Christmas on the Beach!

by | Dec 25, 2021

There is nothing like bobbing gently up and down in the Andaman Ocean as the sun rises from behind the hills.

It would be even more spectacular if the sun came up from behind the watery horizon, but the best Phuket beaches are on the West of the island. Makes for breathtaking sunsets!

It’s around 6.30am. The water is warm, like a tepid bath. It’s like a millpond, with very gentle underwater currents, which slowly move you back and forth.

The BBQ is warming up nicely on the beach and our little Buddy boy is watching us from the shoreline, only prepared to go as far as he can feel his feet into the water.

There’s gentle Christmas music coming from our little speaker and the sky is a hue of pinks, yellows & blues.

It’s Christmas morning and we’re celebrating with an early morning swim, bucks fizz & a sausage sizzle!

I remember when I was very young, creeping downstairs early morning to watch ‘The Snowman’ and a funny cartoon with strange, long-nosed, orange characters (which to this day I haven’t been able to find out the name of,) waiting impatiently for my parents to wake up so we could open the presents.

I’ve always loved Christmas. The beautiful lights and decorations, heartwarming movies, the smell of mulled wine, Christmas markets, and the fact that everyone just seems to practice a little more tolerance! Tis’ the season of goodwill after all.

It’s not the same, celebrating Christmas in a hot country. It never feels quite as ‘Christmassy’. But if you’d told me all those years ago in my little nightdress in our small living room with the fire on, that I’d be floating in an ocean on the other side of the world instead of watching the snowman in years to come, I wouldn’t have believed it!

Later we’ll go home, open the pressies under the Christmas tree, deliver some goodies to the Burmese and local Thai families nearby and head out for a traditional Christmas lunch at one of our favorite restaurants on the island, ‘Thong Dee’.

And, just like I would if I were in the UK, after a big lunch, we’ll likely collapse on the sofa, play monopoly and watch movies until bedtime! The only difference is that all our windows and doors will be open and we’ll spend the day in t-shirts and shorts!

I don’t know where we’ll be this time next year. Mum’s poorly so it’s time to leave Asia and head in a homeward direction for a while. Perhaps I’ll be attempting to ski down a French mountain (I’m a terrible skier), hiking a big hill somewhere in Europe, or sitting on a beach in South America.

Perhaps I’ll be sitting in a living room somewhere in the UK, with a fire on, in my nightclothes watching “the Snowman!’

For now, though, I’m going to dig my toes into the sand, watch the sunrise and enjoy my bucks fizz & sausage sizzle!

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

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