You Are Not Alone

Imposter syndrome
People will laugh at me
Who the hell I am to do this?
I don’t have what it takes
I won’t be able to follow through
I haven’t got enough money
I’m not good enough
No technological skills
I will fail publicly
I will be judged
I won’t have any money
I’ll be lonely
Are my dreams even realistic?
How can I compete?
I haven’t got anything unique to say
How will I balance everything?
I will screw up for my clients
I’ll let my family down
I won’t succeed and will be stuck
Hearing crickets!
Being seen
Not being there for my kids
Why will this time be any different from all my past failures?
I don’t know enough
I will quit

These are all the answers from fellow budding entrepreneurs in a group I am part of when asked the question;

‘When starting and building your business, what are you most afraid of’.

Whatever your fear, you are not alone! 😀

Stolen Moments

* Taking the kids to school
* Sitting in the dentist waiting room
* Waiting for a friend to arrive at the coffee shop
* Queuing at the post office

These are all examples of stolen moments, when you could be listening to an educational podcast, reading a blog post, recording some content, updating your website, answering a question on social media etc.

We all have umpteen stolen moments every day of our lives, make the most of them! 🙂

It’s Ok Not to be an Entrepreneur

I witnessed a fabulous argument unfold on facebook this week.

Gary Vee had posted a video with his definition of a ‘true entrepreneur’.

‘You’re not a true entrepreneur’ he said ‘unless you can’t breathe doing anything else’.

‘If you have ever worked for someone else and weren’t out there involved in entrepreneurial activities from a very young age upwards, you’re not a true entrepreneur’, was the rough summary of what he was saying.

His opinion.

The argument that followed was of course those for and against.

Those who agreed with him and those who have worked for others and have become an entrepreneur later in life or are still working to make ends meet but growing a business on the side.

I totally got distracted for a good 20 minutes actually in the comments as they were impassioned and contentious but many were well thought out and intelligent points of view.

My argument however is, who cares!

Who cares whether you’re a ‘true entrepreneur ’in Gary’s opinion or a part time entrepreneur or even an entrepreneur at all!?

I think I know where he’s coming from. He’s very passionate about encouraging youngsters particularly men, lured by venture capital, gold watches, Ferraris and hot women away from this fake dream of what entrepreneurship is all about and talk instead about how hard it is. And all power to his message.

But for those of us who are past all that and simply trying to build a lifestyle business preferably from our passion which gives us the freedom to work from anywhere doing what we love, do not worry about labels.

What you call yourself is irrelevant and unimportant.

What’s crucial is that you are happy, that you’re enjoying the journey, that you’re doing something that you love and that in doing what you love you somehow serve others and have an impact on the world.

All power to you my friend for sticking your neck out and chasing happiness & fulfillment rather than allowing stasis to set in.

Get out there and achieve greatness today! 🙂


OMG, I love this app.


I use so many photo apps for FB & Instagram to attempt to make my pics look more artsy and interesting, but when I want to create a meaningful quote or add text to an image Typorama is the cream of the crop!

As someone who hasn’t got a natural eye for a design, any help I can get to create nice looking fonts that work well together and sit beautifully on a self taken background image is welcome.

I love this app!

Canva is great in that it has lots of templates & ready made designs, but it can be quite technical and a bit overwhelming, plus you can’t use it offline. But it is my go to Blog Header designer of choice.

Many other apps are the same in that they can’t be used offline which is a pain if you’re trying to prepare images perhaps during offline travel times (which is pretty frequent for me) for publishing later.

But what I love the most about Typorama is that you pick a photo, type in your text OR use one of their random quotes they have in their library, so if you’re feeling a bit short of inspiration, they’ve got you covered.

Then pick a font ’style’ and away you go.

A beautifully presented text image you can save to your camera roll for later use or you can immediately share to all the main social networks!

Happy Days. Give it a go!

Jo 🙂

Home Again!

Here we are, another Sunday is upon us!

Gosh the weeks roll around fast.

Can you believe tomorrow is Episode 5 & the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones! That all happened fast didn’t it?!

Plus I am finally back after 5 weeks on the road!

Borneo, Kathmandu, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi, Madurai, Kochi, Maldives!

Big, fun & amazing trip!

But my adventures continue! (Never a dull moment).

I now have 2 weeks to train like crazy for my 700km Ride 4 Kids bike ride.

Please sponsor me! Just $10 will make such a difference to a child’s life & believe me I’ll work for it! –

Then when I get back from the ride, only 3 weeks to pack up the house as we’re having to move due to our landlord selling the house we’re in. 🤨

Then we head off to Hawaii for a month! 😃

In the meantime I want to focus in on my FB group & start Recording my new ‘Your Lifestyle Business’ course!

It’s all go! 😯

So what’s keeping you busy? Are you on track with your goals?

Are you reviewing each week & making the main thing the main thing?

Just take an hour today to plan the next 2 weeks.

What are 1 or 2 key things you would like to get done in the next 2 weeks?

Let me know in the comments below & in the meantime stay focused my friend.

Have an amazing Sunday! 😁

Totally Lashed Up

As is always the way, you meet the most interesting people just as you’re about to leave a place! 🙁

Yesterday we met Jess & Stuart, a lovely couple from Wales in the UK.

Other than having the most beautiful sing songy Welsh accent they were a bundle of fun.

Stuart is a wedding singer! Never met one of those before and Jess is a make up artist and has recently started her own ecommerce business selling eyelashes!

Her brand name – ‘Totally Lashed Up’!

You can imagine her surprise & excitement when I explained what I did! 😁

So naturally we spent a long time discussing her business, what she was doing now, where she wanted to take it etc.

Clearly a talented and committed young woman her tech confusion, fears of marketing, lack of understanding of sales funnels, email marketing etc are the same concerns and fears so many of my community have had over the years.

The same concerns & fears I had when I started out in 2010.

So we set about taking some immediate action.

She said she had wanted to make a video of her new soon to be launched eyelash product while in the Maldives, but fear of looking crap in front of the camera has held her back.

Within an hour I’d sent her marching back to her room to get her products and we were sat on a beautiful beach sofa videoing her demonstrating her new product with a backdrop of a white sandy beach & crystal clear waters.

Is it the best video in the world? No.

Is it good enough to start getting her message out? Yes.

Will people love her slight shyness! Yes.

Did we get it done? Hell Yes! 😁

Here’s a clip.

So impressed was I with her attitude & enthusiasm and after meeting Geetika in Jaipur who wanted to take her husbands cooking business online I found myself with no other choice.

I am going to launch a new, updated & comprehensive training course on how to build a lifestyle business.

It will be a nuts & bolts course including selling digital products, services & physical products.

Best news? It’s going to be FREE! 😁

Watch this space!

In the meantime head over to Instagram & check out what Jess is doing in her business. It’s fab!