10 Best Rank Tracking Software Tools for Lifestyle & Travel Bloggers in 2024

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If you’re a lifestyle or travel blogger, you’ll want to know the best rank tracking software to keep an eye on which posts are doing well on the search engine results pages and what keywords your competitors are using to rank.

Big G (Google) will tell you – “Content is King.” What it will not tell you is that to stay ahead of your competition, you must build an ever-evolving SEO strategy. This is where things get messy.

Every blogger knows the value of content, and the good ones focus on both quality & quantity. This translates into a cut-throat competition, forcing Google to use a multitude of parameters for evaluating which cream should rise to the top.

The only way to compete and build your ever-evolving SEO strategy is to keep an eye on your competitors and your overall search engine rankings. It may sound fairly simple but trust me; if you are trying to take the manual route, frustration will greet you sooner than you expect.

To simplify the process and give you the time to focus on what you should be doing, which is creating awesome content, you need a rank tracking software that will collect, analyze, and sort the big data and serve it on a plate so that you can easily understand it.

This will allow you to create an actionable strategy that you can use to beat your competitors.

In this post, I am going to review and compare the 10 best keyword rank tracking software tools and what they can do for you.

Quick Takeaways:

What are the Best Rank Tracking Software Tools in 2022 – TL;DR

1. SE Ranking – SE Ranking provides a perfect balance between price and features. It is not just a rank tracker tool. It is a whole package offering features like site audit, keyword research, etc., thereby helping webmasters with their SEO efforts.

2. SERPWatcher – It is one of the very few rank tracker tools that are truly noob-friendly. If you have no prior experience with keyword rank tracking software, SERPWatcher is your best bet.

3. Sitechecker Pro – If you are on a budget and you are looking for a complete SEO suite with included keyword rank tracker, is the perfect solution. It even comes with Google Search Console integration.

4. Wincher – Not only affordable, the Wincher rank tracking tool is perfect if you want local rank tracking and competitor tracking with noob-friendly reporting. Its keyword discovery feature is perfect for scaling content.

5. SEO Powersuite – It is the best free option you can get. Yes! They have a forever-free plan that will allow you to perform keyword rank tracking for unlimited sites and unlimited keywords! Too good to be true? Well, it is what it is!

6. Moz Pro Rank Checker – Moz is best known as a keyword research tool, but it also has an accurate rank tracker tool and a slew of other SEO tools that can help you improve your SEO performance. Moz’s rank tracker tool can generate ranking reports instantly.

7. SEMRush – This rank tracking tool is not meant for individuals. It is best for SEO professionals and digital marketing agencies. SEMRush is a complete SEO suite with an accurate keyword tracking tool. One of its most powerful features is identifying your real competition in organic search results.

8. Ahrefs – It is a complete SEO suite with the ability to track keyword ranking for both mobile and desktop. The rank tracker works only for Google. One of its best features is the keyword ranking history that you can use for competitor analysis and content optimization.

9. Accuranker – It is the fastest keyword rank tracker available and targets SEO agencies and professionals. The program offers on-demand updates and even pulls updates every other hour. There are various metric-based filter options.

10. Advanced Web Ranking: Advanced Web Ranking is an accurate rank tracker with daily & weekly updates. But you also get on-demand updates. It is one of the best options for generating white label reports.

What are the Best Rank Tracking Software Tools in 2022? [Long Version]

So, now that you have read the TL;DR summary, the question is, ‘do you really need a keyword rank tracking tool?

For most cases, the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ Tracking your keyword rankings in major search engines helps you to discover two things:

  • whether your content is performing well in search results or not
  • how your competitors are performing against you

If there is a drop in your keyword rankings, it will indicate that your competitors are gaining in search rankings because Google or other search engines think that their content adds more value.

Thus, it is important to monitor keyword rankings and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. Besides monitoring your keyword rankings, it’s also beneficial to use a free website traffic checker to gain insights into your site’s overall performance.

SEO rank tracking can help you devise long-term success strategies by closely monitoring what your competitors are doing.

I know many SEO professionals will suggest that you stick with the Google search console as your go-to keyword rank checker tool. While that is an option, the search console isn’t exactly a complete SEO suite. It will give you results only for Google search. What about Bing, Yahoo!, and others?

Dedicated rank tracking software and SEO suites will not only show the positions of your target keywords on different search engines but also allow you to perform competitor research, keyword research, site audit (for identifying on-page SEO problems), backlink analysis, and more. All of them are important for proper search engine optimization.

So, what are the best rank tracking tools for 2022? Let’s get our hands dirty, shall we?

1. SE Ranking

Best for Affordability, Functionality, and Ease-of-Use

Screenshot of se ranking Main Landing Page

SE Ranking is one of the most advanced rank tracking tools, but it is incredibly easy to use. This keyword tracking tool offers more than just ranking data for your keywords. You can analyze your competitors, audit your website and find errors that impact SEO, check and track backlinks, and find new target keywords for content ideation.

Guess what? You can track keyword ranking positions for Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and YouTube! Not just that! You can track keyword positions based on filters like country, city, zip code, and devices, too.

Top Features of SE Ranking

  • Rank Tracking: Track your keyword positions and devise an SEO plan.
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyze the performance of competing websites across various search engines and adjust content strategy. Also, find ads and keywords of your competitors for paid and organic searches.
  • Backlink Checker & Tracking: Check and track the backlinks of your and competing websites to build a comprehensive link-building strategy.
  • On-Page SEO Analysis: Analyze your website pages and posts to find out opportunities for SEO improvements.
  • Keyword Research: Find new keywords with search volumes to devise a new content strategy and a content calendar.
  • Reporting: Clean and comprehensive reporting for easy understanding.


Screenshot of se ranking pricing plan

SE Ranking offers flexible pricing based on what you need. You can select the frequency of ranking checks and even select the number of keywords you want to track. Pricing will vary based on your selections. They offer three pricing tiers which include:

Essential Plan: Starting at $39 per month

  • Daily rank checking
  • 10 projects and 5 competitors per project
  • 250 keywords tracking
  • 6,000 backlinks monitoring

Pro Plan: Starting at $89 per month

  • Daily rank checking
  • Unlimited projects and 10 competitors per project
  • 1,000 keywords tracking
  • 30,000 backlinks monitoring

Business Plan: Starting at $189 per month

  • Daily rank checking
  • Unlimited projects and 20 competitors per project
  • 2,500 keywords tracking
  • 90,000 backlinks monitoring

My Take on SE Ranking

SE Ranking is perfect for budding digital solopreneurs looking for a feature-rich SEO rank tracking tool minus a complicated interface within a small budget.

If this rank checker tool has piqued your interest, try their no-obligation, no credit card 14-day trial today.

2. SERPWatcher

Best for Noobs with No Prior Experience

Screenshot of serpwatcher Main Landing Page

SERPWatcher by Mangools is a perfect SEO tool for you if you are a rookie. It has a super-simple interface, and the setup process is incredibly easy. This tool can tell you the potential organic traffic you can get based on the positions of your keywords and their estimated search volume.

The tool will allow you to track keyword rankings daily and even display the SERP previews. If the tool identifies a significant change in rankings, you will receive an email.

Of course, multiple filter options allow for precise rank tracking based on parameters such as DMA region, city, county, state, etc. If mobile rank tracking is on your mind, even that is possible.

Top Features of SERPWatcher

  • Mobile & Desktop Tracking: The rank tracker tracks keyword rankings for both mobile and desktop searches.
  • Daily Tracking: Allows daily rank tracking.
  • Alerts: Sends events-based email alerts for critical changes in ranking data.
  • Interactive Reports: Generates interactive and sharable reports.
  • Keywords Organization: It allows using tags for organizing keywords.
  • Performance Index: Gives an estimate of potential organic traffic based on keyword positions.


serpwatcher pricing

Mangools SERPWatcher is not a standalone tool. It comes as a part of the entire Mangools SEO tools. You must buy a subscription for the entire suite to use the rank tracker feature. They have simple pricing plans with a hefty 40% discount on annual subscriptions.

Mangools offers three pricing tiers that include:

Mangools Basic: $49 per month

  • 100 keyword lookups every 24 hour
  • 200 keyword suggestions for every search
  • 25 competitor keywords for every search
  • 200 keywords tracked daily

Mangools Premium: $69 per month

  • 500 keyword lookups every 24 hour
  • 700 keyword suggestions for every search
  • Unlimited competitor keywords for every search
  • 700 keywords tracked daily

Mangools Agency: $129 per month

  • 1,200 keyword lookups every 24 hour
  • 700 keyword suggestions for every search
  • Unlimited competitor keywords for every search
  • 1,500 keywords tracked daily

My Take on SERPWatcher

I find the tool akin to kindergarten level when compared to tools like Ahrefs, Moz Pro, or SEMRush. If you are worried about complex interfaces, SERPWatcher is a safe playground with nearly accurate data. Grab their 10-day no-obligation free trial without giving away your credit card details


3. Sitechecker Pro

Best for Budget Users

Screenshot of sitechecker pro Main Landing Page

If you are on a tight budget and you need rank tracking software to ace the search engine rankings, Sitechecker should be your go-to tool for improving the SEO performance of your website. You can use the degree of visibility, keywords, and various aspects of indexing to track keyword rankings.

Even for this tool, the rank tracker feature is only a module of the entire suite, which can help you with various aspects of search engine optimization. For instance, you can track backlinks, monitor your site, and receive improvement suggestions.

Top Features of Sitechecker Pro

  • Multiple Search Engine Support: Allows rank tracking for multiple search engines.
  • Mobile and Desktop Support: Rank tracking is possible for both mobile and desktop searches.
  • Backlink Monitoring: It allows building a link-building strategy with its backlink monitoring feature.
  • Filter Options: It allows customization of the table views using various filters and parameters.
  • Suggestions: It performs site audits and monitors your site, thereby offering valuable suggestions for on-page SEO efforts.


Screenshot of sitechecker pro pricing plan

Sitechecker is one of the cheapest full-scale SEO suites available today, making it perfect for budget users. They have a very simple pricing structure where you can select between annual or monthly billing cycles. There are four pricing tiers of Sitechecker, which are:

Basic: $29 a month

  • Analyze 3 websites
  • Rank tracking for 150 keywords
  • Local and mobile rank tracking support
  • 3,000 backlinks tracking

Startup: $49 a month

  • Analyze 5 websites
  • Rank tracking for 500 keywords
  • Local and mobile rank tracking support
  • 5,000 backlinks tracking

Growing: $99 a month

  • Analyze 10 websites
  • Rank tracking for 1,000 keywords
  • Local and mobile rank tracking support
  • 10,000 backlinks tracking

Enterprise: $499 a month

  • Analyze unlimited websites
  • Rank tracking for 100,000 keywords
  • Local and mobile rank tracking support
  • 100,000 backlinks tracking

My Take on Sitechecker

Sitechecker is slightly more complex than Mangools and SE Ranking, but if you can survive the setup and scale the learning curve, it is a powerful tool at your disposal. What is interesting is that not only do you get a 48-hour refund policy, but you also get a 7-day free trial before you commit with your money. Grab the deal now!

4. Wincher

Best for Local Rank Tracking and Competitor Analysis

Screenshot of wincher Main Landing Page

There are four things you will like about Wincher – it can perform local keyword rank tracking, it can track your competitors, it can generate super-simple reports, and it is rookie-friendly. The only problem is that Wincher is not as complete as other SEO suites. For instance, the platform lacks backlink tracking. However, as a keyword rank tracker, it does an excellent job.

Top Features of Wincher

  • Rank Tracking Tool: It allows you to track the search engine rankings for your keywords, thereby enabling content strategy formulation with competitor study.
  • Keyword Discovery: It comes with a keyword research facility that allows you to identify new high-volume organic keywords.
  • SEO Insights: It offers SEO insights for your entire website, thereby allowing you to tweak your SEO policy as required.
  • Local Keyword Ranking: You can track rankings for local keywords for 180 countries.
  • Competitor Monitoring: It monitors your competitors’ keywords, allowing you to beat them in the SEO game.


Svcreenshot of wincher pricing plan

Wincher has relatively straightforward pricing. The price will depend on the number of keywords you want to track. There are three pricing tiers with both yearly and monthly subscription options available. Here is a quick list of the pricing plans:

Starter: €29 per month

  • 500 keywords
  • Daily ranking updates
  • Monitor 10 websites
  • No on-demand ranking updates

Business: €59 per month

  • 1,000 keywords (higher price for more keywords)
  • Daily ranking updates
  • Monitor unlimited websites
  • On-demand ranking updates

Enterprise: €249 per month

  • 5,000 keywords (higher price for more keywords)
  • Daily ranking updates
  • Monitor unlimited websites
  • On-demand ranking updates

My Take On Wincher

The Wincher SEO tool is slightly costlier than other options like Mangools, Sitechecker, etc., but considering that it allows 500 keywords for the most basic play, it stands out as one of the cheapest keyword rank checker tools in its class. Of course, the lack of some features makes it a very noob-friendly tool.

Take advantage of their free trial and take Wincher for a spin. If you are looking for a no-fuss rank tracker, this is the one!

5. SEO Powersuite

Best Free Tool

Screenshot of seo powersuite Main Landing Page

If you are looking for a keyword rank tracker to top the SERPs of major search engines without paying a dime, SEO Powersuite is going to be your best friend. Yes, there is a forever free plan that allows unlimited keyword and website tracking for free. The free version also throws in a bunch of SEO features, too, including social SEO, on-page SEO, a backlink checker, competitor rank tracking, etc.

The catch? The additional SEO features are quite limited. For instance, you can track only one competitor, check only 1,100 backlinks, and crawl only 500 URLs of your website for SEO audit. But that is more than enough for most solopreneurs.

Top Features of SEO Powersuite

  • Accurate Rank Tracking: This keyword rank tracking software gives accurate results complete with search volumes, specific rankings, and related graphs.
  • Extensive Backlink Tracking: The tool uses over 50 factors for analyzing backlinks, giving a thorough understanding of link-building opportunities.
  • Powerful Competitor Analysis: Competitor analysis by this tool is in-depth, giving a clear understanding of competitors’ SEO strategies.
  • Site Audit: It comes with a powerful site audit feature that highlights the problems and provides on-page SEO suggestions.
  • Powerful Reports: The tool generates powerful and easy-to-understand reports. However, reporting is not available for the free version.


Screenshot of seo powersuite pricing plan

SEO Powersuite has the most straightforward pricing structure. There are three pricing tiers available. There is no differential pricing based on keywords or the number of backlinks, etc. Even better, the premium versions are also quite cheap compared to the yearly pricing and limits of other competing tools. The available pricing tiers include:

Free: Forever Free Plan

  • Monitor unlimited websites
  • Unlimited keywords monitoring
  • Monitor 1,100 backlinks
  • Track keyword ranking of one competitor

Professional: £249 per year

  • Monitor unlimited websites
  • Unlimited keywords monitoring
  • Track unlimited backlinks
  • Track keywords of 5 competitors

Enterprise: £429 per year

  • Monitor unlimited websites
  • Unlimited keywords monitoring
  • Track unlimited backlinks
  • Track keywords of 40 competitors

My Take on SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is a great tool if you don’t have money to spare for a rank tracker. On top of that, it is one of the most accurate rank tracking tools you will get. The best part is that you keep your data under your supervision because this tool is not a web-based app. You must download and install the software on your computer.

If this tool has already managed to make you excited, download it for free from here.

6. Moz Pro Rank Checker

Best for Keyword Research

Screenshot of Moz Pro Main Landing Page

Moz is known for many things of which two things stand out – Moz Rank and Moz Keyword Explorer. Moz pioneered the famous Moz Rank after Google pulled the plug on its Page Rank feature. Though Moz Rank has lost some relevancy, Moz’s Keyword Explorer remains quite undisputed.

But Moz has more to offer, including its keyword rank checker, link explorer, and much more. It is a complete SEO tool kit for top SEO professionals across the world.

The rank checker feature will allow you not only to perform keyword tracking but also, will find the rankings for potential keywords that you might want to use. It can generate instant ranking reports that you can use for developing your SEO strategies.

Top Features of Moz Pro Rank Checker

  • Long-term Keyword Tracking: The tool can track your keywords for the long term, thereby making it a perfect tool for continued and evolving SEO efforts.
  • Keyword Research: The powerful keyword explorer can help you identify potential keywords for your business with nearly 95% accuracy on search volume estimates.
  • Keyword Difficulty: It will tell you how difficult it will be for you to rank for a particular keyword.
  • Keyword Sorting: The tool uses predictive metrics to sort your keywords.
  • Website Audit: It can crawl your website on demand and show the errors and opportunities for on-page SEO improvements.


Screenshot of moz pro pricing plan

Moz is an industry-leading SEO suite and it does not come cheap. If you have no budgetary constraints, Moz Pro Rank Checker (in fact, the entire Moz suite) is among the very best tools you can grab. There are four pricing tiers, which include:

Standard: $99 per month

  • Track ranking for 300 keywords
  • 100,000 pages crawled per week
  • 150 keyword queries a month
  • 5,000 backlink queries per month

Medium: $179 per month

  • Track ranking for 1,500 keywords
  • 500,000 pages crawled per week
  • 5,000 keyword queries a month
  • 20,000 backlink queries per month

Large: $299 per month

  • Track ranking for 3,000 keywords
  • 1,250,000 pages crawled per week
  • 15,000 keyword queries a month
  • 70,000 backlink queries per month

Premium: $599 per month

  • Track ranking for 4,500 keywords
  • 2,000,000 pages crawled per week
  • 30,000 keyword queries a month
  • 100,000 backlink queries per month

My Take on Moz Pro Rank Checker

Moz is an insanely powerful SEO toolkit, but it is not for solopreneurs on a shoestring budget. Moreover, there is a very sharp learning curve, which can be quite frustrating. But if you are willing to pay and if you don’t mind spending hours and days learning the tool, Moz Pro will give you a competitive edge over all your competitors.

If Moz Pro evokes the hidden SEO professional inside you, try out their 30-day free trial. But remember! You must attach your credit card to enjoy the free trial.

7. SEMRush

Best for marketing agencies and SEO professionals.

Screenshot of Semrush Main Landing Page

SEMRush is a powerful SEO toolkit with an accurate position tracking tool integrated into the platform. It can track keywords daily and monitor the rankings of domains, subdomains, and URLs by collecting data from Google.

It offers data filtering using 16 SERP features, and it can easily tell you which SERP features are triggered by which keywords. Complicated? It is indeed a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you can track keyword rankings at national and local levels, and even for desktop and mobile searches.

But SEMRush is not just tracking search engine ranking for specific keywords. It is a complete SEO suite that you can use for competitor analysis, keyword research, website audit, and more.

Top Features of SEMRush

  • Keyword Tracking: It will allow you to track keyword rankings and filter data with SERP features.
  • Competitor Analysis: This tool will allow you to discover your top competitors and analyze their keywords and SEO strategies. You can track your performance vis-à-vis your local competitors.
  • Keyword Segmentation and Discovery: You can segment and organize keywords using tags for better management. You can even discover new keywords with high search volumes to develop your content strategy.
  • Alerts: If there are critical position changes, SEMRush will immediately send alerts so that you can monitor and adjust your SEO blueprint.
  • Share of Voice: SEMRush has a feature called ‘Share of Voice’ that will tell you the performance of your site for all combined searches.


Screenshot of semrush pricing plan

SEMRush is one of the most expensive SEO toolkits you will get on the market, and that is because it is designed for professionals and agencies. They also have additional toolkits that cost extra. So, if you are on a tight budget, SEMRush is not for you. They have three pricing tiers, which include:

Pro: $119.95 per month

  • Add 5 projects
  • Track 500 keywords (daily tracking)
  • Domain, backlink, and keyword analytics
  • No historical data

Guru: $229.95 per month

  • Add 15 projects
  • Track 1,500 keywords (daily tracking)
  • Domain, backlink, and keyword analytics
  • Historical data available

Business: $449.95 per month

  • Add 40 projects
  • Track 5,000 keywords (daily tracking)
  • Domain, backlink, and keyword analytics
  • Historical data available

My Take on SEMRush

I cannot deny that SEMRush is incredibly powerful, but I also cannot ignore that it is very difficult to learn, and it throws in a complicated interface that is quite difficult to navigate. Also, it is pricey! So, if you have no budgetary constraints, and if you can spend hours, days, and weeks learning how to use the platform, it can be a game-changer for your SEO efforts.

In case you want to get a first-hand experience of the power of SEMRush without breaking your bank, try their 7-day free trial with full access to every toolkit they have to offer. FYI – you need to attach your credit card.

8. Ahrefs

Best for Comparative Rank Tracking

Screenshot of ahrefs Main Landing Page

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool with a keyword rank tracker feature. It will allow keyword position tracking for both mobile and desktop search results. Unfortunately, the program lacks support for keyword position tracking across multiple search engines.

However, Ahrefs shows keyword ranking history for Google along with top search results for every keyword you track. You can organize, sort, and filter keywords using pages and tags.

Top Features of Ahrefs Rank Tracker

  • Search Visibility: It shows the percentage of search traffic landing on your website or blog.
  • Positions Distribution: Shows keyword positions in groups like Positions #1-3, Positions #4-10, etc.
  • SERP Features: It will allow tracking keywords based on 13 SERP features such as sitelinks, featured snippets, knowledge cards, knowledge panel, etc.
  • Competitor Overview: It will provide a competitor overview for the keywords you track. You can track up to 10 competitors at once for any keyword.


Screenshot of ahrefs pricing plan

Ahrefs is quite expensive, making it suitable for people with a significant SEO budget. There are four pricing plans available:

Lite: $99 a month

  • Rank tracker
  • Site explorer
  • Keywords explorer
  • SEO dashboard
  • Site audit

Standard: $199 a month

  • Everything in the Lite plan
  • 6-month history
  • SERP updates
  • Content explorer
  • Domain comparison
  • Batch Analysis

Advanced: $399 a month

  • Everything in the Standard plan
  • 2-year history
  • Google Data Studio integration
  • Dashboard folders

Enterprise: $999 a month

  • Everything in the Advanced plan
  • Unlimited history
  • Directory listing
  • Access management

My Take on Ahrefs

Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker is one of the best keyword rank tracker programs available. However, the pricing tiers are not suitable for people with a shoestring budget. Also, the platform has a steep learning curve because of the sheer number of features it provides.

If you can afford Ahrefs, it can help you improve your blog’s position in Google search results. Unfortunately, Ahrefs has stopped offering trials (7 days for $7). However, you can access its free Webmasters Tool but that won’t give you access to the Rank Tracker tool or any other tool that Ahrefs offers.

9. AccuRanker

Screenshot of Accuranker Main Landing Page

Fastest Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

AccuRanker is the fastest keyword rank tracker software available today. It provides ranking data every other hour. If you need it, it can pull ranking data on demand. The data refreshes within seconds.

The platform primarily targets SEO agencies and platforms and allows custom template reporting. Advanced users can filter data in numerous ways using various metrics. With a premium subscription, you will receive a one-on-one session outlining the best practices.

Top Features of AccuRanker

  • Fast Keyword Position Tracking: It automatically refreshes data every 24 hours. You can also get updates every second hour. You can even receive on-demand ranking updates.
  • SERP Features: You can even track SERP features like sitelinks, image packs, featured snippets, etc.
  • Google Integrations: It integrates with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, allowing you to track everything in one place.


Screenshot of accuranker pricing plan

Accuranker’s pricing is based on the number of keywords you want to track. The best part is that irrespective of the plan you select, it will allow unlimited users and unlimited domains, third-party integrations, API access, and more. 

The minimum pricing starts at $129 a month for 1,000 keywords. For 50,000, the monthly price is $2,769. If you want to track more than 50,000 keywords, they have custom pricing options.

My Take on AccuRanker

AccuRanker is an advanced rank tracking tool that will reveal local keyword search volumes and local rankings for mobile and desktop across multiple search engines. It also has powerful third-party integrations like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, Adobe Analytics, etc.

But all these advanced features come for a hefty price, making the tool unsuitable for low-budget bloggers and solopreneurs looking for affordable keyword tracking. In case you are interested, you can try their 14-day trial.

10. Advanced Web Ranking

Best White Label Reporting

Screenshot of advanced web ranking Main Landing Page

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the most popular rank checking tools available today. The program offers daily and weekly rankings, but you can generate on-demand ranking data. The program allows tracking keywords for both mobile and local searches.

You can even track SERP features and perform a side-by-side competitor comparison. Custom reporting is also possible in which you can customize the data and its layout.

Top Features of Advanced Web Ranking

  • SERP Features: Track all types of SERP features and perform competitor analysis.
  • Keyword Difficulty: Provides keyword difficulty score to help you plan your content.
  • Google Data Integration: Integrates with Google Analytics, Search Console, and AdWords.
  • Report Sharing: Generate white label reports and share them with clients and team members.


Screenshot of advanced web ranking pricing plan

Advanced Web Ranking is fairly priced and allows unlimited projects and unlimited users across all plans. There are four pricing tiers available that include:

Starter: $49 a month

  • 2,000 keywords
  • SERP tracking
  • Competitor insights
  • Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and AdWords integration
  • Keyword difficulty
  • White label reporting

Pro: $99 a month

  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • 7,000 keywords
  • Competitor discovery
  • Market share

Agency: $199 a month

  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • 14,500 keywords
  • Local keyword search volumes
  • Historical ranking imports
  • 1-hour updates
  • Search Console country tracking

Enterprise: Starting at $499 a month

  • Everything in the Agency plan
  • 35,500 keywords
  • Data migration assistance
  • Priority support

My Take on Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the best keyword rank tracking programs with an affordable entry price. 

However, if you need more SEO features like keyword research, backlink tracking, and more, this platform is not suitable. In fact, using a separate SEO tool along with this program can increase your operational costs significantly. So, choose wisely. 

If you are interested, you can try their zero-cost 30-day fully-featured trial.

What is Rank Tracking Software?

When you create a piece of content, you write it around a specific keyword or a set of keywords, and you want your content to rank higher on search engines to get more traffic.

A rank tracking software tool will help you to see how the position of your content changes in SERPs (search engine results pages) relative to the keyword or key phrases you use for content creation. You will know whether you are gaining position or losing your position to your competitors. A powerful rank tracking tool should reveal your keyword position daily.

Pros and Cons of Rank Tracking Software Tools


  1. Comprehensive SEO Insights:
    • Best SEO rank tracker tools provide a holistic view of your website’s SEO performance, including keyword positions, competitor analysis, and backlink tracking.
  2. Automation for Efficiency:
    • Rank tracker pro options automate the tracking process, saving time and effort compared to manual methods.
  3. Diverse Features Beyond Tracking:
    • Rank tracker software tools offer additional features such as site audit, keyword research, and competitor analysis, enhancing your overall SEO strategy.
  4. Affordable Solutions:
    • Some tools, like SE Ranking, strike a balance between cost and functionality, making them ideal for bloggers on a budget.
  5. User-Friendly Interfaces:
    • Options like SERPWatcher and Sitechecker Pro cater to beginners with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly functionalities.
  6. Local Rank Tracking:
    • Tools like Wincher specialize in local rank tracking, providing insights into how well your content performs in specific locations.
  7. Free Rank Tracker Options:
    • SEO Powersuite offers a free plan, allowing unlimited keyword and website tracking for those with budget constraints.
  8. Keyword Research Expertise:
    • Moz Pro Rank Checker excels in keyword research, helping you identify potential keywords with high accuracy.
  9. Comprehensive SEO Suite:
    • SEMRush and Ahrefs serve as complete SEO suites, offering not only accurate keyword tracking but also tools for competitor analysis, keyword research, and more.
  10. Speed and Accuracy:
    • AccuRanker stands out as the fastest keyword rank tracker, providing real-time or on-demand updates.
  11. White Label Reporting:
    • Advanced Web Ranking is recommended for those seeking white label reports, allowing customization and sharing with clients.


  1. Cost Considerations:
    • Enterprise rank tracking software may come with higher costs, making them less suitable for bloggers with limited budgets.
  2. Learning Curve for Advanced Tools:
    • Tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs, while powerful, may have a steep learning curve, requiring time for users to maximize their potential.
  3. Feature Overwhelm:
    • Some users may find the plethora of features in advanced tools overwhelming, especially if their needs are more focused on basic rank tracking.
  4. Limitations in Free Plans:
    • Free rank tracker options like SEO Powersuite may come with limitations, such as tracking only one competitor or a restricted number of backlinks.
  5. Web-Based vs. Desktop Tools:
    • While web-based rank trackers offer convenience, some users may prefer desktop tools for greater control over their data.
  6. Varied Local Keyword Search Volumes:
    • Not all tools provide detailed local keyword search volumes, limiting insights into specific geographic audience preferences.

Best Rank Tracking Software – Summary

So, which one is the best rank tracking software tool? There is no definitive answer. It all depends on your needs.

For solopreneurs and starters, I highly recommend SE Ranking, SERP Watcher, and Sitechecker Pro. Not only are they cheap and easy to use, but they also strip things down to the essentials of SEO. Thus, they are a perfect choice for rookies.

If your budget permits, complete SEO and rank tracker tools like Moz Pro and SEMRush are worth the money and time you spend. They are undeniably the most complete and most powerful SEO tools you can find today.

Best Rank Tracking Software FAQ’s

What is keyword position tracking?

Keyword position tracking is also known as SEO rank tracking, Google rankings, or SERP tracking. It helps webmasters to check the position of their content for a set of keywords in search results. You can track keyword positions based on parameters like local or global search, devices, etc.

Why are keywords important for search engine optimization?

When Google and other search engines crawl your website’s content, they look for various parameters including keywords to understand how relevant your content is for readers. Keywords help search engines to understand the overall theme of the content. Proper keyword optimization can help you rank higher in search results, which translates into higher traffic and hence, more profits.

What are the key metrics for keyword rank tracking?

There are three vital metrics:

  1. Site Visibility: The higher the organic visibility of your site, the better your keywords rank.
  2. Keyword Position: The positions of your keywords reveal the positions of your website pages in search results. So, if a keyword has the 7th position, your website’s page containing that keyword will be positioned 7th in SERPs.
  3. Search Volume: Your site can have many keywords, but it is important to prioritize the position tracking of those keywords which have higher volume because they usually drive more traffic.

What is the cheapest rank tracker?

The choice for the most budget-friendly rank tracker depends on your specific needs and budget constraints. Tools like SEO Powersuite offer a free plan, while others like SE Ranking provide affordable options with a balance of features and cost.

What is rank tracker software?

Rank tracker software is a tool that monitors and analyzes the position of your website’s keywords in search engine results. It helps you assess your SEO performance, track keyword rankings, and optimize your content for better visibility.

What is the best search engine rank checker tool?

Determining the best search engine rank checker tool depends on your requirements. Options like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and AccuRanker are recognized for their accuracy and comprehensive features, making them popular choices among SEO professionals.

Which tool can be used to track organic rankings?

To track organic rankings, you can use various tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Moz Pro Rank Checker. These tools provide insights into how your website ranks organically for specific keywords and help you refine your SEO strategy.

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