Content Marketing

Congratulations for getting this far, you are crushing it!

Now, this is where the rubber meets the road my friend.

So many small business owners will get to this stage and either, stop, look for an easier way, start searching for a magic button and basically shy away from doing what they now need to do to get the word out about their products or services.

Don’t be that person!

I will attempt to break this down into easy to understand and actionable chunks over the next few days but please remember you do not have to be all things to all people.

If you are a solopreneur it will be nigh on impossible for you to do everything you want to do straight away. You need to build on each strategy layering as you go, growing bit by bit until you can afford more resources to help you grow and then all of a sudden you’ll get some momentum and away you go.

But depending on your time and current resources that wheel may take 3 months to really start gathering speed, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years.

You have to trust the process and know that with each step you take, you’re taking a step closer to your ultimate goal.

So the ultimate goal for any business is obviously to make sales. How many sales you need to achieve your financial goals is down to you, but that’s the ultimate outcome we’re going for when it comes to our promotion strategies.

In an ideal world we will;

  1. Have a strong brand, product, service and mission we are passionate about bringing to the world.
  2. Have a solid social media presence offering valuable, entertaining or educational content showcasing our values, our brand, our products and building an audience.
  3. Have an email funnel which captures names & email addresses allowing us to more personally nurture our growing audience.
  4. Use the ad platforms available to us – FB Ads, Insta Ads, Pinterest Ads, Google Ads etc to showcase our brand and products to specifically target and attract our market.
  5. Create a long term solid SEO strategy for our website so we can organically grow visits to our store.
  6. Work with other influencers and partners to get in front of existing audiences.
  7. Encourage and attract lots of user generated content to spread the word about our products and brand via word of mouth (one of the strongest forms of marketing)
  8. Be in a position to take advantage of topical promotional events to tell stories / promote our brand and products

There are a multitude of ways to promote and grow your brand but focusing your next few years on the above 8 strategies will undoubtedly give you an extremely strong online presence and a solid flow of sales.

It is a simple fact however, that the key to all of these strategies, including if your plan is simply to run ads to your target market and nothing else, is content.

Everything you do is content, from a post on Instagram to a full blown podcast, a training guide on your blog to an ad inviting people to check out your product.

It is all content. And the better you are at creating content your audience wants, needs, enjoys, the faster your business will grow.

As Neil Patel says in his post – Content Marketing Made Simple: A Step by Step Guide;

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis.

And just in case you’re in the camp of ‘well isn’t content marketing just overrated now Jo? We’re so saturated by content that none of it is effective anymore?

Well just look at your own buying habits.

I’ll hazard a guess that 99% of your purchases are ether from brands you’ve used before, brands recommended by friends or brands that have caught your eye because of something clever they’ve done or said online.

I’m not saying we never buy anything just because we need it and the product we’re standing in front of seems like the best one so that’ll do. Of course we do.

But look at what you do most of the time.

How often have you been inclined to make a purchase because of the way a brand has engaged with you via content they’ve published?

Just this morning I watched a video on youtube, which led to me scrolling through the persons Instagram account which resulted in me purchasing their course.

Make no mistake this stuff works.

Content Marketing Overload

But it can be a little overwhelming.

If you head over to google and type in the words ‘Content Marketing’, you are going to be hit with over over 5.3billion results.

To say it’s a popular subject would be an understatement!

We are bombarded constantly with how to use Instagram, how to become a YouTuber, how to grow a following on Facebook etc.

Every man and his dog is teaching us a new strategy, a new hack.

So as I don’t have a dog, I want to approach this slightly differently.

I want you over the next few days to develop an action plan.

Content Marketing & building an audience doesn’t happen in a day, a week or even a month. As I said above it can take a long time to see any tangible results.

So what we need to have in place is an actionable and doable plan that we can execute consistently and enjoy the process!

Content Marketing in 2020 Sucks.

This coming from someone who actually enjoys writing blog posts, social media posts, making videos & recording podcasts.

But we feel as if we have to be everywhere all the time these days to have any impact or be in with a fighting chance of garnering our super over stimulated audiences attention.

I don’t know about you though, I don’t have the desire or the energy to be Gary ‘hustle 27 hours a day’ Vaynerchuk!

Don’t get me wrong what he does is nothing short of miraculous, but document your days, your journey, your rise from idea to successful entrepreneur?

I’m telling you now, you do not want to see me rising in the mornings! It’s not pretty!

So what to do about it?

How do we create, repurpose and distribute our content in a way that we actually enjoy doing it and in the most effective & impactful way to grow both our profile and our business?

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover over the next 6 days.

So my friend, are you ready to roll your sleeves up and dig in?

Let’s Do This!

Just Pick One

There is no point in trying to do everything and be everywhere unless you have an entire media team at your disposal.

You will wear yourself out, get frustrated, dilute any audience you might be building and give up before you’ve even got out of the starting gate.

The most successful small brands started with one medium on one platform and gradually expanded into others.


Jenna Kutcher – Podcasting / Instagram
Peter McKinnon – YouTube Videos / Instagram
Sunny Lenarduzzi – YouTube Videos / Instagram
Mari Smith – Facebook / Webinars / FB Lives
Mark Manson – Blogging / Author
Brian Dean – Blogging / YouTube
Pat Flynn – Blogging / Podcasting
Marie Forleo – Videos / Blogging / YouTube
John Lee Dumas – Podcasting
James Altucher – Podcasting
Tim Ferris – Author / Podcasting
Gary Vaynerchuk – Huge media team……

Look around you! Are the people you follow actually on every platform? Do you regularly see an IG post, a FB update, a Pin, a Linked In article, a Tik Tok video?


It’s just the people who are great at content put out a lot of it, but primarily on the same platform. They may then chop it up and distribute it around a bit, but their prime content is on just one or two channels.

It works by going deep into one platform, growing an audience and starting to make sales. Those sales then pay for a virtual assistant or social media manager who then help you to chop it up and distribute it out a bit, which means that over time you now look like you’re everywhere.


Choosing Your Content Type

There are a multitude of different content types we can choose to create and distribute our message, from blog posts to videos to images to podcasts.

In Brian Dean’s mammoth guide on Content Marketing, he has an entire article dedicated to Types of Content Marketing and lists no less than 17 different content types just to get you started!

It would be fantastic if we could utilise as many of these as possible as people consume content in different modalities; visual, auditory, kinesthetic etc, so the more varied ways we can get our message and brand out there the better, but as I said above, we can’t be all things to all people, particularly when we’re starting out as a one man band.

So based on the knowledge of who your audience is, what your goals are, the kind of person you are and your product, brand or service;

1. What will be your No 1 content medium of choice?

Will you record videos, podcasts, write blog posts, social media posts, create images, focus on daily stories, memes, tweet all day long with tidbits of info, host FB Lives and so on.

You will most likely be attracted to more than one and that’s ok. I really want to blog regularly but also love podcasting and would like to master FB Lives.

As I said, you can’t do it all, but you can repurpose covering a few at a time with not too much extra effort, but we’ll get to that later, for now, which one is your main one? What’s No 1?

Choose which medium you will create your primary content on.

Be strict!

2. What will be your No 1 platform of choice?

Do you want to go all in on Instagram? Facebook Groups? LinkedIn? YouTube?

Whatever you choose will absolutely be where you put 95% of your content publishing efforts, so choose wisely.

As with your content medium you might be attracted to more than one and that’s ok. I really want to build my FB Group but would love to master Instagram.

I’m not going to tell you, you can’t do two, what I’m asking is which platform will you publish your primary content on.


That’s it for today my friend.

Make a decision, not to give up other platforms but to go all in on the ones you really want to go for.

As you grow an audience, and your team, you’ll gradually start to expand preferably one platform at a time!

If you feel a little out of your depth in the world of content marketing and don’t really know what it’s all about, then may I recommend for some light bedtime reading Brians mammoth Content Marketing hub, some 50 odd thousand words on the subject covering everything from what content marketing is to finding content ideas to types of content to distribution of content etc.

Tomorrow we’re going to be jotting down content ideas and coming up with a bit of a plan! So if you want to get ahead of the game, have a read of this article ‘How to Find New Content Topic Ideas

See you tomorrow 😁