Azon Monthly Stats - June 2015

Azon Monthly Stats – June 2015


What a month!

Our goal for this month was $75,000 worth of sales and we smashed it!

Let’s look at the numbers;

Now let me tell you we currently have 3 products selling on Amazon, but two of them are in their infancy, so I’ve only been sharing each month the results from our one main product.

So firstly here are our sales results overall for the month of June;


But to make it relevant to the past months reports and to show you what’s possible with one product I’m going to stick with just the one product results.

So here’s the sales for the month of June for our main product that we started selling in February;


Total Sales (For one product) – $90,959.35

Plus total cost of stock carried forward – $18,833


Stock & Shipping – $23935

Promotional Expenses – $3556

FBA Fees – $29675

Marketing Costs – $4442

Total Profit – $48,184 (Pre-tax)


An absolutely phenomenal result for the month, achieved by simply doing something every single day to increase our sales, our BSR and our keyword rankings.

The big thing we focused on this month was using Amazon Ads to boost the sales by really focusing in on the keywords that work.

It takes a few days for stats to catch up on Amazon unfortunately so you have to be patient and really only test one strategy at a time to see if it works, but by looking at the keywords that have the largest impressions and the highest conversion rates allows us to bid competitively for those keywords and get lots of exposure.

Plus we are convinced that if you show Amazon a little love, they show you some love back and as you can see from the numbers you don’t have to be spending a ton of cash on Ads to see great results!

One of the keywords we really focused on for June was Fathers Day! As a result we got a LOT of exposure and our sales increased quite dramatically helping us to get as high as a BSR of 15 in our main category.

So a key tip is to look around you for special events / holidays etc coming up and create a plan to capitalise on those!

All in all very exciting times and the model continues to blow my mind as I see our numbers just grow and grow!

What’s really exciting though are the results from some of our students in our Amazon Coaching Program.

Here’s a screenshot from a post in our group just a couple of days ago;

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 20.13.27

And here’s a response to Graemes post from another student!;


It’s brilliant isn’t it!

How You Can Do It Too

Unfortunately our training program Azon for Beginners is now closed for the foreseeable future. But there are lots of resources out there to help you with your journey.

1. This blog! Keep an eye out for update posts, tips and strategies for growing your Amazon business and be sure to download my The Beginners Guide to Building a Business on Amazon ebook which walks you through the 4 key steps to starting and growing an ecommerce business on Amazon

2. Keep your eyes & ears out for webinars and updates from Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos from Rapid Crush. These are the very clever guys we learnt from and I highly recommend their training programs.

3. Ezra Firestone is a must. Having been in the ecommerce game for over 10 years now he is a man of great experience and is happy to share his experiences with you. You can find him here –

4. Scott Voelker is an Amazon Seller and runs a popular weekly podcast on how to start, grow and build your Amazon Business.

5. Chris Guthrie, also an experienced Amazon seller runs a blog which not only helps with selling on Amazon but also covers general online entrepreneurialism. Also from time to time he also opens his Amazon Selling coaching program which specialises in helping you to grow and build your own profitable Amazon business, plus he’s just launched a new podcast dedicated to Amazon sellers.

As I find more resources I’ll be sure to add them to my posts. In the meantime I hope these help!

Jo :)

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