How to Make Money with Book Bolt in 2023? A Product Review

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Ever wondered how to turn your creative ideas into a steady stream of passive income? Enter Book Bolt, your one-stop solution for low-content book publishing on Amazon KDP.

Imagine crafting an entire book in a single day, hitting the publish button, and then sitting back as the royalties roll in. No need for a fancy website, an email list, or even sponsored ads. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s entirely possible, and I’m here to give you the lowdown on how Book Bolt can make this your reality.

This nifty tool is designed to streamline every aspect of the KDP book production process, from market research and keyword optimization to cover design. So, if you’re looking to add a hassle-free, secondary income stream that pretty much runs itself, you’re in the right place.

Let’s dive in!

  • In-depth keyword and niche research for profitable publishing.
  • All-in-one design tools for covers and interiors.
  • Automated listing and uploading to Amazon KDP.
  • Competitive analysis with KDP Spy.
  • Educational resources like webinars and training sessions.
  • No permanent free version, only a 3-day trial.
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • KDP Spy is limited to Amazon's U.S. marketplace.
  • Dependent on Amazon KDP's policies and commissions.

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What Does Book Bolt Mean?

Book Bolt is a low-content book publishing software used by self-publishers of low-content books on the Amazon KDP platform and allows users to create books from scratch without writing a single word. It offers a variety of features, including niche research, product and keyword research, design, and competitor analysis.

With pre-made Book Bolt interiors and its fully customizable interior creator, with an Amazon KDP account, you can ensure your designs stand out. But remember, while the software setup simplifies the design, adhering to design basics is pivotal. A single error can send you back to the drawing board.

Thankfully, with Book Bolt Features, especially the KDP niche research extension and Book Bolt Studio login, you’re equipped to navigate these challenges with ease.

Additionally, the program has a studio module to help you create your book cover and interior.

How Does Book Bolt Help You Make Money?

Book Bolt helps to make money by simplifying the product and keyword research for low-content books.

It also helps in identifying emerging trends in the low-content books segment so that you can enter the market before the new trends become mainstream.

Research is the most complicated and time-consuming part. Selecting the wrong niche or targeting the wrong keywords will lead to failures and your book publishing endeavor will come to a halt.

With Book Bolt, you can find profitable niches and spy on your competition with just a few clicks.

Moreover, the design modules of Book Bolt can help you to design and publish books quickly with little effort.

What is Amazon KDP?

Image of amazon-kdp-logo

KDP or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a self-publishing platform offered by Amazon. It is the most popular platform for low-content book publishing.

If you already have an existing Amazon account, you can quickly create your KDP account using that. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you need to create one.

KDP allows authors and publishers to set their own prices for their books and earn royalties based on those prices.

Once you upload a book to your Amazon KDP account, Amazon must approve it before it goes up for sale. When someone purchases your book, Amazon will print the book and ship it. Amazon will handle customer service on your behalf.

For every sale, you will earn a royalty. However, Amazon will deduct the printing price from your royalty earnings.

The royalty rates for selling paperbacks on Amazon is 60% regardless of the price of your book.

Hundreds of thousands of everyday people are making money from this Amazon side hustle.

What are Low/Medium-Content Books?

Image of an opened notebook says ruled notebook/journal

Low-Content books are those books that have very little or no content.

Low-content books can have some content inside. For example, a guided prayer journal can have verses from the Bible.

A coloring book will have shapes and images that people can fill with colors. Similarly, puzzle books will have content such as word searches, crossword puzzles, etc.

When low-content books have no content at all, they are also known as no-content books.

A notebook, for instance, is a no-content book with repeated lined pages and no text. In fact, all the pages are identical.

Remember, Amazon will no longer support the publication of no-content books so it’s important you add some variety in your books moving forward.

Some common types of low/medium-content books include:

  • Activity books
  • Calendars
  • Coloring books
  • Diaries
  • Guest books
  • Journals
  • Log books
  • Music composition notebooks
  • Planners
  • Prompt books
  • Puzzle books, etc.

Here is a list of examples from Amazon;

low and medium content book examples - amazon

The possibilities are endless!

Book Bolt Reviews – Key Features

Book Bolt is the only software that provides research tools and design modules in one convenient package. Here is a quick walkthrough of the key Book Bolt features:

1. Product Database & Trend Hunter (Cloud Tool)

Screenshot of Book Bolt search tool

The Cloud Tool is one of the most powerful features. It is helpful when you don’t know what type of book you want to create.

You need to provide a book type or category and Book Bolt will pull real-time data of the books that are selling on Amazon along with ranking, search volume, and sales history. Book Bolt will also reveal the keywords that the sellers are using.

Using this data you can identify hidden niches and emerging trends instead of flying blind. Once you have the data, you can decide the type of books you want to sell and start creating low-content books before the niches become mainstream with stiff competition.

2. Keyword Research

Screenshot of Book Bolt Keyword research

Keyword research is vital. It can help you to succeed in your low-content book publishing endeavor.

If you know precisely what Amazon customers are typing into search while looking for books, you can integrate those keywords into your book listing and book description.

Using the right keywords attracts more clicks from the target audience, which translates into increased sales and more money!

3. Listing Optimization

Book Bolt’s listing optimization will help to increase the visibility and discoverability of your low- or medium-content books and help you build a successful KDP business and enhance your author journey.

The process involves analyzing the title and metadata of your book, which plays an important role in how your book is indexed and ranked by Amazon’s search algorithms.

Using this feature (along with keyword research), you can include high-performing keywords in your book title, subtitle, and description. It also helps to select the right category so that people can find your book easily.

4. Book Bolt Studio

Book Bolt Studio is a complete set of design tools that contains a cover creator, an interior designer, and a KDP publishing library builder.

Cover Creator

Screenshot of book bolt cover creator

This tool allows you to design stunning and professional covers for your books. You don’t need any design experience or spend thousands of dollars hiring a graphic designer.

It is a drag-and-drop tool with 1 million+ royalty-free images, 1,200+ free fonts, and many other design elements.

Before you start the cover design, you can set the right proportions to ensure that Amazon doesn’t reject your book.

Interior Designer

Screenshot of Book Bolt interior page designer

Your book’s interior is just as important as the cover. You can create the inner pages with the interior designer tool. There are over 100 pre-made templates that you can use as is.

The available templates are completely customizable. You can use your creativity to improve the designs and generate interiors that customers will love.

You don’t need to use the pre-made templates. If you have created your own interiors using some other program or if you have purchased them, Book Bolt will allow you to upload those interior files and further edit them.

KDP Publishing Library

The KDP Publishing Library tool of Book Bolt Studio saves all your designs so that you can access them from anywhere at any time.

However, ensure that you keep saving your progress during the book creation process.

5. Enhanced Interior Creation – Puzzle Books / Coloring Books / Activity Books

Screenshot of Book bolt Studio puzzle creator

With Book Bolt Studio, you can create custom puzzles and activity books.

They have a specific tool called Customized Puzzle Interiors that you can use to create mazes, sudoku, word search, hangman, crossword, connect the dots, word scramble, and coloring books.

Everything is customizable and you get a drag-and-drop interface – something similar to Canva.

6. Book Bolt Lister

Screenshot of Google Extension that helps to quickly upload low-content book to Amazon

This Book Bolt Lister Chrome extension helps to quickly upload your low-content books to Amazon Bookbolt KDP.

Amazon publishing requires you to add a book title, subtitle, description, author’s name, and keywords.

It may sound simple, but when you create multiple similar books, the process can become very tedious.

The Lister tool helps to automate the process. To use the tool, you need to set up a profile and when you are inside your Amazon KDP account, you can use a hotkey combination to auto-populate the details, thereby saving a lot of time.

7. KDP Spy

Screenshot of kdp spy chrome extension

KDPSpy is another Chrome extension that will allow you to spy on your top 100 competitors. Unfortunately, KDPSpy works only on (Amazon’s US marketplace).

With KDP Spy you can get details like:

  • Product price
  • Best Seller Rank
  • Rating
  • Estimated sales
  • Estimated revenue
  • Reviews
  • Author
  • Publication date

The Keywords tab of the extension will show you the top keywords with Amazon search volume, Google search volume, and Google CPC.

KDP Spy is a scaled-down version of the full Book Bolt toolset and helps to perform a quick research on top of your Amazon account without switching tabs.

Book Bolt Pros and Cons

As with any tool, Book Bolt brings its unique set of advantages and challenges. Before diving headfirst into this as a side hustle idea or online business venture, let’s have a balanced look at what Book Bolt brings to the table.


  1. Comprehensive Research Features: Book Bolt stands out with its in-depth keyword research and trend identification capabilities. These features allow you to pinpoint profitable niches and stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your low-content books resonate with the market.
  2. All-in-One Design Tools: No need for external graphic software. With Book Bolt Studio, you can craft striking covers and intriguing interiors directly within the platform. It’s particularly handy for those who may not be design-savvy.
  3. Efficient Listing and Uploading: With the Book Bolt Lister tool, uploading your creations to Amazon KDP becomes a breeze. This feature significantly reduces the tedium of manual entries, especially if you’re publishing multiple books.
  4. Market Insights with KDP Spy: Get a peek into your competitors’ strategies. The KDP Spy extension offers insights into the top 100 competitors, providing valuable data like keyword volume, sales rank, and more.


  1. No Free Permanent Version: While Book Bolt offers a 3-day trial, there’s no permanent free version available. This can be a barrier for those hesitant about initial investments without long-term testing.
  2. Learning Curve: With its multitude of features, newcomers might feel slightly overwhelmed. It might take a while to fully harness the platform’s potential.
  3. KDP Spy Limitations: The KDP Spy tool is restricted to (the US marketplace). This means insights into other global markets are unavailable, which might limit the scope for some publishers.
  4. Dependency on Amazon KDP: While KDP is a robust platform, putting all your eggs in one basket might be risky. Any changes in Amazon’s policies or commission structures can impact your revenue stream.

Book Bolt Pricing Plans

Screenshot of Bookbolt pricing plans

Book Bolt doesn’t offer a free version. Instead, they have a 3-day free trial that you can use to test the features. During the free trial, you will have access to all features that Book Bolt has to offer.

However, remember that the 3-day free trial is available separately for both its paid plans, which means the features available will be restricted by the plan you select for trial.

As for the paid plans, Book Bolt offers two paid plans which are:

Monthly: $9.99 per month (or 89.99 yearly)

  • Keyword and Product Research
  • Cover and Interior Designer
  • Amazon Search Volume
  • KDP Spy
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Monthly Pro: $19.99 per month (or 199.99 yearly)

  • Keyword and Product Research
  • Cover and Interior Designer
  • Amazon Search Volume
  • KDP Spy
  • Puzzle Creation Software
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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How to Make Money with Book Bolt?

Text image saying Make Money with Book Bolt and the step with image of an envelop with money inside

Every bestseller starts with great research and that is precisely what Book Bolt helps with. Here are the steps you need to follow to make money with Book Bolt:

Step 1: Perform Keyword and Product Search

Enter a keyword to find the top-performing low-content books. Check the data pulled by the application to identify the type of books that sell the most.

You can also check the high-performing keywords (along with Amazon search volume) that the top sellers are using to gain visibility.

If you cannot figure out the types of books you want to create, or if you notice extreme competition, you can use the Cloud search feature to find niches that are trending and are yet to become mainstream.

You can then narrow down the niches that have the potential to generate high profits and select a few of them.

Step 2: Design Your Book

Once you have decided on the type of book you want to create, you can use Book Bolt Studio to start designing your book. Start by selecting the book dimensions, number of pages, and cover or interior template.

Book Bolt Studio offers a Canva-like drag-and-drop interface for designing your books.

There is no limit to the number of books you design. Once you complete designing your books, you can download the cover and the interior pages in PDF format and upload them to your KDP account.

Step 3: Perform Listing Optimization

When you list your books on Amazon KDP, you need to provide a few details including title, description, author’s name, etc. You also need to add a few keywords.

Use the keywords you found during research and use Book Bolt’s category finder to select the correct category.

Listing optimization helps to get your book approved quickly by Amazon and ensures that potential buyers find your book easily.

Step 4: Sit Back and Earn!

Once your book is listed on Amazon, all you need to do is sit back and earn. When someone buys your book, you will earn royalty. Amazon will take care of everything from printing and shipping the books to customer support.

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  • Activity and puzzle books
  • Coloring books
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How to Make Money with Book Bolt – Summary

It’s a no-brainer! Keyword research is essential for succeeding on Amazon. Book Bolt makes research easy by identifying high-performing keywords along with search volumes.

It also helps to find profitable niches in underserved markets or niches that consistently perform well.

On top of that, you can design, create, and list your low-content book, all from the Book Bolt program.

With Book Bolt, you can scale your part-time KDP low-content books business into a full-time income-generating business without writing a single word.

Book Bolt Review: FAQ’s


Will I get training with a Book Bolt subscription?

Absolutely! With a Book Bolt subscription, not only do members get access to its primary features, but they’re also entitled to extensive educational resources. Book Bolt members can delve into webinars and private training sessions that offer hours of detailed training content. These sessions cover a wide spectrum, from the basics for those just starting out to advanced techniques for seasoned publishers. This training is tailored to ensure every user can maximize the platform’s potential, making their publishing journey both efficient and effective.

Can I make money using Book Bolt?

Book Bolt is a robust book creation software designed to streamline the process of publishing low-content books on the KDP platform. By utilizing features such as niche research, category lookup tool, and the KDP niche research extension, you can identify profitable topics, and niches and design beautiful books. Combine this with the right marketing strategy and use of the best keywords, and you have a potential income stream waiting to be tapped.

Is Book Bolt free to use?

While you can avail of a three-day free trial by signing up for a Book Bolt free account, the softeware is not entirely free. Nonetheless it offers invaluable features like a pre-made interiors tool, Puzzlewizz, and a fully customizable interior creator, plans start at $9.99 per month.

However, when you consider the potential revenue from online selling and the convenience of having all your tools (like the Book bolt lister chrome extension and Book Bolt Studio login) in one place, many business owners find that Book Bolt is worth it. For those asking “How much does Book Bolt cost?” A primary concern some users have expressed about the software is its subscription pricing model. With monthly plans that range from $9.99 to $19.99 and yearly options between $89.99 to $199.99, several users feel the costs are on the higher side for the services offered.

What is Book Bolt used for?

Book Bolt is a software designed to perform keyword and product research with just a few clicks for publishing low-content books on Amazon. It also helps to find niches in underserved markets that have high-profit potential. Apart from research, Book Bolt offers a cover and interior generator tool called the Book Bolt Studio to help publishers design their books easily even if they don’t have experience with graphic design.

Do I need to install Book Bolt on my computer?

No! Book Bolt works online. It’s a SaaS program that you can use directly from the web interface of Book Bolt. There are extensions available that you can install on the Google Chrome web browser. But those will still require you to sign up with Book Bolt if you want to make good money on your low to medium content and print-on-demand books.

Is Book Bolt worth it?

Without a doubt! Book Bolt stands out as a valuable tool in the publishing realm. It has become indispensable for many because of its unique customization options coupled with the in-depth Book Bolt guide tailored specifically for users. Especially for beginners, this platform simplifies the often daunting process of book creation.

Not only does it provide a clear pathway for creating low to medium-content books, but it also empowers its users with tools and insights to effectively compete and target the coveted Best Sellers Rank on platforms like Amazon. The consistent updates and support from the Book Bolt team further enhance its value, making it a top choice for many digital publishers and entrepreneurs.

Is there a Book Bolt affiliate program?

Indeed there is! Book Bolt provides a robust affiliate program that stands out in the digital publishing realm. By enrolling in the Book Bolt affiliate program, members not only become part of a growing community but also unlock the potential to tap into lucrative commissions through cross-selling. This presents a wonderful avenue for individuals to supplement their income.

Moreover, promoting a renowned platform like Book Bolt adds credibility to affiliate marketers, ensuring they are recommending a product with genuine value to their audience. The program’s structure and support make it user-friendly, catering to both seasoned affiliates and those new to affiliate marketing.

How does Book Bolt compare to other platforms, like Canva vs Book Bolt?

While Canva is renowned for its versatile design capabilities suitable for various projects, Book Bolt hones in on the unique needs of book creators. Book Bolt offers specialized features, including exclusive customization options and tools, that are laser-focused on the publishing sector. This distinction becomes evident when weighing Canva vs Book Bolt in a publishing context.

When diving into the intricacies of book design and creation, the specialized tools and the dedicated Book Bolt guide provide an edge. Therefore, for individuals specifically aiming to excel in the publishing world, Book Bolt frequently emerges as the preferred choice.

Is Book Bolt suitable for beginners?

Definitely! Book Bolt is intricately designed to cater to users of all expertise levels, from seasoned publishers to novices venturing into the realm of book creation. Notably, the platform features a “Book Bolt for beginners” section, providing a comprehensive guide and step-by-step tutorials. This ensures that newcomers have access to the essential resources and tools they need, facilitating a seamless and confident start to their publishing journey.

Furthermore, the intuitive interface and readily available support make the learning curve significantly smoother, endorsing Book Bolt as an ideal choice for beginners in the publishing domain.

How can I join and benefit from Book Bolt?

It’s simple! You can quickly join by navigating to their official website and following the Book Bolt sign up process. Once registered, you’ll gain access to a vast array of specialized tools and resources tailored for book creation. Furthermore, the platform offers unique features like customization options and a comprehensive Book Bolt guide to enhance your publishing experience.

For those keen on maximizing their earnings, the chance to participate in the Book Bolt affiliate program is a noteworthy perk, providing a fantastic avenue to tap into potential cross-selling opportunities and expand your income streams. With these robust features, both novice and seasoned publishers can reap significant benefits from Book Bolt.

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