Copy AI Review for Bloggers, Writers, & Influencers (2024)

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AI writing tools are creating quite some noise. I’ve had a play with Jasper AI which is pretty decent, but Copy AI caught my attention when I learned it offers more templates and is far cheaper than Jasper.

That’s why I decided to give Copy AI a try and find out its strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s my Copy AI review and an honest opinion about the software.

Copy AI Review: TL;DR

  • It can generate AI content using OpenAI’s GPT-3 API – the same framework that other AI writing tools use.
  • It can generate blog ideas, create blog outlines and write sections of your blog post.
  • This AI writer has powerful templates for social media posts, email templates like welcome emails & follow-up emails, etc.
  • With this AI copywriter, you can generate different types of AI-generated content like YouTube video descriptions, Amazon product descriptions, meta descriptions, landing pages, etc.
  • Copy AI also offers a sentence rewrite tool, which is helpful when you want to paraphrase your work.
  • It can create content in multiple languages.

What is Copy AI?

Screenshot of Copy ai homepage

Copy AI markets itself as an ‘automated creativity tool.’

Essentially, it is an AI writing tool that can help you to generate marketing copy, sales copy, digital ad copy, write long-form content, create a blog outline, and more.

But just like all other AI copywriting tools, the automated content it churns out is barely publish-ready. You will need heavy manual editing.

However, it does help you in overcoming writer’s block.

It has various useful templates such as the first draft helper, email copy, etc. that can help you save a lot of time.

Here’s the long and the short of this detailed Copy AI review;

Who is Copy AI for?

Copy AI is for everyone who needs to create content. This includes bloggers, freelancers, marketing professionals, social media managers, video creators, influencers, etc.

Though it helps with the content creation process, you will need to manually edit the output to create quality content, especially regarding long-form blog posts.

Copy AI Review: Pros & Cons

Copy AI Pros

  • It has a simple interface that is easy to understand and use.
  • It has a decent text editor that feels like a blog-style CMS.
  • The program offers templates for various types of content. Some of the many templates include sales copy, social media content, digital ad copy, emails/letters, and blog tools.
  • It allows styling content to various tones such as witty, adventurous, luxury, friendly, bold, persuasive, professional, relaxed, etc.
  • It supports Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) and Attention – Interest – Desire – Action (AIDA) formats.
  • It allows easy sharing of content.
  • It allows quick access to previous projects should you ever need them.
  • It offers various useful tutorials to help you use the program more efficiently.

Copy AI Cons

  • It sometimes generates highly random content with made-up facts and information.
  • The program often lags while generating the content, especially while using smaller section generators such as “Bullet Points to Blog Section.”
  • Generating long-form content is very frustrating.
  • It lacks third-party integrations.

Copy AI Review: Features of Copy AI

Copy AI offers various features that freelance content writers, marketing teams, and social media specialists can use to improve their writing using artificial intelligence.


Screenshot Copy AI templates page

Even in its free version, Copy AI offers 90+ templates and tools. That’s much more than what you get in Jasper AI.

These templates are organized into various segments like Blog, Social Media Content, Email, Website Copy, etc.

Additionally, there are many smaller tools that you can use for things like product descriptions, digital ad copy including Linkedin ads, sales copy, and writing tools (like Bullet Point to Blog Section, Bullet Point to Paragraph, Passive to Active Voice, etc.), brainstorming tools, and more.

Screenshot of Copy Ai tools page

You can access all these tools and all the templates from the left sidebar (navigation) and hovering the mouse cursor on the tools will give you a tooltip describing what each tool will do for you.

Blogging Features

Copy AI offers various templates that bloggers can use. There are four templates that this AI writing tool provides.

Blog Post Wizard

One of the templates is the Blog Post Wizard which will create a whole first draft for your blog in 5 minutes.

Screenshot of blog post wizard

You start by providing the title, and the keywords, and selecting a tone. They only have one goal now which is selected by default. You cannot change anything there.

Once you provide all the information, hit on the Generate Outline button and wait.

Screenshot of copy ai outline generation page

Copy AI will come up with sections. If you want, you can add more sections and then hit the ‘Generate Talking Points’ button. Talking points are essentially the topics that will go under each section.

Screenshot of Copy AI generating talking points page

You can add more talking points manually, or use the Copy AI writing tool to generate more talking points. If you don’t like the talking points, you can regenerate them.

Once satisfied, hit the ‘Generate Content’ button, and wait.

Here is a sample copy generated by Copy AI:

Scressnhot of sample copy-ai generated content

This is where things may go downhill quickly. In my test I tried to generate content for the keyphrase – ‘Can dogs eat bananas?’ and I found several disturbing things including

  • Incorrect information on the sugar content of bananas per 100 grams
  • A dog must wash his face and hands before chewing a banana
  • You must never feed your dog a banana followed by a contradictory sentence stating that you can feed bananas in moderation.

Here is another one:


In general, the content generated with this AI writing tool is quite meaningless at times. You must heavily edit the content and even check the facts.

Once you have the draft ready, you can click on the ‘Create Blog Post’ copy the content into the editor and start editing it.

Screenshot of sample copy-ai blog post created

You can also use the Copy AI tools to improve the content further. This will keep the editor open and allow you to use the tools on the same window seamlessly.

Screenshot of copy-ai tools with blog post

Blog Intro

The ‘Blog Intro’ is another template. You must provide the title of your blog post and provide a precise input description to explain what the blog post is all about.

Screenshot of copy-ai blog intro page

Once you provide the required details and hit the ‘Create Copy’ button, wait for the AI writer to generate the intros.

Screenshot of blog intro samples

It will generate a set of blog intros that you can copy to the editor or save them. If you don’t like a few, you can remove them. If you like some, you can generate more like them.

Blog intros that Copy AI writes for your blog articles are quite acceptable. You can use them as is, or draw inspiration from them.

Blog Title

This Copy AI tool is one of the best tools for freelance content writers.

You may have an idea for a blog article, but if writer’s block is preventing you from coming up with titles, you can use this tool to generate some ideas.

Screenshot of copy ai blog title tool

Just describe your blog topic and select a tone and then hit the Create Copy button. Remember, the better the description, the better the ideas.

Screenshot of generated blog title ideas

The generated blog titles are good, but a few of them may not make sense. You don’t need to use them as is. You can always combine them to create a unique title.

Social Media Content

Screenshot of Copy ai social media content templates

Copy AI also helps with content writing for social media, making it quite valuable for digital marketing teams.

A couple of truly helpful tools are giveaway or content promotion and event promotion tools.

They can help you to generate targeted marketing copy using AI technology.

Email Features

Screenshot of Copy AI Email templates

Among all the AI content tools, email tools are some of the finest that Copy AI offers. This writing assistant is quite robust in creating emails.

The process is fairly simple. You need to provide the recipient and sender information, add bullet points to provide information about the recipient, provide a goal and then choose a goal.

Of course, it is a habit of GTP-3 to make up a few things and hence, it is important to fact-check the information it adds in the emails.

Apart from that, the Copy AI writer does a great job to write quite compelling email copy. Here is a sample of some cold outreach emails generated by this AI writing tool:

Screenshot of copy ai email samples

Website Copy

Screenshot of website copy templates page

For website content, Copy AI will not give you many choices. There are only two options. You can create sales landing pages or you can create about us pages.

Web copywriters can use them, but content quality isn’t that great.

As always, GTP-3 makes up a few things, and sometimes the AI generates gibberish that’s far from being quality content.

For small business owners with low budgets, it can serve as an inspiration, but for marketing content, it is better to use a professional copywriter.

As a business owner, you will want more compelling sales copies than some meaningless content created by machine learning algorithms.

Check out these samples that Copy AI generated for sales landing pages:

Screenshot of Copy ai generated sales landing page samples

Especially focus on the second one in which it says that the watch is waterproof up to 100 meters.

You’ll want to ensure you add in the correct information, as this particular brand of watch is only waterproof up to 30 meters in depth, and I don’t know what that 3% battery means.

Other Features

There are a few more features that Copy AI offers. Some of the notable ones include:

Video templates

Screenshot of Copy AI video templates page

You can use them for creating YouTube videos and channel descriptions, social media posts for sharing your videos and writing an intro to a video script.

Some tweaking will be necessary to make the content publish-worthy.

General business templates

Screenshot of Copy ai general business templates

The name ’General Business’ is absurd. You would expect things related to business such as sales copy, emails, etc., but what you get are HR templates for rejection letters, job descriptions, hiring blurbs, etc.

They don’t make much sense, especially when you need to send personalized responses.

You will likely spend less time creating your own responses manually than completing the required details for these templates to make sense.

Case study

Screenshot of Copy ai cased study templates

The templates here are supposed to help you in creating content online to write a case study.

Unfortunately, the content output isn’t great and you should write your own or perhaps hire a marketing expert.

CopyAI’s automated creativity tools (like those for videos) do a better job.

Here is the input that I provided for a case study template:

Screenshot of Copy ai Case study inputs

Here are the results it generated:

Screenshot of case study samples

Fun Templates

These are quite quirky, and have a few options for writing short stories, song lyrics, and even a dating profile!

Screenshot of Copy ai fun templates

I’m not sure about writing wedding vows using an AI writer, but hey if you need some inspiration it might be just the thing you’re looking for. Be careful though, if the relationship goes downhill, your spouse might be tempted to use your automated writing skills against you as evidence in court!

Integrations & Language Support

Copy AI has a browser extension that will work with Google Docs and Gmail tools, but unfortunately, the extension cannot edit the content on Google Docs as Grammarly does.

It opens a new window where you must copy-paste the content. That’s not very intuitive. There are no other integrations available.

However, the program does support 25 languages for both input and output. Unfortunately, language choices are available only for Pro users.

Copy.AI Review: Copy AI Pricing

Screenshot of Copy ai pricing plans

Copy AI has two pricing plans:

Free: $0 a month

This is a forever free plan. The free version will allow:

  • 1 user
  • 2,000 words of content creation a month
  • 90+ copyright tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • 7-day trial for the pro plan

The trial will not require your credit card details, but once the trial ends, you will revert to the free plan.

Pro: $49 a month

With this plan you will get:

  • 5 users
  • 40,000 words a month ( higher price for more words)
  • 90+ copyright tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • Blog Wizard Tool (to write long-form articles)
  • 25+ languages
  • Priority email support

Copy.AI Review: Copy AI Alternatives

Jasper AI vs Copy AI

Jasper AI is one of the various other tools that compete with Copy AI. Jasper has something called recipes (which are essentially writing prompts) that is unique to the software and provides more granular control over long-form content.

Jasper integrates with SurferSEO which Copy AI cannot do, but Copy AI is cheaper and offers more templates.

Copy AI vs Rytr

Rytr isn’t very different from other AI writing tools. It is pretty similar to Copy AI but has fewer templates.

However, supports more languages and tones. It is much cheaper than Copy AI and focuses on short-form blog content, digital ads, sales copies, emails, etc. Rytr also allows a free account.

Copy AI vs Writesonic

Writesonic is another popular Copy AI alternative, and it does a much better job with long-form content. At a starting price of $15, Writesonic is much cheaper than Copy AI but has a very complex pricing structure. Additionally, Writesonic offers more third-party integrations through Zapier that Copy AI doesn’t offer.

Copy AI Review: Summary

Copy AI is a powerful AI writing tool, which is best for generating short-form content. However, not all the tools you get for short-form content will deliver high-quality content.

For novel writers or bloggers looking to write full-length blog articles, other tools like Jasper AI or Writesonic might be better choices.

However, if you intend to create marketing copy, emails, ads, and other short-form content, Copy AI is worth a try. You can gain access to all the features it has to offer by signing up for its free trial.


Is Copy AI reliable?

It is a good choice to overcome writer’s block and generate small form content such as meta descriptions, blog intro, product descriptions, email copies, ad copy, etc.

However, for longer blog posts, it can often make up information and add incorrect facts. You will need to heavily edit your content.

What does Copy AI do?

Copy AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate AI content quickly within minutes.

It is best for content ideation. You can use it to create article drafts and then expand on each section to get AI-generated ideas.

Is AI going to replace copywriters?

At least for now, AI cannot replace copywriters. It can however, assist copywriters with the content creation process.

Can I find resources on Copy AI to improve my writing efficiency?

Copy AI provides basic tutorials on using their platform, but if you want to receive comprehensive training on how to enhance your writing speed and quality, you should check out the SurferSEO Writing Course offered through the Surfer Masterclass for free.

screenshot of Surfer’s SEO Writing Course

Is legitimate?

Yes, is a legitimate AI writing tool that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology, providing users with automated creativity tools. It generates content for various purposes, including blog articles, ad copy, and more. The platform is designed to assist users in overcoming writer’s block and enhancing their content creation process.

Is as good as ChatGPT? and ChatGPT serve different purposes. While ChatGPT is a versatile language model, is specifically tailored for AI copywriting. excels in generating ad copy, blog content, and blog intros. The effectiveness depends on your specific needs; ChatGPT may be suitable for broader language tasks, whereas is focused on content creation.

Is AI copywriting worth it?

AI copywriting tools, including, can be highly beneficial for streamlining content creation processes. These tools, powered by artificial intelligence, offer features such as blog ideas, blog outlines, and ad copy generation. However, it’s important to note that while AI aids in ideation and drafting, manual editing is often necessary to ensure high-quality, publish-ready content.

Is completely free? offers both free and paid plans. The free plan provides access to a variety of features, including blog intros, ad copy generation, and more. However, for advanced capabilities and additional usage, there is a Pro plan with a monthly subscription fee. It’s recommended to explore all the features in both the free and Pro plans to determine the best fit for your content creation needs.

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