Systemising Podcasts, Amazon FBA & ‘the gram’

As a global traveller I’m not going to deny that right now I feel boxed in.

As lovely a place as Phuket is, it’s a very small island and with the shops, beaches, cinema and most restaurants & cafes closed, even though the sun is shining and I’m still in shorts and a tee, I’m itching to jump on a plane and go exploring.

In fact this week coming, myself & Rhett were supposed to be in Cambodia.

But I can’t complain, I’m healthy, my family is well and the virus hasn’t hit as hard here as it has in other parts of the world.

Did I mention my friends ’The Worthingtons’ are also stranded here in Phuket?

Boo Hoo, locked down on a paradise island!

You may have seen myself & Dan on some FB Lives as we’re taking full advantage of being in the same time zone.

Dan & Sue have been superstars since I met them online back in 2013 ish. They were students of my ‘Instant Sales Funnel’, and started to generate online income from the very start. They then followed us into Amazon (much to Dan’s disapproval as he was focused on online courses and launches at the time, but his Mum convinced him this was the way to go).

They started their Amazon business ‘Craftamo’ back in 2015 and by 2018 were generating enough to sell up and start full time travel.

In February they made their way over to Phuket to come to my wedding with a plan of a short trip around Asia before heading off to Vancouver & the US.

But within a couple of weeks of the wedding, the world had begun to lock its doors and Phuket followed suit shutting airports, land & sea ports.

So here they are. All future plans on hold as they wait out the uncertainty. Phuket have extended all tourist visas until the end of July, so we’re hoping there will be some positive news across the world by then!

In the meantime, Dan & I are hatching all sorts of future business plans and its been awesome to be around such similar and entrepreneurially energetic minds!

This week at Your Lifestyle Business

Not much to update on this week as it’s been a ‘head down get my podcast system in place week’.

I have literally spent 3 full days, editing, transcribing & uploading podcast episodes so I can get a few weeks ahead.

This week I hired a podcast producer and a VA to do it all for me for future episodes, creating videos and drive docs with instructions and systems.

If you’re thinking of creating a system for creating and publishing content. Whether that be videos, podcasts or blog posts, here’s my system for podcasting;

  1. Record FB Live (this is how my podcasts generally start)
  2. After live – record 1 min summary intro to FB Live (this is a nice way to start an episode by summarizing what you or your guest spoke about)
  3. Upload both videos to folder in dropbox
  4. Podcast producer edits videos – 1 min intro / YLB musical intro / Main segment / YLB musical outro.
  5. He then uploads the video to Zubtitle. (More on this awesome piece of kit in a second).
  6. At the same time he extracts the audio and uploads to (my podcasting platform). See this post to learn how to create and upload podcasts on
  7. My VA heads into Zubtitle and checks the video transcription amending and correcting to ensure it’s accurate.
  8. I download the transcript to create show notes (I did have my podcast producer creating the show notes, but I’m so darn fussy that it’s my voice, so I’ve decided to carry on writing the show notes. To be fair it also helps me to write the social media posts).
  9. I upload the now ‘captioned’ video into FB, YouTube & IGTV. I haven’t tested the platforms yet to see whether this strategy of simply uploading the videos will work, particularly for IGTV where traditionally shorter videos seem to be the trend, so am thinking of breaking the lives up into smaller segments to post on that platform.
  10. Create a short podcast ‘preview’ in Wavve.
  11. Start marketing!

It sounds a little complex when laid out like this, but now I have a podcast producer & VA, all I’m doing is recording the live, creating the show notes & then telling the world it’s live!

Happy Days.

The two platforms I mention above are;

1. Zubtitles. This is an awesome platform. You upload your video, it transcribes your video and adds the captions onto your video. You scroll through the captions while listening to the video / reading the captions, amend and correct anything that’s inaccurate (very low rate), style the captions so they look good on your video and export!

There you have a fully captioned video to use anywhere on the web. You can also download the transcript from the software to use to write a blog post, create a transcript page of your episode (like I do), create your show notes, create descriptions, quotes, social media content etc.

Here’s a quick demo;


NB – If you use Zubtitles and decide to sign up for one of their subscription plans you can get 50% off your first month if you use my referral code! Just type this – UUL062 – into the relevant box on the sub page and you’ll be good to go!

2. Wavve. Created by the same guys who brought us Zubtitle is Turning your audio podcast into a mini ‘preview’ video, you can then post across social media.

Here’s a demo of how this works;


So now I have my podcast system in place, I am free to start inviting guests onto FB Lives or podcast interviews, knowing that once the interview has been recorded, all I have to do next is prep the show notes and let the world know once it goes live!

Well worth the time this week to get that system set up.

With that being said, here’s this weeks podcast!


This weeks podcast is all about choosing your business. If you’re at the stage that you know you want to build a Lifestyle Business and you might even know that you want to be a blogger or an influencer or an affiliate marketer or sell physical products but you’re not sure in what niche or where to get started, this weeks episode is for you!

What Business Are You In?

what business

I hope its helps!

In other news…

Amazon FBA

Talking about my buddy Dan Worthington above, we decided to sit down and record a masterclass about starting an Amazon FBA business.

I’ll be adding it to my 30 Days to Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business guide this week and will post here next week when it’s live.

It was an awesome session and we talked through everything from creating a brand to sourcing a product to your launch strategy and ongoing marketing techniques.

I can’t wait to share it with you!


Lastly I’d love it if you would come over and follow me on the ‘gram’. I’m slightly obsessed with getting my head around how this little platform works and intend to spend the next few weeks immersing myself in photo editing, story telling and engaging with influencers to grow my account.

View this post on Instagram

It doesn't seem to matter what's going on in the world, you'll most likely always find a smile on a childs face.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This pic was from our trip to a very poor Cambodian school which relied on donations primarily from passing tourists to survive, but right now here in Phuket, Burmese families from migrant camps are lining up to receive just one meal a day and still the kids are running around, playing and laughing.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Even at our worst moments, when we think we can't take staying indoors for one moment longer, ask how you can make someone else smile today.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Pick up the phone, Zoom, skype, whatever you need to communicate with the outside world and just like these incredible youngsters who despite having nothing, were the ones who made me smile, be the reason someone smiles today. 😁🙏❤️😘⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #smile #behappy #begrateful #liveyourlife #supportothers #children #motivation #inspiration #happiness #livefornow #traveladdicts #lifestyle #cutenessoverload #cambodia

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That’s me for this week!

Hope it helps, inspires, encourages or fires you into action!

Have an amazing week wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Stay safe, stay positive and even from the comfort of your front room, live on purpose and make it happen!

Lockdown in Phuket, Brand Ideals & a New Website

I have been toying with this journal style section of my site for a couple of years now, but have never seriously made the commitment to post weekly to share my journey.

That time has come.

I wish I’d started years ago when I first fell over online marketing, when we were strapped for cash & well before we’d generated our first million online.

But as the old saying goes ‘the best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is now’.

The point of this part of the site is for me to share what’s happening in my world. It’s the small self serving part of my site where I talk about where we are in the world, the projects I’m working on & any learnings I’ve experienced.

I say self serving but I only ever share content that I hope brings value to those who consume it so I do hope my stories benefit you in some way.

So a quick recap as to where we’re at right now & how we got here!

As I write this I’m in the spare room of a beautiful villa in Rawai in Phuket, Thailand. The house is being rented by my friends Sue, Brian & Dan Worthington who after attending my wedding in February here in Phuket decided to stay for a while & then got locked down here as the Coronavirus caused havoc around the world!

We’re friends via the fact they were my community members back in 2015 & after taking my Amazon course went on to build a very successful Amazon business which afforded them the opportunity to travel the world!

Sue, Dan & Tina

Pre Lockdown

In fact Dan shares a lot of his journey & his fabulous photography skills over on Instagram @wanderingworthy. You can find him there.

I actually live in Phuket right now with my husband & daughter about 30 mins up the road & have done on & off for the last 10 years while also living in & visiting over 30 different countries.

Back in 2010 we sold everything we owned (which wasn’t much) and with scarce funds, a 4 year old under our arm & 3 suitcases set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

It took just over a year to generate our first 6 figures & another 4 years before we hit $1 million annual turnover.

And believe me when I say we’ve done it all! Digital courses, ebooks, affiliate marketing, Ecommerce, Amazon, coaching, Software as a service; there isn’t much online we haven’t tried over the years.

Right now we buy & grow e-commerce businesses which my husband primarily takes care of & I have a goal to grow ‘Your Lifestyle Business’ into a popular blog & educational brand to help people the world over build lifestyle businesses they can run from anywhere in the world.

By lifestyle business, I mean a business that funds your ideal lifestyle!

So even though we’ve had a decent amount of success over the years, here I am with a fairly new brand, a small audience and a hugely competitive landscape. No better time to start this weekly journal to share with you how I grow YLB over the coming months & years.

I hope sharing my insights and experiences with you will help you on your journey!

A New Brand Feel and Website

A few weeks ago I was helping my now 13 year old with her homeschooling and she was doing a project all about branding and advertising (right up my alley).

The teacher shared a document all about Brand Ideals – you can download and read that document here.

Ever since reading that and researching more into brand ideals, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

All this time we’re taught to identify our target customer primarily by demographics such as gender, age, location, marital status, job status etc. But that is old school my friend. That may have worked 20 years ago when society all followed a similar path, but in todays world where diversity is celebrated and you’re just as likely to go rock climbing in your 80’s as you are in your 20’s, demographics are only going to get you so far.

Nowadays it’s far more important to identify your target customer using psychographics, or in simple terms, what do they believe.

What world view as Seth Godin puts it in his book ‘All Marketers are Liars’, are you trying to resonate with?

In the article I shared with you above, the author cites Red Bull as a great ‘brand ideal’ example.

If you look at their Instagram account, you’ll see few posts about an unhealthy, sugary energy drink. Instead their feed is filled with extreme sports videos.

They believe in ‘uplifting mind and body and energizing the world’. I guess they could have chosen yoga, but to demonstrate their beliefs they went with extreme sports.

Their audience are people who believe what they believe; that extreme sports is for super adventurous energetic people and that ‘Red Bull gives you wings’!

So clever.

Nike is the same, targeting people who want to be a better, more active person. Targeting people who look up to athletes and aspire to ‘just do it’!

Dove is another example of a brand who believe in the beauty of women, no matter size, shape, creed, color or culture. We are all beautiful!


See how powerful these brand beliefs are. Red Bull basically sells a drink that’s probably pretty horrific for your health. Nike sells over priced sports gear & Dove sells shower gel.

Not quite as sexy eh.

Simon Sinek also goes into quite a lot of detail about this in his video – Start With Why.

He says – ’the goal is not to find people who need what you have, the goal is to find people who believe what you believe’.

Here’s what Marina De Giovanni says in her book ‘Instagram Famous’;

When it comes to finding your Perfect Audience, we’re not just looking at what most people think of as a target market. Instead, what you want to do is identify the core beliefs of a target market that align with your beliefs. This is what Audience Alignment means. It’s all about finding people who are similar to you. When you actively share with people the things that you believe in, people will relate to that. People who believe what you believe will form a bond with you.

I am absolutely captivated by this way of identifying your target audience. I even did a Facebook Live about it which will be published as a podcast in the coming weeks.

So what do you believe or what are your brands higher ideals?

I believe;

  • Travel broadens the mind and makes the world a better place as it promotes understanding and tolerance.
  • I do believe in commerce but I believe that capitalism has morphed into out and out greed and the common man needs to start making his or her own rules.
  • I believe that you do not need to be a millionaire to live an amazing life.
  • I believe that taking responsibility for your own destiny and building a lifestyle business that adds massive value to the world is a total win win. It makes you happier as you’re doing something that you love everyday and it makes the consumer happier because you’re meeting a need in someway.

In summary – Your Lifestyle Business believes in creating your own destiny.

I’m mid getting my website rebuilt by my good buddy Jared Elvidge and the goal is to encapsulate this message in the look and feel of the website.

This ‘higher purpose’ for my brand will also shine through in all the content I create, the images I upload, the posts I write, the videos I make.

See how powerful a brand ideal can be.

I challenge you to sit down today and envision and write down your brand ideal. It will change your business!

Business Guides

I’ve recently finished 3 of the 4 main guides that create the foundation of the education part of the website;

30 Days to Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business
30 Days to Start & Grow an Information Marketing Business
30 Days to Start & Grow a Service Based Business

Coming up – The Ultimate Guide to Building an Audience

These are massive step by step guides which walk you through all the key stages of building your lifestyle business.

The goal over the coming months & years is to hold interviews and record videos, lives & podcasts with amazing people who can add to the information in these guides and make them even meatier and more valuable than they are now!

I’ve been working on these since before Christmas so it feels good to have got them almost complete!

I hope they help. 😁

YLB Podcast

I’m super excited to have relaunched my podcast. I started it back in October 2018, a little non committal and without any real plan of action as to how I was going to grow it. As a consequence I’ve been terribly sporadic over the years in keeping it going.

Your Lifestyle Business Podcast

The most important key to success in this business my friend is consistency, so due to my inconsistency I’m lucky to get 50 downloads an episode right now. However I have 16 weeks of podcast episodes set up and ready to go and I can’t wait to interview more awesome people along the way, plus I have a boat load of promotional techniques I am executing for each published episode which I’ll be sharing with you, so let’s see where that is in a years time! 😁

Content Plan

Lastly in todays mammoth update, I’ve created a new content plan with the help of my good friend Dan @wanderingworthy. (It’s amazing what you can do when you start to network & chat with fellow lifestyle entrepreneurs).

Content is a huge part of building an online lifestyle business and you can quickly become overwhelmed with what you think you should be doing.

I actually outline some strategies for developing a solid content plan in my guides.

But here’s how we created a plan to promote my podcasts each week.

  1. Choose your main platform or platforms you’ll be creating content for. I chose Instagram & Facebook
  2. Define your pillar content (your big piece of content you’ll publish either daily or weekly depending on the size of your business). For me that’s my weekly podcast.
  3. Create a weeks plan of content around your pillar piece. Here’s our example;

Day 1 – Publish the podcast – across podcast platforms, on blog, on IG, on Facebook
Day 2 – Quote image – a key quote from pillar content – on IG & FB
Day 3 – 60 second face to camera video summarizing main points of pillar content – IG & FB
Day 4 – Add a quote, a question or an important message from your pillar content as a tweet, screenshot & share to IG & FB
Day 5 – A personal image or story relatable to pillar content
Day 6 – Adding the FB Live (many of my podcasts start life as a FB Live or a video interview) into IGTV / FB as a video.
Day 7 – Share someone else’s content relating to my pillar piece.

Please note I pulled all the ideas for my content from Gary Vaynerchuks ‘How to Make 64 Pieces of Content in a Day’ slideshow.

Awesome value!


Phew, it’s been a long one this week, but I do hope it both adds value to you wherever you are in your journey right now and inspires you to take action.

If you have any comments or feedback don’t hesitate to come and join the YLB FB Community, it’s where all the best conversations happen!

Thanks for reading! I look forward to my next update.

Be sure to live on purpose & Make It Happen!

Maui, Turtles & 2000 Views!

Welcome to another ‘week in the life of a travelling entrepreneur’!

This week we’ve been in Maui and it’s been a busy one!

A 12 hour day exploring the road to Hana, a sunrise hike, a submarine experience, a snorkel trip, a Luau & surfing lessons!

And we still had time to enjoy some beers on the beach watching the sun go down!

We may have been active but I tell you, I don’t want to be going near any weighing scales anytime soon!

Tacos, fajitas, fish & chips, nachos! Come on America, even the salads are 1000 calories each!

As I write this we’re off to the big island & I’ve decided to become a carbarian for the rest of the trip.

Step away from the carbs Jo!!! 😂

Turtles 🐢

So Hawaii is definitely the land of the turtles. I have never seen so many, on the beaches, swimming past in the sea, while snorkelling etc.

What’s amazing is their complete nonchalance for humans.

They just seem to go about their business and completely ignore the fact we’re there!

I was quite nervous snorkelling close to a beach which was home to an entire group of pretty big green sea turtles.

I didn’t want to swim into one, but believe me they’re much more agile than us in the water and just swim round you!

Beautiful creatures!

Make It Happen Monday

So I had a very exciting experience this week when my latest MIHM episode saw over 2.2k views!

Thank you so much to everyone in the FB group for your comments & support.

Unfortunately after checking the analytics, it seems the video was shown as a ‘suggested video’ to people watching a ‘vivo phone ad’. Therefore on average about 2k views only watched 45secs of the video. Booo 🙁

They don’t know what they’re missing out on! 😂

Not to worry, this time next year it’ll be a million views! (Get it people from the UK!) 😂

However it has made me think about my MIHM vids.

Last week I talked about reducing the quantity of my content to focus more on quality & promotion and moving forward I really want to work on providing super valuable MIHM vids.

I already have a list of great topics to cover in the coming weeks / months but if you have any burning questions you’d like me to cover in a future episode do please let me know in the comments below or at anytime in the group.


No updates this week other than to let you know (if you don’t know already), IGTV’s max video limit is 10 minutes.

If you don’t know IGTV is a separate app to IG but connects directly with your IG account by automatically publishing a preview of your video plus your captions & hashtags to your IG feed.

You can upload a video directly to your IG feed but that limit is 60secs & if you want to upload a video to your story the limit is 15secs. Although if you have a longer video you can use an app called ‘Long Story’ to splice a longer vid into short 15 sec clips.

So IGTV is like YouTube for IG but as I said max limit is 10 mins. Don’t sit there uploading and getting rejected all day only to discover your vid is too long! 😜


That’s it for this week. Have just arrived on the big Island for 9 days, so looking forward to exploring the volcano! 🌋

In the meantime…

Fave Quote

“Don’t let the fear of striking out, hold you back” Babe Ruth

Fave Joke told to me by my 12 Year Old

What’s big, grey & doesn’t matter?

An irrelephant! 😂😂😂

Have a great weekend 😁

Shark Cove, What Freedom Means to You & Getting Productive!

Welcome my friends to another “Week in the Life of a Traveling Entrepreneur’ post!

What a week it’s been!

Happy Birthday Honey!

We started the week last Sunday with Rhetts birthday.

Here’s a little known fact, did you know he is in fact my toy boy?

Yep 4 years younger than I, the lovely Rhett turned just 43 years old on Sunday and for just two months he’s only 3 years younger than me! 😁

We had a lovely day and it was great to celebrate it in Hawaii! 🌺


Enjoying a beer in the ocean 😎

Happy Birthday! 🍰

Pillbox Hike & Shark Cove

Mon / Tues was spent exploring & hiking!

It’s amazing how my daughter comes alive when we get her out from behind her iPhone. She loved the Lanikai Pillbox Hike which was a challenging upward, almost rock climbing at points, hike (great fun) and a bit of snorkeling and playing in the rocks at shark cove.

I have absolutely no idea why it’s called Shark Cove by the way. There were no sharks (thank god).

We also saw where they filmed parts of Jurassic Park, the hotel where Forgetting Sarah Marshall (romcom) was filmed & a huge Banyan tree which was used for Pirates of the Caribbean! 😀

Having fun at the top of Pillbox Hike

What a view!

Turtle Bay Resort (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

Banyan Tree (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Freedom Navigators

So the lovely Tina Sibley is doing an online summit with her business partner Debbie Peck and I was honored to be interviewed by Tina this week for the summit.

She asked me a great opening question;

What does freedom mean for you?

For me it literally means being able to jump on a plane whenever I want to and go anywhere in the world. No ties, nothing to hold me down. As free as a bird.

But it means different things to different people, so I ask you – what does freedom mean to you?

If you’re willing too, please share your answer in the comments below…

In the meantime, look out for announcements from Tina or myself about the summit later in the year. 😀

Productivity & Time

So I had to make a decision this week.

I had to ask myself, is what I’m doing now having the most impact on the growth of my business?

Have you asked that of yourself lately?

Are you spending 80% of your time on the 20% which will have the greatest impact?

Do you even know what that 20% is?

You have to start by knowing what your outcome is.

So first identify your next immediate goals. For me that looks like;

1. Build my audience – objective to grow the FB Group & my email list to 50k combined.
2. Get my ecommerce store off the ground
3. Write a book (already planned and underway)

What I mean by immediate goals, is that these are the first things I want to do before I move on to other goals.

Then once you have these clearly defined, you know you need to do something every day to work towards these goals.

Right now, all of my ‘working time’ which I don’t have as much of as I did when I started out back in 2010 (too busy having fun!), is being spent trying to maintain my daily blogs & weekly MIHM videos.

In fact so much time is being spent in the production of these content pieces, I’m spending no time on the promotion, which is a bit of a waste of solid content!

So for me moving forward, I need to spend more time on creating faster or evergreen content I can promote and that leads to people joining my group or email list, launch my store (already planned for Sept) and use the time I’m currently writing daily blog posts to write my book instead.

Practically that means after 6 months of experimenting with Daily Blogs, I’m reverting to better quality but less frequent blog posts with a call to action. (Probably 3 a week including MIHM, a week in the life & one other ‘How To’ post).

Like I always say, you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t until you get out there and just do it.

Take a moment this weekend to ask yourself, are you spending 80% of your time doing the 20% that will have the biggest impact. Clearly define your immediate goals and then Make It Happen! 😀

Instagram Update

So I’ve finally settled on ‘Planoly’ as my app of choice for Instagram.

I’ve used Later, which really doesn’t have much going for it as an app. It’s great on desktop, but mobile is poor, although their blog has some awesome Instagram tips.

I tried out Plann, which is great on mobile, has stats including best hashtags, activity, followers, time to post etc, but right now does not ‘autopost’. So I have to create the post in Plann and then copy & paste into IG, add location, tags etc, which is just a waste of time in my eyes.

So Planoly wins for now. It looks great on mobile, is easy to use, allows you to create custom hashtag groups and auto posts, so happy days.

One thing I am going to try though. My last couple of posts have been ‘auto posts’ and I have noticed they haven’t quite reached as many people or attracted as much engagement as previous posts.

That could be down to timing, the photos themselves, inconsistency of posting. Who knows. But I will be testing & measuring all of this stuff over the coming weeks.

I have begun to engage a bit more this week on the platform which has definitely resulted in a few more follows and it’s so easy to do! Although you can easily get lost in your feed & stories so be careful of over consumption!!! 😂


So that’s it for this week. We’re having a chill day at the hotel today and then off to Maui tomorrow!

We’ve had an awesome time here in O’ahu and I would definitely recommend here for a visit if you get the chance.

Look out for Make It Happen Monday on Monday, it’s all about feeling super comfy on camera!

Have a fab weekend.

Jo 😀

Hawaii, 4th July & Dole Whip! 😁 – Week in the Life #4

Well hello awesome action takers! Welcome to another week in the life of a travelling entrepreneur 😁

As I’m sure you’re by now aware I’m in Hawaii!!! 🌺 Yippeee! 🕺🇺🇸

Happy Birthday America!

Yep Thursday was indeed the 4th July and the first 4th I have experienced here in the US & what fun it was!

A few beers in the sea in the afternoon, a beautiful BBQ cooked by the lovely Rhett, music, lots of happy people & all finished off with the most amazing fireworks, which we watched from some rocks jutting out into the ocean! 🎆

It was fantastic! 😁

So Happy 4th to all my American friends! 😘

Dole Whip

This is literally an opportunity just to show you a pic of a huge pineapple flavored ice cream! 🍦

A Dole Whip

It was super yummy, but I gave Rhett the pineapple. 😛

I talk about our day at the Dole Plantation here.


Following on my Instagram saga, I have posted a few times this week, although I’m still fighting with apps.

I love the layout of Planoly & I love the mobile functionality of Plann, but Later is the only one that posts automatically for you. The other two let you know it’s time to post & then you copy & paste into Instagram.

I get that it helps with planning, but you might as well just post directly into the platform if you’re going to have to copy & paste each time.

I’m still getting very little traction with my posts (although I was happy with the response to my MIHM vid this week on IG & FB) and so this coming week am going to try getting out into the Instagram community & liking / commenting on others posts in my niche.

I’m also going to look at my visual style & see if I can create a look / feel which is uniquely mine. Design has never been my strong suit so any pearls of wisdom here would be appreciated! 😁

Also after consuming a couple of Instagram courses, some blog articles & scrolling through infinite accounts it really is clear that there’s not one set of rules here that works.

Some people post a few times a week, some every day, some a couple of times a day, some 4 or 5 times a day.

Some captions are long, some short, some use hashtags, some don’t.

I think the real key here, much the same on FB is about really being uniquely you or your brand, showcasing the stories behind your business, and offering value by way of educating, inspiring or entertaining your audience.

I talk more about this in the section below ‘Just Be You’, but before that…

Jenna Kutcher

I need to do a shout out for this young lady as I’m so impressed with what she’s doing online.

She’s got a very successful IG account of her own & then followed it up with her Goal Digger Podcast which is choc- a-block full of useful & actionable information.

Her blog is beautifully laid out and super user friendly & her Instagram course is very good. (Not an affiliate link yet).

If you want to follow someone who’s doing the influencer / information marketer model well check her out.

JK Blog
Goal Digger Instagram

Just Be You

That being said, it’s so important you believe in yourself enough to create your own style & voice in your niche.

When you take a course, what worked for the course host is obviously what they will teach, but may not necessarily work for you.

It’s great to look to others for inspiration but self awareness is key to your success,

Are you a strategic person or more fly by the seat of your pants?

Are you consistent & disciplined or a tad disorganised?

Do you hate the camera but love to talk?

Do you live to write but hate the sound of your voice?

Do you hate taking & editing pics but love taking video shots?

Perhaps you love to tell funny stories or share inspirational messages.

I talk a lot about knowing your target market but knowing yourself is equally as important.

This is because it will affect how you run your business.

If you’re not very organized or hugely strategic, then batch working and making sure you plan ahead will be vital to your success.

If you love to write but hate the camera, then blogging & FB are probably better platforms for you and stories are your tool.

If you’re more video than photos, then YouTube, IGTV & stories are your tools of choice.

Really getting to grips with who you are and what you love to do and not getting caught up in being where you think you’re supposed to be or doing what you think you’re supposed to do really takes the pressure off and makes the whole thing so much more enjoyable which of course will have a huge impact.

So take some time out if you can and identify all those loves and hates you have so you can get really clear on the path for you. 😀


So that’s it for this week, I’m super busy hiking all over O’ahu, swimming in the ocean and generally enjoying myself.

In fact today we’re headed to Waikiki for the day to celebrate Rhetts birthday.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see photos! (See what I did there).

Have a fab week and here’s my fave quote from this week;

Fave Quote

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. Summer Saldana.

Pineapples & a Dole Whip!

I don’t like pinapples.

I wish I did, as they’re super healthy & nutritious, but I can’t stand them. Not sure why, a bit how I feel about coconuts. Also super healthy but the thought of a coconut juice throws me into convulsions.

But earlier today I was very excited to visit the Dole Plantation, the birthplace of the pineapple & try a famous Dole Whip (pineapple flavoured ice cream). 🍍

I know crazy right! 😛

We spent a couple of hours wondering around what was billed as ‘the largest maze in the world’. Not sure if it is that, but it was great fun trying to find the secret signs placed randomly around the maze.

We gave the pineapple express a miss as there was a 45 min wait (tip get there early), so sat down to enjoy a famous Dole Whip & a bowl of french fries (or chips as call them in the UK).

All in all a lovely morning out and highly recommended if you’re visiting the Isalnd of O’ahu! 😀🍍

A Dole Whip

It was super yummy, but I gave Rhett the pineapple. 😛

Exploring the maze at the Dole Plantation

Exploring the maze with my beautiful little girl :)