Content at Scale Review 2024 for Bloggers, Writers, & Content Marketers

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As a lifestyle entrepreneur using content marketing to attract potential customers/readers, you’ll likely be looking for ways to scale up your content game.

Unfortunately, us human writers have limitations. Unless you’re a whiz at banging out 5000 words in minutes or have the budgets to hire multiple writers, it isn’t easy to churn out dozens of articles every week or month.

This is where AI writing tools come to the rescue. AI writing software can help you to create content quickly with minimal human interference and the tools are just getting better and better.

One such program is Content at Scale which claims to amp up your content production process at an unprecedented scale. Is it true? Is it worth investing in this program?

That’s what we’re going to explore and more in this Content at Scale review.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Unique AI Technology: “Content at Scale uses a unique combination of three AI engines and two NLP and semantic analysis algorithms, setting it apart from other AI writing tools that primarily rely on GPT-3/4 technology.”
  • Efficient Long-Form Content Creation: “This platform excels in creating long-form content over 3000 words within minutes, making it a highly efficient tool for bloggers and content marketers.”
  • SEO Optimization and Integration: “Content at Scale not only offers SEO-optimized writing with keyword suggestions and NLP terms but also integrates seamlessly with WordPress, enhancing the SEO content production process.”
  • Plagiarism Checker for Content Integrity: “It features an integrated Copyscape-powered plagiarism checker, ensuring the originality and integrity of the content produced.”
  • User-Friendly Features for Enhanced Engagement: “Key user-friendly features include an auto-generated table of contents for better organization and a ‘Click to Tweet’ box to boost social media engagement.”

What is Content at Scale?

screenshot of the early access details  page for content at scale website

Content at Scale is an AI writing software platform that creates long-form content within a few minutes. This program is not just a layer on top of the now-popular GPT3 & GPT4 technology.

It uses a combination of 3 AI engines and two Natural Language Processing (NLP) & semantic analysis algorithms. (Scratches chin).

Most importantly, this AI writing tool can write blog posts with over 3000 words in minutes. Most of the content it produces is high quality and publish-ready. However, I always recommend you edit the content further for readers and search engine optimization.

Content at Scale Review: TL;DR

  • Content at Scale uses a complex mix of three AI engines and two Natural Language Processing & semantic analysis algorithms to write long-form SEO content.
  • This content automation platform can write quality content in just a few minutes.
  • It allows adding a target keyword and even produces a list of NLP terms that you can include in the content.
  • The platform can create long-form content with a Title tag, Heading tags, bullet points (Table of Contents), and a meta description.
  • It directly integrates with WordPress, thereby streamlining the SEO content production process.
  • Content at Scale allows uploading keywords in bulk, meaning it can mass produce high-quality content.

Who is Content at Scale for?

Content at Scale is for anyone who wants to quickly scale content marketing by creating content in bulk without hiring human writers.

The program is perfect for small blog owners, companies with multiple content sites, and agencies who want to automate the content production process to increase profits.

Unlike other AI writing tools that need human intervention or prompt, Content at Scale can generate AI-written content on autopilot. This makes the program suitable for those who want to reduce overhead costs over the long run.

Content at Scale Review: Pros & Cons

Content at Scale Pros

  • The program has an intuitive and user-friendly user interface.
  • It can generate long-form content that bypasses AI content detection tools.
  • It has a Copyscape-powered plagiarism checker to detect plagiarism.
  • The program accepts target keywords and can write human-like content around those keywords.
  • It can effortlessly write long-form articles with a word count of over 3000 words.
  • ContentatScale can write SEO-optimized articles. It allows further manual optimization with suggested NLP terms and a complete SEO checklist.
  • It offers direct integration with WordPress to streamline the content creation process.
  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee. The company will issue a full refund if you are unhappy after writing 5 posts.

Content at Scale Cons

  • The product can be costly for small businesses.
  • There is no option for integrated keyword research, meaning you must spend money on separate software to plan your keyword strategy.
  • It’s limited in it’s editing capabilities within the app.
  • It is still in its early access or beta stage.
  • There is no free trial available.

Content at Scale: Features of Content at Scale

ContentatScale provides attractive features that help to keep the AI content unique. Here is a quick look at some of the features:

1. Built By SEO Content Experts

SEO content experts are behind this AI writing tool. The program understands the needs of content writers and produces optimized content that can rank.

2. Uses Multiple AI Engines

Unlike most of the other AI tools that use GPT-3/4 as their backend technology, ContentatScale uses a proprietary mix of three AI engines and two NLP and semantic analysis algorithms.

Because of this complex system, the AI tool can write long-form content with a single click. The best part is that the content bypasses AI content detection.

screenshot of content at scale draft entries passing an ai detection test

The image above has a text sample written by Content at Scale and put through an AI Content Detector tool. It could detect only 0.02% fake!

3. Auto-Generated TOC

Content marketers and SEOs know that a table of contents helps with ranking. This AI writing software tool auto-generates a table of content complete with jump links to each post section.

screenshot of actual content at scale auto generated table of contents

I love this feature because it eliminates the need for a separate WordPress plugin, which can improve your page load speed.

3. Click to Tweet Box

Social media is important to increase post engagement. Content at Scale automatically creates a Click to Tweet box.

screenshot of content at scale making an automated tweet

This feature helps to increase engagement while growing your Twitter account.

4. Key Takeaway Box

Another cool feature is the Key Takeaway box. Content at Scale will add a Key Takeaway box after each H2. The box adds a summary of the key points in the blog section.

a screenshot of content at scale key-takeaway box as an except from the article body

The Key Takeaways box improves the readability and scannability of the post, making it easy for the readers to scan the article.

5. Keyword Suggestions, Meta Description, and On-Page SEO Checklist

Content at Scale offers keyword suggestions you can add to your post. Think of them as NLP terms that the program finds by scanning the top 10 websites in Google search results.

screenshot of AI generated keyword suggestions by content at scale

The program will try to automatically add these keywords to the article, but you are free to add the keywords manually.

Content at Scale is also the first tool I have seen that automatically adds the post slug and the meta description.

a screenshot of meta description and title url slug created by content at scale

It also shows the total word count, number of paragraphs, headings, and images in the article, with recommended parameters. You can even add a featured image!

a screenshot of how to insert an image in a draft manuscript created by content at scale

Not only that, the tool’s WYSIWYG editor allows inserting images into the post, making the transition between the tool & google docs or even straight to wordpress a smooth one.

Finally, the tool also provides an on-page checklist. The list shows a recommended set of tasks to complete to help the post rank in search engines.

a screenshot of an onpage seo checklist created by content at scale

The AI writing tool will take care of most of the tasks. You can tweak the content further to complete all tasks.

6. Integrated Plagiarism Checker

Google and other search engines do not like plagiarized content. Unfortunately, unintentional plagiarism happens.

Content at Scale has an integrated Copyscape-powered plagiarism checker.

a screenshot of where to find the plagiarism checker inside the content at scale platform

Once the AI tool finishes writing and you complete the editing process, click on the Request Plagiarism Scan button to run a check.

a screenshot of the plagiarism check results by content at scale.

Once the scan is complete, it will then show the result as a percentage.

7. Project Settings & WordPress Integration

You can access the Project Settings from your dashboard as shown in the image below:

A screenshot on how to access the project settings page in content at scale

Once you are in the project settings area, you can then select your target audience, tone, and word count.

Screenshot of the project settings popup in content at scale

That’s not all!

You can configure the Key Takeaways box and play with its icon, color, label, and font color.

screenshot of content at scale project settings automation parameters

There are options to enable Click to Tweet, Table of Contents, and an FAQ section.

You can add a Call to Action in the intro and conclusion sections of the post.

A call to action page found in
content at scale

While Content at Scale will automatically add a Call to Action, whatever you add in the settings will override the automated CTA.

Finally, you can connect Content at Scale with your WordPress blog.

a screenshot of how to facilitate wordpress integration in content at scale

This integration will seamlessly post the edited and completed posts to your WordPress blog or website.

8. Bulk Keyword Upload

The Content at Scale writing software also has the option of uploading keywords in bulk. You can do this by going to your projects page and clicking on the Add Content button.

actual screenshot of content at scale on where to find the add content button

After you click on the Add Content button, you can insert a keyword or a list of keywords using a CSV file.

actual screenshot of the bulk keyword upload option in content at scale.

When adding keywords there are a few things to note. If you add a single keyword (recommended);

  • Add a keyword phrase (longtail keyword), instead of a single-word keyword.
  • Select the article word count you want.
  • In the “Additional Context” field, add what sections you want in your blog post. The more details you add, the better the output.

If you choose to add keywords in bulk with the intention of creating content in bulk you cannot add “additional context”, and you will have less control over the output. However, you’ll also create a ton of articles all in one go, so if you have a team of editors on hand to perfect it, this could be the way to go for your blogging business.

9. Integrations and Languages Supported

WordPress integration is the only available integration for now. As of now, the writing software supports 100+ languages, meaning you can create content in your preferred language.

Content at Scale Review: Pricing

Content at Scale is still in beta testing and currently allows access only through invitations.

highlighting where to input contact details for access to content at scale

Their FAQ section mentions that their pricing plan starts at $150 per month, however once you are invited and accepted, you can see their pricing plans under Profile ≫ Billing.

where to find the billing statement and payment options in content as scale.

The billing section shows three pricing plans starting at $500/month.

screenshot of the content at scale pricing plans

The three plans are:

Starter Plan: $500 a month

  • 20 posts a month at $25 per post.
  • NLP analysis and SEO recommendations.
  • Plagiarism checking.
  • Content recommendations.

Scaling: $1000 a month

  • 50 posts a month at $20 per post.
  • NLP analysis and SEO recommendations.
  • Plagiarism checking.
  • Content recommendations.
  • WP plugin for content sync and internal linking.

Agency: $1500 a month

  • 100 posts a month at $15 per post.
  • NLP analysis and SEO recommendations.
  • Plagiarism checking.
  • Content recommendations.
  • WP plugin for content sync and internal linking.
  • White label on a subdomain.
  • Content at Scale integration with a custom app (extra fee).
  • $1000 setup fee waived during beta testing.

They also have a “Done-For-You” plan that costs $2,000 a month.

The “Done-For-You” plan offers:

  • 20 blog posts per month.
  • Keyword research.
  • Article optimization, image addition, and scheduling.
  • Daily content publication.
  • Monthly contract.

Content at Scale Review: Content at Scale Alternatives

Content at Scale vs. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI writing tools online that can write both short & long-form content. Jasper comes with hundreds of templates, workflows and recipes giving you ultimate flexibility over what content you want to produce.

With Jasper you can either write long form blog posts with one click or edit as you go with granular controls. It’s definitely geared towards the latter as it’s one click blog post outputs aren’t great yet. However, if you want to control every aspect of your post as you write it, Jasper is probably the tool for you.

On the contrary, Content at Scale can generate 3000+ word articles with a single click with minimal interference, making it a better choice for scaling content production.

Content at Scale vs. Writesonic

Writesonic is also a popular AI writing tool focused on long-form content. However, unlike Content at Scale, the Writesonic AI requires frequent hand-holding with small prompts to give directions to the AI.

Though the process is simple with Writesonic, one of the drawbacks is that you cannot define a keyword. Also, it will not suggest NLP terms or an on-page SEO checklist.

So if you need SEO-optimized articles, Content at Scale AI is a better choice.

Content at Scale vs. WordHero

Like Writesonic, WordHero also allows writing long-form articles with small text prompts. The advantage of WordHero is the ability to add up to 3 keywords or NLP terms per paragraph, so if you are using a program like Surfer SEO or Neuron Writer, you can get a bunch of NLP terms to use with WordHero.

In this case, Content at Scale is a better choice because you don’t need a separate tool for NLP terms, and it can also give you an on-page SEO checklist that WordHero won’t.

Content at Scale: Summary

Content at Scale is a robust AI tool for writing that automates the content creation process, which seems a bit more advanced than other AI tools in the market when it comes to writing full-length articles.

Unlike other tools that require prompts, Content at Scale can churn out an entire article with just a target keyword. The best part is that it gives an SEO checklist so that the content can rank in SERPs.

The only drawback is the high price tag, which can be a deal-breaker for cash-strapped bloggers and solopreneurs.

If you don’t have budgetary constraints, Content at Scale can supercharge your content marketing efforts.

Good luck!

Content at Scale Review: FAQs

Is Content at Scale free?

No! ContentatScale is a paid AI writing tool that costs $500 a month for the most basic plan. For that amount, you can write 20 articles a month with unlimited reruns for each article without additional cost.

Generally, creating content using the tool involves investment in tools and resources. While some digital content creation tools and social media creation tools offer free versions, comprehensive solutions like contentatscale might require a subscription for full access.

Many business owners say that it is cheaper than hiring their own writers!

What does Content At Scale mean?

Content at scale refers to the practice of creating content at scale, which involves generating high volumes of digital content efficiently. This process is often facilitated by digital content creation tools and creative automation tools, which help in producing consistent and high-quality digital content.

By leveraging contentatscale ai, businesses can maintain a robust content output while ensuring content at scale accuracy.

Is Content at Scale good for short-form content?

No, Content at Scale is for long-form articles. If you need short-form content like an ad copy, an email, a YouTube description, a landing page, etc., other AI tools like Jasper AI or Ink are more suitable options.

You can also check out our blog on AI writing tools that are useful for content creators.

What is Content At Scale review?

A content at scale review evaluates the effectiveness and accuracy of tools like contentatscale in producing large amounts of digital content. These reviews often focus on aspects like content at scale ai detector accuracy and the performance of the ai detector by content at scale in identifying and optimizing content.

Is Content At Scale accurate?

The accuracy of content at scale largely depends on the technology used, such as contentatscale ai and ai detector content at scale. These tools are designed to ensure content at scale accuracy, making them reliable for digital marketing for your business.

How does social media marketing benefit from it?

Social media marketing greatly benefits from content at scale as it requires continuous and varied content. Utilizing tools for content creation at scale can streamline posting on social media for business, enhancing the efficiency of marketing on social media platforms. This approach is vital to effectively market your business on social media and highlights the importance of social media marketing.

Can Content At Scale strategies improve my overall digital marketing efforts?

Yes, employing contentatscale strategies can significantly boost your overall digital marketing efforts. By creating a steady stream of relevant and engaging content, you can better engage with your audience and reinforce your online presence. Utilizing contentatscale, especially in combination with social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies, can lead to more cohesive and impactful marketing campaigns.

Can I use the article written by Content at Scale without editing?

You can, but you shouldn’t. I always recommend polishing the draft produced by the software using the recommended keywords and on-page checklist before publishing it, to help with ranking in Google searches. For best results you should also push the article through SurferSEO for optimization and Grammarly for grammar & readability, before publishing.

Is Content at Scale fast and can it pass an AI detection test?

Content at Scale takes a bit longer because of its complex mix of AI engines, NLP & semantic analysis algorithms that write human-like content to pass an AI detection test easily. That being said, it’s still only minutes. And yes it passes AI detection every time.

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