My 12 Day Trip to the Buddhist Fat Camp!

How are you?

I feel like I have been away for ages, but it has in fact only been 2 weeks! I have been on a life changing journey and I would really like to tell you all about it, if that’s ok!

It’s a complete change from talking about Social Media, but how many times have you heard people say that to be truly successful you need to be healthy and energetic and look after yourself first!

It’s true, how can we expect to balance our lives and fit in all the things we want to do, plus run a successful business if we’re tired, lacking in energy, overweight, unfit and generally living way below our true capacity for life every day!

Well that’s pretty much where I was a few weeks ago and I got so sick & tired of feeling sick & tired I decided to do something about it! (more…)

I Don’t Know What to Write!

Don't Give UpEver feel like this? You really want to produce great content, consistently write fantastic blog posts that will have people flooding to your website, but … writers block – you just don’t know what to write!

Well, we all experience it! I’ve only just started my blog and pre launch I thought to myself, right I’m going to be really prepared, have my weeks blog posts ready to go so unless there is some breaking news I can just press publish and not stress everyday!

Yeah right, here I am this morning, with nothing prepared thinking, what shall I write about today! Oh and I haven’t got 2 hours to review, research or do something fancy, so it’s actually what shall I write about today that I can publish in 20 mins flat!

Which got me thinking, you know loads of people have this very issue, what do they write about to keep the audience coming back and engaged, so here’s my Top 10 Tips for Producing Great Content! (more…)