Observation Without Judgement

I had to repost this fantastic Instagram post by my good friend Hayden who is the Manager of our local gym.

Observation without judgement

This hit me like a tonne of bricks yesterday as I read it and realised as a self rated non-judgemental person, how much I actually do judge!

For started I’m always judging myself and am usually giving myself a hard time over something! My resolution this year was to be a bit kinder to myself mentally!

But sometimes without even realising I judge friends and people I meet. I judge their moods, their behaviour, what I think they’re thinking about me, what I think they’re thinking about others, what I think they think about themselves.

Why do we do that?

I had a whole conversation with someone yesterday who was trying to gauge a mutual friends reaction to a message she had sent when the other person had not yet responded!

How do we know what they’re thinking until they actually tell us.

It’s crazy.

This post is so true. Whatever you think is going on in someone else’s head, remember it’s a reflection of how you see the world.

You can never be inside someone else’s mind and truly understand how they see the world, even your closest loved ones.

You haven’t lived their life, you haven’t been through what they have, seen what they’ve seen, been who they’ve been.

You have only lived yours and therefore everything will be slanted to how you view the world.

From this moment forward and I challenge you (it’s not going to be easy), next time you’re in a conversation with yourself or a friend or colleague, try to simply observe without any judgement whatsoever.

Phew it’s a toughie but I have a sneaking suspicion it will lead to greater inner peace.

Let me know how you get on!

Jo 🙂

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines Day. Just as I love Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Birthdays etc.

Any chance for an extra reason to remind us to celebrate life or each other sounds like a good thing to me.

And yes I understand the comments about commercialism and exploitation etc. But the world is hard enough and sad enough as it is.

Let’s take these moments and use them as reminders to tell the ones around us how much we love and appreciate them, whether you choose flowers or just a big hug & a kiss.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day wherever you are.

I appreciate you!

Jo :)

Happy Valentines Day

Building Trust & Authority – Part 1 – Finding Your Audience

Do you ever feel like you’re creating & publishing content to an empty space?

You write a masterful blog post, record a great video, excitedly put it out into the world and then………..


Maybe a like, possibly a share, perhaps a comment from a good friend, but other than that, nada.

Fear not my friend. I’m right there with you at the moment.

Having had a 2-3 year break away from this space, it’s like a lifetime online and here I am starting all over again beginning to build that trust and authority that I once had.

In fact this week I started to question whether there was still an audience that wanted to know how to build a business they could run entirely online.

Had the world changed? Did people want something else now?

After looking through facebook pages, instagram accounts and blogs of authorities in the digital marketing space, travel blogs and self development sites, I’m happy to report the thirst for that knowledge is alive and well, if not even more so now the model has been proven over and over again.

So how do you get started building trust and authority in a market saturated with awesome influencers, who appear to be years ahead of you, have a million connections and who you can’t possibly compete with?

Know the feeling?

Well, step one is don’t compete.

The world is big enough and there are enough people looking for your knowledge, experience, product or service that you just need to find your own voice.

As you grow think collaboration not competition. Celebrate the fact there are lots of other people doing what you want to do as it means there is a market.

You just have to find your own unique voice that resonates with the people you want to attract.

So who do you want to attract. Start there, write down precisely who you want your audience to be (super important, don’t focus on who you think your audience should be, ask yourself, who would you love to be your ideal customer, client, reader etc) and then do what I did yesterday….

Make a list of all the influencers, authority blogs, instagram accounts, facebook pages etc., who you think your ideal audience are currently following.

The questions and conversations happening on these platforms are going to serve as inspiration to get your content off the ground and ensure you’re creating the kind of content your audience wants to hear.

Look out for Part 2 of this series – “Serving Your Audience”

Have a great day!

Jo 🙂

Have You Tried Yoga?

Oh my how I love Yoga.

It has literally transformed my life.

When I started my health journey back in 2016 40kg’s (80lbs) overweight and struggling to even pull myself out of a car door, I started with yoga.

Just a video a day in front of the TV.

Within a year I had adopted healthier habits, lost 20kg’s and was stronger, more flexible and felt younger than I had in years.

Some 3 years later I haven’t stuck to doing it every single day like I hoped I would, just like all of us life gets in the way sometimes, but I regularly get back in the saddle and am currently doing my latest 30 day program with the lovely Adrienne, my yoga mentor for the last 3 years.

You can find her channel and info here if you fancy giving it a go yourself.

I always feel so much better when I’m incorporating the classes into my daily life not just from a physical perspective, but mentally it’s an opportunity to focus on YOU.

It’s like a moving form of meditation, deep breathing, focus and self love. It’s truly beautiful.

Managing stress in our lives is so very important and I believe relates directly to happiness & productivity.

So if you’re looking for an outlet, give this a go!

Have a great day!

’Super Bendy’ Jo :)

This is Your Moment – Make It Happen Monday Episode 87

It’s so easy to get caught up setting goals and planning for the future that we forget to live for right now.

The crazy thing is that right now, this very minute is life.

It’s not where we’ve been or where we might be going, it’s what’s happening right now.

Perhaps if we spent more time in the present than in the past or future, we’d be far happier and content with our lives.

Check out todays episode for 3 tips on living for right now and to hear the conversation I had with an incredibly positive young man from Myanmar yesterday….

Jo :)

Watch Episode 87 Here

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

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It’s Sunday review time!

How did your week go?

Did you achieve all your goals?

Now is the time to look back over the week and be super honest with yourself.

Did you set too many goals? (Always a habit of mine!) Maybe you didn’t challenge yourself enough.

If you set some goals that you didn’t achieve, maybe they’re not as much of a priority as you think they are.

If you can, just take 20 mins out of your day today to make sure you’re heading in the direction you want to and set goals for the week ahead that will empower you to take action and make it happen!!!

Have a great week.

Jo :)

Is It Taking Longer Than Planned?

Is your business taking longer than planned to get off the ground?

Do you find yourself pedaling fast and going nowhere?

Do you ever feel like packing it all in?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can assure you, you’re not alone.

Starting and running a business (even a small one) takes a lot of time, effort & patience.

A bit like my weight loss journey.

I frequently hear myself say to my other half, ‘never have I worked so hard for so long with so little results’.

But I know it’s coming.

I know that I’m stronger and fitter than I was 3 years ago. I know I’ve slowed down the aging of my body, and can do things now I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do before.

I know that I’m sharper, have more energy and feel better in myself.

I know that I’m following the right process and making good decisions for my body, so I’m certain the weight will eventually follow.

It’s the same with business.

Look around you. How much more do you know now than you did a few years ago?

How much more open is your mind? How many more opportunities do you see? How many more people do you know?

How much more excited rather than scared by technology are you?

Provided you’re following the correct processes and making good decisions for your business, the money will eventually follow.

Have faith, it’s coming! :)

Quick & Easy Travel Videos

So yesterday I talked about the phone app InShot.

Here is an example of a video I made in about 20 minutes showcasing my recent trip to the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.

Please note I have only played with it a couple of times and most certainly have not used all the fabulous features available.

But what a great way to quickly & easily create little travel videos to include on blog posts and on social media!

I look forward to getting better & better the more I do! :)

Yippeee! Best Option For Mobile Posting!

After spending the last few days testing various methods of writing, preparing & uploading posts for my blog from my mobile phone while on the go, I have discovered the best option by far!

The biggest issue I had was posting images.

Because I do a lot of travelling I like to showcase the places I have been, but when uploading images to WordPress via my phone, the full size image is uploaded which would slow down my site considerably.

Plus I couldn’t create & edit a nice gallery style effect for the pics.

Also I couldn’t prepare properly while offline and would therefore have to wait for an internet connection to start uploading hefty images which if the connection was a bit dodgy which it frequently is when travelling, my photos may not upload anyway!

So here is my solution;

1. Write the post in Evernote first.

Evernote works on & offline, meaning you can write out & prep your post completely offline. Evernote will sync when back online.

2. Use an app called – InShot. (Download from App Store)

InShot is a photo editing app and has a huge range of collages, photo editing tools, stickers, text, backgrounds and all sorts to create super fun images you can use for blogs, social media etc.

It also works for creating funky videos! (See tomorrow’s post).

3. Copy & paste your post from Evernote into the WordPress app on your phone!

(Be sure to choose ‘post without formatting’)

If you’re offline simply save as a draft.

4. When you’re online add your considerably smaller sized collage you’ve created and away you go!

This is how I’ll be doing all my posts on mobile from now on.

If you’re someone who wants to create blog posts on the go and use pics & videos I do hope this is useful to you!

Happy Blogging! 😁

Testing Creating a Post on Mobile

In my quest to find the best way to prepare & upload blog posts from my phone and on the go, today I thought I’d just have a go at creating a post from the actual WordPress dashboard but on my mobile.

From here I’m hoping I can add all the usual formatting, plus add galleries etc.

Let’s see what we can do!

1. Add Images

Your Lifestyle Business

Random Buddha Image

OK so I’m going to leave this image as is. As you can see it’s on it’s side and even though I have tried to move to the correct position on my phone, no can do. :(

2. Add Gallery

Cannot edit gallery positioning on phone!!! This is it. Frustrating :(

3. Add bullets;

  1. First Bullet
  2. Second Bullet
  3. Third Bullet

Yep bullets work, as does usual formatting like Bold.

Or a Headline


It’s certainly not the easiest thing to do on mobile as the page keeps resizing as you edit and I keep losing where I was on the post and suddenly getting kicked off etc. Plus I can’t edit the gallery positioning or the images it would seem.

Hmmmm, more testing required!

Testing WordPress Mobile App

As a constant traveler it’s so important for me to be able to use my phone to write & upload blog posts while on the go.

So I’m testing the WordPress mobile app to see if it does the job!

Right now I’m sitting at home, I’ve turned my phone to airplane mode (as the chances are I’ll be writing & prepping posts while in between destinations on a plane), and am writing this post in the app.

I’m just going to add a random photo & some formatting to see what it looks like & then I’ll save & act as I’ve just got internet access and can now publish!

What fun! 😁 (Nice, emojis off the phone, like it!)

Ok random photo….

Hmmm seems I cannot add image unless I’m online. Will leave the draft image I have added & see what happens when I go online.

I also can’t access the WordPress media library while offline which makes sense, but that means I can’t prep any gallery photos etc.

Ok so pros & cons so far (just adding a random bullet point list);

  1. Easy to edit & add content
  2. Can use phone emojis
  3. Can add photos from phone but flashes up a notification it can’t load as offline so cannot edit, add captions etc.
  4. Can’t access media library while offline.

Ok so saving as draft now & then will turn off airplane mode & see what editing options are then available to me!


Ok so back online now.

Your Lifestyle Business

Random Buddha Image (from my walk yesterday)

Your Lifestyle Business

Random Test Image

Your Lifestyle Business

Random Beach Image

So there’s no function to add a gallery but I can align, add Alt Text, resize & add a caption.

So let’s see what happens when I publish! 😮


This is me back on my computer now editing directly within the wordpress app.

The formatting of the pics went a bit awry and I had to move the Buddha pic to a portrait position from here, could not do on the app.

However I couldn’t make it work here either until I had completely redone the bullet points. They hadn’t formatted correctly anyway and something within that formatting screwed up the images.

Lastly one of the images didn’t caption correctly, so I had to amend that.


The WordPress mobile app is great for basic posts without too much multi media or formatting required. Maybe a pic or two, but more than that I think it will start to do strange things.

Also images from the phone are uploaded max size, so you need to ensure you have an image compression plugin uploaded or all images will be served full size which is massive from a phone!

I’m going to continue looking for a better mobile app to update multi media posts on the go!

There is No Magic Pill – Make It Happen Monday Episode 86

“The shortcut is usually the longest route” – Seth Godin

Do you ever wish there was a magic pill that could help you achieve all your goals in one fell swoop?

A pill to instantly make you thin, gorgeous and fit…
A pill to transport you to exactly where you’d love to live…
A pill that would instantly ensure your bank account was full every month…

A pill, a genie, a fountain of youth, name it what you will but in some sense we all wish there was a faster and easier way to achieve some of our toughest goals.

Unfortunately it’s rarely the case and the longer you spend looking for shortcuts, the longer you’re potentially wasting the precious time you have to actually achieve your goals.

Watch todays video and ensure you’re doing what you need to be doing to create the life & business you truly want.

Jo :)

Watch Episode 86 Here

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching!

Sunday Review

I had a thought this weekend about my goals and how I tend to set them and then life gets in the way and it can take me a while to actually sit down and review how I’m getting on.

By a while sometimes it feels like years slip by and I don’t seem to be achieving what I always set out to do.

So how about a weekly Sunday review, I thought?

Every Sunday, I would sit down and look at my goals for the week and measure my progress against them.

Here’s the crazy thing, when I sat down to think about the week gone by I realised I hadn’t actually set myself a goal for this week.

I have my yearly goal and where I’d like to be in a year from now, but what about a month from now or a week from now?

Aha! Perhaps there is the very issue! In my head I think I’ve set goals because I have a huge ‘To Do’ list. (I always have a huge ‘To Do’ list, I’m sure you can empathise with that!)

But I haven’t said, right – this is what I’d like to achieve this week which actually takes me closer to my bigger goals.

So here’s my goal for this coming week and next Sunday I’ll have a review of how I’ve got on.

“I would like to start using the ‘12 Week Year‘ system properly. So this week I am going to stop thinking in terms of a year and start thinking about the next 12 weeks.

I am going to set my 12 week goals and therefore my weekly goals to help me get there and have that written in a plan before next week.

I am also going to ensure I continue writing a Daily Blog post even though I know right now no-one is reading it!

It’s great practise and eventually, there’ll be thousands of readers!!!”

(By the way if you’re reading this, please comment below and say ‘Hi Jo, I’m a reader!’)

That’s it, they’re my goals for this week.

What are your goals for this week?

Be ready to review them next Sunday!

Addicted to Netflix

So a friend recommended a show on Netflix called You.

She described it as a guy who’s a murdering stalker who falls for this girl.

Delightful I said.

And yet, I couldn’t help sneaking an episode in to see what it was all about.

Now I’m hooked!

I hate getting hooked on Netflix shows. Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, Suits, Billions.

It’s such a waste of time, plus I always end up going to bed later.

Thankfully I don’t do it often.

Be sensible, just don’t start and do something far more productive with your time like reading or learning.

Now where’s that remote…..

Pinch, Punch, 1st of the Month!

Woweee, it’s the 1st Feb already!

How are you doing with your goals for this year?

Have you written them out and put them somewhere prominent? Have you whittled them down to the most important 2 or 3?

Perhaps you’re working off the 12 week year system and have just finished your 1st quarter!

However you’re managing your progress this year, be sure to stop and review at least at the end of each month if not each week to make sure you’re moving forward and heading in the right direction.

Success is more about momentum than anything else, so keep keeping on! 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great January and here’s to an amazing Feb!!! 🙂

You Don’t Need As Much As You Think You Do

The beauty of running a lifestyle business is that you can work your own hours around your lifestyle!

You’re not constantly stressed by overheads & wages & deadlines & investors etc.

Which means today I could enjoy the beach, the sunset, a beer and a nice relaxing day.

Tomorrow I will get my days work done before sunrise & be free again to enjoy the day.

Does that mean there aren’t days I work all day to get things done and organized? Absolutely not.

Building any kind of business requires hard work and dedication, but if you decide you want a ‘lifestyle business’ ie, a business that simply needs to fund your lifestyle as opposed to a multi million dollar startup. It really doesn’t need to be as hard as many make out.

The question is how much do you really need to fund the lifestyle you’d like to live?
$2000 a month, $5000, $10,000, a million?

Workout what that number is and understand that you probably don’t need as much as you think you do to live a very comfortable life doing something that you love. 🙂

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Summary

Facebook Groups

Lastly I just want to touch on groups, as that was one of the questions.

I have to admit the jury is out on groups at the moment.

I’ve used them to great effect as support forums for courses etc. But to grow a tribe on its own, seems like a lot of work when your efforts might be best placed on your main page.

The great thing about groups is that you can engage directly with your audience. But to get the group going you need to be in there every day posting interesting information, talking with the members and encouraging interaction.

Unfortunately FB doesn’t notify members when new postings have been made unless the members specifically ask it to. So the value add needs to so good that your members want to visit every day.

I’m not saying don’t do a group, but be careful with your time.

I’ll update this post as I explore more moving into 2019, my plan is to interview some very successful group owners and find out how they’re using groups for business.


A lot to take in I know.

I think the most important is to take action and don’t spread yourself too thin.

Create a Facebook page, get to know your target market intimately and start helping, entertaining or educating them with great content every single day.

Have fun with it and get creative!

Any questions please let me know below.

I hope this helps.

Jo 🙂

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 10

Part 10 – Don’t Sell – Entertain, Inform, Educate, Inspire, Showcase

Gosh this is a contentious one. I read so much about how you need to be a salesman with everything you do and yet some of the best salesmen in the world never sell.

They inform, entertain, educate, solve problems but rarely sell.

Think how Dove uses real body images to inspire the ‘average’ woman to buy its products.

Red Bull has firmly associated itself with extreme sport.

Gary Vee publishes copious amounts of content to highlight his agency, educate people on products he’s invested in and sell his books.

I’m going to be using travel stories to showcase a lifestyle business.

How you can you creatively showcase your products tied into an interest that your audience may have?

Years ago (1987) in the UK there was a series of adverts for Nescafe Gold Blend coffee. It was basically a love story between two neighbors over a series of ads, but the product for sale was coffee.

People (including me) were absolutely hooked by the story. It was like a mini series!

Check out a compilation of the story here;

It’s genius!

More recently you had The Lego Movie. That wasn’t just about merchandise, that was a revamp of a kids toy brand that’s been about for years! Again absolutely genius.

Now we can’t all go around making TV adverts & movies, but what’s your story?

How can you turn your product or service into something that will entertain, inform, educate or inspire your audience?

Food for thought…

Look out for my final part tomorrow. I’ll be having a quick chat about Facebook groups and wrapping up this little mini series on how to build your brand using FB in 2019.

Jo 🙂

3 Steps to Building Your Brand on Facebook in 2019 – Make It Happen Monday Episode 85

Todays episode was inspired by a question from a member of the YLB community who asked;

‘I want to build my brand and a tribe on Facebook this year but don’t know where to start. Can you help?’

To be honest, the posting on FB is the easy part, it’s figuring out all the stuff before you even set foot on the platform that can prove challenging and which may hold you off from posting.

That’s why the video that follows is really a blueprint for building your brand anywhere online, on social media and on your own website.

Get these 3 steps right and you’ll be well on your way to a successful facebook strategy.

I hope it helps!

Jo :)

Watch Episode 85 Here

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching!

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 9

Part 9 – Invest in Ads
Ok so this is the one you probably don’t want to hear but is without doubt the fastest way to get your message out there!
Right now the advertising costs on Facebook & Instagram are still super low and anyone whop tells you different has obviously never advertised in newspapers, on TV or on radio.
When I used to manage concert venues in the late 90’s early 2000’s it would cost me thousands of pounds to advertise on local radio.
I would get a few 30 second spots that would then go out to a broad and undefined audience and I would never know whether my message had ever been acted upon.
The same for newspaper ads and billboard hoardings on the side of the road.
I remember we used to have feedback forms for all customers who came into our venues, asking them to tick a little box to tell us where they had heard of us so we could try to gather some rough data of where our marketing efforts were working.
These days on Facebook you can spend a few hundred dollars, reach hundreds of thousands of highly targeted people and get instant feedback on what’s working and what’s not.
You can reach them with text, image, video, audio, whatever resonates the most, which you instantly know from the stats!
Here’s how I would get started with FB Ads;
1. What’s my objective? To get more clicks on my site, more likes on my page, more people to click ’See My Page Posts First’, leads, sales etc. 
Don’t just advertise for the sake of it. Every dollar counts so know what it is you want to achieve.
2. Research what’s working for the audience you want to attract. No doubt there are other pages similar to yours. So go and see what’s working for them. Which posts get the most interaction. What seems to be encouraging people to comment etc.
Don’t be afraid to use what’s working well as inspiration and then create your own ads with that in mind. Never copy by the way, just get out there and get ideas.
3. Define your audience. Male / Female / Age / Location / Interests etc. Go narrow.
The broader your audience the bigger reach you’ll get but the lower actions will be taken. Try to get as narrow and as niched as possible. That way you’ll resonate far more with your audience and are likely to get much better results at a much lower cost.
4. If you already have an email list, create a custom audience and then a lookalike audience which will allow you to advertise directly to people with the same interests / demographics as your current audience.
5. Start with small budgets, $10, $50, $100, test & measure, test & measure, test & measure.
Success with FB Ads is all about testing, measuring & tweaking! Check out my good friend Liz Melville’s website for more info on creating ad campaigns that work!
Look out for Part 10 tomorrow – Don’t Sell – Entertain, Inform, Educate, Inspire, Showcase
Jo 🙂

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 8

Part 8 – See Me First
On FB pages there is a funky little button under ‘Following’ that says ’See First’. If you can encourage as many people as possible to click that little button then guess who’s posts they’ll see first in their newsfeed every day?
The best way I’ve seen this done is by Gary Vee who recorded a little video of himself asking the viewer to click the button to see his posts first in their newsfeed.
I fully intend to create my own video doing the same but for now, you could take a screenshot of your page, add some annotations and start posting it across FB or your site.
I’m going to be sending mine out in an email. If I can encourage my subscribers to interact with my page, they may be more inclined to share / spread the word.
How to Build a Tribe on FB - 2019
Look out for Part 9 tomorrow – Invest in Ads
Jo 🙂

Sometimes We Have Bad Days

Sometimes we all have bad days.
Days where nothing seems to go right or your energy levels aren’t there or something p’d you off early in the day and you can’t talk yourself out of it.
You know what I’m talking about.
And so it is.
We’re only human after all!
Don’t beat yourself up. 
Perhaps we’re having a bad day to remind us how great, the great days are!
Reframe, chill out, grab a cuppa and put it down to experience.
Tomorrow will be better.
Jo :)

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 7

Part 7 – Engage
So you’re out there, you’re posting regular content, you’re adding huge value, you’re interesting, you’re vibrant, quite simply your content is awesome!
So why does it still feel like a ghost town around your FB page?
It’s a great question.
I’ve been having a look at some of the best blogs and pages online and those with the most activity follow a similar system;
1. They post consistently, whether that be once a day or 5 times a day they’re consistent about it.
2. The posts are regularly engaged with by either the page / blog owner or a member of their team.
3. They post content which encourages engagement either with subtle call to actions or within the content itself (examples below)
4. They’ve been doing it a while and probably started just like you are wondering why their FB page was a ghost town!
Consistency & Persistence trumps anything and everything!
Here’s some examples of great content pieces which encourage you to interact even if you weren’t planning too!

Gary always says it like it is and evokes emotive and passionate discussion

Marie asks questions in her description of the video which will make you react one way or another and want to see more…

Seth chooses emotive subjects that he knows his audience will react too. I love his take on every day events.

Marie takes a great quote, makes it relevant to her brand “figureoutable”) and adds a not so subtle call to action – ‘Let me know and tag someone else’. Great strategy.

Please remember point 4. It’s not going to happen overnight unless you choose a potentially explosive subject.

Keep producing and publishing interesting and engaging content. Reach out to people where you can on twitter, instagram, facebook. Start conversations wherever you can and cross promote between FB, Instagram, your site etc.

Have patience and your audience will grow.

Look out for Part 8 tomorrow – See me First
Jo 🙂

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 6

Part 6 – Create, Repurpose, Automate
It would be great if we could all start with a big team of people who could edit our content, create fab pictures, edit & upload super professional videos, post regularly on all the social networks and ensure we were everywhere all of the time.
But this is just not reality when you start out.
So you need to use your time & online tools to your advantage.
I talked about this in Part 3, and shared with you a great post by Gary Vee. But for the one or two man band we need to smart with our time to achieve a mini version of our own content strategy.
Here’s how I’m tackling it this year;
Content Strategy for FB
Content Strategy for FB
So my core content will be;
1 x Make It Happen Monday Video per week
Short Daily Blog Posts
1 x Podcast a week
These might be separate pieces of content or I may extract the audio from MIHM and make that my podcast or write several daily posts based on a podcast episode etc.
I will then use the content I have created to make some quote style images for social media, edit some short segments of my videos, clip some interesting bits of my podcast to post out on mainly FB & Insta.
I use screenflow for mac for editing my videos, anchor.fm for recording & uploading my podcasts & canva.com for editing images. (Not affiliate links)
Screenflow is paid, anchor.fm & canva.com are both free.
Yes there’s a bit of a learning curve to use screenflow and canva, but they’re all pretty user intuitive and millions of tutorial videos all over youtube!
Lastly regards posting on social media, you can now schedule posts directly on FB, so you can load up an entire weeks worth of posts on a Sunday afternoon and as long as you have a business profile on Instagram you can schedule posts there too, using a tool like Buffer (my preferred tool) or Hootsuite.
NB! This is super important. If you only have the time to create 1 video a week or 1 blog post a week or 1 podcast a week and nothing else. That is fine as long as it’s consistent! 
The most important part of creating content is publishing consistently. In fact there’s definitely an argument for posting 1 epic piece of content a week rather than lots of smaller, less researched pieces, but you need to do what works for you. Weekly vids & short daily posts work for my rather distracted, generally unfocused personality.
Do what works for you, but do it consistently.
Look out for Part 7 tomorrow – Engage
Jo 🙂

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do – Make It Happen Monday Episode 84

So you know you want to build a business or side income that will give you more time, freedom, independence etc, but you’re just not sure what to do.

Do you start a blog around your passion, should you give ecommerce a go, do you become a freelancer or a service provider?

You have varying levels of skill in each arena from zero knowledge to fairly confident but which one will make the most money, give you the most fulfillment, be the easiest to get off the ground etc?

The answer my friend is in todays video.

Watch Episode 84 Here

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching!

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 5

Part 5 – Be Interesting!
We are undoubtedly in a ‘content’ era. People are looking to be distracted, entertained, educated and inspired.
You may think that there is information overload out there, and you’re probably not wrong but still people are ready & willing to consume anything that resonates with their journey or status at that very moment.
The days of brand loyalty are fading fast and have been replaced with ‘are you interesting enough to keep my attention’!
Just this morning I watched a video made by Ezra Firestone from Smart Marketer and probably the most prolific ecommerce expert online today, about ‘Heartbreak’!
Not because it resonated with me right now but because it was so apart from his usual content it caught my eye.
Last week I saw Gary Vee advise a women in financial services (I think it was financial services, something like that) to start creating content around golf! 
Why golf? Well who is really that interested in financial services? Create interesting content around a common interest and then introduce your services along the way.
I know, abstract right?
Yesterday I spent a few hours watching videos on how to create ‘awesome travel videos’. My brand is all about teaching you how to build a lifestyle business and I’m trying to think of all the ways I can make my content more ‘consumable’ – in other words, more entertaining, more inspiring etc.
So, whatever brand or niche you are in, you need to be asking yourself, how can I entertain, inspire, inform, solve problems etc, and be prepared to get a bit whacky!
Look out for Part 6 tomorrow – Create, Repurpose, Automate
Jo 🙂

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 4

Part 4 – Get Yourself Out There!
Oh my! Another ‘inaction through fear’ moment.
You know you need to network. You know you need to be ’seen’, and you’d love to be on texting terms with some of the big names in your industry, but why on earth would they give you the time of day?
Not only that, who’s got the time to go commenting on other people’s posts etc when you have all your own content to create.
Well I hate to tell you, but this is a super important strategy that if done well, will get you and your products / services further much faster.
So here’s some fear friendly suggestions to get you started;
1. Be so good they can’t ignore you!
I love this quote from actor Steve Martin. Just aim to be awesome at everything you do. The content you publish, the value you add, the products or services you sell.
In fact print this off & stick it somewhere prominent.
be so good they can't ignore you
NB: If it’s a choice between posting one amazing blog post a year or posting fairly good articles once a week, choose fairly good.
Consistency will create solid habits & ensure you improve as you go. It won’t be long before you’re regularly posting amazing content and you will have started to gain traction while getting there.
2. Stop aiming so high!
Many times the reason we’re afraid to network or connect with others in our niche is because we start trying to connect with those at the top of their game.
Start with others who are around your level or just a few clicks ahead. Everyone is open to quality connections and content so get to know the people you want to approach and offer them some value, whether it’s content, guest posts, links to their content from your social media pages, whatever it is you think you can offer.
3. Be inclusive (another Mari Smith special).
If you notice I have lots of links going to all sorts of external resources from my posts. That’s because I want to ensure you get the most value out of my advice and that includes resources I have turned to or consumed which I believe can also help you.
Don’t be scared that by linking to others content or recommending other people / brands in your same niche means you’ll send people away from you. By being the most helpful you can be, people will return to you time after time.
Look out for Part 5 tomorrow – Be Interesting!
Jo 🙂

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 3

Part 3 – Become a Prolific Content Creator
How I love this advice I got from the lovely Mari Smith years ago!
To build a tribe using social media you’re going to need content and a lot of it!
Videos, images, audio, blogs, posts, FB Lives, stories etc.
And this is where the rubber meets the road I’m afraid. This is the section of the mountain that so many are unwilling to climb.
The common excuses are lack of time, platform overwhelm, lack of knowledge etc. But the real reason behind much of it is fear.
I don’t want to go too deep into that here. But next time you find yourself saying in your head – “I don’t know what to post!”, catch yourself and ask the question – do I really not know what to post, or actually do I truly deep down know what I want to say but I’m worried that I’ll be rubbish on camera, no-one will listen, I’ll get trolled etc.
And if you truly don’t know what to say, you might want to re-look at the niche you’re in.
The king of content online right now is undoubtedly Gary Vaynerchuk.
He recently published his phenomenal content strategy which you can see here – The GaryVee Content Model
By all means get inspiration from it but please remember he has a big & experienced team to help him implement so don’t look at this as a blueprint for little old you to follow and then completely overwhelm yourself into inaction.
If you’re a one or two man band, my advice would be to pick one or two platforms and focus on those.
Then replicate a smaller version of his strategy;
1. Create a main piece of ‘pillar’ content each week 
2. Distribute
3. Create micro content from that – social media posts, images, bite size videos etc
3. Distribute 
4. Listen to feedback and create further micro content based on audience response.
You can skip No 4 if to start with you have no audience response. Just keep publishing valuable content and have faith! 😎
(Please note I do go into this in a bit more detail in Part 6)
Look out for Part 4 tomorrow – Get Yourself Out There!
Jo 🙂

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 2

Part 2 – Know What You’re Talking About or Add Huge Value!
I know the questions in Part 1 were specific to building a tribe on facebook but so much of the work happens before you even create your facebook account!
It’s imperative that you either know your subject matter inside out or you’re willing to document your journey and offer massive value.
When I started out I knew nothing about facebook fan pages, but I chose to immerse myself in the platform and teach others (for free) as I learned.
This learning grew (as did my community) to social media as a whole, online marketing, ecommerce and now I have enough experience to cover the whole shebang!
Another great example of this is Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. From Day 1 he’s openly documented his journey to create a passive income online including monthly income & expense reports.
What’s important though is that he did the work. He learned how something worked, implemented it and reported on the results.
So many people have no idea what they’re taking about and just regurgitate other peoples information. That will not build you a tribe.
Either you’re already an expert in your space and have plenty of valuable things to say or you’re willing to dig deep, do the work and learn & teach as you go.
Look out for Part 3 tomorrow – Become a Prolific Content Creator
Jo 🙂

How to Build a Tribe Using Facebook in 2019 – Part 1

I recently received two very similar questions from members of my community;
1. I am looking to learn how to use a business page on Facebook, build a tribe with a group page and how to utilize both
2. I have about 2300 friends on facebook and am starting an art/craft business. What is the best way of using facebook as a platform to sell on and get all of my friends to look at my products?
I remember the days when it was as easy as slapping a post up and getting hundreds of views & comments, but nowadays you either have to pay for that privilege or build a huge audience of people who see your notifications first in their newsfeed every day.
Facebook in particular has changed quite dramatically over the years but is still a power house for marketing & audience building.
So here’s how I’m going to be approaching it over the next year or so. I’m splitting this post into parts as it’s a pretty long answer, so look out for Part 2 tomorrow. 🙂
1. Know Who You’re Talking Too
It doesn’t matter the size of your business or budget you must start with who you’re trying to reach.
Having a good idea of who your market are will help you when it comes to branding, publishing content etc. You’ll know what language to use, what videos to post, what images will appeal etc.
I had a conversation with a friend recently in the fitness industry who said they wanted to reach professionals and the youth.
They’re clearly two different markets and would take some work to target at the same time, but as we discussed, get the professional parents and they’ll feed it down to the youth!
See how we just narrowed down our market to professionals and parents. If you wanted you could go a step further and say only men, or only woman, or professionals over 40, or in certain industries etc.
But there’s no need to get too bogged down as long as you have a solid idea of your rough demographic.
Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of trying to please everyone. You will reach more people by narrowing it down and being reasonably specific.
Believe me if your products are good enough, everyone will find you, even if you’re not targeting them.
So take a moment to decide who you’re targeting with your message, brand, service or product and then write it down!
Look out for Part 2 tomorrow – Know What You’re Talking About!
Jo 🙂

Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You – Make It Happen Monday Episode 82

It does not matter what you do. Whether you are the nicest person in the world, or the most awful person in the world, you will get trolled when you start publishing content across the web.

It is a sad fact of life that many of the population have nothing better to do with their time than sit online and make nasty comments.

I often think to myself, how sad and lonely they must be.

However, we cannot allow the fear of what a stranger might say or a friend might think to stop us from pursuing our goals.

I get quite passionate about it in todays Make It Happen Monday episode and at one point made myself laugh out loud as I watched the video back.

I hope it has the same effect on you.

Watch Episode 83 Here

Now It’s Your Turn

Comment below and tell me;

  1. What have you been holding yourself back from due to the fear of what someone else might think or say?
  2. How could you change how you feel and get out there and do it anyway!?

Please get into as much nitty gritty detail as you like as your comment could be the spark of inspiration someone else reading this needs!

Thank you so much for your openness & honesty!

Jo :)

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching!

Act on Commitments, Not Feelings

“I really want to workout this morning but after a crappy nights sleep I don’t feel like it. I’ll do it tomorrow.”
“I’m not supposed to have a slice or two of the pizza, but my body is telling me I need carbs, so I’m going for it. I’ll be good tomorrow.”
“I’m so tired I can’t write that blog post today, so I’ll do it tomorrow when I feel better.”
Hmmmm, sentences I think many of us can relate too.
The trouble is tomorrow never comes!
Decide what it is you want. Commit to your goals. Write down your plans & strategies to achieve your goals and then ACT.
No matter how you feel, no matter what’s happened. 
There will always be an excuse or a reason we don’t feel like it.
We have to just do it anyway.
You have committed, so act on your commitments.
Have a great weekend!
Jo 🙂

January 12, 2019

Be a Doer Not a Talker

My Mum, now 80, used to tell me when I was younger, ‘Jo, I’m a doer and your father is a dreamer’, you’ve luckily managed to get a bit of both.’
She was so right!
I’m a huge dreamer but thankfully I’m an action taker also (although I can procrastinate with the best of them!)
10 years ago I met a man who would take ‘doing’ to a new level. My gorgeous fella (who I’m set to marry next year by the way), is like a machine when it comes to doing.
By the time I’ve explained to him an idea, he’s usually put it into action.
I remember attending an internet marketing event in London back in 2010, and some friends of ours who lived in Cyprus were going traveling and wanted someone to housesit their apartment for 6 weeks.
I phoned my action taking fella and mooted the idea with him.
By the Sunday night when I got back he’d put all our belongings on sale on gumtree (UK equivalent of Craigs list) and within a week we were on a plane to Cyprus.
We haven’t looked back since and together we have traveled the world (with our daughter), now live in Phuket and have built two very successful location independent businesses.
Most people talk.
It’s the people that do, that have all the luck. Go figure!
Be a doer, not a talker.
Jo :)

January 11, 2019

The 12 Week Year

I’ve just read a book (well listened to it) called The 12 Week Year.
I love the concept and that is to stop looking at your goals and plans as an annualized process and start looking at them as a 12 week process.
Very important – the 12 weeks is not simply a part of a 12 month plan, it’s a plan in and of itself.
So you literally set goals for 12 weeks from now, then break them down into weekly & daily goals within the 12 weeks and work towards achieving your 12 week goals.
I love it!
It gives your tasks more of a sense of urgency, it’s a smaller, more manageable timeframe (who knows what we’ll be doing in a year from now) and this morning after sitting down and planning out my next 12 weeks it’s clear that it will dramatically increase focus.
Here’s the link to it on Amazon (not an affiliate link).
The 12 Week Year
Check it out and see what you think.
Have a great day!
“Super productive’ Jo 🙂

January 10, 2019

Have you really tried everything?

I’ve been on a health journey for the last 3 years.
After years of sitting on my butt building my business, eating too much, drinking too much and not moving, I hit a wall at the end of 2015 and decided something had to change.
I started a 30 day yoga program on youtube which I followed religiously every morning in front of the TV (still do today), packed up the grog, changed my diet and successfully lost 37lbs in 2016.
I still had another 40lbs to go to hit goal weight (yep I had put on that much weight over the years) and so continued my journey into 2017 & beyond.
In fact fitness is now so much a part of my life I would never go back. I have more energy, feel better, am more productive and am much happier.
In the last 2 years I have become a Zumba Instructor, trained and took part in a Spartan tough mudder, and am now training for a 700km charity bike ride.
I must be a size 8 right?
Well despite all my hard work, in the last 2 years I haven’t shifted a pound. Not 1. Nada.
I have tried low carb, high fat, high protein, veggie, soups, intermittent fasting, slimming world, weight watchers – you name it, I have tried it.
My partner gets it in the neck from me all the time – ‘I’ve tried everything and nothing works!’
I have honestly never in my life worked so hard for something for so long with such limited results.
Then last night an already toned and slim friend came by even slimmer and more toned. She’d gone from 62kg’s to 56kg’s and had a backside you could break a spoon over.
She sent me a link to a guy she follows on Instagram and I instantly bought his ebook and signed up for his 12 week program.
I haven’t tried everything and I won’t stop until I reach my goal, no matter how long it takes.
Over the years, I have heard so many people say the same thing about their business. I’ve tried everything and nothing works.
But have you? Have you really tried everything??
There is always another way. The question is are you prepared to keep hustling even if it takes a lot longer than you originally thought or planned?
Have a great day!
Jo ‘The Body’ Barnes 🙂


January 9, 2019

Love this layout, thinking of changing the whole blog!

My goal last year was to create a post a day.

I failed within a day!

My goal this year is to create a post a day and so far 8 days in, I’ve been successful. Why?

Because this ‘Jo’s Musings’ layout really lends itself to small, fast, daily insights which make it super easy for me to post every day.

In fact I like it so much, I’m thinking of changing my entire blog to just this. A continuous stream of smaller posts without featured images, the need to click through and all the sign up gubbins at the bottom of every post.

So let’s look at the pros and cons;


  • It allows me to easily post every day which I’m really enjoying
  • This means I can get more content out there and help more people
  • I can easily post my Make It Happen Monday videos (see yesterdays post), my podcasts, valuable articles and everything I would usually do on a blog post.
  • Visitors can read right from one page just scrolling down without clicking anywhere, which is fabulous for mobile phones, bandwidth, waiting times etc
  • Without featured images there will be less images which will speed up the site (always a bonus)
  • It’s super user friendly! 🙂


  • It won’t be as SEO friendly – less inter-site links, smaller posts etc, but I’ve never really got my head around SEO anyway and there are a multitude of ways to attract people to your site – user friendliness being a major one!
  • I can have comments, but they somehow need to be slightly hidden behind a ‘click here to comment’ button or they’ll take up too much of the page (when I start getting some decent engagement!)
  • I can’t have related posts or my sign up here to get my ebook image at the bottom of each post, again would take up too much space (but I could easily have an unobtrusive link to my ebook at the bottom of each post, plus it’ll force me to be more creative on social media to get people to sign up)

Hmmm, food for thought.

What do you think? Do you like this layout or longer separate posts?

Come and join my facebook group and let me know! (It’s also where I do all my training for how to start & grow your lifestyle business, so it’s well worth joining!)

Other than that keep your eye on my blog for potential imminent changes!

Have a great day!

Jo 🙂


January 8, 2019

4 Ways to Start Building Your Lifestyle Business – Make It Happen Monday Episode 82

Howdy Howdy awesome action taker!

Welcome to todays episode of Make It Happen Monday!

It’s 2019! Yippeee! and this is the year for you to start & grow your very own lifestyle business which can (with hard work and dedication) give you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world!

We are so blessed to be living in a time where there are more opportunities than ever before and it’s my belief that this is the era of the ‘microbrand’! That means you my friend!

People don’t want faceless, government bribing huge corporations anymore. They want the little guy, they want the person they can relate too, the one they can trust.

Plus we’re reaching a far larger marketplace now online, so you can build a massively successful side hustle with a far smaller share of the market. Exciting times!

So, where do you start?

Here are my top 4 ways to start & grow your online lifestyle business.

Have a listen, see which option resonates the most with you and start there!

Hope this helps! :)

Watch Episode 82 Here

Click Here for a text version of this video including links mentioned in the video – My 4 Ways to Generate an Income While Traveling

Would you Like Some Help Starting & Growing Your Lifestyle Business? Come & Join the Group!

Starting this week, I’m going to be publishing weekly videos taking you through every facet of starting & growing your lifestyle business.

We’ll be looking at your vision for here you want to be by the end of next year, your business model, your target market, your strategy and most importantly step by step what you need to do to get it up and running.

Whether your business is ecommerce, authority marketing, service provider etc, this is for you and it’s completely free, no catch whatsoever!

So come over, join the group and let’s make 2019 phenomenal! :)

How to Build a Business you Can Run From Anywhere in the World

Now It’s Your Turn

Comment below and tell me;

1. Which business model most resonates with you & why?

Please get into as much nitty gritty detail as you like as your comment could be the spark of inspiration someone else reading this needs!

Thank you so much for your openness & honesty!

Jo :)

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching!

How to Start Building Your Lifestyle Business This Year

This weeks Make It Happen Monday was recorded on a beach outside the most beautiful hotel in Phuket called The Surin.

My partner took me there recently for a little romantic getaway.

I always wonder about the location of recording my videos as I look around YouTube and see so many different formats, which one works best?

I’ve decided that as my entire brand is about building a lifestyle business, my videos should represent my lifestyle, which is all about travel, culture, people and beaches!

So this coming year expect to see Make It Happen Monday videos from Phuket, Australia, UK, France, Borneo, India, The Maldives, Kathmandhu, Hawaii & Japan! Big travel year this year :)

In the meantime, here’s this weeks MIHM Vid.

You can see the full post here – 4 Ways to Start Building Your Lifestyle Business – Make It Happen Monday Episode 82


Have a great week!

Jo :)

January 7, 2019

What to do if you feel you don’t have what it takes.

I read a lot.
I listen to podcasts a lot.
I love documentaries, valuable youtube videos, Ted talks etc., and I consume lots & lots of business and life lessons over and over.
I keep hearing similar messages that to be the best you need to go deep not wide. Routine is the secret to success and consistency is essential!
In other words;
  • Specialise & focus on one thing (I’ve said it myself in the past).
  • Create a daily routine to maximize productivity (have also said that)
  • Be consistent (with your message, your brand, your content schedule etc) – have said that many times
The challenge for me is, that my life & my personality suit none of those things.
I’m absolutely rubbish at focusing on one thing!
At any one time I have a million things happening at once.
Right now, I help my other half with our ecommerce business, I’m training for a huge 700km charity bike ride, I’m writing a book, I’m writing this blog, I’m booking and recording (and editing, uploading etc) podcasts, I’m recording videos, I’m trying to be a great Mum to my 12 year old daughter, I do Yoga for a minimum of an hour a day, I do a weekly radio show here in Phuket, go out regularly with friends and I’m working on getting my not for profit ecommerce idea off the ground.
Oh and I have a beautiful beach 20 minutes down the road which of course requires a frequent visit.
Focus??? Yeah right!
Regards routine, it’s nigh on impossible to create any kind of routine when you travel more than you don’t and are constantly in different timezones etc., and consistency? Well let’s not even go there!
So what does it mean when you find you struggle to follow conventional wisdom?
That you can’t be the best at anything you do? That you won’t be successful?
Firstly, please remember that everyone is different. What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander.
Yes bloggers, journalists, authors etc have found similarities in successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, sports personalities etc, but that’s because they’re looking for them.
I bet if you sat Richard Branson & Elon Musk down next to each other you could find just as many differences as there are similarities.
Secondly we all love to look for systems to success.
If I create a morning routine like Tony Robbins then I might be as successful as Tony Robbins, that kind of thing. This is natural and comes from the solid advice, ‘if you want to do something well, look for people who have done it before you and emulate them‘.
But you’re not them. You may not have the same goals as them or the reasons for doing what you do. So by all means take inspiration from what they’ve done, but do it in a way that suits you.
Thirdly, I tell my daughter all the time, stop comparing yourself to others and start measuring yourself against yourself.
Are you doing better now than you were last year?
Have you improved in the area you’re looking for improvement in?
Are you happier? A better person? In a better position?
However it is you are measuring success to yourself.
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you have to be honest with yourself.
I know that I’m not great at focusing so I have to do things in short bursts to retain focus. 
I know that I’m terrible with routine so I have to be a constant action taker (a doer as my Mum would say) to get everything I want to do done. (Hence why I tend to get up at 5am and rarely watch TV)
To be consistent I know I need a team around me (even if just an assistant) to do those weekly or daily tasks that can make such a difference.
You have to know where your weaknesses are and create systems and strategies for those.
And don’t worry if it doesn’t come all at once.
Get going, then improve and get it right as you go along. As my good friend Mario Brown says – Take massive imperfect action. It’s better than taking no action at all.
Don’t waste time & energy worrying about what you can’t do, focus on what you can do, then get out there and Make It Happen!
Jo :)

January 6, 2019

The Moment

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”
Neil Gaiman
This quote popped up on my computer this morning by best selling author Neil Gaiman.
You know that moment, the one where you say to yourself, why should I publish this blog post, picture, video, comment etc? The one where you say why should I apply for that job, volunteer work, position etc? The one where you say, why do I think I can run my own business, website, side hustle etc?
The one where you say, I’m, not good enough, who’s going to listen to me anyway, I’m not interesting enough, I don’t have the right credentials, I’m not young enough, pretty enough, slim enough, good looking enough, tall enough, clever enough, xxxxxxx enough – you fill in the blank.
That’s the moment. That’s the moment where you say;
“The one thing that I have that nobody else has is ME. MY voice, MY mind, MY story, MY vision. Today, right now I’m going to write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only I can!”
Thanks Neil! :)

January 5, 2019

From Australia to Phuket

Today we are heading home!
Home being Phuket, Thailand.
Home from a wonderful 10 days in Australia. Visiting family, seeing the Myer windows, buying clothes I cannot get in my size in Phuket, seeing the School of Rock (absolutely brilliant show!), seeing The Grinch with my daughter & Bohemian Rhapsody with the in laws, coffee & nibbles with my friend of over 25 years, eating Meatballs in the best meatball restaurant in Melbourne!
Traveling to Sydney to watch the NYE fireworks from a boat in the harbor, plus stay in the smallest hotel room ever! (Looked like something out of the Alien films).
See the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island, spend a day on the beach, eat fish & chips & Dim Sims (start the New Year off well!), watch Pelican feeding & Stingrays and enjoy the beautiful weather & scenery that Southern Victoria has to offer.
All in all a great & fun start to the year.

January 4, 2019

The Penguin Parade – Phillip Island

Ahhh, this is the cutest thing to see in the world.
Phillip Island, a beautiful spot in Southern Victoria, Australia is home to some 32,000 little penguins.
Little penguins are the smallest of all penguin species standing at around 33cm tall, which is what makes them so darn cute!
Every day after spending between a day or a month at sea, they return home to feed their little ones or make new babies!
The one remaining colony down in Phillip Island is protected by Phillip Island Nature Parks Australia, which is a not for profit, ecotourism organization.
So that’s how we, as visitors to the Island get to see the penguins without causing any damage.
The Nature Park has set up specific viewing areas & boardwalks so the return home at dusk can be viewed at an acceptable distance and we can watch the little critters reunite with burrows & babies as they waddle up the beach & hillsides.
It’s a fantastic experience for kids young & old and highly recommended.
Here’s some pics. Please note you’re not allowed to take pics at the event so I nabbed some of these from their website.

January 3, 2019

Take the Punt & Do It Anyway

Today we’re heading down to Philip Island in Victoria, Australia to watch the Penguin parade.
It’s a wonderful magical experience where the resident Penguins come home for the night and make their way from the sea up to their burrows in the sand dunes behind the beach.
There are hundreds of them all coming home at the same time and it’s an absolute delight to see them greeted by family members and chattering loudly to each other. It’s almost like a black & grey smurf village!
It’ll actually be our second time going, because our daughter was too young to remember the first time
Our only challenge is we can’t find accommodation in the area for a reasonable price due to the time of year.
So we said, let’s just head down there and take the punt anyway. We’ll find something.
It’s not a huge risk, we’ll find somewhere, or turn around and come back for the night. However, this ‘Que Sera’ attitude really underpins our life.
What the hell, let’s do it anyway. Let’s just try it and if it works great, if not we’ve learned something, experienced something, have grown in someway.
Too many friends and colleagues I know put up huge barriers from experiencing anything. There are always too many reasons why something won’t or can’t work.
I have two words for you – Stop It!
Life is for living, it involves taking risk along the way, sometimes small, sometimes big, but nothing will move forward unless you’re prepared to take a risk every now and then.
So next time you find yourself putting up the psychological barriers, say to yourself ‘Sod it, let’s take the punt & do it anyway’!
You never know where it might take you!
Good Luck! 🙂

January 2, 2019

Happy New Year from Sydney!!!

So today is the first day of 2019!!!
I have to be honest I’m feeling a teensy bit weary after an amazing night at Sydney Harbour last night.
It’s long been on my bucket list to see the Sydney fireworks at New Year and last night my most gorgeous partner made that dream come true in style!
We boarded a boat at 6 & spent the evening eating, dancing & being merry!
There were fireworks at 9 & of course one of the biggest firework displays in the world at midnight & we had front row seats.

So what’s on your bucket list for 2019??
Even if you think it’s impossible, write down some of your greatest wishes & dreams. It’s amazing how your thought processes will start to affect your actions which in turn will move you in the right direction if you dream hard enough!
In the meantime make sure you’ve watched this weeks episode of MIHM, which is all about focusing on process based rather than results based goals this year.
Want to finally stick to some of your New Year resolutions? I reckon this is the key, check it out here – Happy 2019!.
Happy 2019!!!!! 😁

January 1, 2019

Happy 2019! – Make It Happen Monday Episode 81

Happy New Year awesome action taker!

I love New Year because it’s a great time to say – ‘out with the old and in with the new!’

There really is something in feeling like we can start again and gain momentum in our lives that heightens happiness.

So we want to ensure we can gain momentum to keep those happiness juices flowing!

It’s so easy to set a goal for the end of the year and then forget about it until the next year is looming and then feel like a failure because once again we didn’t achieve our goals.

So this year, I’m trying something a bit different. Rather than setting results based goals this year, why not try processed based goals instead!

Watch this weeks episode to see what I mean…

Watch Episode 81 Here


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Now It’s Your Turn

Comment below and tell me;

1. What’s your biggest goal this year?
2. Using what I say in the video, how can you turn that into a goal you’ll follow all year long?

Please get into as much nitty gritty detail as you like as your comment could be the spark of inspiration someone else reading this needs!

Thank you so much for your openness & honesty!

Jo :)

Come & Join the Group!

Starting this week, I’m going to be publishing weekly videos taking you through every facet of starting & growing your lifestyle business.

We’ll be looking at your vision for here you want to be by the end of next year, your business model, your target market, your strategy and most importantly step by step what you need to do to get it up and running.

Whether your business is ecommerce, authority marketing, service provider etc, this is for you and it’s completely free, no catch whatsoever!

So come over, join the group and let’s make 2019 phenomenal! :)

How to Build a Business you Can Run From Anywhere in the World

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching. Jo :)

Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Here’s my Christmas message….

Merry Christmas

Lots of love!

Jo :)

Come & Join the Group!

Starting in the first week in Jan, I’m going to be publishing weekly videos taking you through every facet of starting & growing your lifestyle business.

We’ll be looking at your vision for here you want to be by the end of next year, your business model, your target market, your strategy and most importantly step by step what you need to do to get it up and running.

Whether your business is ecommerce, authority marketing, service provider etc, this is for you and it’s completely free, no catch whatsoever!

So come over, join the group and let’s make 2019 phenomenal! :)

How to Build a Business you Can Run From Anywhere in the World

Make It Easy To Be Happy

I once heard Tony Robbins tell a story from one of his seminars.
He asked a man in the audience what his rules for happiness were.
The man apparently was very athletic, had a family and a successful multi million dollar business.
The man replied he would be happy once he had generated ‘X’ million dollars a year in profits. (I can’t remember the exact figure).
So even though he already had so much, his rule for happiness was dependent on him getting more.
Big T then turned to another guy who was as the story goes jumping out of his seat with energy.
Tony asked him the same question – What are your rules for happiness?’
The man answered ‘that I wake up alive & well every morning.’
Talk about different reference points!
The question is, which one are you?
Do you hear yourself saying – I’ll be happy when….
I’ve lost 20lbs
I’ve got ‘X’ thousand in the bank
When the kids have finished school
When I’ve achieved this goal or that goal
When, when, when, when.
Or do you choose to give yourself a break, appreciate the fact you’re a miracle in this world with a very short shelf life & therefore give yourself permission to be happy just because you’re alive!
Easier said than done right? As humans we almost seem preprogrammed to give ourselves a hard time and create reasons not to be happy.
So today, just for one day, take a rest from judging yourself & overthinking things & choose to be happy just because you woke up this morning! 😃
Who knows if you like it, you might choose it tomorrow & the next day & the next……

December 20, 2018

How to Start Preparing for an Awesome 2019 – Make It Happen Monday Episode 80

Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself this year?

It’s that time of year, (other than running around like a mad man preparing for Christmas), to briefly reflect on the goals we set for ourselves during the year and if we didn’t achieve them, asking smart questions as to why not.

No time, no strategy, bad strategy or perhaps they just weren’t important enough to us.

Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up, instead watch todays Make It Happen Monday, start looking forward and let’s get ready for an awesome 2019!

Watch Episode 80 Here

Come & Join the Group!

Starting in the first week in Jan, I’m going to be publishing weekly videos taking you through every facet of starting & growing your lifestyle business.

We’ll be looking at your vision for here you want to be by the end of next year, your business model, your target market, your strategy and most importantly step by step what you need to do to get it up and running.

Whether your business is ecommerce, authority marketing, service provider etc, this is for you and it’s completely free, no catch whatsoever!

So come over, join the group and let’s make 2019 phenomenal! :)

How to Build a Business you Can Run From Anywhere in the World

Now It’s Your Turn

See the comments below? Let me know why you didn’t achieve some of your goals and what you’re going to differently in 2019! :)

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching. Jo :)

Go The Extra Mile

Yesterday I had my hair cut at my usual hairdressers in a shopping centre 15 minutes from our house.
They’re probably a bit pricier than many hairdressers in the area, but I go there because I’ve got to know the team, they’re super easy to deal with and most importantly they do the best hair washes I’ve ever had!
Ladies you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say going to the hairdressers is like ‘me time’ for us, not just a haircut.
So to feel pampered is super important. The offer of a coffee, someone running their fingers through your hair, discussing how to make you look and feel beautiful by the time you walk out the door and of course the hair wash.
To have someone else wash your hair is the ultimate indulgence, so add a complete head massage and hair washing experience that lasts about 10 minutes…..
The pleasure is so great words fail me.
Therefore I’m prepared to pay over and above for this hairdresser because I know they will always just go that bit extra.
Are you doing that in your business?
Do you go just that bit extra to keep your customers returning again and again?
It’s worth thinking about….
Have a great day. 🙂

December 18, 2018

Yikes, we broke my site!

So the good news is, my desire to have a rolling page of short posts without featured images or fancy layouts etc is doable! Yippeee, very excited.
I called my good buddy Jared Elvidge, (who’s a very clever web developer, tech whiz, business coach and guitar player!), who said, oh absolutely, that’s a 10 minute job!
His next words were, oh your site needs updating, let’s just update it first……
That’s when the bad news set in. The site broke.
All the code went funky, my images changed size, my home page looked terrible, my footer went all odd, my snippets disappeared. You name it, the whole thing went sideways. 😞
So poor Jared ended up spending all weekend recoding the site, rebuilding my home page, my footer, my blog templates etc.
The main reason for this happening was the plugins reacting against each other and a lot of old custom code within my theme that didn’t agree with the updates.
The moral of the story is;
1. Don’t play around with the code of your WordPress website theme too much, or updates could obliterate it!
2. Watch those plugins, too many can spell disaster
3. Make sure one of your besties is a tech whiz who can fix everything when it breaks!
End result… you’re reading this on my new rolling newsfeed style ‘Jo’s Musings’ Category page, so it all worked out in the end! 🙂

December 17, 2018

Testing a new category called ‘Jo’s Musings’

I’ve long been wanting to start a daily column.

Something that more resembles a social media feed.

Short insightful posts about things I think about that I hope will add value to the reader also.

For example the discussion I had with my daughter yesterday about gratitude, the fact I spent half an hour this morning trying to get my head round some of these YouTubers and how important is that for society anyway? The quote I read this morning which said ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined‘ Henry David Thoreau.

The book I’m reading ‘Think Like a Freak’ and some of the interesting stories which could impact our lives quite dramatically and why training for a bike ride is like running a business.

Just stuff like that. Short, 1 – 2 minute read musings, as opposed to long, well thought out, researched blog articles, which also have a place on my blog along with my podcasts & videos.

But I want this column to work more like a scrollable newsfeed as opposed blog posts with intro pics and clickable to read more headlines.

So this is a test post to see if I can get it to work.

Fingers crossed! If you’re reading this publically, it worked!

(If you’re reading this as a single blog post – click here to view scrollable main daily blog feed)

December 16, 2018

There’s No Such Thing as ‘Should’ with Dan R Morris (#22)

“SEO is about being awesome”

“That’s your niche – your audience”

Have I got an interview for you today!

If you are a blogger then this is absolute gold for you.

Dan Morris has been teaching students how to launch & grow their blogs & businesses for many years holding events across the world under his brand ‘Blogging Concentrated’.

I was fortunate enough to get him on an interview a few years back and having listened back to the whole interview again just this week, I was reminded what an absolute hive of actionable information this was.

If you’re looking to grow a successful blog and are sometimes confused by all the things you ‘should’ be doing – length of posts, SEO information, back linking etc., then this interview is an absolute must!

You will walk away with a completely new mindset & pages of notes so to make your life easier I’ve also included a downloadable transcript of the interview below for you to refer back to later.


You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links Mentioned in the Interview

Download the transcript of the interview here

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Personal Name or Business Name? That is the Question! – Make It Happen Monday Episode 79

Should you use your personal name or a brand name for your lifestyle business?

This is a question I have agonized over for years actually, never entirely sure what the right master was until I realized there isn’t really a right answer!

If you’re currently mid branding your business and wondering the best choice have a look at todays video where I roped in my good buddy & personal branding expert Lauren to help me answer it.

Also check out my 2 minute video below this weeks episode explaining the choice I have finally settled on and why!

Watch Episode 79 Here

Why I’ve Changed the Name of my Business to ‘Your Lifestyle Business’


Your Lifestyle Business

Now It’s Your Turn

See the comments below? Let me know the name of your business and why you chose it.

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching. Jo :)

Free From Fear with Andrew Hackett (#21)

Andrew Hackett has more than 20 years experience helping people think outside their limitations to move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business and relationships.

Andrew is an Author & Transformational Trainer who works with individuals and groups in a holistic mind, body and soul approach, through various workshops & speaking events all over Australia and soon in America.

Andrew has a passion for writing as he believes it is a wonderful way to get his message shared across the world, and loves enabling others to get the very best from their lives and as a result after publishing his first book ‘Free From Fear’ he has been signed up to a Five Book series deal with Holland House Publishing, New York.

In this episode we discuss how you can eliminate or at least calm fear ins your life. What to do if your expectations of live differ from your reality and whether or not you’re born with a single life purpose (we had opposing views on that one!)

Also learn why I’ve decided to call my ego Bob and pretend it’s a minion!

Free From Fear with Andrew Hackett

Yep a bit of an interesting chat, hope it inspires you to chase away any demons holding you back from achieving your goals in life!

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Free From Fear – The Book

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Don’t Listen to the Naysayers – Make It Happen Monday Episode 78

Have you ever been told you can’t or shouldn’t….?

You can’t start your own business
You shouldn’t quit the job you hate
You can’t change career
You can’t travel the world
You can’t be a master of your own destiny!

Oooh it incenses me when I hear those words.

I received a great email recently from a lady who was telling me her own story of all the naysayers she’s surrounded by and her message inspired me to make this weeks video.

If you’ve ever been told, you can’t, or you shouldn’t or it won’t work, or there’s no way, this weeks episode is for you!

Watch Episode 78 Here


Links Mentioned in the Video

Thinking About Starting Over? Here’s Why It’s Never Too Late

Now It’s Your Turn

See the comments below? Let me know YOU CAN!

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching. Jo :)

Happy Thanksgiving – Make It Happen Monday Episode 77

I’m a pretty happy person most of the time, but like all of us definitely have my ‘off’ days.

When I’m down and feeling low I try to think of all the people who have it so much worse than me and remind myself how lucky I am, but nothing can put a smile on my face as much as focusing on how grateful I am for my life.

Grateful for my health, for my family, for the sunshine, for a cup of tea, for the ability to do yoga, for music and for whatever else I may be thinking about that day.

Practising gratitude is actually something you have to work at like any other muscle in your body, but after a time it becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth and you suddenly find you feel happy more than you feel sad.

Today, after listening to an amazing podcast this morning all about gratitude I felt it was timely to have a quick chat about it on this weeks Make It Happen Monday.

I hope it resonates with you and that you have an amazing Thanksgiving Week :)

Watch Episode 77 Here


Links Mentioned in the Video

James Altucher Podcast Interview with AJ Jacobs

Thanks a Thousand – AJ Jacobs

Now It’s Your Turn

See the comments below? Let me know what you’re super grateful for right now.

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching. Jo :)

You Can’t Hate Yourself Healthy with Jennipher Walters (#20)

Jennipher Walters is the creator of Fit Bottomed Girls a health & wellness site focusing on a fun, fresh & no-diet approach to being healthy.

Jenn and her good friend Erin started the site in 2008 which now reaches millions of women (and men) every month.

Having expanded into speaking engagements, retreats, brand consulting, product endorsement and online coaching Jenn & her now business partner Kristen were named as one of The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness by Greatist in 2016 and 2017.

Join us in todays episode as we explore how Jenn got the business off the ground, challenges she experienced along the way, the growth & monetization of her site and why it’s so important to find your voice and never give your power away!

A fun, fresh & inspiring chat with a very energetic and knowledgeable lady.

Enjoy! :)

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Find Jennipher Here

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Enjoy Time, Stop Rushing, Get More Done Book

Thought Arrow as discussed in the podcast

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How to Take Action on Your Goals – Make It Happen Monday Episode 76

Sometimes, even when we know we really really want to achieve the goals we have set ourselves but for some reason we don’t take the action necessary.

We might plan, think, talk, journal, meditate and get super excited about what we know we want to do but when it comes to actually putting our plans into action, something always seems to get in the way.

Why is that?

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m chatting with two amazing women who inspire me to take action every day.

Check it out, I hope it helps.

Watch Episode 76 Here

Here’s the Ride 4 Kids link I talked about in the video (by the way Donna mentions 200km’s and I talk about 700km’s. That’s because we’re doing a 200km ride in just 2 weeks from now in the lead up to the main ride next year! – I know I’m mad!!!)

Click Here for More Info on My Mad Ride!

Also here’s the link to the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins that inspired me to make this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI2VQ-ZsNr0

Now It’s Your Turn

See the comments below? Let me know what action you’re going to take starting today!

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching. Jo :)

The ABC of Facebook Advertising with Liz Melville (#19)

Liz Melville is a bonny lass from Scotland, UK.

As well as giving warm hugs, paddling barefoot in the sea, building Lego castles and eating Nutella off a spoon, she can also help you fill your webinars, sell out your online courses, and explode your personal brand!

You see Liz is a facebook ad funnel strategist and works with online coaches, course creators & experts either doing their campaigns or teaching them how to do their own.

Either way she’s in the facebook ad platform every day creating, split testing and measuring what facebooks up too these days with your brand.

No mean feat I can tell you!

In todays episode we explore the power of video, facebook messenger and how to get started with a small budget.

I hope it helps!

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Find Liz Melville Here

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My 4 Favourite Ways to Generate an Income While Traveling

My goal today was to write a post giving you a list of the best ways to generate an income while traveling around the world.

As I researched my idea on the web I came across an excellent blog post written by a chap called Ryan Robinson, entitled – 101 Best Side Business Ideas to Start While Working Full-Time (in 2018).

His site is all about ‘The Side Hustle’, in other words starting your business on the side while still at your full time job.

So rather than just regurgitate what’s already out there I’m going to recommend you read his post, but before you go….

His post lists pretty much anything and everything you can do to work from home either online or offline.

In fact while reading his post it occurred to me, how lucky are we to be living at a time when we have so many opportunities to start businesses or generate multiple streams of income without having to leave our front rooms!

However, I of course massively advocate you leaving your front room, really grabbing the bull by the horns and getting out to see the world!

So, whilst I urge you to have a read of Ryans post as he actually highlights 133 fantastic ideas, here are my summarized favourite ways for you to build a business that fully supports your traveling lifestyle!

1. Influencer Marketing

Blogging, podcasting, youtubing, social media marketing. You name it, this business model is all about you picking a subject you’re super interested in / passionate about and becoming an expert in that niche.

Whether that be;

Pets etc, etc.

Once you’ve built an audience via your platform of choice – writing, audio, video etc, then you’re in a position to monetize your business via product endorsements, affiliate marketing, online products, sponsorship, advertising, ecommerce, book sales, speaking engagements, collaborations, etc.

See My Top 5 Steps for Building a Business Online for more details on this model.

2. Freelancing

This is an opportunity for you to offer your expertise to clients looking to outsource specific tasks, projects or jobs, via sites such as;


So if you’re a great writer, PPC specialist, web developer / designer, graphic designer, virtual assistant, social media manager, WordPress expert etc, you can bid for jobs that meet your criteria.

This is a great way for you to advertise your services without having your own audience as you’re leveraging the audiences of the sites listed above.

3. Ecommerce

Oh how I love this model.

These days you don’t even need to see, touch or feel a product to sell it, however as you’re traveling perhaps you’ll get inspiration for something hugely unique along the way!

You have a few options here, you can sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or your own website.

Without doubt the best, most fulfilling and more long term option is your own site, but it will take work to build the audience up, very much like influencer marketing.

In fact you can tie Influencer Marketing with Ecommerce and sell products from your blog etc, but you can also build a specific brand here without using you as a public figure.

With Amazon, Ebay & Etsy, you can leverage their audiences but make no mistake about it, competition is heavy, so don’t think for one second you can slap up a product and it will take off with no work.

You might be one of the lucky ones (and the more unique your product in a busy marketplace the luckier you will probably be), but more often than not, you’ll have to work just as hard to ensure the eyeballs land and convert on your product.

Listen in to my interview with Ecommerce expert Allen Burt here as he walks through how to start and grow your own ecommerce business.

4. Fun & Creative Opportunities

If you’re a fan of diversifying and just trying out all sorts of online opportunities then you can look at;

Print on DemandMerch by Amazon, Cafepress, Printify, Zazzle, Teespring, Redbubble etc

In a nutshell, the brands above (and many more) provide all sorts of different physical products for you to sell using your own design.

You create your own design and add it to t-shirts, mugs, duvet covers, shoes, shower curtains, journals, you name it.

You advertise the product with your design, someone buys it, it’s sent direct from the site with your design and you get the money.

I’ve simplified it, but here’s a great blog post that tells you more – https://www.shopify.com/blog/print-on-demand

Stock Photography – While you’re traveling, take amazing photos and sell them online to stock photo sites like istock.com, 123rf.com etc.

Ebook Author – Akin to step 1 I guess, but slightly different in that you’re literally writing books and selling them on the Amazon Kindle store.

Here’s how Steve Scott (interviewed by James Altucher) is making $40k / month doing just that – https://jamesaltucher.com/2018/02/steve-scott-how-to-make-40k-a-month-writing-from-your-couch/

Build an Alexa Skill – A bit like an app for the phone, a skill is for Alexa and you can sell your skill on, get rewarded for engagement or add in skill purchases. See more here – https://developer.amazon.com/alexa-skills-kit/rewards

There are so many opportunities these days for generating an income from home or while traveling, your issue isn’t going to be what to do, it will be what not to do!

So start with what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing and take it from there.

The most important thing is to take action and get going!

Let me know your next step in the comments below.

Hope it helps,

Jo :)


My Top 5 Steps for Building a Business Online

I’m giving a presentation at my daughters school this afternoon.

It’s for the Year 12’s who are in their first year of IB and will be heading off to Uni or to get jobs within the next 2 years.

My title & blurb is;

Building a Business Online

Wouldn’t it be awesome if, while at college or Uni (or on a gap year), you could build an online business which not only funds your daily living but sets you up for when you get out into the working world? Perhaps you need a side income while you pursue a sport or hobby you love. Successful entrepreneur Jo Barnes shares her 5 steps for building an online lifestyle business you can start & grow from anywhere in the world whether that be your dorm room or a beach in Miami!

I’m super nervous as I’m not used to speaking in public and much prefer the privacy of a quiet room with my camera phone.

But hey, it’s always good to move out of your comfort zone!

But while putting together my little 30 min presentation (which I shall share below), I suddenly thought, is the model I’m teaching relevant for the youngsters?

What if there’s a new social media platform or way of building an online business that I haven’t discovered yet?

What if I’m just not down with the kids anymore (which by the way I’m told is the absolutely the case by my 12 year old daughter).

So I set about looking up what the top Instagram & youtube influencers were doing these days.

My daughter seems to spend her time on both these platforms so I must be looking in the right place!

I’m happy to say that many of them are indeed still blogging or started from a blog and grew into youtube / instagram, or started on instagram / youtube and grew into a blog or have simply built up a following on any or all of these sites.

Either way their main goal is to build an audience around a subject – beauty, travel, food, health etc and then monetize their brand / personality via the ways I detail in my presentation below.

Please note there are a multitude of ways to create multiple streams of income that give you more freedom in your life. Check out my podcast episode which discusses 10 Ways to Start Working From Home Today!

But the model I’m teaching today has got to be the best business model in the world because you get to spend all day everyday talking about stuff you love!

My Top 5 Steps for Building a Business Online

1. What’s your passion? What would you be happy to talk about 24/7? what’s happening in that space right now? How you can create your unique edge to it?

Remember, there may be few unique messages these days but you are a unique messenger!

2. Who’s your target market? What do they want & need? What’s your message?

3. Choose your platform What are you most comfortable doing? Do you love to get in front of a video camera – become a YouTuber! Perhaps you prefer audio – do podcasting, love writing? Start blogging / writing books etc.

Ok so steps 1, 2 & 3 can be thought about and decided on in a day, but Step 4 is the step that trips everyone up.

This is the part that depending on your niche, your message and your efforts could take 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 3 years, 10 years etc.

4. Build an audience!

I’ve always likened starting an online business to opening a shop. If you open your store on a back street of a small town and tell no-one you exist, the likelihood of growing that store is pretty tough.

But if you head off into the main street with free samples of your products and billboards and a megaphone and a way for people to quickly & easily refer you to friends etc, then no matter where you’re located, if you’re good enough, it won’t be long before they’re queuing out the door!

Social Media, other blogs, podcasts, video channels etc are the main street!

If you become a prolific content creator and collaborator, you can build your profile & brand far quicker than simply sitting in your store hoping they will come.

You will find that I talk a lot about content creation & building an audience on this blog as it’s the biggest piece of the puzzle.

Here’s some posts to get you started;




5. Create multiple income streams – product endorsement, affiliations, sponsorship, advertising, online digital products, saas, apps, coaching, consulting, services, physical products etc

Facing a Group of 16 / 17 Year Olds

Update – I did the presentation – wow was I nervous presenting to 16 / 17 year olds, but they were very gracious and listened / took part willingly.

What a great experience and if I have impacted just one student, my day has been a rip roaring success!

I do hope the presentation helps you with your business.

Jo :)


A Rest is as Good as a Change


Welcome to a week in the life of a traveling entrepreneur!

My chance to talk unashamedly about our travels as a family in the hope my stories inspire you to explore the world!

So my daughter was on her half term from school last week and we headed off to a hotel on the South East coast of Phuket with her best friend for 3 days.

Centara Grand - Phuket

The Centara Grand – Phuket. Well worth a visit! :)

We are actually regulars at the Centara Grand as it’s great for youngsters and the pool is right in front of the beach which for sea & pool lovers like myself & Rhett is ideal!

So I’ve been reading books in the pool, swimming in the sea & eating my favourite Panang Chicken curry at a little Thai restaurant on the beach with my feet in the sand.

What I love about short breaks like this is that they’re a chance just to recharge the batteries.

To give yourself the time & space to think about where you are & where you’re going.

To spend a bit of time with family & reconnect away from computers or TV screens.

We (Rhett & I) undoubtedly have some of our best ideas while we’re relaxing & chatting rather than caught up in the usual fairly fast pace of every day life.

I know the saying is ‘a change is as good as a rest’ but I also say ‘a rest is as good as a change’!

(Click any of the pics below to see pics & descriptions as slideshow)

Make sure you give yourself these times to get away from it all and relax the body & mind. Even if it’s just a 30 minute peaceful walk through the day or a quiet cup of coffee by yourself.

It will do wonders for the soul!

Jo :)


Thinking About Starting Over? Here’s Why It’s Never Too Late!

Recently I was chatting with a friend about my blog & business model and telling her how excited I was to be getting back in the game after a couple of years break.

I was mid excitable talk about how I wanted to reach women of a certain age who thought they couldn’t do what they really wanted to and inspire them to build lifestyle businesses and travel the world etc, when she suddenly said;

“Jo, don’t you think you’re a bit long in the tooth to be starting again?”

She literally stopped me in my tracks as I took that comment in.

Long in the tooth? Long in the bloody tooth?

What on earth was she talking about?? I’m not even out of my 40’s yet!

However, you know how when someone says something to you and it starts to seep in to those little nooks & crannies of self doubt that you really don’t want to acknowledge you have (ladies especially, you know what I’m talking about).

So later that day as I was studying some newly formed lines on my face and tugging at a random grey hair which had suddenly appeared above my ear, I decided to go looking for inspiration and inspiration was precisely what I found, but before we get there, how about you?

Are you thinking about making a fresh start?

Perhaps you’ve been heading in the wrong direction for a while?

Maybe you got caught up in what you were doing only to find years later it wasn’t quite what you originally intended.

Is it possible that you’ve known all along the way you really want to go but fear has held you back?

Or maybe you’ve just reached the end of an era and it’s time to start another one.

Whatever the reason starting over can be super scary especially if you’re in the 45+ region like moi!

You might find your inner voice telling you all sorts of rubbish like;

My friends / family will think I’ve gone loopy
I’m too old
I missed the boat on that opportunity
I don’t have the skillset to make it happen
I don’t have the money to make it happen
Who’s going to listen to me anyway


You’re not on your own with feelings of doubt. Even the most self assured successful people in the world have moments of doubt.

– Barbra Streisand, arguably one of the best singers in the world, plus an award winning producer, actress, director etc gets terrible stage fright!

– Oprah was once worried that people would say about her ‘Who does she think she is?’

– Helen Mirren once said ‘She didn’t feel good enough’

– Michelle Pfeiffer thought she had a face like a duck.

And think about the countless numbers of people who seem to have it all and throw it away on drugs & drink because they just can’t face the world they’re living in.

It’s time to face your fears my friend and change the stories in your head, because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter!

Make Your Own Rules

I am a huge believer that there are no rules in this world except the ones you create for yourself.

– Who says you can’t start a business at 70?
– Who says you can’t start a blog about yoga if you’re not yet a yoga master?
– Who says you can’t take your kids out of school & travel the world?
– Who says you can’t run a marathon in your 80’s?
– Who says you can’t build a profitable business out of your passion?

Who makes up these rules anyway, family? Mates down the pub? People who don’t share your dreams? People who feel threatened by your big visions perhaps?

Oprah says –

“Stop sharing your big dreams with small minded people.”

Amen to that!

Stop Sharing Your Big Dreams With Small Minded People

Self Awareness is Key

So why did I stop and why am I starting again?

Primarily because my sense of purpose lacked clarity.

I had spent years teaching people how to create products, use social media, drive traffic and lastly build an ecommerce business, and although I loved it, I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going with it all.

When I started my online adventure back in 2010, I was clear that I wanted to help people build businesses and create their own destiny, but over the years that goal became foggy and unfocused.

I was so close to where I wanted to be but I was unable to clearly define who I was, what I did and most importantly who I was doing it for.

Fortunately we had put ourselves in a position with our businesses I could take a bit of time out. So that’s what I did, giving myself the space & time to figure out what I really wanted.

And what I really wanted was what I’d set out to do back in 2010 which was to help people build businesses and become masters of their own destiny.

My original goal hasn’t changed much although is more clearly defined now;

To help action takers (especially women over 45 who think they can’t!) build lifestyle businesses that give them the freedom to work from anywhere in the world (and become masters of their own destiny).

But because of my own fears and self doubt, I kept boxing myself into a corner never truly knowing where the next journey was going to take me.

Had I just laser focused on my original goal, I could have made all I was doing over the years cohesive with it – because that’s precisely what myself & my partner have done, built lifestyle businesses that have given us complete freedom.

But I was more a master of the market rather than of my own destiny!

So here’s a little lesson for you and I want you to listen closely…

Know yourself. Spend time looking deep into yourself and understand what makes you happy. Then have the courage of your convictions. Believe in your values and build your business in a way that is completely congruent with what you believe, even if your fear is telling you something different.

So here I am some years later, starting over, with a clear head, a clear vision and a clear focus and I couldn’t be more excited!

So awesome action taker, if you’re at that point in your life where you find yourself starting over, here’s a little inspiration to help you along the way!

On The Shoulders of Giants

Here’s some amazing people who weren’t scared of starting over no matter what ripples it caused in their lives and the world;

– Laura Ingalls Wilder – Previously a teacher & a farm hand she was 65 years old when Little House in the Big Woods was published.

– Harry Bernstein – Previously a magazine editor & freelance writer he was 96 years old when The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers was published

– Gladys Burrill – 92 years old when she completed the Honolulu Marathon. Best part though, she only ran her first marathon at 86!

– Susan Boyle – Had a dream, wanted to be a singer like Elaine Page. At 47, on stage she was laughed at. Her debut album, became one of the best selling albums of all time.

– Alan Rickman, a hugely famous British actor, previously a graphic designer was in his 40’s when he landed his first big role in ‘Die Hard’.

– Peter Mark Roget, previously a doctor, lecturer & inventor, suffering from depression started to make lists after retiring at age 61. At age 73 Rogets Thesaurus was published.

– Kathryn Joosten – previously a nurse, started acting at 42. Hired by Disney as a street performer at 53. Won an Emmy at 66!

– Anna Marie Robertson – At 67 following death of her husband kept herself busy by painting. At 78 her paintings were shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. She started writing her memoir at 92 and died at 101.

– Ray Kroc – a salesman by trade, bought Maccas at age 59, the rest is history.

– Julia Childs – previously in advertising, media & secret intelligence (!) was 50 when she wrote her first cookbook

– Harlen Sanders – previously holding several odd jobs including country lawyer, gas station operator & railroad worker was 62 when he franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken which he sold for $2 million 12 years later.

– Vera Wang – was a figure skater before becoming one of the most well know fashion designers in her 40’s.

Sources – https://medium.com/the-mission/9-late-bloomer-success-stories-who-prove-its-never-too-late-to-achieve-your-dreams-b036688da6f


I could go on as there are a multitude of examples but I think you get the picture.

Nothing is impossible.

It is only the stories you tell yourself in your head.

So now it’s your turn.

What’s your story going to be?


Starting Over

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Hey hey awesome action taker!

Welcome to another edition of a week in the life of a traveling entrepreneur!

This week I want to start with a question – ‘What’s on your bucket list?’

Do you even have a bucket list?

In fact what the heck is a bucket list??

The saying actually comes from an English term ‘to kick the bucket’ which is slang for ‘to die’ and it was then made into an international phenomenon with the film ‘The Bucket List’ with Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson. (Brilliant film and highly recommended).

I wrote my first bucket list (not actually knowing that’s what it was at the time), some 20 years ago. It was a huge list of all the things I would love to do in my life and included things like;

      Cruise along the Nile (done in 2009)
      Have a ride in a Hot Air Balloon Ride (Done in 2016 – Bagan – Myanmar)
      Live by the Beach (Very close – but not there yet)
      Swim with Dolphins (Done on multiple occasions, most recent in Philippines with my daughter)
      Learn to fly a helicopter (Took lessons in 2009 but a long way from qualified)
      Watch the Epcot fireworks with the man of my dreams (Done – 2017)
      Host a party on a yacht (maybe my 50th in 4 years!)
      Visit the 7 wonders of the world (Not even sure what counts as 7 wonders anymore as there are so many versions, but the wonders I have seen, have included – The Pyramids, Great Barrier Reef, Grand Canyon, The Great Wall of China, The Colosseum in Rome and so many more amazing sights and experiences. So much more to see!)
      Scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef (Done 2012)
      Have a flat stomach (Yes when I was about 15! LOL!)

Since then my list has evolved into dreamboards, goal apps, a goal journal etc, but nothing really changes from the fact it’s all simply lists of stuff I’d love to do / experience in my life.

A few years ago after seeing an amazing picture online of Bora Bora, I added that to my bucket list, honestly believing it was a pretty far fetched dream (it was well before I started my online adventure).

Le Meridien Hotel – Bora Bora

This summer, I’m happy to say, that goal, dream, bucket list item was realized.

Not only that, we sailed around the amazing island on a 46ft Catamaran.

Not only that, the love of my life and my partner for 10 years, proposed to me while there!

You can’t get much better than that right!!!

(Just click on any photo below to see full size in a slideshow)

So how did we manage to find ourselves sailing around Bora Bora on a 46ft Catamaran?

Well, as I’m sure you’re by now aware we live in Phuket and I have to admit we punch way above our weight as far as our friend circle goes!

So we just happen to know a fair few people who own nice boats, houses, islands that kind of thing. :)

Two of our best friends happen to be part of the Sunsail Yacht Ownership program – and one Sunday afternoon after a few beers on the beach we just invited ourselves along on their family holiday in the South Pacific.

Don’t get me wrong, it still wasn’t cheap, but a darn sight cheaper than trying to do it on our own.

So there were in fact 8 of us on the boat, which was a pretty tight squeeze, but thankfully we all got along famously (thanks in part to copious amounts of Hinano) and had a fabulous time.

What's On Your Bucket List? Bora Bora


I have to admit though, neither Rhett nor I are natural born sailors and found the trip over the open ocean from Raitea (where we picked up the boat) to Bora Bora quite challenging;

Once there though we went swimming with eagle rays & black tipped reef sharks, which was amazing, exhilarating and bloody scary all at the same time.

In fact there was a moment where it was just Rhett & I and he had counted 9 circling us. Next thing he saw were my fins frantically kicking me the hell out of there!

Hahaha! We know who he can count on in a dangerous situation!

What's On Your Bucket List? Bora Bora

At one point we were surrounded by about 8 or 9 pretty big black tipped reef sharks!

I was very excited to see a space station fly past the milky way several nights in a row due to the lack of light pollution out there in the pacific (unfortunately my camera couldn’t quite pick that up!)

What's On Your Bucket List? Bora Bora

The sky at night – I could see the milky way, a plethora of amazing stars & a space station fly past!

And a definite highlight was a night at Bloody Mary’s, a famous restaurant on the main island and frequented by many stars before us!

Just my name to add on eh!? 😉

But of course the main wonderful event was Rhett asking me to marry him on the front of the boat as the sun rose over the main island. So romantic!

An amazing trip at a beautiful location which will live in my memory forever.

So the question is….

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Whilst I’m not a huge fan of ‘The Secret’ as I think it promotes the idea that you simply have to close your eyes and visualise what you want and all your dreams will come true. I do believe in the strength of your thoughts and desires in the universe.

It’s amazing how over the years the things I have really focused on and have been passionate about have eventually come to fruition.

-Raising my daughter overseas
-Living in a hot country
-Marrying a gorgeous big Aussie guy
-Traveling the world
-Running my business remotely

I could go on and perhaps I will in another post, but I urge you to write a bucket list if you don’t have one already or go back to an old one and revive it.

Mark the things that are really important to you in different colors or give them deadlines, create a picture board, write it out in priority order, it doesn’t really matter.

Just as long as you look at it often, dream vividly about all the things you’d love to do and in turn direct your focus and attention to doing (operative word) what you need to do to move you closer to your dreams!

It’s amazing how the universe works with you once you really have your mind set on something!

Thanks for reading have an awesome week and Make It Happen!

Jo 🙂

P.S. If you’d love to visit Bora Bora and are unsure how to go about it, I found some awesome blog posts you might enjoy reading;




Housesitting Around the World with Eden Rudin (#18)

What if you could travel the globe and see and experience some of the most amazing places in the world for less than $2000 / month?

What if you could travel from place to place staying in fabulous apartments, houses and locations without forking out top hotel prices??

Well, this is exactly what todays guest and her husband does and have been doing for the last 3 years.

Eden Rudin is the creator of The Social Garden, a social media training business, and a seasoned and experienced house sitter!

After getting the travel bug following the sale of their ice cream store in Arizona, Eden & her husband Denny began traveling the globe house sitting, going from the US to Central America, to Europe to Asia and beyond.

In todays podcast Eden & I talk through how it all began, where she’s been, how for much of it she only had 2 social media clients and how you could do it to!

Dare to dream and listen to todays podcast, it could change your life!

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Find Eden Here – The Social Garden

Housesitting Sites Mentioned

HouseSit Match


HouseSit Mexico

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What’s Your One Thing?

Do you ever have so much to do, you just don’t know where to start?

Has that ever led to you actually not starting at all?

Guilty as charged sir!

I know precisely what you mean.

There have been days I’m ashamed to admit, where I have looked at my list of ‘To Do’s’ and have been so overwhelmed I just shut it down and went and did something completely different for the day.

You see sometimes too many choices can lead to total procrastination.

Have you ever noticed these days that choosing a restaurant to eat with friends can be the most frustrating thing in the world (especially if doing so by text);

Do you fancy pizza, Chinese, Indian or Thai?

I don’t mind which one do you fancy?

I’m easy which one is good for you?

How about Chinese then? Or Indian? Or pizza? I like them all……


Let’s just stay in with a sandwich!

We are abundant with choice in the world we live in today and there may be a deeper argument that this might be one of the reasons there is so much dissatisfaction in the modern western world but that’s another blog post.

For now, what we want to do is increase our productivity and get things done so how do we do that?

How to Limit Your Choices for Increased Productivity

Gary Keller author of ‘The One Thing’ advocates focusing on only one thing at a time.

This is actually easier than you initially think when looking through the lists of things you want to do. (If you’re anything like me your lists are loooonnng).

The good news is that his ‘one thing’ is one thing in multiple areas making it in fact multiple ‘one things’, but in all the different categories of your life.

So what’s your priority in business, finance, health, family, personal development etc.

Don’t go crazy though and create more segments just because you think you want to fit more in!

For example my priorities this year are Health, Family, Business, Mission & Personal Development;

In each category in the past I have had a ridiculous amount of things I wanted to do / goals I wanted to achieve, for example, with health last year I was doing yoga, strength training, pilates, zumba and silks.

I wanted to be the best at all of them, eventually overwhelming myself and not becoming brilliant in any of them.

In business before I took a break, I was trying to increase my email list, build my audience, master social media, create and sell products, build an ecommerce business, be an affiliate marketer, write a blog, run a podcast, create videos etc, etc, etc.

This year (meaning my 46th year), my ‘one things’ are;

Health – Master Yoga. I want to master many yoga poses, and seriously increase my flexibility & strength.

Family – Make playing games as a family a nightly occurrence especially outside (that ones particularly for my instagram addicted daughter).

Business – Build my audience by publishing quality content regularly via blog posts & a podcast – I’ll go into my strategy for this more in another post.

Mission – Raise 100,000 Baht (around $3k) for Ride 4 Kids (I’m doing a 700km bike ride for a local charity in June next year).

Personal Development – Read or consume (I’m big into audio) a book a week.

Yes I’d also love to learn how to play the piano, learn how to day trade, start my new ecommerce business, go on mission trips to NGO’s in Africa & India etc.

There’s loads of other stuff I want to do, and it will all come in time, but we only have so many hours in the day and we have to ‘choose’ the most important things to move us closer to our goals right now.

NB: One thing to note is that these ‘one things’ are your main priorities. Not everything you’re going to do.

You will naturally fit other things in around your one things, but these are your default main goals which will help focus your mind.

Now It’s Your Turn

1. Identify the most important things you want to achieve in the various areas of your life. (Add the rest to a little black book of wishes & desires! I use Wunderlist and create braindumps of everything I want to do)

2. Whittle those lists down to your ‘one things’ in each category of your life.

Then get to work FOCUSING on your one things.

That’s it.

Believe me just removing the clutter of multiple goals clears the head and makes it so much easier to know what it is you need to do each day, which leads to increased productivity.

The key to success however, as always, is – action!

I hope this spurs you into action.

Have a great week.

Jo :)

A visit to Narbonne & a lesson from Seth Godin

Hey there!

Welcome to another edition of ‘A week in the life of a traveling entrepreneur’.

And what a week this week has been.

After celebrating my Mum’s 80th birthday last Saturday in the UK, my sister & I flitted off to a beautiful little town called Narbonne in the South of France.


Invited by some very good friends of mine who used to be my neighbours in Phuket, it was a chance to spend some time with a wonderful family, and to see a part of the world I have never been before.

So we spent two gloriously sunny days exploring Narbonne and the small towns around it.

The beauty of Narbonne really lays in it’s age, being over 1900 years old and with remnants of old roman roads etc, still showcased in the main town square.

If you’re looking for beauty, tranquility, history, sunshine & crepes & ice cream, it’s definitely worth a visit particularly in the summer months (May – September).

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”15″]

Choose Your Customer, Choose Your Future

So on the plane back to the UK I tuned into a James Altucher podcast (one of my favourite podcasters by the way). He was interviewing Seth Godin so I already knew it was going to be a good one.

What a wonder that podcast was.

In fact up until listening to the interview I had complete writers block.

I have been meaning to write about my travel adventures coupled with business & mindset tips all summer, but I just hadn’t figured out how to get the balance right.

I couldn’t work out how to talk about my travel adventures and give useful information that would help and inspire my readers.

Then Seth uttered the words – ‘Figure out who your minimum viable audience is. Choose your customers, choose your future.’

In other words stop trying to appeal to the masses. Choose who it is you really want to help and have an impact on and talk specifically to them.

If there are only a small handful of them then so be it.

The world is changing, people are more discerning. We live in a time when you can buy your way to a New York Times best seller or an Amazon No 1. You can buy likes & follows, you can buy an audience.

But you cannot buy engagement. You cannot buy authenticity, passion and true rapport.

That can only come from knowing who you want to impact and speaking directly to them.

Seths goal is to help people, to change culture and perception and to reach those who are thirsty, dissatisfied and generous.

My goal is to inspire people to grab life with both hands and to reach those who are optimistic, givers by nature, big thinkers and action takers.

So if you’re reading this and my pictures above have inspired you to see more of the world, fantastic, it’s you I’m talking too!

If you’re reading this and you listen to the interview for yourself (link below) or read my words and the message spurs you into action, then great! It’s you I’m talking too!

If I can inspire just one person to dream bigger, live fuller and grab life for all it is then I have been successful.

The lesson here is to release yourself.

Release yourself from perfection, from what you think is the right way or the wrong way to do things.

Just know who you want to talk to and create your message in a way that is authentically you.

So thank you to my beautiful French friends for your wonderful hospitality in Narbonne and thank you to Seth Godin for your fabulous words of wisdom that have spurred me into action.

Here’s the link to the actual podcast if you want to inspire yourself further;

James Altucher interviews Seth Godin

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a wonderful week!

Jo :)

How to Build an 8 Figure Ecommerce Business with Allen Burt (#17)

Allen Burt is the founder & director of Bluestout, an ecommerce consultancy company working with six & seven figure brands to help them identify the levers in their business they can pull on the hardest to have the biggest impact.

I worked with Allen last year on my ecommerce business and he proved to be a powerhouse of knowledge plus a super nice guy.

In todays episode we explore the biggest mistakes he sees brands making, the critical things you must be doing if you’re running any kind of ecommerce business online, why micro ecommerce brands are the future and he expertly breaks down the keys tenets of an extremely successful 8 figure ecommerce brand.

Enjoy my conversation with Allen which gets steadily more energetic as we talk!

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode


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Make Your Body & Your Business Work with Dave Smith (#16)

Two Dave Smiths in a row! Totally unrelated by the way, just pure naming coincidence.

Todays Dave Smith is a Canadian health & fitness expert and successful entrepreneur.

I love his story of how he built his own award winning health business and then went on to help other health & fitness professionals build their businesses.

He’s has an energetic, generous, caring spirit and not only will you discover how to start and grow a successful online business, you’ll also discover what you should be doing every day to significantly increase your energy levels! Win Win!

Enjoy :)

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Find Dave Here

The Go Giver – Bob Burg

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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Building and Selling a Business with Dave Smith (#15)

Dave Smith is the creator of Spice UK. A popular and well known adult adventure sports & social group in the UK.

After starting, building and running his company for 35 years Dave decided it was time to sell and is now building another business renting out beautiful properties on Air BNB. – You can’t keep a good businessman down!

Listen in to todays podcast as we explore how Dave cornered the subscription model long before Netflix, Amazon & Apple and how he built & sold an extremely successful business created from his passions in life!


You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Find Dave Here

Spice UK

Dave’s Air BNB Properties

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A week in the life – Numero Uno

Welcome to the first in my new series – ‘a week in the life of a traveling entrepreneur’.

It’s not strictly a week in my life and these won’t be posted on a weekly basis, but ‘a week in the life of’ sounds better than ‘an interesting period of time in the life of…’

So what’s this all about then?

I decided to start this series because my blog is all about how to build businesses and create an income from anywhere in the world and yet I never really talk about my travels.

We’ve been across the world over the last 8 years and yet there’s hardly any pics or stories about the amazing places we’ve been on my blog.

(Like the time I met Mark Zuckerburg on the Great Wall of China – seriously!)

My sneaky pic of Mark Z walking past me on the Great Wall of China in 2016

And no I’m not a travel blog, but I do want to inspire my readers with what can truly be achieved in the wonderful remote & mobile world we now live in.

So whilst I now live mainly in Phuket we’re always off here and there and somewhere and I’m usually researching a new business or investment opportunity (currently learning about blockchain and Alexa Skills – unrelated but both very exciting) and I love to learn and share.

So I do hope you’ll enjoy these short insights to the world of a globe trotting entrepreneur as I work, invest, explore, have fun, strive to make a difference in the world, and generally grab life by the balls!

It’s the Summer Hols!

Our only restriction in life at the moment is our daughters schooling and to be honest I’m seriously reconsidering that long term, but that’s another blog post.

For now, it’s her summer hols and so we left the sunny, warm island of Phuket at the end of June to head to Victoria, Australia to visit family.

Whilst always nice to have a good family catch up, what on earth were we thinking??

South Australia in Winter is not much fun for someone who’s blood has clearly thinned from living in warmer climes!

Brrr I dislike the cold.

Plus I picked up a cold within a week of being there and so felt very sorry for myself, but moving on….

We had a great City break in Melbourne while there, particularly as it was also the World Cup….

Englands Going Home

It was an exciting (if chilly) week in Melbourne with England’s climb to the World Cup semi-final – unfortunately quashed in the early hours of Thurs morn here in Oz (I had to get up at 3am to get down to the Casino to watch the footie).

Exciting to watch on the big screen though and very interesting having a beer at 4am! Not sure it’s an experience I will repeat in a hurry but lots of fun at the time. :)

I have to say though Melbourne ranks right up there as one of my favourite cities in the world. If I could pick it up and put it somewhere warm, I’d live there in a heartbeat!

Here’s a quick look at this vibrant, friendly, cultural city in pics (click on any pic to enlarge);

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”6″ gal_title=”Melbourne”]

Also if you get into Melbourne at all, an absolute must visit is Dialogue in the Dark in support of Guide Dogs Australia.

What a fantastic experience. You’re taken through the pitch black by a visually impaired guide & asked to experience the sites & sounds of Melbourne via sound, touch, taste & smell. Amazing, loads of fun & all for a good cause!

Visiting The Hobbit’s Hometown

Next stop New Zealand. What a beautiful country that is.

We called it the land of rainbows as I’ve never seen so many rainbows!

Still pretty nippy, we headed to a very smelly Rotorua, the home of the Thermal Spa.

Phew, one whiff of the sulphur and you know you’re alive! But you can’t beat getting in the natural hot pools up to 41 degrees! Nice.

Some fun riding the Luge & a great (but very cold) evening in a Maori village and our trip was done, but not before stopping off at Hobbiton on our way back to the airport.

Here’s some piccy’s!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”11″]


So as I write this we’ve just landed in Tahiti!

Best Airport Welcome Ever! So wish I had got video footage – next time…

Finally I can peel off the 65 layers I have been wearing for the last 4 weeks and get back to shorts & flip flops. Happy days.

Good Morning Tahiti!

Off on a sailing trip around the Islands over the next week or so. Bora Bora has long been a bucket list item of mine so I can’t wait to tick that off!

I look forward to sharing the pics. Just keep your fingers crossed I don’t get eaten by a shark in the meantime….

What I’m working on as I travel!

JBO Podcast – so shortly before we left Phuket I started my new podcast show – Jo Barnes Online. Thankfully I did a fair amount of prep work in advance and recorded & edited some shows up front, which means so far I’ve just had to add some descriptions and photos & click ‘publish’ in the anchor app. Not too taxing.

However as the traveling continues I do have to do some recording & uploading which could get challenging depending on internet, will have to see how we go.

I was thinking I might do a blog post or two about starting a podcast using Anchor, let me know if you would find that useful.


Ooh this one’s exciting and I’m not going to say too much yet as I’m reading, researching and exploring what impact this could have on our future. But my instincts are telling me – HUGE!

Currently reading – That Book on Blockchain – One Hour Intro

Great book to get your head around what the Blockchain really is, but quite complex for the non techie.


The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything

This book goes beyond Bitcoin and digital currency and walks you through the impact Blockchain could have on the world. Exciting!

I will definitely be recording some podcast episodes around this subject so keep your eyes open for those.

New blog layout

Yep, after a break and some time away, I’m looking to slowly rebuild my audience over the next few years and attract the true action taking, grab life by the balls type entrepreneurs who want to build robust businesses that give them the freedom to travel, invest for lifelong income and give back to make a difference in the world whatever that means to them.

So I’m playing with the layout, to represent my message and hopefully attract the right people to me.

Of course the most important part is the content I produce, so I would love to hear from you with any questions, suggestions, or challenges you’re facing at the moment.

As always I’m here to help!

Right now though we’re headed out to explore French Polynesia, so have a good one and I look forward to speaking again soon.

Jo :)

Don’t Live a Limited Life (#14)

In 2010, my partner & I decided to leave our life in the UK behind and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

With very little money and no functioning business to speak of, we headed off to Cyprus to housesit for 6 weeks for a friend who was going traveling.

Since then we have traveled across the globe, built two successful 7 figure businesses and now live in Phuket, Thailand.

Here is a brief overview of our story…..

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Thanks for listening!

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Climbing Mountains with Simon Jordan (#13)

Simon Jordan is a branding expert, an author, a speaker, a mountain climber, an adventurer and a downright nice guy!

Having worked with the likes of Nike, Coca Cola, Porsche, Sky TV & Wilkinson Sword to name a few, what Simon doesn’t know about branding and marketing isn’t worth knowing.

Join us for a varied discussion all about the planet (his passion), overcoming challenges, climbing mountains and of course how to build your profitable and powerful brand that shines and makes a difference in the world.

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Find Simon Here – Simon Jordan

5 Things Clear – FB

5 Things Clear – Insta

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What is a Micro Angel? (#12)

In todays episode I am discussing my passion and the reason I started this podcast in the first place – The Micro Angels.

A Micro Angel is an investor who funds startups via micro loans (i.e., a lot of people lending small amounts of money).

The microloans are typically lent to women in developing countries & low income areas to start and build a business which transforms the lives of their families & communities.

As a micro angel you will get paid back, but your money will then be invested in another person in need and another and so on.

This is an amazing way to lend a little but help a lot!

Listen in to todays episode to find out how you could become a Micro Angel!

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Click Here to Become a Micro Angel

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Changing the World with Brian Keen (#11)

In the last 6 months I have become increasingly interested in something called a ‘micro loan’.

This is where you loan as little as $25 to someone from a low income area or developing country and your loan along with similar amounts from other lenders helps those in need start their own business and transform the lives of themselves, their families and their communities.

In 2002, a charity called the Microloan Foundation was setup to fund women in Malawe and Zambia.

In 2010, a chap called Brian Keen launched the Australian arm of the fund and joined the team to increase the impact already being made in these areas and assist with their successful expansion into Zimbabwe.

To date, together they have helped over 150,000 women, resulting in 600,000 children being given the chance of an education and the opportunity of a better future.

I had the chance to catch up with Brian, an entrepreneur with 40 years experience in building businesses and 30 years in franchise operations, to talk about the microloan foundation, it’s impact and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur with the goal of giving back!

I hope you enjoy his story….

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Microloan Foundation Australia

Microloan Foundation UK

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How to remove barriers to progress & keep it simple! (#10)

Do you ever find that you’re overcomplicating things?

How many times have you wondered how people manage to get stuff done so fast while you’re still thinking about it or trying to overcome challenges?

If this sounds like you, believe me you’re not alone. The amount of procrastinating due to over-complication I have achieved in my own life and business is record breaking!

Listen in to todays episode to find out the steps I took to completely de-complicate my life & make it easy to move forward.

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If You Have Passion You Have Time with Dr Julie Coffey (#9)

Welcome to this awesome interview with Dr Julie Coffey.

Suffering from painful arthritis at a fairly young age and disillusioned with the solutions offered by conventional medicine Dr Julie Coffey set out on a journey of natural holistic health.

Finding healthier alternatives to prescription drugs and surgery Julie soon healed herself and became passionate about spreading her natural health message to the world.

She started a blog – uberhealthblog.com and has since written and published two books, is regularly featured in publications across the UK and has helped hundreds if not thousands with their health & weight loss challenges.

In todays episode we discuss this question of holistic health vs conventional medicine but also dig into how she got her business off the ground and grew her personal brand.

A very inspiring, modest and down to earth lady, if you’re struggling with time or organising priorities in your business you’ll be glad you tuned in…

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Uberhealth Blog

Living the Slim Life with Julie Coffey

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How (& Why) to Build Your Personal Brand (#8)

In todays episode we’re exploring, how to build your personal brand and why in todays world, it’s such an important part of your business marketing strategy.

The great news is that there are a whole bunch of techie gurus out there just coming up with stuff that makes our entrepreneurial lives easier!

So I’m talking specifically how you can embrace your celebrity and quickly and easily create a presence online.

I hope it helps! :)

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Finding Your True North with Lauren Clemett (#7)

Lauren Clemett is an award winning personal branding expert.

The creator of http://ultimatebusinesspropeller.com, Lauren works with service professionals the world over to help them become well known, well paid & wanted.

Lauren is also a professional speaker, a best selling author, creator of the award winning authority rocket program and a Stevie Award Winning Neurobranding expert.

With a background working with world leading advertising agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather and Clemenger BBDO, Lauren brings to the table years of marketing, advertising & branding expertise.

She is also a great personal friend and has helped me find my ‘true north’ for my business and brand.

If you want to grow your brand, you’ll want to listen to Lauren.


You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned in the episode

Find Lauren here – http://ultimatebusinesspropeller.com

Get the first 4 chapters pf ‘Selling You’ for free here

Mark Gungor – Men’s & Womens Brains

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10 Steps to Feeling Super Energetic Every Day! (#6)

Do you ever wish you had the energy of a child?

To be able to jump out of bed, run around and still feel great in the evening as opposed to collapsing into your chair exhausted from the stresses of the day.

Wouldn’t it be great of we could not only have energy all day but all week, month & year!

We all know someone who hardly ever seems tired and appears to cope with everything that life throws at them. What’s their secret??

In todays episode I’m giving you 10 steps which has turned me into the daily energetic person I want to be even though I’m hurtling towards my 50’s.

I promise you, start putting these steps into practise on a daily basis and you will see a huge difference in your energy levels (and it’s not just about eating well by the way).

Listen in now and live your life with passion & energy!

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Thanks for listening!

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No Limits with Hayden Rhodes! (#5)

In todays episode I’m chatting with my personal health coach Hayden Rhodes.

Hayden is a huge proponent of ‘holistic health’, meaning health isn’t just about lifting weights in the gym, it’s about your mind, body & spirit.

How you feel about yourself, how happy you are, how in tune with who you are, etc, are all things that make up your overall health.

Working with Hayden over the last couple of years, I have become, healthier, happier and now have more energy than ever to live the life I want to live.

It doesn’t matter whether you want more energy to run your business, travel the world, spend time with your family or just get up in the mornings. If we’re not healthy, what are we doing it all for?

Hayden & I discuss healthy practices, mental health, putting yourself first and much more.

Enjoy & take action!

You can also listen to this episode on anchor.fm if you have the app or (she says excitedly), subscribe on itunes!

Connect with Hayden here

Thanks for listening!

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10 Ways to Start Working From Home Today! (#4)

The term ‘entrepreneur’ doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start and build a multi million dollar company.

For some simply supplementing or replacing current income is more than enough.

Well the good news is, in todays day and age there are plenty of ways you can start to earn from your own living room right now and in todays episode I’m going to get into 10 of them.

Please note with most of these ideas, you can grow them as big or as small as you would like, it all depends on your ultimate objectives.

Here’s hoping they get your entrepreneurial juices flowing!

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When the waves are coming don’t resist, learn to surf… (#3)

My guest today is a long time member of the JBO community.

With a background in corporate training Tina Sibley works with entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants & trainers to help them construct, refine and deliver their business message via webinars, video, events & speaking opportunities.

The best part is she is now traveling and is living proof that you can run a business from anywhere in the world!

In todays episode we discuss the ups and downs of starting and growing an online business, some of the challenges Tina has faced and how she has overcome them and of course all the places she has been and is going.

Without doubt Tina represents the results that can be achieved through sheer hard graft and a bucket load of tenacity & determination.

She’s an inspiration to us all!

You can also listen to this episode directly on anchor.fm or subscribe and don’t miss an episode here on itunes

You can find Tina here – Tina Sibley

Resources mentioned in the interview;

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers

Dr Joe Dispenza

Thanks for listening!

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My 8 Year Online Adventure (#2)

From making $27 on my first ever video course to co-running a multi million dollar ecommerce company, todays episode takes you on a journey of my online adventures over the last 8 years.

My good friend & business colleague Jared Elvidge interviews me on the biggest lessons learned, the do’s & more importantly do not’s & the future of JBO.

The goal of today’s podcast is to inspire you with my story and give you my biggest takeaways from my experiences over the last 8 years. Also if I started today, would I do it differently?

I hope you get some golden gems out of today’s episode. :)

You can also listen to this episode on anchor.fm if you have the app or (she says excitedly), subscribe on itunes!

Thanks for listening, I hope it inspires you to grab life and go for your goals and dreams because anything is possible!

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Starting an Online Business With Chris Farrell (Podcast Numero Uno! -#1)

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the new Jo Barnes Online podcast!

I wasn’t actually going to go live with my podcast until September this year, but I found this new fab little platform called anchor.fm which I think could be the new ‘youtube’ for podcasts and decided to have a play.

Then yesterday after I had edited and uploaded a couple of ‘test’ podcasts, I pushed the big blue button that said ‘distribute my podcasts everywhere‘ out of curiosity, wondering if further instructions would follow.

They didn’t, it simply began to distribute my podcast to itunes, google play, spotify etc.

So I thought – oops, better publish a podcast!

So it’s of course very apt that my first guest would be the man who got me into all of this in the first place.

This is actually an old interview with him that I pulled out of the archives, but don’t let that put you off, the information is still as relevant today.

We discuss fear, learning new skills, mastering your niche and a whole lot more. Plus he will make you laugh with his crazy English sense of humour.

So enjoy the episode, also have a little explore of the software anchor.fm. It’s pretty nifty stuff and I look forward to see where it’s going to go!

You can also listen directly from the anchor.fm app here and keep your eyes open because I should be on itunes in the next few days! :)

Links mentioned in the interview;

Jim Rohn Video as Recommended by Chris

You can find Chris here – Find Chris on Facebook Here

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How to Become a Micro Angel

Hello Awesome Entrepreneur!

Thanks for stopping by this post.

What is a Micro Angel?

I explain all in this video or you can simply read through the rest of the post. :)

You might be wondering ‘what is a Micro Angel’?

A Micro Angel is an investor who funds startups via micro loans (i.e., a lot of people lending small amounts of money).

The microloans are typically lent to women in developing countries & low income areas to start and build a business which transforms the lives of their families & communities.

As a micro angel you will get paid back, but your money will then be invested in another person in need and another and so on.

Another word for a Micro Angel is a philanthropic investor.

A passionate call to arms

Over the last 8 years I have had the opportunity of working with thousands of entrepreneurs building businesses they can run from anywhere in the world and am regularly overjoyed with stories of so many of my community members traveling to distant lands exploring life on their terms.

This year I was supposed to be on sabbatical to spend more time on my health & with my family and I fully intend to continue that journey, however a few weeks ago I read a book called “Half the Sky’.

The book describes itself as ‘a passionate call to arms against our era’s most pervasive human rights violation: the oppression of women and girls in the developing world.’

Through the eyes of two pulitzer prize winning journalists, the book takes you on a journey through Africa & Asia, telling the stories of incredibly brave and strong women and girls surviving (and in some cases flourishing) in the most adverse of conditions.

It also showcases those who are helping to change the landscape and proves beyond any doubt that a just little help can literally transform lives.

It’s fired me up in a way I have never felt before and as someone with a love of business, entrepreneurship and empowerment (particularly for us ladies), I have been inspired to take action!

$1 Million Dollars

It is my goal to raise $1 million USD for reputable microloan organisations around the world.

Micro loan organisations work by lending small amounts of money to women in extremely poor areas and providing them with the training and support to start and grow their own small businesses.

In many cases these women work as groups and support and help each other to transform their own lives, the lives of their family & children and the lives of their community.

It’s a truly transformative cause.

However, raising $1 million is no mean feat and that’s just my first goal, beyond that I have an even greater vision, but hey, one step at a time!

I plan to utilise my skills and experience in the digital marketing world to build my brand and profile and to add such intense value to the lives & businesses of entrepreneurs across the globe, that my first goal does in fact become a drop in the ocean.

So what’s in it for you?

Apart from the joy of knowing you have potentially changed an entire families future for the cost of a Friday night out at the flicks?

I want to help you build your business.

I believe micro businesses are the future (one or two man style businesses). Technology is changing the world faster than we can keep up and the world as we once knew it is disappearing.

You need to be on top of your game, branding & promoting yourself and providing your solutions globally via online platforms.

I want you to Build a Business, See the World, then Change the World!

To do that you need to grow a business you can run from anywhere, and that’s where I come in.

Come and join my group – Build a Business – Change the World.

I’ll be sharing regular tips & videos, releasing my latest podcast episodes and blog posts etc.

Join our community and let’s work together to build your businesses and change the world.

Become a Micro Angel

Love what I’m doing?

Then jump on board and become a part of the lending team.

I’ve partnered with Kiva.org to make this opportunity available quickly & easily.

No money crosses my palm, it all goes directly to Kiva who sends it directly to the teams on the ground working with these women.

Watch the video below, follow the instructions and Hey Presto – You’re a Micro Angel!

Join the Micro Angels Here

Thanks so much for your support.

I look forward to chatting more in the group and to helping you to grow a business that can change the world as we know it.

Any questions don’t hesitate to email me on support@jobarnesonline.com

Jo :)


Stop Planning, Start Doing!

Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote, Timetracker, Project Planner, Omnifocus, Anydo, 2Do, Focus.

Tony Robbins – MAP
Brian Tracy – Goal Setting
David Allen – Getting Things Done
Michael Hyatt – Your Best Year Ever
The 12 Weeks Year – Brian Moran
The Power of Focus – Mark Victor Hansen et al

Goal Setting Worksheets
The Perfect Day Exercise
90 Day Planning
The 2 Week Laser Focus Plan

And on and on and on and on.

Are you addicted to planning?

I am!

I plan everything – next year, next month, next week, tomorrow, today, the next bloody hour.

I plan and plan and plan and almost 100% of the time I do NOT get the things done I want to.

I am a serial planner.

I love planning!

It makes me feel good, organized, clear headed, busy and empowered. Until…

…it doesn’t.

Something gets in the way, life happens, daughter needs something, hubby needs help, family come to visit, friends pop in, unexpected email needs dealing with, computer stops working, bad nights sleep equals over-tiredness.

You name it!

Invariably I may get a day of ’To Do’s’ done, but I can’t remember when I achieved in a week everything I planned to, let alone a month or a year!


What if we stopped planning to do it and just did it?

I didn’t plan to write this blog post.

I did a Facebook Live this morning in my group and the overwhelming theme was – Just Do It! (Thank you Nike).

I felt compelled to write this blog post, right here, right now, even though I’m leaving for the gym in less than 15 minutes.

I just thought – sod it lets’ write a blog post in less than 10 minutes extolling the virtues of thinking, talking & planning less and doing more!

Take action my friend, that is the best plan you can have.

Don’t tell anyone what you’re ‘gonna’ do.
Don’t write in your journal what you’re ‘gonna’ do.
Don’t list out in your planner all the things you’re ‘gonna’ do.

Just do ’em.

Worried you’ll be doing the wrong things?

The secret is to create a strong vision of your life. Know where you want to go, know the life you want to create, have an end goal and then just do stuff every single day that takes you closer to that goal.

You don’t have to plan to the nth degree – just DO!

Thanks for reading!

Jo 🙂
Make It Happen

P.S. Take action now and come join my FB group – Build a Business – Change The World


Happy 2018!!!

Wow can you believe it’s almost February already? I don’t know about you but my feet haven’t touched the ground and it’s not going to ease up anytime soon.

The good news is, I’m loving it!

So I thought I’d kick off this years blog posts with a bit of an update on what’s happening over here at JBO HQ, (or in other words my lounge!)

A Year OFF!

Yep that’s right, I’m officially on a sabbatical this year.

Meaning I’m not making any effort to earn money this year. I’m focusing on my health & getting fit & strong. Spending more time with my daughter who is growing up fast, getting more involved with the local community here in Phuket, doing some charitable work & blogging for the love of it!!!

In fact as I write this I’m on route from Koh Samui (an Island in Thailand) to Manila, where I’m visiting the Island of Bohol for a few days with my Sister on our annual Sisters on Tour trip!


How Did That Happen??

Amazon my friend.

Our business took off pretty fast when we launched it at the end of 2014 and has continued to grow ever since.

I spent the whole of 2017 working on it with my partner and we now have a team in the Philippines, a website to accompany Amazon and lots of systems and processes in place allowing me to step back and leave this years business solely to my partner (lucky him).

While I come over to the JBO blog and play with you, awesome action taking entrepreneur!

So Why Am I Still Blogging?

Because I love it! That’s why.

Many years ago, when I first started my online adventure my other half asked me, “if you could work the perfect day what would it look like?”

I remember responding, I just want to create content. I don’t want the constant up and down stress of product & affiliate launches. I just want to build a huge community of fantastically enthusiastic entrepreneurs and write blog posts, record videos, host webinars, help loads of people and have lots of fun!!!

Clearly I’m ideally placed as the front person for a business, with all the hard sales work happening behind me right? But this year the back end is not required!

I can create as much content as I like, because I CAN!

Love it!

What Does This Mean For You?

Well that’s really up to you.

I intend to publish blog posts about all sorts of subjects – marketing, startups, branding, mindset, comfort zones, working while traveling, health & productivity, entrepreneurship in developing countries, etc etc. (No politics, I’m afraid. I may not be able to control myself!)

I’d love it if you popped over and consumed my content whether it be an article, a video, a podcast etc.

But I’d be even happier if you’d put some of it into action and really make this the year you make some serious strides in your business.

If you are not yet reaching your true potential, it’s time for some deep reflection.

I always start each year by doing my ‘Perfect Day’ exercise.

It’s such an awesome thing to do and so powerful.

Your Perfect Day

Taka a day or at least a few hours where you can be truly alone with your thoughts, somewhere inspirational. (I always choose the beach)

Then allow your imagination to soar and ask yourself what your perfect day would look like. If you had no constraints whatsoever, no financial constraints, location, family ties etc etc.

You’re as free as a bird.

Where would you be?
Who would you be with?
What would you be doing?
Where would you be living?
What work would you be doing if any?
Who would you be helping?
How do you feel?
What’s your daily routine?
What does your house look like?
How much do you earn / are you worth?
Who do you love?
Who loves you?

Etc, etc, etc.

You could go on forever, but the point is to imagination your life in great detail exactly as you would want it to be.

Then write it down as if you’re already living it. This is the important part to write down your perfect day in the presence tense so you can really make it real in your mind and on paper.

I tend to put a timeline on mine, so I imagine its 31st December 2018. What do I want my life to look like in 12 months from now.

But you can choose a timeline that suits you.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and although things always take longer than you want them to, by focusing on what you really want you almost unconsciously start to move in that direction.

You may never reach your ultimate destination but the trick is to enjoy the journey!

Believe me I get to live my dreams every day of my life!

So once you’ve completed this exercise don’t just shove it away in a drawer until next year. Pin it up somewhere.

Remind yourself on a daily basis of the direction you want to move in and start to take action steps to take you there.

No matter how small, the very fact that you’re putting one foot in front of the other in the right direction will motivate you to keep moving forward.

‘Keep Dreaming Big!’

I took my daughter to see ‘The Greatest Showman’ a couple of weeks ago (absolutely loved it by the way) and it reminded me that as adults the practicalities of life mean we forget to dream!

Keep dreaming!

Just because life has got in the way and we now have responsibilities & mortgages and people who depend on us etc, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep dreaming!

The perfect day exercise is your permission to dream and dream big!

So with that being said, let’s end with a quote to make us smile;

Please post a message in the comments below.

Simply say Hi, or be bold and tell me the one action you’re going to take today to start moving towards your 2018 goals.

Let’s Make It Happen this year!

Thanks for reading, speak again very soon.

Jo :)

P.S. If you haven’t liked my FB page head over and do so now as I’m planning on posting all my blog posts etc on that page so you’ll always be updated – Jo’s Facebook Page

Make It Happen Monday Episode 75 – A Short Break

Hello! Welcome to this weeks episode of Make It Happen Monday.

I’m afraid that this is going to be the last episode of Make It Happen Monday for a while. I need to take a short break from making these videos.

Fear not however, I will be back. These videos will be back in your inbox before you know it!

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I want to share with you my last, most important thought; what is the key difference between people who ‘make it’ and are successful, as opposed to people who just dream of success.

Do ‘this’ every single day and you will undoubtedly move towards, if not achieve, all your goals and dreams…

Watch Episode 75 Here

Read Episode 75 Here

Welcome to what is going to be the last episode of Make It Happen Monday for a while. I need to take a short break from making these videos.

Fear not however, I will be back. These videos will be back in your inbox before you know it!

A Library of 75 Motivational, Kick-Up-The-Bum Videos

If you start to miss my dulcet tones, or you’re just in need of a dose of inspiration, remember you now have 75 videos to go back and watch.

Just come to jobarnesonline.com and click ‘Make It Happen Monday’ in the Navigation Bar. You’ll find a total of 75 videos I’ve made over the last 18 months.

You can search for the specific message you feel you need to hear at that moment, watch the video, and then take action.

The key, always, is to take action.

That’s what this video series has been all about from the start. Making It Happen!

The difference between those people who are out there living their goals and dreams, compared to those who just dream about being successful, is that they are taking action on a daily basis.

Every one of us can have the best thoughts, theories, ideas and discussions in the world. But the key to getting what you want out of life is to take action.

Tony Robbins always says: “Make life something that happens for you, not to you.“

So, if you take anything away from all these videos, please ensure it’s this: Get out there and take action in your life, because action is the key!

If at any time over the last 18 months of watching these videos, you have been inspired, have taken action, and have made changes in your life, then congratulations! Good for you and thank you for watching and making something happen!

Please let me know in the comments below how the videos have helped you and what you’ve been doing to move towards your goals and dreams, I’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, watch todays episode for an entertaining look at some of my best bits from the last 18 months.

Thank you so much for watching, engaging and being a part of this journey.

As always, Live Life on Purpose, and Make It Happen!

Take care, and see you very soon!

Jo :)

Make It Happen Monday Episode 74 – The Fastest Way to Increase Your Confidence

Do you feel that you’re not a confident person?

Do you feel your lack of confidence holds you back from doing what you really want, and achieving your dreams?

What if I were to tell you that confidence is not actually an all-encompassing thing that defines you?

What if I were to tell you that it’s actually a skill that you can hone, develop and master?

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you the fastest way to increase your confidence levels right now!

Watch Episode 74 Here

Read Episode 74 Here

Today, I want to talk about confidence. This comes from a recent discussion with my ten year old daughter (soon to be 11), who is clearly going through a major change in her life as she hurtles towards her teenage years.

We’ve been talking about confidence, and at her age, particularly with girls I find, they start to have self-esteem issues, confidence issues, lack of self-belief, and that feeling of “I’m not quite good enough.”

This has led me to really think about confidence, and what it actually is.

The Common Misconception of Confidence

We incorrectly talk about confidence as if it’s something that defines who we are.

You may not be an extrovert. You may not be that person who walks into a party and is the life and soul.

You may be more of an introvert. This does not mean that you are not confident. It just means you are an introvert as opposed to an extrovert.

Confidence is not forcing yourself to be an extrovert. It’s a skill that can be honed and developed, in the specific area you want to become confident in.

Confidence is a skill, not who you are

Many people will say, “I’m not confident” or “I’m not a confident person.”

My question to that is, “Confident in what?”

What are you not confident in?

There will be things in your life that you are completely confident in.

Let me give you an example. I am not a confident cook. I’m a rubbish cook!

But I am incredibly confident in doing a video like this, and sending it out to thousands of people.

For you, perhaps even the thought of getting yourself on video may scare you silly. But you might be an uber confident cook.

You might be a really confident runner. You might be a really confident parent. You might be really confident at maths, website development, Facebook advertising, or whatever!

The Fastest Way to Increase Your Confidence

Ask yourself, what do you want to become confident in? Then, you need to start developing that skill.

For instance, if you want to become confident at making videos, guess what you need to do? You need to start making videos!

Watching loads of courses on how to make videos is not going to make you more confident at it. You’ll gain knowledge, but not confidence.

Doing it is what gives you confidence.

If, for example, you are a web designer, and you want to sell your services, but you lack confidence in selling.

Guess what you need to spend your days doing? You need to spend your days selling!

There will of course be some areas of your life or business that just don’t interest you and therefore you won’t want to develop confidence in those areas.

These things you can just avoid, or if they are necessary to your business or life, you can go and outsource them to others.

But when there is something that does interest you, and you want to become confident in it, the only way to develop the confidence skill is by doing it.

My daughter loves singing and wants to be a singer. But she’s not confident on stage. So guess what I’m telling her to do right now. Get on stage! Make it happen!

Confidence is Like a Muscle. It Needs to be Exercised.

A few episodes ago, I talked about learning by doing.

Well, gaining confidence is also by doing. Can you see a pattern here? Action is the key!

I want you to eradicate ‘I’m not confident’ from your vocabulary. From now on, it does not exist.

Instead, change this statement to ‘I don’t feel confident in (whatever skill you want to learn).’

Now you know what skill you need to develop with immediate effect!

Move beyond your comfort zone, beyond your fears, and start developing that skill right now so that you can become uber confident in that particular area of your life or business.

What Else Can I Do?

See the comments below? Let me know what you don’t feel confident in. Write, “I don’t feel confident in…..” and tell me what it is.

Also, please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching. Jo :)

Make It Happen Monday Episode 73 – You Don’t Have to be a Public Figure to be Successful

Do you want to have a successful online business, but HATE the idea of getting out there and becoming a public figure?

Perhaps you’ve seen and even followed successful entrepreneurs, and it seems like they spend all their time being interviewed, making videos, posting on social media etc.

The truth is, those of us who choose to be public figures do so because, primarily, we’re exhibitionists!

The truth is, you don’t need to be the ‘face’ of a brand to build a hugely successful business.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you how to build a profitable online business, without needing to become an online celebrity!

Watch Episode 73 Here

Read Episode 73 Here

Today, we’re going to talk about how to create a successful business when you HATE the idea of being a public figure.

You might think, because you see all these entrepreneurs with millions of followers and likes, who are crushing it on FB live, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc that you have to be a public figure to be successful.

I’m here to tell you, that’s BS. It’s rubbish!

The truth is, those of us who choose to be public figures do so because, primarily, we’re exhibitionists!

We’re extroverts, with potentially a touch of narcissism!

The truth is, we love the sound of our own voices. Hence, here we are on videos, podcasts and webinars, talking our socks off!

But, there are THOUSANDS of very successful entrepreneurs who have built amazing businesses behind closed doors.

Let me make my point here.

  • Ever heard of Andy Bechtolsheim? This is the guy who built up Sun Microsystems into a multi-billion dollar business in the 80’s.
  • What about Wayne Huizenga? That’s the creator of Blockbuster (and one time owner of the Miami Dolphins).
  • Or, my absolute favorite, Omar Hamoui? This is the creator of AdMob (some of you may remember this advertising mobile platform when everyone started to advertise on mobile).He sold AdMob to Google in 2009 for $750 million! And yet, he still only has 4327 Twitter followers!

See my point?

Now, if you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know I’m a big Tony Robbins fan.

He always says, ‘Success leaves clues!’

So, in this vein, here’s what I want you to do this week.

1) Think about what you really want to do

What business do you run, or want to run? What industry are you in?

2) Go and find a role model in that industry

For instance, I know a lot of people watching this particular video series want to build some kind of coaching or education style business online.

But they might not necessarily want to be the public face of that business.

So, go find a brand who’s built an amazing online education business without it being based around one single person.

Some great examples are:

That’s just a few. There are thousands upon thousands of businesses out there where a huge business & brand has been built, without the focal point being about one person.

3) Go and find the creators ‘story’

Read their biography, any blogs posts by them or about them, their social media content, or podcasts where they’ve been interviewed.

Study their methods, and then you can start to follow their lead.


If it’s been done before, it proves it can be 100% done again!

4) Take action!

Don’t just study without taking action. You must get your ideas up and running. It’s the ONLY true way to test an idea out.

Without action, an idea will always be just an idea. A potential multimillion dollar business is an idea that’s out there in action!

What else can I do?

See the comments below? Let me know what industry or niche you’re in and if I think of anybody that you could possibly study in your particular business, I will let you know!

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)

Make It Happen Monday Episode 72 – Follow Your Dreams – They Know The Path

Do you have big dreams, but then life just seems to get in the way and you never make any true progress?

Perhaps you want to create a course, promote your brand, or just want to lose weight and get fit, but then you always find yourself ‘ sabotaging’ yourself, or just give up?

The truth is, dreams can be lovely, but also scary! Scary because of the work, the fear of failure, and the fear of being judged.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’ m sharing with you how to stop this self-sabotaging behavior, and ‘force’ yourself to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams!

Watch Episode 72 Here

Read Episode 72 Here

Today I want to talk about my T-shirt!

Firstly, I couldn’t get into this t-shirt a few months ago, so I’m really happy about that!

But that’s not todays main subject! The main reason is that I want to point out the wording on the front of it.

“Follow Your Dreams, They Know the Path”– I LOVE this message!

However, it’s not that easy is it.

If it was easy to simply dream it then do it, the world would be an infinitely happier place!

Unfortunately, this is not what occurs.

Why We Self-Sabotage Ourselves

For some reason, we have these wonderful, big dreams, but they seem like an impossible day dream, even a silly fantasy, to the point where we won’t even share them with other people!

Why is that? Why do we have these amazing goals but then stop before we’ve even begun?

Because Our Dreams Our Scary!

Whether we succeed in our dreams or not, it’s scary.

If we’re successful, then it means incredible change in our lives. Do we really want that?

Maybe we’re scared that we will have to work really hard forever if we achieve our goals?

Or perhaps we are scared of failure, and how it would make us feel? Perhaps we fear judgement from others?

We’re all scared of the pain we’re going to have to go through to achieve our goals, even if the end result (and actually the journey) means ultimate happiness!

For example, you want to be slim and fit. We all know it’s a simple case of eating well and exercising regularly. So why don’t we do it?

There’s fear and pain in what we have to go through in order to reach that goal of being slim or fit.

You’re going to have to exercise every day and give up your favorite foods! Painful!

Perhaps, you want to be a top class speaker? But the only route to get there is for you to practice in front of live audiences. Super scary!

Perhaps you want to become a coach, sell video courses, create content, promote yourself or your brand, invest in stock, negotiate deals, create business collaborations etc? All scary, scary, scary!

How Do We Stop Ourselves From Self-Sabotage?

What do we do? What’s the difference between those that are following their dreams, and those who never muster the courage?

Believe it or not, it’s not the thought of ultimate happiness that will drive us the most.

It’s the thought of ultimate pain.

People who follow their dreams are the ones who believe the consequences of NOT following their dreams is far more painful than the pain they will go through to achieve their dreams.

Let me give you an example.

I remember years ago I had a friend called Justin who I used to speak to a lot about how much I hated going to the gym.

He just could not understand my thought process.

To him, the pain of being out of shape, the inability to not be able to jump out of bed and run 5 kilometers, was far greater to him than the pain of actually working out in the first place.

In other words, he had associated pain to NOT achieving his goal when I had associated pain to attempting my goal!

Change The Pain Association And Reach Your Goals

Here’s an exercise you can do today to change your pain associations, right now.

Write down all your big dreams and goals.

Then, be honest with yourself, and write down what about each of those dreams is scary and painful.

What’s stopping you in your tracks from moving to the next stage in that dream? Or what’s stopping you starting on the path to this dream in the first place?

Now, write the OPPOSITE! List what will hurt you if you DON’T work towards this dream or goal.

What will your life look like then? What pain will you feel by not taking action?

Immerse Yourself In This Exercise.

What you’re trying to do here is intensify the pain of NOT following through over the pain of actually doing it.

Remember, happiness isn’t always based on you actually achieving your goals.

It might be just enough for you to take the action towards your goals.

The fact that you’re moving in congruence with your true values and dreams is likely to be enough to create a life of happiness!

Every day, you’ll feel good because you are moving in the right direction, and heading towards your dreams and goals.

If you find you’re unhappy most days, you’re not in the zone, and you’re not feeling good, the likelihood is you’re going in the opposite direction.

So stop right now, take stock of where you are, verbalize that pain by writing it down, and then change your direction…. Today!

Rome wasn’t built in a day! You just need to start moving in the right direction. So be brave. This is your life, so make the choices!

What else can I do?

See the comments below? Write one painful thing that you will feel if you DON’T start following your dreams today below in the comments. Don’t be shy! Come and share it with me.

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)

Make It Happen Monday Episode 71 – The Best Way To Learn Is To Do

Welcome to Episode 71 of Make it Happen Monday!

Do you have lots of courses, systems, and various other ‘shiny bright objects’ that you have bought, all stored somewhere on your laptop?

How many of these courses have you actually completed? And of those you have completed, how many did you fully implement?

Sometimes, even an experienced marketer, like myself, can fool ourselves into thinking that learning itself is progress.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you how to truly progress in your business and life…… not by learning, but by DOING!

Watch Episode 71 Here

Read Episode 71 Here

Today I am here to have a harsh word with you!

I’m speaking as someone who, in the past, has bought an awful lot of courses, a lot of ‘bright shiny objects’, and still has all of these stowed away somewhere collecting dust on my laptop.

Stop Learning!

If you have bought lots of courses, systems, pdfs etc, have done nothing with them, are still at the point where you are not making any progress in your business, and are STILL buying courses, I urge you to STOP!

Do you believe that you are progressing because you are learning so much?

I’m afraid you are wrong. Knowledge on it’s own won’t get you anywhere and you’ll forget most of what you learned unless you put it into action.

The best way to learn is to DO!

For true progress, you need to be putting into action what you have learnt (and not learning more until you have).

All the information in the world won’t help you achieve your goals and dreams.

It is the action that you take with this information that will move you towards your dreams.

Put In A Plan Of Action

I urge you right now to put in a plan of action. Take one specific thing, learn from it, and then take action on it.

Say you’ve recently bought a Facebook advertising course. Go through that course today. Pick out the salient videos and then go and implement what you have learnt.

If you’ve recently downloaded a free PDF, go and read it right now, and then go and put it in to action TODAY. Make something happen from that piece of content.

Even if you’ve just read a blog post which had a really good tip or strategy, go and implement that strategy – Make It Happen!

That’s what all these videos are about, making it happen.

So, right now, I want you to take this information I’ve just given you, and implement it.

Go and find something you’ve downloaded or bought on your computer, go and watch that video course, read that PDF, look at that blog post, whatever it is.

Now, take what you’ve just learnt, go out and put that into action right now!

What Else Can I Do?

See the comments below? Tell me, what did you take action on? What tip or strategy did you implement? Now tell me what you LEARNT from actually doing it.

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)

Make It Happen Monday Episode 70 – Make The Main Thing The Main Thing

Welcome to Episode 70 of Make it Happen Monday!

Do you sometimes feel, in your business, you do a little bit of this and a little bit of that?

Do you lack direction, or get pulled into doing menial chores, and then realize you’ve spent a whole day focusing on the wrong thing (i.e. tasks that don’t make you money)?

Even experienced entrepreneurs can lose focus at times.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you how I gain true clarity and direction in my business, and how you can have that too!

Watch Episode 70 Here

Read Episode 70 Here

The other morning I walked into a bakery to buy some fresh rolls. (I shouldn’t have been anywhere near a bakery on my current diet plan, but we were on holiday!)

The lady serving at the bakery was out the back baking a load of fresh bread ready for the day ahead.

It became quickly apparent that I was an irritation to her. I was clearly getting in the way of her baking her bread.

But why was she baking break in the first place? To sell it right?!

Therefore I should have been welcomed with open arms! The red carpet rolled out, a glass of champers in hand and a red velvet seat to sit on while she presented me with a tray of hot rolls.

Ok a bit over the top maybe but you get my point.

Make The Main Thing The Main Thing

To be successful in business, you need to focus on the main goal.

For this lady, of course baking bread is incredibly important, otherwise she has nothing to sell, but if she’s then irritated by the very thing she’s baking bread for she’s not going to be baking much bread for very long!

In business, it’s imperative to remember the main reason why you are doing what you are doing and focusing on that reason at all times.

It’s easy to lose ourselves in the daily grind and forget the bigger picture.

Why am I doing this? Why am I writing this blog? Why am I creating this product? Why am I making this podcast? Why am I doing this webinar?

What is the end result you’re looking for? Are you focusing on that end result every day?

A great example is my ecommerce website I’m growing at the moment.

I could be focused on web design, video marketing, images of my products etc. And I am!

But my big focus, my main thing, is my conversion rate. I must get my conversion rate up.

Once I get my conversion rate up, I can spend more on advertising, bring in more traffic and make more sales.

I still focus on the other aspects as they are important, just like baking bread is important to the lady at the bakery, but I choose to focus mainly on my conversion rate. Everything I do in my Ecommerce business, I ask myself why I’m doing it, and does it help my conversion rate.

So what’s your main thing?

What do you need to focus on to really drive your business forward?

Be clear about what it is you want to achieve and you won’t feel so mired in all the detail on a day to day basis.

What Else Can I Do?

See the comments below? Tell me, in one sentence, what is your main thing? What will you really focus on?

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)

Make It Happen Monday Episode 69 – Where to Publish Your List Building Landing Page

Welcome to Episode 69 of Make it Happen Monday!

So you’ve built an opt-in funnel – well done! However, no matter how great it is, you won’t get very far if no one knows about it!

You can give away the best free gift in the world, and you can have the best content on your landing page to convince people to sign up to your email list, but if you don’t get out there and tell everyone about your landing page, how will they know it exists?

Even some experienced marketers can miss out on opportunities to promote their offers.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you the 3 key places to share and publish your landing page so you get thousands of eyeballs on your business!

Watch Episode 69 Here

Read Episode 69 Here

Over the last few weeks we’ve been focusing on building an opt-in funnel to enable you to build an email list e.g. building a landing page, building a thank you page, adding follow-up emails etc.

Today, we’re going to focus on how you get your landing page (the first thing anyone will see of your opt-in funnel) out there into the world.

Build It And They Will Come!

That’s an old saying, but one I don’t really believe in, and certainly not in the online world. You have to build something, but then you need to let the world know it’s there!

Having an awesome opt-in funnel is all good and well, but if no one knows about, you’re not going to get very far.

How do you get it out there and show people where it is?

The 3 Key Places To Publish Your Landing Page

  1. On your blog / website

    Make sure you have links leading people back to your listbuilding landing page. Some places I link back to on my blog are:

    a) At the top of my homepage – Just under the main image, there is a ‘Find out how’ button. When this is clicked, it links directly to one of my listbuilding landing pages and is shown as a popup.

    I used Leadpages, but most page building software have this ability to show a landing page as a pop up.

    I created a step-by-step video tutorial on how to build a pop up landing page a while back – watch it here.

    b) At the bottom of my blog pages – Right at the bottom of any page on my blog, you’ll see a ‘Subscribe here’ button. This offers people another opportunity to sign up to my email list.

    c) Inside the blog side bar – When you go to any of my categories at the top of my homepage, you will see, on the right hand side, I have images that link to my landing pages when clicked.

    d) At the end of blog posts – At the bottom of each of my blog posts, there is an image and link to my landing page.

    e) Native advertising – This is when you link to your landing page by hyperlinking text and images within a blog post.

    This is particularly powerful if you’re talking about a topic within a post, and then you link to your landing page as it is relevant to the topic.

  2. On your social media accounts

    Whichever social media platforms you use, you need to make sure you are promoting your landing page url / link.

    a) The main image cover photo on my Facebook page– The main image is one of my listbuilders. You’ll see that underneath there is a ‘Sign Up’ button where people are redirected to my landing page.

    You can easily set this up on your Facebook page. If you’ve not assigned a button yet, it will say ‘Add a Button’. Just click on this and Facebook will guide you through adding your landing page link and what to call your button.

    b) The left hand menu section on my Facebook page – If you look to the left underneath my profile picture, you’ll see my listbuilders there. When you click on one of them, my landing page for that listbuilder opens up in a tab within Facebook.

    Most page building software have this functionality. Or you can do what I did and use a service called Woobox, which is a really easy way of adding a landing page directly onto a tab in Facebook.

    c) In your profile on Instagram– Unfortunately, you can’t put links into images on Instagram, but you can put the link in your profile.

    Then, when anyone finds your images, they can see the link to your landing page. I currently link to my blog homepage, but I can easily change this to link to one of my listbuilder landing pages.

    d) In your profile on Twitter – As with Instagram, you can add your landing page url to your profile. It will then show up under your profile picture.

    Again, as with Instagram, I currently link to my blog homepage, but I could change this to one of my landing pages in a few clicks.

  3. Telling everyone online about your landing page

    Adding your landing page to Facebook tabs, Instagram profiles and Twitter profiles is great, but I don’t believe you get the most traction from this.

    The best way to get traction, I find, is to simply grab the url of your landing page and tell everyone about it!

    a) Through posts on your social media platforms – Tweet about your landing page, create a post about it on your Facebook page, or use Instagram to create images of your listbuilder.

    On all of your content, images, videos, posts, everything you publish and distribute, you can add your landing page url and lead people back to your landing page.

    For example, if you guest post for different publications, at the bottom of your post, add your url, so you’re leading people back to your landing page.

    b) Through adverts on social media – This works especially well if you have set up your opt-in funnel to create instant sales, as you’ll start generating funds that you can plough into advertising.

    You can advertise on places like Facebook and Twitter to let the world know about your landing page.

In later episodes, we will talk more about traffic strategies that will help send lots and lots of people to your landing page.

Your Challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…..

Grab your landing page url and publish it in all of the above places:

1) Work out where you have missed the opportunity to link to your landing page.

Read through the above 3 tactics and work out what you have missed.
Everything you do, it should be about bringing people back to your landing page, pulling them through your funnel, and then building and nurturing those relationships as you go.

2) Plug those opportunity gaps.

Grab the link to your landing page and add it to every piece of your published content.

If you don’t have software that can ‘pop up’ your landing page, it doesn’t really matter. You can just hyperlink from text or images to your landing page.

It really doesn’t matter how you do it, so long as, wherever you are visible online, you are constantly linking back to your landing page, through your blog, social media, third party sites etc.

One of the biggest regrets that many marketers I’ve spoken to have is that they didn’t start building their lists earlier.

If you’re worried about not having much to offer someone in order to entice people to sign up in the first place, then please read How to Create Your List Building Lead Magnet.

Ask me any questions about what I’ve taught you – I can make further videos down the line if you come and ask me questions and tell me what you are struggling with.

InfoGraph Ep

What Else Can I Do?

See the comments below? Tell me what you are struggling with. I can make further videos down the line about whatever you need help with, so come and tell me!

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)



Make It Happen Monday Episode 68 – Email Marketing – What Should I Send?

Welcome to Episode 68 of Make it Happen Monday!

We spend so much time and money creating an opt-in funnel, generating leads and building a list. And yet, the most important part of your email funnel is the actual emails you send!

You can have an email list of thousands, but if you’re struggling as to what to email to your list, you’ll never build and nurture that all-important relationship that turns people into paying customers.

If you’ve ever had a ‘blank’ moment where you just don’t know what to write to your email list, then today’s episode is for you!

How do you tap into an unlimited source of inspiration when it comes to email content?

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you 5 email content tactics that build rapport and engagement, and give you an endless source of email ideas!

Watch Episode 68 Here

Read Episode 68 Here

Over the last few episodes, our theme has been lead generation and building out an email funnel.

One of the questions I get asked all the time is “What should I email to my list?”

Most people know that the whole point of having someone’s email address is to build a relationship with that person.

And yet, many people don’t know what content they need to send out to build the relationship.

I’ve Rounded Up 5 Email Content Tactics That Will Give You An Endless Source Of Ideas Of What To Write To Your List!

1) Write emails to your ‘customer avatar’ and solve problems

I tend to find that people who are confused as to what to send to their email list have missed out the crucial aspect of really defining their ideal customer.

Back in Episode 59, we talked about creating a customer avatar, and how by doing this, everything you do in your business, from creating content, writing emails, branding……everything becomes easy.

Why? Because you have honed in on exactly who your customer is! When you have this ideal person in your mind, you know what makes them tick, what turns them off, what questions they have, and what problems they need solving.

When you know the problems and challenges of your target customer, you’ll never run out of email content.

Simply use your emails to solve these problems and challenges!

If you have missed this crucial aspect in Episode 59, then I urge you to go back and do the challenge I set for that week.

Do this, and suddenly, there’ll be no more ‘blank’ moments where you don’t know what content to write in your emails!

2) Tell them a story about you

People are very curious about other people. Don’t think every time you send an email you have to be selling something, or promoting something.

Tell them something about you, how you’ve got to where you are in your business, what problems you’ve had along the way, how you’ve solved them etc.

There is a caveat here. By all means talk about you, but don’t write about you for your sake!

Remember, at all times, every piece of content must answer their questions and help them with their challenges.

So write about you and show them the human being underneath the business or brand. But make sure it is still geared towards the challenges and problems that your subscribers and customers have.

3) Repurpose content

You’re creating content already, yes? Perhaps you have a blog, or you have a YouTube channel, a podcast, or you have a social media platform of choice where you post a lot of your content.

Any new content that you create, you can then email out to your list. For example, perhaps you’ve posted a new article onto your Facebook page.

You could grab the link to this article, and send it out in an email saying “Hey, I’ve just created an amazing article on Facebook. It’s all about how to do XXX, go and read it, comment on it, tell your friends about it etc.”

Notifying your email list about content you are creating on social media is a great way to get your email subscribers involved in what you are doing on the web.

They are also able to share this information easily too, which gives you more reach and exposure to new potential customers.

If you’ve just created a tweet on Twitter, or posted an image on Instagram, just grab the link and email it out to your email list.

Maybe you have a webinar coming up? Grab the link to the webinar and email your subscribers about it and ask them to join you.

Maybe you are doing a Facebook live stream? Email your audience and tell them when you go ‘live’ so they can join you.

In other words, you don’t need to create absolutely brand new content just for your list.

You can use your emails to point your subscribers to different parts of the online world where your content sits – whether that’s your blog, podcasts, videos, social media content…..whatever!

This repurposing of content can work in the reverse direction too!

Perhaps you write emails that solves your target customer’s challenges and problems?

You can take these emails and post them onto your social media sites, or paste them as articles on your blog, or turn them into videos, or into audio and create a podcast!

I talked in more depth about repurposing content here in Episode 56.

4) Run a contest

Contests are just fantastic for content creation and engagement. Everyone loves to win something!

Give away a relevant prize. If you don’t have one, approach other people in your industry or niche, and ask if you can give away something of theirs.

By emailing your subscribers, they’re getting fun content and the prize owner is getting exposure to your subscribers.

Great double relationship builder, especially if the prize owner is also someone you want to build a relationship with.

5) Ask questions

If you’ve created a customer avatar, then chances are you know what your subscribers and customers want, what problems they have, and what solutions they are looking for.

But it never hurts to ask them directly. Ask them how you can help them. What challenges are they having in their business or life right now that you could potentially solve.

The answers you get back may be exactly what you expected, but by simply asking your subscribers, and getting them to engage with you by replying, you are building incredible rapport.

And you never know, some of the answers you get back may even surprise you. You’ve just learnt so much more about your subscribers!

Now, you have a list of problems and challenges your email subscribers are facing. This can be your list of email content ideas!

Simply reply to all the answers in this list via email. Remember to repurpose this content. Answer via blog posts, as videos, as audio…..whatever platform you like!

Your Challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…..

Create a list of email subjects that you can send out to your list:

1) Use the 5 email content tactics above to create a list of ideas

2) Write at least 2 emails from this list

3) Send them out! An idea is only an idea, but action is everything :)

No matter how small your list is, get at least 2 emails sent out. Don’t wait for months on end before you converse with them – Make It Happen and start talking to them this week!

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What Else Can I Do?

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Make It Happen Monday Episode 67 – Crafting the Perfect Welcome Email

Welcome to Episode 67 of Make it Happen Monday!

You’ve got a new subscriber. Yay! Now comes the hard part!

Building an email list isn’t about creating a database of thousands.

The whole point of having people on an email list is that you use emails to build and nurture a relationship with them, and engage with them so they become paying customers.

And you can’t do this if they don’t open your emails!

So how do you write a great first email that not only gets opened, it hooks someone in so they want to open your future emails?

How do you start the engagement process so your emails are a welcome sight in someone’s inbox (rather than ignored or deleted without opening)?

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you 4 brilliant ways to get engagement from new subscribers, and get them looking forward to your emails!

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Is there such a thing as the perfect first email?

I’m not sure if there is any marketer out there who can say that 100% of people who sign up to receive their free gift actually opens the first email.

In fact, we discussed a few weeks ago how it’s only at your thank you page where you are guaranteed a success rate of 100% views from people who opted in on your landing page.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for perfection! Your email follow up sequence is important.

It’s through these emails that you can build and nurture that relationship with the people who have shown an interest in you and your business by signing up for your free gift.

But this can only happen if they actually open your emails.

We talked last week about why I choose to give out my free gift in the first email instead of on my thank you page – it allows me to get much higher open rates for my first email!

But what else do you need to say in your first email?

How Do I Write A Great First Email?

1) Give your new subscriber what they want – your free gift / lead magnet

When someone first comes through your funnel, you’ve enticed them with a very specific offer. What they’re going to be looking for, in your first email, is the result of that offer!

This may sound obvious, but I still find many businesses fail on this crucial aspect.

Recently I went into a sales funnel, and I got lots and lots of emails from this person, but the original thing that they promised to send me, I couldn’t find it!

That’s not what you want. It creates a very bad experience.

You want to make sure that the very first thing you send them in your first email is what they signed up for in the first place.

E.g. Dear (name), thank you for requesting (whatever the free gift is called). Here it is (link to Ebook, video, audio, whatever you are giving away).

2) Write to your target customer

We discussed a few weeks back on why we must define our ideal customer, and how it’ s important to create a ‘customer avatar’.

If you did the challenge set for that week, you will find writing emails so much easier as you have huge clarity on exactly who you are talking to.

3) Talk to people like human beings

Don’t become overly formal, and don’t talk as if you are addressing an audience, both of which make you sound cold!

Instead, imagine you are chatting to someone over a coffee. It’s this kind of ‘one-to-one’ feeling that engages people and makes them look forward to opening your emails.

4) Have just one focus / objective in your email

Your objective might be just to build a relationship, and to get someone to open the next email. So the whole content in the first email needs to be written so people open that second email.

Your objective could be for someone to click a second link in your first email (the first link would obviously be the download link to the free gift).

For example, you might want people to follow you on Facebook. So your email content needs to be focused on how to get someone to follow you on Facebook.

When you have too many objectives, your content will be confusing. And confusion only ever leads to overwhelm for your subscriber, which never leads to engagement!

4 Great First Email Objectives

Whichever objective you choose, all of them are about subscriber engagement. Only through engagement you can you start to build a relationship.

1) Introduce yourself

Tell your new subscribers a story about yourself that ties in to your business and brand.

Remember, people buy from people. Letting people know who you are, and that there is a human behind the business or brand, is a great tactic that keeps people opening your emails to learn more about you.

2) Get a new subscriber to connect with you on social media

E.g. “Here’s your free gift. By the way, I’d love to connect with you on social media, that’s where I do most of my chatting and have conversations, so please come and follow me on Facebook.”

Or Twitter, Instagram…. wherever it is you tend to hang out.

This is all about engagement. When someone connects with you on social media, they are showing real interest in you and your business, and this gives you the chance to have those conversations and build a relationship with them via social media.

3) Get a new subscriber to respond by asking a question

Similar to connecting with you on social media, this encourages engagement straight away as it becomes a two way conversation.

Also, for any subscribers who use Gmail, by getting them to respond to you, Gmail will register your email as ‘important’ as there has been some engagement.

It will now show your future emails in someone’s main email inbox (instead of it going into ‘Promotions’ or some other inbox where someone can miss your email).

You could ask them how you can help them, or what they are struggling with, or what problems you can solve for them.

You want one well worded question that will make someone hit reply and respond to your first email.

Now, don’t go overboard here and ask 20 questions! Most people don’t have time. Just ask one question. E.g. “Please hit reply, and tell me X”

Make it as easy as you can for them to hit that reply button!

4) Set expectations

A great objective is to let a new subscriber know what to expect.

A number of years ago, one of the best email sequences I ever saw was from Justin Brooke, a well-known and respected media buyer (check him out at www.dmbionline.com)

His first email welcomed me and then told me what was coming up in the next 7 days!

E.g. “Here’s what coming up in the next 7 days. I will be sending you these emails on all these amazing strategies for your business.”

It got me really excited about all the upcoming information I was going to receive, and each day, he sent me these different emails, and it all led up to an affiliate product he was selling.

This tactic is also known as ‘future proof’. He was basically telling me what to look out for in a future email, and what benefits I will get from opening it, which made me want to open his next email, and then the next after that!

Warning – Do Not Do All Of These Strategies In One Email!

It’s OK if you want to do a quick introduction and then ask someone to connect with you on social media.

Or you do a quick introduction and you ask a question that you want them to reply back to.

But don’t do a huge diatribe on who you are, a huge list of expectations, ask them to connect with you on social media, plus give them a question to respond to!

All this will do is overwhelm your subscribers!

Just do one of those things. Have one main objective.

Then, you can split test! That’s the great thing about auto responders these days, you can split test.

You can have one first email that is all about you, and another first email that asks a question you want subscribers to respond to.

Over a month, you can test both and see which has the higher open rates. You can then pick a ‘winner’ and split test it against another of the above objectives.

Your Challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…..

Craft the perfect first email

1) Write your first email using one of the 4 objectives

Choose ONE of the above 4 objectives.

2) Put this first email into your funnel

3) Test and measure

InfoGraph Ep

What Else Can I Do?

See the comments below? Tell me what your email strategy is. What is your objective in the first email?

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)



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