The Best Amazon Podcasts FBA Sellers Should Listen To in 2023

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Listening to Amazon podcasts is one of the fastest ways to educate yourself on becoming an Amazon FBA seller or improving your skills/sales!

There are online courses to take, endless YouTube videos to watch, not to mention all the educational resources Amazon provides itself. But listening to podcasts about Amazon from successful Amazon sellers is a fantastic way to listen on the go, get the latest most up-to-date information, and improve your Amazon selling knowledge.

But which Amazon podcasts should you listen to? There are too many to choose from, and finding the good ones can take time.

I understand how frustrating that can be, so I’ve selected six of the best Amazon FBA podcasts I think will give you the quickest return on your time.

I also contacted the top three podcasters I selected and asked them to recommend their very best episodes, which they felt would have the most impact on Amazon sellers and help them move their businesses forward.

This post lists my top three Amazon podcasts and some additional Amazon seller podcasts worth a listen.

Here we go.

Amazon FBA Selling

Before I list the best Amazon sellers podcasts, if you’re new to Amazon FBA selling, here’s a super fast rundown.

Amazon FBA is perhaps the best online business opportunity available to solopreneurs and digital nomads today.

Amazon lets you sell products on its massive online marketplace, and they’ll even store your products for you in their warehouse. The best part is, they’ll handle all the customer logistics when you make a sale too.

You can start this eCommerce business from anywhere in the world. Meaning you can access the enormous US and European markets while you sip something tall and cool on the beach in Thailand.

my image working using my laptop in front of the beach
Nothing too tall and cool here, but this is literally me working on the beach in Thailand – last week!

If you want to read my story about how myself and hubby built a 7-figure Amazon business from scratch while traveling the world, we wrote all about it in an in-depth post here.

Learn How to Build Your Own 7-Figure Amazon FBA Business

Part of the Junglescout suite of excellent FBA tools, the learning academy is a comprehensive video training library containing hours of content, including training videos, webinars, and interviews with successful Amazon sellers.

Whether you’re just starting your business, or growing your brand, get expert training from Amazon sellers without the hefty price tag.

Which Amazon FBA Podcasts should you listen to?

In the list below, you’ll find six podcasts for Amazon sellers I think you should be following. There is an overview for each podcast; then, you’ll find details of the episode chosen by the podcaster themselves and a direct link so you can listen straight away.

Podcast: The Smartest Amazon Seller (In The Room)

Screenshot of Podcast: The Smartest Amazon Seller

Podcaster: Scott Needham

Why you should listen to him: Scott Needham is the Chief Technology officer for BuyBoxer, an Amazon FBA mega-seller. BuyBoxer has sold via the Amazon FBA program since 2009. They have the largest number of SKUs of any FBA seller and over $250 million of product sales on the Amazon Marketplace.

Scott’s Choice For Best Episode: Keeping your Amazon Account Healthy with Megan Swanton.

Amazon is protective of its reputation and expects third-party sellers to maintain a high standard too, which means there are many compliance requirements you need to be aware of.

Once you have been selling on Amazon for any length of time, you will invariably face a few problems. Customer complaints, intellectual property claims, plus a whole host of other issues that are just part of doing business in eCommerce.

Navigating your way around these problems requires a delicate hand. In this episode, Scott interviews Megan Swanton, a specialist at dealing with Amazon, regarding compliance and suspension matters.

She shares actionable tips you can use to keep your account healthy and keep on the right side of Amazon’s compliance requirements.

Spotify Link: Keeping your Amazon account healthy.

Podcast: My Amazon Guy With Steven Pope

Podcast: My Amazon Guy With Steven Pope

Amazon Podcaster: Steven Pope

Why you should listen to him: Steven has an interesting back story. A former TV reporter and nationally ranked chess player, he now runs an Amazon eCommerce consultancy called My Amazon Guy. His company manages brands on behalf of other entrepreneurs and is responsible for over $100 million in Amazon sales.

Steven‘s Choice For Best Episode: Inspiration: Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

Everyone has to start somewhere. And if you are only just starting yourself, you may be going up against established sellers with only a couple of hundred dollars worth of stock and a dream.

This episode sees Steven look back at how he started his entrepreneurial career and overcame failures and setbacks to become a successful third party Amazon seller.

Spotify Link: Inspiration: Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

Podcast: Serious Sellers Amazon Podcast by Helium 10

Podcast: Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10

Podcaster: Bradley Sutton

Why you should listen to him: Bradley Sutton is the Director of Training for Helium 10 and their voice behind their Amazon podcast. Helium 10 is an all-in-one software suite to help Amazon FBA sellers take their private label business to the next level.

Helium 10 has over a million users worldwide, collectively achieving monthly sales in excess of $1.4 billion.

Bradleys’ Choice For Best Episode: The Latest Amazon Product Launch Strategy – A “Maldives Honeymoon”

This episode is for every Amazon FBA seller who is just starting out with their own private label product. Amazon wants and needs its sellers to be successful. So when you launch a new ASIN, you benefit from a little SEO ‘bump’ in the product listings.

Bradley calls this the ‘honeymoon period’ (and uses it as an excuse to record this episode in the Maldives).

Bradley explains all about this ‘new product honeymoon period’ in this episode. He covers the key factors that cause it to happen and how you can reverse-engineer it to send Amazon signals to rank you higher.

It’s a must-listen for any seller about to launch a new private label product under their own ASIN.

Direct Episode Link: The Latest Amazon Product Launch Strategy – A “Maldives Honeymoon”

Other Amazon FBA Seller Podcasts Worth Listening To

The Million Dollar Sellers Podcast

The Million Dollar Sellers Podcast is jam packed with valuable insights and advice from top-performing seven and eight-figure sellers who have achieved the million-dollar milestone.

The show is perfect for lifestyle entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and strategies for scaling their businesses on the Amazon platform.

screenshot of the MDS (million dollar sellers) branding

Five Reasons You Should Listen to The Million Dollar Sellers Podcast

Expert Advice: The podcast features successful Amazon sellers, offering new FBA entrepreneurs valuable tips and strategies from those with proven success.

Broad Topics: This Amazon podcast covers a wide range of important subjects for Amazon FBA sellers, helping new sellers understand what’s needed to succeed on the platform.

Real-Life Lessons: Guests share personal experiences, providing relatable examples for new sellers to navigate the e-commerce world and avoid common mistakes.

Inspiring Stories: Listening to the podcast motivates new sellers by sharing firsthand accounts of successful Amazon FBA entrepreneurs who have reached impressive milestones. The average show guest sells $6.5 million in sales on this platform,

Networking: The podcast helps new sellers connect with like-minded individuals and industry experts, allowing them to expand their network and access additional resources and support.

Apple podcast link: Million Dollar Sellers

The Amazon Files: The Real Truth About Selling Online

The Amazon Files delivers honest and practical insights into online selling. Host Kristin Ostrander provides real-life experiences and valuable advice.

kristin facing the camera with happy smile and pumping her hands into the air

Five Reasons You Should Listen to The Amazon Files

Genuine Tips: The Amazon Files offers truthful and practical advice, helping new FBA sellers grasp the ins and outs of a thriving e-commerce venture on Amazon.

Diverse Subjects: This Amazon podcast discusses various topics crucial for new sellers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the business aspects.

Approachable Host: The relatable host simplifies complex ideas, making it easier for new sellers to learn and apply effective tactics.

Expert Guests: Successful online sellers and professionals share their wisdom, experiences, and tips, adding credibility to the show.

Supportive Community: Tuning into The Amazon Files connects new sellers with a like-minded network, fostering idea exchange, learning, and access to valuable resources.

Apple podcast link: The Real Truth About Selling Online

The PPC Den: Amazon PPC Advertising Mastery

The PPC Den is known for its in-depth and actionable insights into pay-per-click (PPC) advertising landscape.

The podcast is hosted by industry experts Michael Erickson Facchin and Stephen Noch. Their mission is to empower new and experienced Amazon sellers with the knowledge and skills to master PPC advertising and boost their businesses.

screenshot of the ppc den podcast branding

Five Reasons You Should Listen to The PPC Den

Expert Tips: The PPC Den provides in-depth Amazon PPC advertising knowledge, empowering new FBA sellers with essential skills for their business.

Wide Topics: The podcast explores various PPC subjects, helping new sellers build a comprehensive understanding of effective advertising techniques.

Simple Language: Hosts explain complex ideas in an easily digestible manner, making the podcast accessible for sellers of all experience levels.

Experienced Guests: Amazon sellers, PPC experts, and marketing gurus share unique perspectives and practical experiences, enriching the Amazon podcast’s content.

Stay Current: The PPC Den keeps sellers up-to-date on the latest Amazon PPC advertising trends, ensuring effective ad campaign optimization and a competitive edge.

Apple podcast link: The PPC Den

Two Amazon Sellers and a Microphone

Two Amazon Sellers and a Microphone is known for its insightful and practical content.

The podcast, hosted by experienced Amazon sellers Kris Gramlich and Dustin Kane, provides valuable tips, strategies, and stories to help other sellers navigate the complex world of Amazon’s marketplace.

the hosts of Two Amazon Sellers and a Microphone podcast

Five Reasons You Should Listen to Two Amazon Sellers and a Microphone

Practical Advice: The podcast shares actionable tips from seasoned Amazon sellers, equipping new FBA sellers with the know-how to expand their ventures.

Diverse Topics: The show discusses a wide array of subjects, ensuring new sellers gain comprehensive knowledge of the Amazon ecosystem.

Friendly Hosts: The personable hosts simplify complex themes, creating an engaging and informative experience for new sellers.

Skilled Guests: Successful sellers and industry professionals offer unique perspectives and real-life experiences, enriching the Aamzon podcast’s content.

Fresh Updates: Regularly released episodes keep listeners informed on the latest trends and developments in Amazon selling, helping them maintain a competitive edge.

This is Small Business

Launched in February 2023, ‘This is Small Business’ is an Amazon podcast for lifestyle entrepreneurs wanting to start and grow an Amazon business. Presented by Andrea Marquez, an Amazon employee of the Small Business Empowerment team, its goal is to help new Amazon sellers on their journey.

This is Small Business logo for the amazon fba podcast

Five Reasons You Should Listen to This is Small Business

Inspiring Tales: The podcast features relatable small business journeys, offering valuable lessons for new FBA sellers facing similar obstacles.

Varied Subjects: The show discusses crucial topics for small business success, ensuring new sellers gain a well-rounded understanding.

Expert Tips: Experienced entrepreneurs and professionals share practical guidance, helping new sellers make smarter business decisions.

Connection Building: Engaging with the podcast’s community allows new sellers to network with peers and experts, accessing valuable relationships and resources.

Encouragement: This Amazon podcast inspires and motivates new FBA sellers by highlighting other small business owners’ triumphs and learnings, fostering persistence and goal achievement.

Apple podcast link: This is Small Business

Silent Sales Machine

The Silent Sales Machine shares proven strategies and insights for online selling, focusing on the Amazon platform.

Jim Cockrum and his knowledgeable guests cover many essential topics, helping new sellers succeed in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Silent Sales Machine Radio - Amazon Podcast

Five Reasons To Listen To Silent Sales Machine Podcast

Effective Methods: The podcast offers tested online selling approaches, equipping new FBA sellers with valuable insights to enhance their ventures.

Broad Topics: The show discusses a wide array of essential Amazon-related subjects, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for new sellers.

Skilled Host: The successful host shares relatable, easy-to-understand advice based on personal experiences in the e-commerce industry.

Industry Guests: Knowledgeable e-commerce experts offer unique perspectives, tips, and success stories, enriching the podcast’s content.

Ongoing Education: The podcast emphasizes staying current with the latest Amazon selling trends and strategies, helping new sellers remain informed and competitive. The silent sales machine releases a regular podcast every 3 or 4 days and is usually an interview with a successful Amazon seller.

Spotify link: Silent Sales Machine Radio

Reezy Resells

The Reezy Resells Show is an Amazon podcast that provides practical advice, personal stories, and expert insights for new FBA sellers looking to succeed in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

It’s an invaluable podcast for newcomers aiming to grow their online ventures.

The Reezy Resells Show - Amazon Podcast

Five Reasons To Listen To The Reezy Resells Show

Hands-on Advice: The podcast delivers practical tips from a successful FBA seller, offering valuable insights for new sellers to grow their ventures.

Diverse Subjects: The show discusses a wide range of essential Amazon-related topics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for newcomers.

Personal Stories: The host shares relatable experiences and lessons from his own selling journey, providing practical examples for new sellers.

Skilled Guests: Successful sellers, industry experts, and e-commerce professionals share unique perspectives and tips, enriching the Amazon podcast’s content.

Staying Current: The Reezy Resells Show helps new sellers keep up with the latest Amazon selling trends and strategies, maintaining a competitive edge and maximizing success potential.

Direct Podcast Link: Reezy Resells.

The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast is a husband and wife team who provide advice and strategies for Amazon FBA sellers.

The Full-Time FBA Show - Amazon Podcast on Spotify

Five Reasons To Listen To The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

Amazon-Focused: The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast delivers Amazon FBA specific advice, equipping new sellers with targeted strategies for their businesses.

Comprehensive Topics: The podcast covers a wide range of essential Amazon-related subjects, ensuring a well-rounded understanding for new sellers.

Experienced Hosts: Successful Amazon FBA sellers share practical insights based on personal experience, making this Aamzon podcast relatable and easily understandable.

Skilled Guests: Interviews with expert Amazon sellers, industry professionals, and e-commerce specialists add unique perspectives, tips, and perspectives, enriching the podcast’s content.

Continuous Learning: The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast helps new sellers stay informed on the latest Amazon selling trends and techniques, optimizing their ventures for long-term success.

Spotify link: The Full-Time FBA Show – Amazon Reseller Strategies & Stories

AM/PM Podcast with Kevin King

Image of Kevin King podcast

AM/PM Podcast, hosted by Kevin King, is a goldmine for Amazon sellers. With King’s years of experience in eCommerce and online marketing, he delves deep into the dynamics of Amazon FBA selling. From fundamental aspects to advanced selling strategies, the podcast covers a range of topics that are both engaging and informative.

Five Reasons to Listen to the AM/PM Podcast with Kevin King

Insights from Industry Expert: Kevin King’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the Amazon selling world provide listeners with a first-hand account of the business.

Guest Appearances: The podcast features interviews with successful Amazon sellers and industry experts, providing a fresh perspective and insights into the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace.

Practical Strategies: Kevin provides practical strategies and tactics that can be immediately applied to your Amazon FBA business, making this a great podcast for actionable advice.

In-depth Analysis: From dissecting successful business models to deep-dives into specific selling strategies, Kevin’s podcast offers thorough, in-depth analysis that can help you navigate the complexities of Amazon FBA.

Latest Updates: The AM/PM podcast keeps you updated with the latest news and trends in the Amazon FBA space, helping you stay ahead of the curve and adjust your business strategies as necessary.

Spotify Link: AM/PM Podcast with Kevin King

Selling on Amazon with Andy Isom

Image of Selling on Amazon with Andy Isom

In ‘Selling on Amazon with Andy Isom’, Andy, an experienced Amazon seller, shares his wealth of knowledge on Amazon FBA business. His transparent and practical approach to explaining complex selling strategies makes this podcast an invaluable resource for Amazon sellers at all levels.

Five Reasons to Listen to Selling on Amazon with Andy Isom

Real-Life Experience: Andy Isom shares his own experiences and lessons learned from his journey in Amazon selling. This first-hand knowledge provides invaluable insights for listeners.

User-Friendly Approach: Andy has a knack for breaking down complex strategies and industry jargon into easy-to-understand content. This makes the podcast extremely user-friendly, even for beginners in the Amazon FBA space.

Tactical Advice: Andy delivers tactical advice and practical steps to maximize your Amazon FBA profit, making his podcast a go-to resource for actionable tips.

Success Stories: The podcast includes success stories from other Amazon FBA sellers, which can inspire listeners and provide tangible examples of successful selling strategies.

Wide Range of Topics: Covering a wide array of topics from product sourcing, listing optimization, to advanced selling strategies, Andy’s podcast ensures a comprehensive understanding of the Amazon FBA business.

Spotify Link: Selling on Amazon with Andy Isom

Learn How to Build Your Own 7-Figure Amazon FBA Business

Part of the Junglescout suite of excellent FBA tools, the learning academy is a comprehensive video training library containing hours of content, including training videos, webinars, and interviews with successful Amazon sellers.

Whether you’re just starting your business, or growing your brand, get expert training from Amazon sellers without the hefty price tag.

Best Amazon Podcasts Summary

That wraps up this article highlighting the best selling on Amazon podcasts you should be listening to. We hope you find the episodes helpful.

Growing an Amazon business on your own is not easy. Your Amazon education should be an ongoing process, and podcasts on Amazon are a convenient way to up your Amazon game.

So the next time you are out for a walk or work on busy with your household chores, give a few of these episodes a try.

In the meantime, check out some other articles we wrote about our Amazon FBA journey here;

Best Amazon Podcasts – FAQ’s

Can anyone be successful with Amazon FBA?

Absolutely. Anyone who’s willing to invest time, energy, and a bit of capital can become a successful Amazon seller. Many successful sellers started with no prior experience. However, it’s essential to conduct in-depth product and market research, understand Amazon’s rules and regulations, and focus on customer service to maximize your chances of success.

Is Amazon FBA a good side hustle?

Yes, Amazon FBA can be an excellent side hustle. It allows you to leverage Amazon’s vast customer base and logistics infrastructure, potentially earning substantial income. However, like any business, it requires effort, patience, and smart strategies to be successful.

How do I maximize my FBA profit on Amazon?

To maximize your Amazon FBA profit, consider the following strategies:

  • Optimize your product listings with relevant keywords and high-quality images.
  • Regularly review and adjust your pricing strategy.
  • Aim to get positive reviews and ratings.
  • Use Amazon’s advertising services to promote your products.
  • Listen to successful sellers on Amazon FBA podcasts to learn advanced selling strategies.

Can Amazon FBA be a full-time job?

Yes, Amazon FBA can become a full-time job. Many successful Amazon sellers started part-time and transitioned to full-time as their businesses grew. However, how quickly this happens depends on various factors such as your product, market conditions, and business strategies.

What is the best Amazon podcast for FBA Sellers?

There are several fantastic podcasts for Amazon FBA sellers. Some of the best include the Amazing Seller Podcast, Seller Sessions, and the Serious Sellers Podcast. These podcasts feature valuable resources like exclusive interviews with successful sellers, advanced selling strategies, deep dives into the eCommerce world, and more. They provide a wealth of information for both new and established sellers.

How do I find podcasts on Amazon?

You can find podcasts on Amazon via the Amazon Music app, which is available on various streaming services. Just enter the name or topic of the podcast in the search bar to find new episodes or specific podcast features.

Are there any podcasts specifically for private label sellers?

Yes, there are several podcasts dedicated to private label sellers on Amazon. These podcasts often deep dive into online marketing strategies, successful business stories, and provide insights from a totally different vantage point in the ecommerce world. Examples include the Private Label Podcast and the Amazon Private Label Podcast.

Are Amazon FBA podcasts a valuable resource?

Absolutely! Amazon FBA podcasts are such a valuable resource for anyone looking to dig deeper into selling on Amazon. These podcasts offer a well-rounded perspective, featuring successful sellers and industry experts who share their tips, strategies, and experiences in the Amazon game.

Is there any podcast that features successful Amazon FBA sellers?

Yes, several Amazon FBA podcasts feature interviews with successful Amazon FBA sellers. These podcasts, such as the Serious Sellers Podcast and the Amazon Seller Podcast, often include tips and strategies that have helped these sellers build their successful online business.

What are the best Amazon FBA podcasts for a well-rounded pro seller?

A well-rounded pro seller might enjoy the Amazon FBA Round Table, The Amazon FBA Private Labeler Show, and the Amazing Seller Podcast. These podcasts cover everything from basic to advanced strategies and feature interviews with successful Amazon FBA sellers.

Are there any true crime podcasts on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon Music Podcast hosts a wide range of true crime podcasts. You can find these by searching for “True Crime” in the search bar on the Amazon Music app.

Can I listen to pop culture podcasts on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon Music offers a variety of podcasts covering pop culture. You can search for these podcasts in the Amazon Music app by entering “Pop Culture” in the search bar.

Can I listen to ecommerce podcasts on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon Music hosts various ecommerce podcasts. These are an excellent resource for those interested in online selling, offering insights into the ecommerce business from successful Amazon FBA sellers and industry experts. Simply search “ecommerce podcast” in the Amazon Music app.

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    • Hi Lewis,

      It has been rebranded to ‘Rock Your Brand Podcast’ and is still hosted by Scott Voelker. I have not listened to this podcast for many years.

    • Hi Heidi,

      Greg Mercer is the founder of Jungle Scout, a popular Amazon product research tool. He has extensive knowledge about product research, sourcing, and scaling Amazon businesses. Greg shares his expertise through educational content and podcasts.

      Great guy too!

    • Hi Charlie,

      In 2023, my husband favorites are “Amazing FBA” podcast, “The Amazon Seller” podcast, and “Seller Sessions.” These podcasts offer a range of topics, including advice on product research and sourcing, optimizing listings, and scaling your business on Amazon.

    • Sure do Charlie,

      Jim Cockrum is a well-known and respected figure in the e-commerce and online selling community. He is the author of several books on the topic and hosts the “Silent Sales Machine Radio” podcast, which covers a range of topics related to online selling and entrepreneurship. As with any source of information, it’s important to do your own research and make informed decisions based on your specific needs and circumstances.

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