#8: The Best AI Tools to Speed Up Content Creation

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Naval Ravikant is an extremely clever and well respected VC investor, entrepreneur and podcaster. With his own Wikipedia page, and as a guest on the podcast shows of Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, James Altucher and more, he’s the kind of guy that when he talks people listen.

He recently tweeted;

As you can see from the replies, many people disagreed with him, saying that creative people are fearing for the future of their art, whether it be writing, music production, imagery etc.

And that’s certainly how it feels. Now with the help of AI, you can;

  • Write a book in a weekend
  • Design your own NFT art collection in a few hours
  • Create and edit professional quality videos complete with AI avatars & celebrity voices
  • Produce songs and music with a click of a button (here’s one I created while researching this post – https://soundraw.io/edit_music?m=64a611c945119b0011061212)

However, I can also resonate with what he’s saying.

I’m constantly amazed at the incredible images produced by AI tools like Midjourney and as someone without a visual artistry bone in their body, I simply don’t have the skills to prompt such incredible graphics myself.

Similarly, an AI tool like ChatGPT can only write a book as good as the story and chapter prompts provided.

These “tools” respond to user inputs, meaning the better the input, the better the output. (That’s not to say that as technology advances they won’t get better and better, eventually replacing human input altogether.)

But as it stands today, your creative skills are crucial for guiding the AI and leveraging its capabilities. The AI does the hard work and you get to be the creative force, focusing on the best part: ideation.

Don’t shy away from AI tools because they seem too hard or you’re worried about ethics or the future. Leverage them, just as you have leveraged the internet, social media and all the tools at our fingertips today. AI is the future and to stay ahead of the game, we need to jump on board!

With that in mind, here’s a short list of some of the best AI tools available to help you achieve your goals and enhance your creative endeavours.

AI Writing Tools

There are now so many AI writing tools, it would take me all day just to list them out. I have created a blog post including 30 of what I consider to be some of the best writing tools for content creators, but here are my top 3.

1. ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is great for any kind of writing, including blog posts, emails, sales letters, ebooks, books, rewriting, paraphrasing, you name it! Now with plugins, you can get it to produce all sorts of weird and wonderful outputs.

The best way to learn is to play! NB: GPT 4 is so much better than GPT 3.5. Well worth the $20 a month subscription

Here’s a short poem I asked GPT4 to write me about the future of AI;

In circuits woven, whispers of the mind, In strings of code, AI shall steadily bind. With every byte, they grow and learn, While gears entwined, like clockwork turn.

Through human touch, their heartbeats race, In binary dreams, a newfound grace. A future bright, where data streams, Paint worlds untold, beyond our dreams.

Once fearsome shadows, now kindled light, Through AI’s eyes, our world takes flight. A symbiosis, man and machine, Together forging worlds unseen.

With care and thought, let us progress, With innovation’s soul, we shall redress. Through silicon veins, a pulse anew, In AI’s embrace, a future to construe.

2. Koala.sh

Koala is my go to AI tool for blog posts. Add your post title/keyword, create an AI generated outline for your post, which you can move around, add to, take away etc. Ask it to add FAQ’s and use current search engine results to help guide the output and click ‘Generate Article’

screenshot of koala article

I haven’t created an article yet that doesn’t need some editing and tinkering, but the results are fantastic, particularly for ‘How to’ articles, product reviews and so on. (Side note for bloggers – ChatGPT is much better for listicle articles)

3. Jasper

Jasper was one of the first AI tools on the block with millions in investments. It comes with a set of templates you can use to guide your writing. You can also set up ‘recipes’, which can be used for blog posts, video scripts, newsletter outlines and so on.

Jasper also has Jasper ‘chat’, Jasper Art and the capacity to add your own brand voice.

screenshot of jasper templates

The best part of Kasper is Kyle, the training guy. He’s awesome! Check out Jasper here and click on learn to take the Jasper jumpstart course to learn how to use it.

AI Art Tools

As I said above, I am not an artist, but here are the tools I’ve been playing with to create AI graphics;

1. Midjourney

So first I needed to get my head round how to open and use a Discord account! Then it’s quite simple to sign up for a $8 subscription and use the command – /imagine – prompt to start creating images.

Here’s the kind of detail people will go into to create amazing images (and clearly you’d need to be an experienced photographer to create a prompt like this);

2. Canva Text to Image

It makes sense to use a tool already embedded in software you use regularly, so if you’re a Canva user, they have a new cool text to image AI tool.

When editing an image, simply click on ‘Apps’ and then ‘Text to Image’, then add your prompt!

Here’s an example of one of mine, prompted with simply – woman in Tibet carrying a basket on her head;

3. Bing Chat – Image Creator

Bing Chat is an app you download to your phone. Simply click on the ‘Creative’ tab and ask it to create an image. You can tweak it, ask it to produce the image in different styles and all sorts.

Here’s a beautiful sunset created by Bing Image Creator;

And here are another 21 AI Art tools to explore.

AI Video Tools

I haven’t played much with video tools yet as I’m not doing much video at the moment, but check this out!

This is a tool called Synthesia and that is just a test video. We’re probably going to use software like this to do all the question & answer videos for our journal on Amazon. I’ll share more as I test and see how it plays out.

Other recommended AI Video tools include Invideo & Fliki, but I haven’t created anything meaningful with them yet.

Do let me know if you’ve tried any AI video platforms and how it’s working for you!

Your Challenge

Is there any content you’re currently creating that could be either replaced or at least assisted by an AI that would speed your processes up?

Spend an hour or so this week having a play with an AI tool instead of watching Silo on Apple TV (which is epic by the way) and see what you can achieve!

Have a fab week, have fun and make it happen!

Jo 🙂

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