Relish Obscurity – Make It Happen Monday Episode 91

Do you ever feel completely invisible?

As a woman it’s amazing how as you get older you do actually become more and more invisible as you walk around, but I’m digressing… 😉

I mean online.

Your blog, your website, your social media accounts etc.

Do you find yourself posting every day, making videos, writing posts, creating fancy infographics but when you publish….

…nothing. Crickets. 😮

Hmm, yes, I know how you feel.

After a a bit of a break from the space I’m in a similar position at the moment, rebuilding my audience all over again and right now it’s very quiet out there.

But that’s OK! In fact it’s perfect!!!

Watch todays video to find out why…..

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Thanks for watching!

Happy St Paddy’s Day!!!

Oh man am I glad to be home!

Some 183km’s later, my shoulders are killing me, my nether regions are a bit sore but I did it!

93km’s yesterday, 90km’s today. Whoop Whoop!

I did a 125km ride at the end of last year actually on the same route and you can see that video here;

I’d love it if you would support my endeavors to raise as much money for these beautiful children and give them opportunities they might otherwise never have.

Just $10 will completely change a childs life.

You can sponsor me here –

So I’m back and heading over to a friends house for St Paddy’s Day celebrations. Yippeee!

I remember years ago (in my 20’s) hitting the pubs of London all dressed in green for a crazy & chaotic afternoon out for St Patricks Day.

Not that I’m Irish you understand, but it’s a great excuse for a day out a bit of a booze up! LOL!

So no matter where you are in the world, see if you can get your hands on a pint of Guinness and raise your glasses to St Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland!

Before you do however, while still sober, do make sure you’ve reflected on the last week and planned for the next one.

Remember Sunday is our day for checking in with our goals. Are you moving in the direction you want to?

Have you achieved your weeks goals?

If not why not? Perhaps something else became more important this week.

For example I wanted to do podcasts this week, but actually decided figuring out how to distribute my blog posts across FB & Instagram was more important. (That was a fun moment, tearing my hair out over Instagram posting apps – more on that this week).

However, if you got taken over by more ‘urgent’ things and life got in the way as it tends to do, please remember;

If you don’t prioritise your life, others will. Make sure you make time for the important, not necessarily urgent stuff or it will never happen.

Prioritise Your Life

Have a great week!

Jo 🙂

The Importance of Accountability

Today I am cycling 93km’s into Phang Nga (a province of mainland Thailand), with a group of 4 other crazies.

We’re staying at a hotel tonight and tomorrow we will cycle the 93km’s back.

This is a practice ride for the big 700km ride at the end of May.

I have to be honest and tell you, I don’t want to do it.

I really am not keen on biking, especially on some of the deadliest roads in the world (according to CNN).

But I have to do it.

I have to do it because;

a – It’s all to raise money for children who have had a far harder life than I can ever imagine

b – I committed to it very publicly in front of a large group of people

c – I’ve been raising sponsorship money for the big ride – you can sponsor me just $10 here –

I have 100% total accountability to see this through to the last kilometer of the 700km’s in May.

My message is, if you want to achieve a goal which seems impossible (a 700km bike ride across Thailand over 6 days seemed pretty impossible to me), get yourself held accountable by any means you can.

Then when the going gets tough and you hit the hard days when every bone in your body is telling you to pack it in and stop being so silly, you have to keep going no matter what!

A quick side note. I have done the same with my blog.

I set myself a goal to write a post a day. I created a feed style page for all my posts and called it ‘Daily Blog’.

If I start missing days, it would hardly be a ‘Daily Blog’ would it, so I’ve created a situation in my business where I’m holding myself publicly accountable for achieving a goal I have set myself.

How can you create accountability for yourself starting today??

Do Small Things With Great Love

I love this quote from the amazing Mother Teresa.

Do Small Things With Great Love

Do you know what amazes me actually (slightly digressing). Mother Teresa died around the same time as Princess Diana, and while Diana’s death caught the attention of the world, Mother Teresa who had dedicated her life to serving others slipped away almost unnoticed.

Says something about the world we live in. But todays post is not a political one, it is about the quote itself.

I think sometimes, we all believe we are destined for great things.

I’m almost 47 years old and I had some very grandiose ideas of where I would be in my life right now and although I have an ah-maz-ing life, I haven’t quite reached the echelons of grandeur I originally had planned.

I do still have big ideas for the next 40 years so we’ll see how we go, but in the meantime while reaching for those great things, we can do small things with great love!

In a few weeks I will be cycling across Thailand for two children charities here in Phuket. 700km over 6 days! (I’m not sure love will be on my mind while doing it!) But the fact I volunteered to do it and am training hard definitely comes from a place of love.

On Wednesday last week I gave a speech at an International Women’s Day event which was also a fundraiser for the same charities.

Every 6 months or so we gather unwanted clothes and take them down to the local Burmese camps here in Phuket.

Small things, done with great love.

Remember while you’re hoping or planning to make an impact in a great way, you can be doing some small things right now with great love!

Jo 🙂

Amazing Tips for Taking Iphone Photos

I’m not sure where I came across this guy but he’s phenomenal!

I love to take photos on my iphone but am not an amazing photographer.

I’ve even thought about taking some photography courses, but most I have researched immediately advocate buying a nice big expensive camera.

Money aside, when traveling I love the convenience of the small iPhone rather than hoiking a big expensive camera around with me.

Then last week I came across a chap called Emil Pakarklis.

You can find his YouTube channel here.

Some of the tips he’s given me have already improved my photo taking abilities and I’m consuming all his youtube videos & blog posts like candy! 🙂

He also shows you how to edit your photos for maximum impact, taking photos at night and I found some features of my iPhone I didn’t even know existed!

Check out these photos, the normal version, the ‘bounce’, the ‘loop’ and the ‘long exposure’ version. Who knew those features were there!

Waiotapu Thermal Park - NZ

Waiotapu Thermal Park – NZ – Loop GIF Photo

Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport – Basic Live Photo

Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport – Bounce Photo

This is an unsolicited recommendation for Emil, I don’t know the chap, but his videos have been super helpful so if you love taking photos on your iPhone and want to post amazing posts on Instagram etc then he’s your man! 🙂

Emil on YouTube

One Thing

Last year I read ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan. I enjoyed the book but have to say I didn’t immediately go out and start practicing the ‘one thing’ theory.

For starters I have so much more to focus on than just ‘one thing’ the whole model seemed unsustainable for me at the time.

Sometimes however we need to hear the same thing in several different formats before it kicks in and we start to take action.

While preparing my speech for the IWD lunch last week, my other half Rhett encouraged me to listen to an episode of ‘The One Thing’ podcast, as inspiration for my topic.

It did indeed but it also brought the main question of the book back into my sphere of thought.

“What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

When I first read this question I really couldn’t get to the bottom of what it meant in my life.

However this time when I listened to it, it took on a new meaning.

The episode I was listening to was Losing 50 Pounds in 5 Months with Chris LaGarde. (Definitely worth a listen if you’re on an ongoing weight loss journey like moi!)

But he gave a practical example of weekly food prep as his answer to that question.

If he spent every Sunday prepping his food for the entire week then it made eating the correct portions etc throughout the week far easier and stressful evenings in the kitchen completely unnecessary.

I loved this practical example and it brought the question alive for me.

So in my business for example, if I focus almost exclusively & entirely for the next 12 – 24 months on building my audience, then it will make everything I want to do in my business so much easier and aggressive sales funnels completely unnecessary.

If I have a huge audience of people who love my posts, my videos, my content etc and then I launch a new book, or a new product, or a video course, or a not for profit project (one of my big goals) etc, much of what I do will be sold before it hits the ground.

That’s the benefit of focusing intently on ‘one goal’ of building my audience.

With my fitness & weight loss goals, over the years I have been weight training, done Zumba, yoga, cycling, spinning, walking, keto, paleo, slimming world etc and now vegan.

But now I’m focusing almost exclusively on just eating as many fruit & vegetables as I can get into my body every day. Everything else happens anyway as I have classes (did spinning & yoga this morning).

I’m already seeing a difference just by focusing on that ‘one key thing’ in my diet.

So I ask you;

“What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Ask yourself that question in each priority area of your life and start focusing on just one important thing that could really create a huge impact in your life!

Have a great day.

Jo 🙂