Attracting Reviews

Something you’ll want to start working on as soon as possible is getting rave reviews for all of your products on your site.

Reviews are going to be vital for increasing your add to carts and sales.

As I highlighted yesterday, people will trust a review from a fellow customer before they’ll trust anything that you as the seller will say about your superb and unmissable products!

There are a multitude of review apps and platforms on the web today, but for me there is one outstanding winner!

In fact here is a post I wrote a couple of years back when searching for the perfect review app for our kitchen product store we were running at the time.

It’s well worth a quick read actually, but the highlights are I was quoted $16,000 a year for one platform – yep that reads sixteen thousand dollars and consequently found another platform which did everything I wanted and more for $15 / month!

The Best Customer Review Platform for Your Ecommerce Website

So when setting up my most recent ecom site, I went straight to the $15 / month review app which is just as smooth and easy to use now as it was then!

Love it!

What’s more, on writing this post and linking back to my original review post I found a comment from the founder of said app on my blog! Now that’s approachable.

So my friends I recommend when setting up your store you look no further than a fab review app called (not an affiliate link)

Here’s a video showing how to to set it up on your store in under 2 minutes;

Once you’ve installed it, it’s very user intuitive and you’ll have no problem working your way through it customizing all the buttons and colors etc.

They also have fantastic help documentation and second to none customer service so I promise you, you’re in great hands!

How to start getting reviews when you haven’t sold any product yet?

This is where family & friends come in!

Get your product out to anyone you know who will be happy to come and leave you a review on your store to get you started.

And if you happen to be setting this store up after having received reviews for your product on other platforms like Amazon etc, then you can import those reviews straight into your store using!

If you’re on any groups in FB or in conversations with people on Insta, nothing stopping you from sending out a few ‘review’ products with the deal being they get the product free for a review.

This isn’t Amazon my friend, there are no rules on getting reviews or the threat of them being removed! So get out there and tout your products far and wide.

Just one sure to get honest reviews from people who have actually tried your product. That’s just good ethics.

You really are rocking and rolling now my friend and should be well on your way to your first sale!