Azon Monthly Stats 4 - May 2015

Azon Monthly Stats 5 – May 2015

May 2015 Monthly Stats

Grow, Grow, Grow!

We had another great month in May.

It’s blowing our minds to be honest with you, sales just keep growing and growing.

So before we talk about why that might be, let’s look at the numbers;


Total Sales – $44,213.20

Plus total cost of stock carried forward – $12,354


Stock & Shipping – $12061

Promotional Expenses – $3430

FBA Fees – $14600

Marketing Costs – $2876

Total Profit – $23,600 (Pre-tax)


Our goal for May was to hit $40,000 sales, and we smashed it! :)

So what did we learn this month?

Firstly the key to making this successful is to stay focused and do something every day. Whether that’s getting reviews, releasing a press release, tweaking your Amazon Ads, playing with your page to increase conversions etc.

Secondly, since launching this product we’ve been giving out discount coupons in return for reviews every single day. This has helped increase reviews and raise our best seller rank continuously.

In fact our BSR right now is at 50 for our main category and we’re No 2 on the page rankings for two of our main keywords.

Actions we took in May were;

  • Added our product to another category
  • Raised our price
  • Ran bigger budgets on Amazon ads which we think gives us some Amazon love (note the word think, Amazons algorithms are a bit of a guessing game)
  • Kept our stock levels high
  • Got lots of Backlinks via press releases, social media, videos etc
  • Increased our reviews by over 200
  • Applied for Frustration Free Packaging which means we supply our own packaging for our product to be sent out from Amazon and we’re less likely to get hijacked. So far, so good!

So our goal for June is $75,000 in sales, bring it on!

Do let me know if you have any questions and if you’d like to learn how to start selling on Amazon, grab your free PDF below!

Jo :)

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