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Today, there are plenty of AI writing tools that can revolutionize your content business. However, if you’re looking for an AI writing tool that can help you create quality content while allowing for rapid scaling, Copylime is a secret weapon I found a few months ago.

A relatively new tool, Copylime has been created by super helpful indie developer Dad @ThePeterMick. And what I love about it, is the ease with which you can create long-form content.

Many popular AI tools, such as Jasper, Rytr, Writesonic, etc., require lots of instructions and prompts to generate anything longer than a few hundred words, and many tools which market instant longer form content are charging a pretty price for the convenience.

Copylime, however, creates thousands of well written words in seconds, and charges a fraction of the price of many of the tools online.

In this Copylime review, I’ll walk you through the core features of the tool and explain its strengths and weaknesses so you can decide if this is the tool for you!

What is Copylime?


Copylime is an AI writing tool that can generate AI content with a few clicks. It can write blog posts, marketing copy, sales copy, and more. The premade templates simplify the writing process and even help to overcome writer’s block.

Though Copylime can automate the content production process, as with all AI tools the quality of the output varies dependent on the information available online. I always recommend fact checking results and editing the content to personalize and make your own.

Copylime Review: TL;DR

  • Copylime can generate original content within seconds depending on the inputs.
  • The program can write long-form content effectively with a single click.
  • Copylime has the simple user interface of all existing AI tools.
  • The program has a paraphrasing or content rewriting tool.
  • They offer 30 free credits to try the platform. The unused credits never expire.
  • Copylime has a simple pricing structure and offers only one paid plan.

Who is Copylime for?

Copylime is for any and all content creators. Whether you’re a website owner, a freelance content writer, a social media marketer, a content marketer, an eCommerce business owner, an email marketer, you name it, Copylime can help.

Copylime Review: Pros and Cons

Copylime Pros:

  • It is one of the best AI tools I’ve found for writing long-form content.
  • It has a super-simple interface with almost no learning curve.
  • It offers many premade templates and tools neatly organized into categories like Sales Tools, Ad Tools, Blog Tools, Essay Tools, etc.
  • They offer a free plan that allows up to 6,000 words of AI-generated content.

Copylime Cons:

  • The tool doesn’t always output high-quality content (as with all AI writing tools).
  • There is no way to train the AI and steering the direction of the content is limited.
  • There is no integrated plagiarism checker.

Copylime Review: Features

Copylime has 39 tools that target a wide range of users such as bloggers, marketers, copywriters, and lifestyle entrepreneurs. Let’s look into some of those tools.

User Interface

Copylime has the simplest user interface I have come across. All tools or templates are arranged in a vertical menu on the left. The input and output fields are all on the right side of the screen.

Underneath the input and output fields is a list of previous outputs with a quick summary and a ‘Show More’ link.

Clicking on a menu item on the left menu will open the corresponding tool on the right side along with its usage history.

Blog Tools

Blog Tools are a set of tools that can help bloggers to scale blog articles rapidly. Here are some of the most important blogging tools that Copylime offers:

Article Writer

The Article Writer is my favorite. It can write a long-form blog post without much intervention. The tool also allows you to add keywords for your target audience. The process to create a blog post is simple;

  1. Provide the keywords and the article title along with the blog post outline.
  2. Select the language and click on ‘Create Content.’

Now sit back and wait. The tool will generate full-length content that can exceed 3000 words in length depending on your outline.


The AI-generated content appears in the editor which has a few formatting options such as bold, underline, bullet points etc.

If you need to continue writing on a certain point, place the cursor next to the text and click on the Sparkly icon. The AI will continue writing.

Once the article is complete, simply copy and paste into a google doc and edit/publish to your hearts content!

Rewriter Tool

If you have some valuable content you want to repackage and reuse on different platforms, the rewriter tool can help.

Simply provide the text you want the artificial intelligence to rewrite, select the language, and click on the ‘Create Content’ button.


The rewritten content appears in the box below the ‘Create Content’ button.

Unfortunately, the output quality can be variable. Here is a sample of a rewrite:


You may need to edit the output because the AI can generate some useless words. However, it’s worth playing with and sometimes the output is exactly what you’re looking for.

Personally I use Copylime more for the content creation/blogging side and Quillbot is my tool of choice for rewriting/paraphrasing.

Title/Idea Tool

Any blog writer can face writer’s block, and we frequently do! If you’re having a hard time coming up with blog headline ideas, Copylime is your friend!

All you need to do is provide the core topic or keyword and let the AI do it’s magic.


Most of the ideas Copylime produces are excellent.

Other Blogging Tools

Copylime has a range of additional blogging tools that include:

  • Blog outline tool: It will create an outline for your blog post.
  • Introduction tool: It will write an introduction for your blog post.
  • Section tool: It will write a complete section of your post. You can add keywords.
  • Conclusion tool: The tool will write a conclusion for your post using the keywords you feed it.
  • Starter tool: More like the introduction tool, but you don’t need to provide keywords and the article title. You simply need to supply a broad topic; perfect for overcoming writer’s block.
  • Headline tool: This tool writes engaging headlines for your posts.
  • Paragraph tool: This tool can write a paragraph on any topic, headline, or keyword.
  • Listicle tool: It can create a listicle about any topic you provide.

Ad Tools:

Copylime has a couple of tools for writing ad copy.

  • Facebook Ad: This smart AI tool can generate compelling Facebook ad copy using the information you provide. It will churn out five unique copy ideas.
  • General Ad Copy: This tool can write compelling copy for a generic ad.

Sales Tools or Copywriting Tools

Copylime supports two popular copywriting frameworks: PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solve) and FBO (Feature-Benefit-Outcome). Both methods are known for increasing conversions.

PAS Tool

For the PAS tool, you’ll need to mention the problem and the corresponding product or brand that can solve the problem. Copylime will write gripping sales copy that can attract attention and increase conversions.



If you are unhappy with the output, you can generate it again.

FBO Tool

With the FBO framework, Copylime will write a list of benefits and outcomes.


You can use the AI-written content directly on the product description page to pique customer interest and convert them into loyal customers.

Product Descriptions

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, you can use Copylime to write product descriptions in minutes.


The tool can generate unique product descriptions for various eCommerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and more.

You can use these descriptions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms if you market and sell your products via social media.

With a little creativity, you could even create shorts, reels and YouTube videos.

Website Tools

If you need great copy for your website’s landing page, or SEO meta descriptions for your blog articles and pages, Copylime has separate tools for those, too. You just need to select the relevant tool.

Other Copylime Tools

Copylime has a bunch of other tools that are useful for students, marketers, professionals, authors, etc. Here is a quick list of other tools available:

Tools for Students (Essay Tools):

  • Essay Writer
  • Idea/Title Tool
  • Outline Tool
  • Introduction Tool
  • Section Tool
  • Paragraph Tool
  • Conclusion Tool

Tools for Personal Use

  • Excuse Writer
  • Greetings Cards

StartUp Tools

  • Startup Idea Tool

Tools for Authors (Book Tooks):

  • Idea/Title Tool
  • Outline Tool
  • Introduction Tool
  • Chapter Opening Tool
  • Chapter Tool
  • Paragraph Tool
  • Conclusion Tool

Tools for Marketers (Email Tools):

  • Newsletter Tool
  • Cold Email


Currently, Copylime doesn’t have any integrations available. The only way to use the tool is to access the web app through a browser.

Copylime Review: Copylime Pricing

So here’s where Copylime really stands out. It simply has a free plan, the ability to purchase very affordable credits, or you can choose to purchase the unlimited plan.

Free Plan:

The free trial offers 30 credits that you can use to test different tools available with Copylime. One credit equals one usage. Using most of the tools will require only one credit. However, some tools use more than one credit because of the volume of the content they produce.

Once you use all 30 credits, you can upgrade to the unlimited plan or you can top up the credits. The following top-up options are available:

  • 500 credits: $19.99 per year.
  • 100 credits: $6.99 one-time payment.
  • 200 credits (+25 free credits): $11.99 one-time payment.

These credits never expire!

Unlimited Plan:

The unlimited plan is the only paid plan they have. You can choose to pay monthly, which will cost $49 a month, or you can pay $348 per year (at $29 a month) if you choose the annual payment cycle. (My personal choice)

The unlimited plan comes with unlimited credits.

Whether you are using the Free Plan or the Unlimited Plan, you will have access to all tools that Copylime offers.

Copylime Review: Copylime Alternatives

Copylime vs. Jasper AI

Jasper is one of the most popular AI tools available today. One of Jasper’s greatest strengths is its granular control over your inputs and outputs. You can use recipes, templates or the Jasper Chat to generate some fantastic results, and I personally use both Copylime and Jasper for different functions.

Jasper is my go too for short sections, marketing copy and content where I need that element of granular control. Copylime is my go too for long form content. Full stop. Its ability to write a creative and valuable blog post is unsurpassed in my opinion by any other tool I’ve played with.

Jasper has more tools & templates, supports more languages, and as a result is more expensive than Copylime. Yet, when it comes to simplicity of usage, and one click long form content, Copylime wins hands down. The general writing output quality of both tools is comparable.

Copylime vs. Rytr

Rytr is yet another very popular AI writing tool. However, Rytr has more tools and templates. Rytr also supports more languages than Copylime. Rytr supports different tones – a feature that Copylime lacks.

Also, unlike Rytr, Copylime doesn’t have a plagiarism checker feature. But Copylime offers an easy long-form article writer which Rytr lacks.

Rytr has many third-party integrations including Semrush integration while Copylime has none. However, even with some of these benefits of Rytr, when it comes to the quality of the written content, I find Copylime superior to Rytr.

Copylime vs. Copy AI

Copy AI is yet another popular tool offering AI writing services. Compared to Copylime, Copy AI has more templates and features and also supports more languages.

However, after taking Copy AI for a spin, I can say with certainty that Copylime generates far better outputs than Copy AI. Copy AI has a tendency to generate absurd and meaningless text that is factually incorrect.

Copylime Review: FAQ

Is Copylime reliable?

Like all other AI writing tools, Copylime can generate some out-of-context and factually incorrect text, especially when it comes to long-form articles and content rewrites. Fact-checking is always a must no matter which tool you use.

Can I use Copylime for data mining?

No, Copylime is not a data mining program. If by data mining you mean finding the information (like title tags, H2s, metadata) that your competitors use for ranking on SERPs, Copylime can create blog outlines based on what it finds online and using the keywords you give it. But I recommend using tools like SurferSEO, and the free Detailed SEO Extension for Chrome for a more accurate and intentional way of generating your blog outlines.

Does Copylime have a fair use policy?

No, Copylime doesn’t have a fair usage policy. At least, I couldn’t find anything related to fair usage on their terms of service page.

Your usage of their services will be restricted as per the plan you select.

Does Copylime have training videos to make my writing more productive?

Copylime has some basic training videos on how to use their software. If you are looking for free training to improve your writing and productivity, check out the SurferSEO Writing Course in the Surfer Academy.

screenshot of Surfer Academy

Copylime Review: Summary

Copylime is a relatively new AI-powered copywriting and content-writing software. It’s one of the simplest tools you will find with no fancy UI. The interface is blunt with simple yet effective navigation.

One of the core strengths of Copylime is its ability to write long-form articles with a single click. The program can churn out articles that are 3,000 words or more in length with just the initial inputs.

As with any other AI writing tool, the output quality heavily depends on your inputs, and sometimes the results might be disappointing. However, Copylime produces much better content than many popular alternatives like Rytr and Copy AI, and more often than not creates fantastic blog posts you can simply edit and personalize, saving you hours of writing time.

Give Copylime a try for free, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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