22 Best Free AI Art Generator Tools to Up Your Design Game in 2024

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With the emergence of AI image generator tools flooding the market, it has now become easier than ever to create high-quality images within seconds. The best part? You don’t even need to be an artist!

With AI art generators, you can generate images for your blog, books, or whatever is on your mind. The images that the AI art generators create are free of copyright claims, so you can use them without the fear of plagiarism.

Here are the 22 best free AI art generators readily available online today.

Quick Takeaways:

  1. AI Art Generators Provide Quick and Copyright-Free Images:
    • AI art generators offer a rapid solution for creating high-quality images without the need for artistic skills, and the generated images come with no copyright claims.
  2. Diverse AI Art Tools for Varied Design Needs:
    • The article highlights a curated list of 21 AI art generators, each with unique features, allowing users to choose tools that best suit their design requirements.
  3. Affordable and Accessible Options for All Users:
    • Many listed AI art generators, such as Jasper Art, PhotoSonic, and Stable Diffusion, offer free trials or have low-cost plans, making them accessible to a wide range of users.
  4. Discord-Integrated AI Art Generation with Midjourney:
    • Midjourney stands out as an accurate AI art generator accessible through Discord, providing a unique experience with progress tracking and stunning image outputs.
  5. StarryAI’s Unique NFT Generation Feature:
    • StarryAI not only creates impressive AI-generated images but also allows users to transform them into NFTs, emphasizing the tool’s adaptability to evolving digital art trends.

22 Best Free AI Art Generators to Up Your Design Game

1. Jasper Art


Jasper Art is a part of the popular Jasper AI writing tool. Like Jasper’s writing capabilities, Jasper Art can generate high-quality images in a jiffy. Though not free, you can experience the prowess of Jasper Art for 7 days without paying a dime.

It’s one of the best AI art generators with a wide spectrum of fine controls to generate exactly what you need. You can use the free-form option and start with a prompt to generate an image, or you can use one of the templates that Jasper provides.

Fine-tuning involves options like choosing mood, style, medium, language, keywords, etc. It can even generate high-definition images like Midjourney.

2. PhotoSonic


An underrated AI text-to-image generator that is part of the popular AI writing tool WriteSonic, PhotoSonic turns your creative text prompts into compelling art. It utilizes latent diffusion technology to refine noisy images.

Registration grants you 10 credits and an optional one-month free trial. For further use, you can buy 100 images at $10/month.

While the outputs might not match professional standards, they’re suitable for beginners.

Customization is available through keyword addition, and you can select an output size that suits your needs, before conveniently downloading your images in zip format.

3. Freepik AI Art Generator – Pikaso

freepik ai art generator

Pikaso, a quick and easy AI art generator created by Freepik, is an innovative AI drawing tool crafted by Freepik. This tool transforms your text prompts and drawings into captivating art pieces effortlessly.

The user interface is designed with intuition in mind, featuring a straightforward layout that ensures an easy creative journey. Sign up with just your email, input your prompts or drawings, and witness the AI work its enchantment. Pikaso even allows you to enhance your creations by uploading images and incorporating icons, providing an extra layer of customization.

Here’s the exciting part—you can use Pikaso for free. While the free plans have some limitations, they offer a taste of Pikaso’s creative prowess. If you find yourself craving unlimited usage and additional features, consider opting for a premium subscription starting at $12 per month.

Once your artistic vision is complete, Pikaso offers the convenience of downloading your AI image as a high-resolution image or video. It is an ideal tool for creating personalized pieces in minutes.

4. Midjourney


Accessible only through their Discord Server, Midjourney is one of the most accurate AI art generators today. It can easily handle complicated text prompts.

The tool is available as a bot and will output the generated images inside Discord. However, you can download the images and use them anywhere you want.

Midjourney will display the progress, and you will see how the image keeps getting better. Though you cannot use art styles, the images are stunning, and you can upscale the images and choose different variations.

You can create 25 images for free but after that, you must pay $10 a month for creating up to 200 images per month.

5. Stable Diffusion (Dream Studio)


Completely free, Stable Diffusion is an open-source AI art generator you can use online or install on your computer. But since Stable Diffusion is resource-heavy, you must ensure your computer has a powerful GPU if you want a local installation.

Dream Studio, on the other hand, compiles Stable Diffusion’s models and APIs for faster image generation. Unfortunately, Dream Studio will give you limited free credits, after which you must purchase extra credits. You can buy 1,000 credits for $10, which will create up to 5,000 images.

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-art generator and accepts both positive and negative prompts. In the positive prompt, you’ll tell what you need and in the negative prompt, you’ll tell the AI what not to do.

The online version has an NSFW filter, which you can easily remove with a local installation. Locally installed Stable Diffusion will also allow you to upscale your images.

6. DALL·E-2


A popular text-to-image converter, DALL·E-2 has taken the Internet by storm. It’s an enhanced version that generates images with incredible realism. DALL·E-2 was formerly restricted to a select few users but is now open to everyone who registers.

With 50 credits, you can generate free images and purchase more as required, thereby contributing to the research and enhancing the AI. DALL·E-2’s precision and output quality has substantially increased over time.

During testing, DALL·E-2’s ability to produce realistic drawings in response to prompts surpassed my expectations and left me impressed. Even with intricate scenarios and occasional delays, the outputs were consistently remarkable.

You can refine your creations with the edit tool by adding more keywords. If unhappy with the initial output, you can request alternatives.

7. NightCafe


A famous online AI text-to-art generator, NightCafe provides extensive customization options, such as the ability to select art styles and algorithms.

With features such as Clip Guided Diffusion, users have more control over their creations. The service begins with five complimentary credits and provides extra credits upon login.

Subscribing to NightCafe enables the purchase of additional credits at reasonable rates. The image outputs are impressive, with a lifelike and vivid appearance.

You can upscale or evolve the images by using more credits or prompts, even though it struggles with quality.

NightCafe is an excellent art generator, despite its credit limitations and the fact that the creation process can be lengthy.

8. Pixray


An easy-to-use AI image generator, Pixray is perfect for creating AI art on Discord bots. It might take six minutes to whip up an image, a bit longer than others like Diffusion or DALL-E 2, but it’s worth the wait.

You can watch your masterpiece unfold in real time on their user-friendly website. Though Pixray lacks extensive after-image customizations, it creates pretty decent images.

Just a heads-up, there could be occasional hiccups. It’s nearly free, but you’ll eventually get a prompt to pay depending on your CPU or GPU usage.

9. Fotor


A free AI art generator, Fotor lets you create stunning images at lightning speed, with 10 freebies per day.

Just set up an account, input detailed prompts, and voila, your artistic creation is ready!

You can even use your own images. Experiment with styles, ratios, lighting, and more to make your masterpiece pop.

There’s no limit to how much you can type in the image prompt. Once finished, simply download your art.

10. Text to Pokemon Generator


Text-to-Pokemon, akin to Pixray, specializes in creating new Pokemon from text prompts.

Simply enter your desired creature, like ‘Pikachu Yoda in Red‘, and watch the Pokemon magic unfold within a minute.

While its versatility is limited, the resulting images are quite impressive. Besides Pokemon, you can also include real-life figures to create unique, cartoon-style mashups.

This tool opens a world of creativity for Pokemon fans and more.

11. Deep Dream Generator


Created by Aifnet, Deep Dream Generator is a renowned AI art tool that produces realistic images based on neural network training.

Deep Dream Generator is simple to use. Upload your image, pick a category like animals or landscapes, and watch it craft a new piece in one of three styles—Deep Style, Thin Style, or Deep Dream.

Additionally, this tool offers ‘Text 2 Dream‘, a new text-to-image feature. With its ability to create diverse art mimicking different places or eras, Deep Dream is a remarkable choice for AI art generation.

12. Dream By Wombo


Remember the fun deep fake app, Wombo? Their Dream AI text-to-image generator continues that creativity with a user-friendly layout and numerous art styles.

Though it has a $4.99 premium tier, you can still create free artwork by entering text prompts. For guidance, provide an input image.

Despite some styles being hit-or-miss, the overall output is impressive and vivid.

Plus, you can enjoy watching your image materialize in real-time, a feature available on both their app and website. Dream AI is a perfect blend of versatility and lifelike artistry.

13. Synthesys X


It is a Chrome Extension AI image generator that lets you create new versions of any image directly in your browser.

Synthesys X smartly analyzes patterns and objects from the original image to produce relevant, similar outputs.

The exciting part is, you own the copyright of the images you generate! Perfect for artists or image enthusiasts, you can freely share your work.

While the Chrome Extension is free, the premium version costs $12/month or $99/year, broadening your creative horizon.

14. Stablecog


A free, open-source AI image generator, Stablecog employs Stable Diffusion to create stunning, high-quality visuals with ease.

Notable for its user-friendly design and multilingual support, it uses SvelteKit and Supabase for seamless metadata recording and cog cluster management.

This powerful tool can also create 3D digital art, anime, 3D renders, animated movies, and 3D comics, among others.

For an enhanced creative experience, the Pro version offers additional customization features. Stablecog is an ideal solution for quick and easy visual creation, but the free version has limitations.

15. Craiyon (Formerly DALL-E Mini)


Craiyon, brought to life by Hugging Face and Google researchers, is your free gateway to generating images with ease. Just input your text and within two minutes, you’ll have nine different images.

No sign-up is needed, just hop onto the website and start creating images. Plus, you can sport your unique creations on a t-shirt, with choices between white and dark tees, available right on their site.

Their Android app ensures art creation on the go. With Craiyon, creating images is limitless and entirely free!

16. DeepAI


Established in 2016, DeepAI has been at the forefront of democratizing AI, enabling anyone to create art and images with ease.

DeepAI’s versatility lets you generate an array of unique images with customizable details, colors, and textures.

Want a vector image from your illustration? DeepAI’s got you covered. Its tools like StyleGAN, BigGAN, and the fun CartoonGAN offer myriad options to create images, even turning your pieces into charming cartoons.

With DeepAI, every artistic endeavor is a unique adventure!

17. Artbreeder


A compelling web tool, Artbreeder harnesses the power of generative AI to create images that blend styles, genres, and themes for striking results.

You can remix existing artwork, or start afresh, crossbreeding images for endless creative possibilities.

Its unique AI algorithm crafts countless new images from your choices, ready for download or sharing.

Essentially, Artbreeder is a digital playground for artists, designers, or anyone seeking an imaginative spark!

18. StarryAI


It’s an intriguing AI art generator with a unique twist – it enables users to transform art into NFTs without any input.

This dynamic tool employs machine learning algorithms to process images, boasting features like automatic image generation and text-to-image capabilities.

One standout aspect of StarryAI is that it bestows full ownership of the created images, for personal or commercial use.

Furthermore, it serves as a free NFT generator – a noteworthy feature in today’s evolving digital art scene. The technology continues to progress, with stunning art examples already generated using the app.

19. CF Spark


Creative Fabrica’s AI image generator, CF Spark, offers a unique opportunity for creators to monetize their AI-generated files.

Users input a prompt, which leads to the generation of four images that can be published.

Other users can then re-prompt these AI images for different results and even display their AI art creations, like T-shirt designs.

Unlike traditional AI art generators that take minutes, CF Spark subscribers receive 1000 speed credits, allowing for quicker art creation, and showcasing the evolution of generating digital art.

20. Runway ML


This tool enables you to use machine learning models to generate realistic images, animations, and 3D models.

Runway ML also includes a video editor tool for video projects, allowing you to replace background images effortlessly.

Its notable capabilities include relative motion analysis to intuitively grasp your creative intent and out-of-the-box object recognition for easy identification of elements within images or videos.

All these features make collaboration on creative projects seamless and innovative.

21. GetIMG


GetIMG is an exceptional AI toolset for creating original images at scale and modifying photos effortlessly.

Its capabilities stretch to expanding photos beyond their borders or building custom AI models.

With over 20 AI models and a super-advanced editor, it allows for both intricate detail modification and broad visual feature changes.

Its unique feature lets you create a personalized AI model with just 10 pictures. Furthermore, it’s capable of swiftly generating up to 10 images within seconds.

It provides high customization and is excellent for creating AI avatars or generating stylistic ideas.

22. Images.AI


A free AI art generator by Unite.ai, Images.AI employs Stable Diffusion technology for creating outstanding images, unlike other tools that require a paid subscription.

The Unite.ai team constantly improves the tool’s algorithm and resources for user benefit. No sign-up hassle – just visit the website, select from square, landscape, or portrait sizes, describe your image, and hit “brew” to generate unique images.

It also allows meme generation using images, hosts a community showcase, and lets you set up your profile. A personalized gallery feature is on its way, enhancing the user experience further.

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Pros and Cons of Using AI Art Generators


  1. Diverse Artistic Styles with AI Art Craze:
    • AI art generators offer a wide range of artistic styles, contributing to the ongoing AI art craze. Users can experiment with different styles to create unique and visually appealing images.
  2. Effortless Creation of High-Quality Images:
    • Leveraging the best free AI art generators simplifies the process of creating high-quality images, providing a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their design game effortlessly.
  3. Versatility in AI Art Generation:
    • AI tools in this list cater to various artistic needs, allowing users to explore and create illustrations, images, and artwork images across different genres and themes.
  4. No Artistic Skills Required, Thanks to AI Generation:
    • Individuals without traditional artistic skills can still produce impressive artwork with AI generators. These tools democratize art creation by offering accessibility to a broader audience.
  5. Quick and Cost-Effective Solutions for Design Needs:
    • The best free AI art generators listed, such as Jasper Art and PhotoSonic, present quick and cost-effective solutions for users seeking to create high-quality images without breaking the bank.


  1. Limitations in Artistic Styles and Quality:
    • Despite the versatility, some AI art generators may have limitations in offering a vast range of artistic styles, and the quality of generated images may vary, impacting professional standards.
  2. Subscription Costs for Premium Features:
    • While many tools offer free access, some AI generators may require a subscription for premium features or increased usage limits, adding potential costs for users seeking advanced functionalities.
  3. Dependency on AI System Settings:
    • Users may experience challenges in achieving desired outputs due to the dependency on AI system settings. Fine-tuning and understanding AI model intricacies might be necessary for optimal results.

Best Free AI Art Generator Tools to Up Your Design Game: Summary

Leveraging a free AI image generator can transform your design strategy, enabling you to create unique and compelling visuals with ease.

These 21 AI tools represent the best in the industry for producing high-quality AI-generated art, offering both professional designers and hobbyists an exciting avenue for innovation and creativity.

By embracing these tools, you can elevate your design game, push boundaries, and take your artwork to an entirely new level.

Harness the power of AI today and see the profound impact it can have on your artistic pursuits! Good luck!

Best Free AI Art Generator Tools to Up Your Design Game: FAQs

Are there any truly free AI art generators?

Yes, several AI generators on the list, such as Stable Diffusion, Pixray, and Fotor, are genuinely free to use. These tools provide access to basic features without any associated costs.

Can you use DALL·E for free?

DALL·E offers a free registration with 50 credits, allowing users to generate free AI images. Additional credits can be purchased as needed, contributing to the research and enhancement of the AI.

Can I generate AI images for free?

Absolutely! Many of the best free AI art generators listed, including Pixray, Stable Diffusion, and Fotor, offer users the ability to create stunning images at no cost, making AI art generation accessible to all.

What is the best AI art generator for adults?

The best AI art generator for adults depends on personal preferences and requirements. Tools like NightCafe, Deep Dream Generator, and Artbreeder offer extensive customization options, allowing users to explore and express their artistic styles freely.

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