Hawaii Here We Come!

OK I’m officially super excited!

11 days from now, we’ll be heading to Osaka, Japan for 3 days before flying over to Hawaii for a month, then back to Japan for a week before heading home to Phuket.

I have never been to any of the places we’re visiting and I always love a new adventure!

So we start off with 2 weeks on O’ahu, staying in Honolulu, and oh my gosh we have so much planned!

Trips to;

Pearl Harbour
Manoa Falls
Kuhio Beach Torchlight Hula Show
Make Beach to snorkel with turtles
Waikiki Beach
China Town
Lanikai Pillbox Hike
Makapu’u Tide Pools
Various Beaches
Rhett wants to walk the Haiku stairs but it sounds a bit dangerous for Cerys so I’m thinking about that one.
And lots more!

Then we’re off to Maui for a week and doing various treks, snorkeling trips and sunrises around the Island, although I’’m a little nervous of sharks, there seem to have a fair few attacks in and around Maui over the years!

Then lastly we head to the Big Island for 8 days.

Once again lots of treks, snorkeling, possibly diving, waterfalls etc.

Then we head back via Osaka, Okinawa (more diving I hope), Hong Kong & Macau (I love a game of Blackjack!)

So I welcome any tips along the way!

Have you been to Hawaii?

Maybe you live there?

What must we do while there?
Do I need to worry about sharks or am I being a total wusser?
Have you been diving off the coast of the Big Island? If so do you recommend it?
Rhett wants to take Cerys shark cage diving, am I a terrible parent for saying ‘over my dead body’!?
Any other tips?

Thanks so much!

I will of course share pics etc along the way on FB & Instagram, so be sure to connect with me! 🙂

Day 1 – Ride 4 Kids

The time has finally arrived for me to get on my bike & cycle somewhere between 600 & 700 kilometres this week to raise money for 3 amazing children’s charities here on Phuket Island.

Yesterday a group of us set off at 8am to cycle around the schools we’re supporting, starting at Phuket Has Been Good To Us, a school which was originally set up to support the orphaned children from the 2001 Tsunami.

Now the school educates & houses local kids from broken or abusive homes, kids with no parents & families with no means to give their child an education.

The money we raise will pay for English speaking teachers & more equipment & facilities for the school.

Next we cycled to the Banya school supported by The Good Shepherd charity.

Here the kids are Burmese and come from the immigrant worker camps made out of corrugated iron & dirt.

The money we raise pays for clean drinking water at the school, clean toilets, teachers, learning equipment & other school facilities.

Lastly we visited the Outrigger Share 4 Change program school.

Like PHBGTU, the local kids here come from broken homes or families living in extreme poverty.

The school receives no government funding & this program has paid for learning equipment, improvements to the sports field, canteen, playground, nursery & library.

Three very deserving causes I’m sure you’ll agree.

Day 1 was fun, informative & at times extremely moving.

Here’s a little video I put together.

If you’d like to support us, please sponsor me just $10 to change a child’s life.

Thanks so much 🙏

Ride 4 Kids Starts on Monday!

OMG, I can’t believe how fast it’s come around but Ride 4 Kids starts on Monday.

On Monday morning I’ll don a pair of bike pants, some gloves & my helmet and start my 700km week cycling around the charities of Phuket.

Through the rest of the week, we’ll be cycling up into Phang Nga, spinning in the gym for hours and clocking up the miles!

Here’s a little video telling you more;

Sponsor Me Here

Wish me luck!!!

Totally Lashed Up

As is always the way, you meet the most interesting people just as you’re about to leave a place! 🙁

Yesterday we met Jess & Stuart, a lovely couple from Wales in the UK.

Other than having the most beautiful sing songy Welsh accent they were a bundle of fun.

Stuart is a wedding singer! Never met one of those before and Jess is a make up artist and has recently started her own ecommerce business selling eyelashes!

Her brand name – ‘Totally Lashed Up’!

You can imagine her surprise & excitement when I explained what I did! 😁

So naturally we spent a long time discussing her business, what she was doing now, where she wanted to take it etc.

Clearly a talented and committed young woman her tech confusion, fears of marketing, lack of understanding of sales funnels, email marketing etc are the same concerns and fears so many of my community have had over the years.

The same concerns & fears I had when I started out in 2010.

So we set about taking some immediate action.

She said she had wanted to make a video of her new soon to be launched eyelash product while in the Maldives, but fear of looking crap in front of the camera has held her back.

Within an hour I’d sent her marching back to her room to get her products and we were sat on a beautiful beach sofa videoing her demonstrating her new product with a backdrop of a white sandy beach & crystal clear waters.

Is it the best video in the world? No.

Is it good enough to start getting her message out? Yes.

Will people love her slight shyness! Yes.

Did we get it done? Hell Yes! 😁

Here’s a clip.

So impressed was I with her attitude & enthusiasm and after meeting Geetika in Jaipur who wanted to take her husbands cooking business online I found myself with no other choice.

I am going to launch a new, updated & comprehensive training course on how to build a lifestyle business.

It will be a nuts & bolts course including selling digital products, services & physical products.

Best news? It’s going to be FREE! 😁

Watch this space!

In the meantime head over to Instagram & check out what Jess is doing in her business. It’s fab! https://www.instagram.com/totally.lashed.up/

Manta Rays & Venomous Lion Fish!

I talked on Wednesday about the ‘inevitable scuba dive I would do’ and sure enough yesterday was the day!

At 11am I headed down to the jetty to meet ‘D’ my Japanese dive instructor.

Within an hour we were exploring the reef which was teeming with life! 🐠🐟🐡🦈🐢

I felt like I was in a live version of ‘Shark Tale’!

I swam alongside sharks, a huge turtle, my favourite Bat Fish & a multitude of marine life. It was fabulous. 😁

Later that day after the sun had set over the pristine horizon, I once again ventured down the jetty to meet D.

This time I was a little apprehensive as we were off to explore a dark reef and see if we could spot Manta Rays.

The only downside? At nighttime the reef is full of dangerous fish! 😳

Lion fish, stone fish, trigger fish.

D informed me that if I did not keep perfect buoyancy and happened to make contact with one of these venomous animals, ‘make big problem’ he said.

‘Hospital in Sri Lanka’ he said with a huge smile on his face which did nothing to calm my churning tummy! 🥴

I remembered a conversation I’d had with my extreme sporting friend, 8 years my senior, Nikki when we were skiing.

‘You don’t get old & stop doing these things Jo’ she said. ‘You stop doing them & so get old.’

Not wanting to age prematurely I heeded Nikki’s words & ventures into the dark waters knowing somewhere down there unaffected by venomous fish were also sharks. 🦈

Good god what was I doing! 😯

As it turned out I kept perfect buoyancy, even as the Mantas swooped and played through our torch lights.

We saw a beautiful turtle swim above us, all sorts of brightly coloured fish including the beautiful but dangerous Lion fish.

Then we turned off our torches to watch the neon plankton dance through the water. It was magical!

I’ve had a few magical moments on this trip & I do feel truly blessed (and also very brave!) 😂😂😂