Go The Extra Mile

Yesterday I had my hair cut at my usual hairdressers in a shopping centre 15 minutes from our house.
They’re probably a bit pricier than many hairdressers in the area, but I go there because I’ve got to know the team, they’re super easy to deal with and most importantly they do the best hair washes I’ve ever had!
Ladies you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say going to the hairdressers is like ‘me time’ for us, not just a haircut.
So to feel pampered is super important. The offer of a coffee, someone running their fingers through your hair, discussing how to make you look and feel beautiful by the time you walk out the door and of course the hair wash.
To have someone else wash your hair is the ultimate indulgence, so add a complete head massage and hair washing experience that lasts about 10 minutes…..
The pleasure is so great words fail me.
Therefore I’m prepared to pay over and above for this hairdresser because I know they will always just go that bit extra.
Are you doing that in your business?
Do you go just that bit extra to keep your customers returning again and again?
It’s worth thinking about….
Have a great day. 🙂

December 18, 2018

Yikes, we broke my site!

So the good news is, my desire to have a rolling page of short posts without featured images or fancy layouts etc is doable! Yippeee, very excited.
I called my good buddy Jared Elvidge, (who’s a very clever web developer, tech whiz, business coach and guitar player!), who said, oh absolutely, that’s a 10 minute job!
His next words were, oh your site needs updating, let’s just update it first……
That’s when the bad news set in. The site broke.
All the code went funky, my images changed size, my home page looked terrible, my footer went all odd, my snippets disappeared. You name it, the whole thing went sideways. 😞
So poor Jared ended up spending all weekend recoding the site, rebuilding my home page, my footer, my blog templates etc.
The main reason for this happening was the plugins reacting against each other and a lot of old custom code within my theme that didn’t agree with the updates.
The moral of the story is;
1. Don’t play around with the code of your WordPress website theme too much, or updates could obliterate it!
2. Watch those plugins, too many can spell disaster
3. Make sure one of your besties is a tech whiz who can fix everything when it breaks!
End result… you’re reading this on my new rolling newsfeed style ‘Jo’s Musings’ Category page, so it all worked out in the end! 🙂

December 17, 2018

Testing a new category called ‘Jo’s Musings’

I’ve long been wanting to start a daily column.

Something that more resembles a social media feed.

Short insightful posts about things I think about that I hope will add value to the reader also.

For example the discussion I had with my daughter yesterday about gratitude, the fact I spent half an hour this morning trying to get my head round some of these YouTubers and how important is that for society anyway? The quote I read this morning which said ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined‘ Henry David Thoreau.

The book I’m reading ‘Think Like a Freak’ and some of the interesting stories which could impact our lives quite dramatically and why training for a bike ride is like running a business.

Just stuff like that. Short, 1 – 2 minute read musings, as opposed to long, well thought out, researched blog articles, which also have a place on my blog along with my podcasts & videos.

But I want this column to work more like a scrollable newsfeed as opposed blog posts with intro pics and clickable to read more headlines.

So this is a test post to see if I can get it to work.

Fingers crossed! If you’re reading this publically, it worked!

(If you’re reading this as a single blog post – click here to view scrollable main daily blog feed)

December 16, 2018