The Secret of Success

What do you think the secret of success is?

On researching for answers I found a broad array of ideas and suggestions including (but not limited to);

  • Persistence
  • Self belief
  • How you think
  • Taking action
  • Hard Work
  • Focus
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • A thick skin
  • and many more…


The Importance of Having a Vision

Have you got what is commonly becoming known as Entrepreneurial ADD?

If so, you can be cured! All it takes is a crystal clear business vision!

As part of a new course I’ve recently launched for the members of The SNA, one of the first things I have asked them to do is to really hammer out what the vision of their business is.

What does it look like, how does it feel, who are the core customers, what is the core message, what are the values of the business, what are it’s goals.

Why is this important? (more…)

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Think BigI asked many of my members a crucial question this week

If you are not yet where you want to be, what do you think is holding you back or delaying you from achieving your goals?

I anticipated the responses to be; lack of technical know how, not getting enough traffic, unsure of market etc etc. In fact the overwhelming response was huge! At least 80% came back with the same responses;

“Me, Fear, Lack of Focus, Procrastination, Not Taking Action!”

This really got me thinking, in fact not just thinking but watching aswell! I went in search of great videos explaining why it was that some people did take action and others didn’t. Why some people seemed to bulldoze over fear while others felt paralysed by it. (more…)