Day 1 – Ride 4 Kids

The time has finally arrived for me to get on my bike & cycle somewhere between 600 & 700 kilometres this week to raise money for 3 amazing children’s charities here on Phuket Island.

Yesterday a group of us set off at 8am to cycle around the schools we’re supporting, starting at Phuket Has Been Good To Us, a school which was originally set up to support the orphaned children from the 2001 Tsunami.

Now the school educates & houses local kids from broken or abusive homes, kids with no parents & families with no means to give their child an education.

The money we raise will pay for English speaking teachers & more equipment & facilities for the school.

Next we cycled to the Banya school supported by The Good Shepherd charity.

Here the kids are Burmese and come from the immigrant worker camps made out of corrugated iron & dirt.

The money we raise pays for clean drinking water at the school, clean toilets, teachers, learning equipment & other school facilities.

Lastly we visited the Outrigger Share 4 Change program school.

Like PHBGTU, the local kids here come from broken homes or families living in extreme poverty.

The school receives no government funding & this program has paid for learning equipment, improvements to the sports field, canteen, playground, nursery & library.

Three very deserving causes I’m sure you’ll agree.

Day 1 was fun, informative & at times extremely moving.

Here’s a little video I put together.

If you’d like to support us, please sponsor me just $10 to change a child’s life.

Thanks so much 🙏

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