Creating Your Brand Images

OK my friend, so we’re going to try to get ahead of the curve today as this coming week you’re going to be setting up your store.

To be able to create your store and hit the ground running you will need;

  • A logo
  • A nice header style banner image for the site,
  • Designs for your print on demand products if that’s the route you’re going down
  • Social Media headers, profile pics etc

Creating the Images Yourself

As per the ‘How Not to Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business’ post, no-one really cares about your logo except you.

Clearly it’s representative of your brand however, so at the very least needs to look clear and professional, but don’t do what I did and spend hundreds of dollars getting a fine looking logo which you’ll probably change at some point in the future anyway.

Personally I would head straight to for creating my site logo.

They actually have an entire section dedicated to logo creation and you can quickly and easily add the name of your business, change the colors, move things around a bit and voila! One clean & professional looking logo. No cost.

Here is an article direct from the folks at Canva walking you through how to create a basic logo.

Also here is a fab video by the super awesome online entrepreneur Kimberley Ann Jimenez, showing you over her shoulder as she creates some fab looking logos directly on Canva completely for free! Thanks Kimberley! 😁

However, if like me you are ridiculously aesthetically challenged, here are some options for having someone else do it for you!

Using Outsourcers

Option 1 – Who do you know who is not aesthetically challenged? Can a family member or a friend hop on to Canva and do it for you for the price of a beer or a lunch?

Option – Just type ‘logo design’ into their search bar and hundreds of options will pop up starting at a fiver!

Option 399designs – This was the option I chose, not recommended at this stage. It’s a great service, but super expensive for a store not even making any money yet. (Logo designs starts at $299) Save this for logo upgrade!

Option – I use this site all the time. Almost all of the team I have working with me come originally from Upwork! I have a post all about hiring a VA from upwork which describes the process of posting a job etc. But in summary, you post your requirements, people bid for the work and you choose the best person for your job.

Upwork says it best themselves – How to Post a Job on Upwork

Using Image Sites

For your banners and headers etc., you can utilize the fabulous images created by others and hosted on image sites.

The best image site out there in my opinion is ‘Unsplash’.

I love them because they have images for everything and allow you to use the images copyright free for all uses including commercial.

Background image by – unsplash-logoTomasz Smal

I would urge you to give credit to the image creators though somewhere on your site. That’s just good practice (and Karma). (See the little black box under the above image linking to the image creator, you can get that code directly from Canva.)

If you can’t find the image you’re looking for, there are plenty more image sites on the web. Here’s a big list of Where to Get Free & Cheap Images for Your Lifestyle Business

Once you have an image you can use Canva to crop it, filter it, add text etc and generally make it your own.

Super fast, super easy.

I love technology!!!

But before you go rushing off to create all your fabulous designs, you may want some tips on the kind of designs that work for print on demand.

And as if by magic, I found this fab video from the team at Printful, which I highly recommend you watch;

7 Print on Demand Design Mistakes Beginners Make

But what if you’re stuck for ideas?

You know your niche and your target market but you’re just not sure what designs you should be adding to all your lovely products.

Here are 7 fabulous tips for finding inspiration from what’s already out there from Charlie Mendoza over at Envato.

He recommends looking for inspiration over at;

1. Amazon Merch
2. Pinterest & FB
3. Etsy
4. Other POD sites
5. Google Images
6. Reddit & other social platforms
7. Combining Niches

You can read the whole article here – scroll down to around the middle of the article to find all the details on these 7 tips.

What I Did

To give you an idea of what you need I thought I’d load up here all the pics of what I created ahead of time when preparing for the roll out of my site;

1. Logo

2. Banner Images for Store

3. Product Images

4. Banner Images & Profile Pics for Social Media

(I just used the banner images I created for the site to get them live, but it would be a good idea to create custom social media headers at some point.)

5. Mock ups of products being worn / used created on

That’s it for today my friend!

Get some images ready if you can so when we create your store on Day 9 & 10, you’re ready to upload your images and hit the ground running.

If you’re unsure about banner sizes etc at this stage, don’t worry too much, they’ll generally be a ratio of around 0.56 – 0.60 give or take for headers and square for other other images on the site.

(For example, roughly 1000 pixels by 560 pixels or 1000 x 600 or 1000 x 1000px)

But you can crop and make perfect when you set the store up.

Take a breathe my friend.

You have completed Week 1!

Now onto the real fun, let’s go build an Ecommerce store!