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Good morning! It’s 6am here in the super chilly South of England.

Clearly suffering from a touch of jet lag I have been awake since 3.10am this morning, but rather than do anything productive, I lay in bed convincing myself to try to go back to sleep while also surfing Instagram for inspiration!

I have decided this year I really want to make Instagram my thing, so I’ve started having a look around, see what other people are doing, how they’re using it, what’s effective and what’s not etc.

This in itself is not a bad thing to do, it’s always a good idea to see what’s working on a platform and what’s not, however….

If you’re building your business and your audience it’s so important you do your research and then get off and become a creator not a consumer.

I got caught up for well over an hour this morning reading posts, comments, looking through stories etc and quickly found that my ‘business exploration’ had turned into complete distraction with all the characters from the Marvel movies!!! (Can’t resist a bit of Chris Hemsworth in the morning)! 😮

Too easy right??

Lesson of the day is – set a time limit for researching other people’s social media content for inspiration for your own.

Know precisely what it is you’re looking for – are you looking at how people have written their bio’s, what links they use, how they’re creating stories, how posts are formatted etc.
Go in knowing what you want to get out, set your timer, do the work, make the notes and then stop!

Time is short, make sure you use yours to create not consume!

Have a great day 😀