with printable meal planner templates. This could include sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, plus a shopping list.

96. Custom Spotify Playlist Covers

For music lovers who take their Spotify playlists seriously, offer a service to create custom playlist covers that reflect the theme or mood of the playlist.

97. Digital Illustration Commissions

If you’re an artist, offer your services to create custom digital illustrations. Customers could request a portrait, a piece of fan art, a logo, or anything else they need.

98. WordPress Theme Customization Guides

If you’re skilled at WordPress theme customization, create and sell a guide that walks users through the process of making their site unique.

99. Instagram Story Templates

Instagram stories are popular but can be time-consuming to make. Sell templates that users can quickly customize with their own photos and text.

100. Exercise and Fitness Challenge Guides

Create and sell guides for various fitness challenges, like a 30-day yoga challenge, a couch to 5k running plan, or a month-long strength training program.

101. Calligraphy Practice Sheets

Many people want to learn calligraphy but don’t know where to start. Create printable practice sheets that guide customers through each letter in different calligraphy styles.

102. Etsy Shop Critique Services

If you’ve found success on Etsy, offer your services to critique others’ shops. You could provide feedback on their products, branding, descriptions, SEO, and more.

103. Printable Chore Charts

Parents often use chore charts to manage their children’s tasks. Create and sell printable chore charts with different themes and layouts.

104. Virtual Pet Portraits

If you’re an artist, offer your services to create custom digital pet portraits. Customers can send you a photo of their pet, and you can create a unique piece of art.

105. Printable Goal Trackers

Goal trackers can be useful for maintaining motivation and tracking progress. Design and sell printable goal trackers for different purposes, like fitness goals, financial goals, or reading goals.

106. Pattern Design Tutorials

If you’re experienced in pattern design, create and sell tutorials that teach others how to create their own patterns. This could be for fabric design, digital design, or even traditional art.

107. Online Coding Tutorial Templates

Coding is a highly valuable skill in today’s digital world. If you’re an experienced coder, create and sell online coding lessons. This could be a beginner’s guide to a specific language, or more advanced topics.

108. Ebook Design and Formatting Services

Self-publishing authors often need help formatting their books for digital platforms. If you’re experienced in this, offer your services to format ebooks.

109. Online Customized Personal Training Guides

If you’re a certified personal trainer, offer online personal training services. This could be through live video sessions, personalized workout plans, or a combination of both.

Best Digital Products To Sell On Etsy: Seller’s Checklist

When planning to sell digital products on Etsy in 2024, consider this comprehensive checklist.

  1. Research Etsy Digital Download Ideas: Stay updated with the latest trends for digital downloads.
  2. Identify Best Selling Digital Items on Etsy: Look into current top sellers for inspiration.
  3. Adapt to Digital Products to Sell on Etsy 2023: Analyze this year’s trends to predict 2024’s market.
  4. Develop Strategies for Selling Digital Items on Etsy: Create a plan that aligns with Etsy’s best practices.
  5. Explore Top Digital Products: Keep an eye on what’s trending in the digital realm.
  6. Optimize for Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy: Ensure your products are downloadable and user-friendly.
  7. Implement Etsy Tips: Apply proven tips and strategies for success on Etsy.
  8. Learn How to Create Passive Income from Etsy Digital Products: Aim for products that generate recurring sales.
  9. Design Attractive Etsy Shop Banners: Your shop’s banner should be engaging and representative of your brand.
  10. Select Top Digital Products to Sell on Etsy: Choose products that have a high demand and low competition.
  11. Analyze Top Selling Digital Products on Etsy: Study what makes these products successful.
  12. Create and Offer Invoice Templates: These are in demand by small business owners and freelancers.
  13. Brainstorm Etsy Digital Product Ideas: Think creatively about what digital products to offer.
  14. Refer to List of Digital Products to Sell on Etsy: Use existing lists as a guide for your product lineup.
  15. Consider Selling Logos: Graphic design, especially logos, can be a lucrative digital product.
  16. Utilize Digital Downloads on Etsy: Make sure your products are easy to download for customers.
  17. Engage with the Etsy Marketplace: Be active in the community to better understand customer needs.
  18. Expand on Digital Product Ideas: Regularly update your product ideas based on market trends.
  19. Compare with Top Online Marketplaces: Understand how Etsy differs from other platforms.
  20. Curate Your Items to Sell: Ensure that your products meet a high standard and cater to customer needs.
  21. Refine Your Approach to Selling Digital Downloads: Continuously improve your digital product offerings based on customer feedback and market changes.

By following this checklist, you can effectively prepare and optimize your Etsy shop for selling digital products in 2024. It’s essential to stay current with market trends and continuously evolve your strategies to meet the dynamic demands of the Etsy marketplace.

Best Digital Products To Sell On Etsy – Summary

The realm of digital products is vast and filled with countless opportunities for aspiring and seasoned lifestyle entrepreneurs and solopreneurs alike.

These 100+ best digital products to sell on Etsy offer a diverse selection to choose from, whether you’re an artist, writer, designer, teacher, or tech expert.

The key takeaway is to leverage your skills and passions to create high-quality, valuable digital products that cater to the needs and interests of Etsy’s diverse audience.

Don’t stop here! Our wealth of related blogs provide deeper insights, such as:

So, continue your journey, sharpen your skills, and stay ahead of the curve by immersing yourself in our informative and inspirational content.

Remember, the world of digital selling holds limitless possibility and you’re a step closer to unlocking your full potential.

Happy Etsy selling!

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Best Digital Products To Sell On Etsy- FAQs

What digital products sell the best on Etsy?

Various types of digital art can succeed on Etsy, but some popular categories include printable wall art, custom portraits, digital stickers, graphic designs for personal use, and digital planners.

However, the best-selling art is often unique and shows the personal style of the artist.

Is Etsy worth selling digital products?

Yes, selling digital products on Etsy can be a profitable business.

The advantages include low overhead costs, no need for inventory or shipping, and the ability to sell the same product multiple times.

However, success requires quality products, effective marketing, and excellent customer service.

What are the digital products on Etsy?

Digital products on Etsy cover a broad spectrum.

They can be digital artwork, printable planners, educational materials, music files, e-books, embroidery designs, website templates, or software.

Essentially, anything that a customer can download after purchase can be sold as a digital product.

How do I become successful on Etsy with digital products?

Success on Etsy requires a combination of high-quality products, effective keywords for SEO, appealing product images, and excellent customer service.

Understanding your audience, staying consistent, and continuously refining your strategy based on analytics and market trends can also contribute to success.

How do I price my digital products on Etsy?

Pricing digital products can depend on several factors, such as the time and effort you invested in creating them, the perceived value of the product, and the prices of similar items in the market.

It’s essential to find a balance that both compensates you fairly and is attractive to buyers.

Do I need special software to create digital products?

The type of software needed depends on the product you’re creating.

Software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva can be useful for creating digital art and printable items. For more specialized products, you might need other tools or software.

How do I deliver digital products to customers on Etsy?

Etsy allows sellers to upload digital products directly to the listing.

When a customer purchases a digital item, they receive an automatic email with a link to download the product, making delivery seamless and instant.

Can I sell copyrighted digital products on Etsy?

No, selling copyrighted products is against Etsy’s policies and can lead to the suspension of your shop.

Always ensure that the products you sell do not infringe on someone else’s intellectual property rights.

How can I promote my digital products on Etsy?

Use Etsy’s built-in promotional tools, such as Promoted Listings and Etsy Ads, to increase your shop’s visibility.

Regularly engaging with your followers on social media and using SEO techniques can also help attract customers to your shop.

Do I need to pay taxes on the income I earn from selling digital products on Etsy?

Yes, income from selling digital products on Etsy is typically taxable.

However, tax laws can vary widely, so it’s important to consult with a tax professional or your local tax agency to understand your obligations.

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