Building Your Store

Ok my friend, so here we go, by the end of this week, all being good and the wind behind us we’ll have a store live!

So for this 30 day training guide as I’ve said I’m using Shopify as our store platform of choice, simply because it is completely made for the job and makes my life so much easier!

As I’ve already said, what WordPress is for blogging, Shopify is even more so for Ecommerce.

When you sign up you’ll get a 14 day free trial and then the plan you’ll want to get started with for a full store is $29 / month.

They do have a lite plan for $9 / month, but that literally gives you a buy button to add to your website.

So are you ready?

Are you excited?

Do you have your cup of tea or glass of wine to hand?

Are you playing the music you love?

Great! Let’s go!

Firstly here is a step by step introduction to Shopify from Shopify themselves. This is a great guide to have to hand so if you have any questions you can pop in here and the chances are you’ll find the answers you’re looking for!

However, the best over the shoulder video I found showing you exactly how to set up your store and even get started customising your theme is by the very generous Chris Winters, who clearly and succinctly walks you through the most important elements of your Shopify store.

He advises at the start for you to follow along with your own store, so if you’re ready to start building head over to the Shopify Sign Up page and click ‘play’ on the video below!

Some things to note;

1. Themes

When you pick your theme, the customisation settings will be different for each theme. The best thing to do is to get in the back end and start playing with your theme. Every single one has been created in such a way that you don’t need to be a coder or a programmer or even a graphic designer to make the themes look really good.

I personally recommend the Booster theme (not affiliated by the way), because it adds all the sales bells and whistles you might want later, but it starts at $179 and for a new store making no money, you don’t need that off the bat. You can use the Debut theme for free and your store will look beautiful!

When you do start to think bells and whistles, don’t do what I did first time round and hire a developer to add them. The chances are there is a pre built theme that can do almost everything you want, so do some homework and go looking for it! A pre built theme will be far cheaper than a developer!

2. Settings

Chris goes over some of the backend settings in this video, but don’t worry too much about that today, we’ll be going through the settings in detail in Day 10.

3. Products

Adding your products will very much depend on what model you have chosen.

If you’re going down the Print on Demand route then you’ll be adding products from the app of the supplier you have chosen.

If drop-shipping, I recommend Oberlo.

If adding your own products then you’ll follow the standard Shopify ‘add product’ route.

We’ll go through adding products in more detail in Day 11.

Today is a pretty full on day as you’ll be finding your way around how Shopify & it’s themes work, so spend some time getting to know the platform and tomorrow we’ll add your domain and be making sure your site looks super profesh! 😁😎