The Best Amazon Podcasts FBA Sellers Should Listen To in 2021

by | Mar 10, 2021

Listening to Amazon podcasts is one of the fastest ways to educate yourself on becoming an Amazon FBA seller or improving your skills/sales!

There are online courses to take, endless YouTube videos to watch, not to mention all the educational resources Amazon provides itself. But listening to podcasts from successful Amazon sellers is a fantastic way to listen on the go, get the latest most up-to-date information, and improve your Amazon selling knowledge.

But which podcasts should you listen to? There are too many to choose from, and finding the good ones can take time.

I understand how frustrating that can be, so I’ve selected six podcasts I think will give you the quickest return on your time.

I also contacted the six podcasters I selected and asked them to recommend their very best episodes, which they felt would have the most impact on Amazon sellers and help them move their businesses forward.

This post lists both my top six Amazon podcasts and some additional Amazon seller podcasts that are also worth a listen.

Here we go.

Amazon FBA Selling

Before I list the best Amazon podcasts, If you’re new to Amazon FBA selling, here’s a super fast rundown.

Amazon FBA is perhaps the best online business opportunity available to solopreneurs and digital nomads today.

Amazon lets you sell products on its massive online marketplace, and they’ll even store your products for you in their warehouse. The best part is, they’ll handle all the customer logistics when you make a sale too.

You can start this eCommerce business from anywhere in the world. Meaning you can access the enormous US and European markets while you sip something tall and cool on the beach in Thailand.

digital nomad life

Nothing too tall and cool here, but this is literally me working on the beach in Thailand – last week!

If you want to read my story about how myself and hubby built a 7-figure Amazon business from scratch while traveling the world, we wrote all about it in an in-depth post here.

Which Amazon FBA Podcasts should you listen to?

In the list below, you’ll find six podcasts I think you should be following. There is an overview for each podcast; then, you’ll find details of the episode chosen by the podcaster themselves and a direct link so you can listen straight away.

Podcast: The Smartest Amazon Seller (In The Room)

Podcast: The Smartest Amazon Seller

Podcaster: Scott Needham

Why you should listen to him: Scott Needham is the Chief Technology officer for BuyBoxer, an Amazon FBA mega-seller. BuyBoxer has sold via the Amazon FBA program since 2009. They have the largest number of SKUs of any FBA seller and over $250 million of product sales on the Amazon Marketplace.

Scott’s Choice For Best Episode: Keeping your Amazon Account Healthy with Megan Swanton.

Amazon is protective of its reputation and expects third-party sellers to maintain a high standard too, which means there are many compliance requirements you need to be aware of.

Once you have been selling on Amazon for any length of time, you will invariably face a few problems. Customer complaints, intellectual property claims, plus a whole host of other issues that are just part of doing business in eCommerce.

Navigating your way around these problems requires a delicate hand. In this episode, Scott interviews Megan Swanton, a specialist at dealing with Amazon, regarding compliance and suspension matters.

She shares actionable tips you can use to keep your account healthy and keep on the right side of Amazon’s compliance requirements.

Spotify Link: Keeping your Amazon account healthy.

Podcast: My Amazon Guy With Steven Pope

Podcast: My Amazon Guy With Steven Pope

Podcaster: Steven Pope

Why you should listen to him: Steven has an interesting back story. A former TV reporter and nationally ranked chess player, he now runs an Amazon eCommerce consultancy called My Amazon Guy. His company manages brands on behalf of other entrepreneurs and is responsible for over $100 million in Amazon sales.

Steven‘s Choice For Best Episode: Inspiration: Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

Everyone has to start somewhere. And if you are only just starting yourself, you may be going up against established sellers with only a couple of hundred dollars worth of stock and a dream.

This episode sees Steven look back at how he started his entrepreneurial career and overcame failures and setbacks to become a successful Amazon seller.

Spotify Link: Inspiration: Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

Podcast: Actualize Freedom

Podcast: Actualize Freedom

Podcaster: Danny Carlson

Why you should listen to him: Danny Carlson is a PPC Management and listing optimization expert. Despite not owning a t-shirt, Danny has founded and built up an Amazon FBA Seller agency that has helped over 600 FBA sellers grow their business.

Danny‘s Choice For Best Episode: Interview with Kevin King.

Danny thinks that the most crucial part of your Amazon listing is product photography. Shoppers land on your listing and look at the photos first, and few, if any, will read the text of your listing that you obsessed over for days.

In this episode, Danny talks to 7-figure seller Kevin King. Kevin explains how he spends as much as $1000 on product photography and lets the listeners in on common mistakes and faux pas’ to avoid with your product photography.

You can find the exact formula that Danny uses for his clients to get a high-converting Amazon photo set.

Spotify Link: Interview with Kevin King

Podcast: Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10

Podcast: Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10

Podcaster: Bradley Sutton

Why you should listen to him: Bradley Sutton is the Director of Training for Helium 10 and their voice behind the podcast. Helium 10 is an all-in-one software suite to help Amazon FBA sellers take their private label business to the next level.

Helium 10 has over a million users worldwide, collectively achieving monthly sales in excess of $1.4 billion.

Bradleys’ Choice For Best Episode: The Latest Amazon Product Launch Strategy – A “Maldives Honeymoon”

This episode is for every Amazon FBA seller who is just starting out with their own private label product. Amazon wants and needs its sellers to be successful. So when you launch a new ASIN, you benefit from a little SEO ‘bump’ in the product listings.

Bradley calls this the ‘honeymoon period’ (and uses it as an excuse to record this episode in the Maldives).

Bradley explains all about this ‘new product honeymoon period’ in this episode. He covers the key factors that cause it to happen and how you can reverse-engineer it to send Amazon signals to rank you higher.

It’s a must-listen for any seller about to launch a new private label product under their own ASIN.

Direct Episode Link: The Latest Amazon Product Launch Strategy – A “Maldives Honeymoon”

Podcast: Sales Funnel HQ with Dr. Travis Zigler

How To MASSIVELY Increase External Traffic To Your Amazon FBA Listing - Travis Zigler podcast

Podcaster: Dr. Travis Zigler

Why you should listen to him: Dr. Travis is an expert in using Amazon PPC and other external sources of traffic to drive sales to your Amazon product listings.

Since 2017 he has provided a managed service that runs Amazon PPC campaigns on behalf of private label sellers.

Travis‘ Choice For Best Episode: How To Massively Increase External Traffic To Your Amazon FBA Listing (Without Amazon PPC)

If your product is buried amongst dozens of competitors in the Amazon product results, one way to increase your ranking is to send external traffic from outside the Amazon platform.

Amazon wants more shoppers to visit its website, so you get a lift in the product search rankings if you bring in external traffic.

Not only that, Dr. Travis also shows you how to achieve sales AND build an email contact list of shoppers interested in your product at the same time.

Direct Episode Link: How To Massively Increase External Traffic To Your Amazon FBA Listing (Without Amazon PPC)

Podcast: DataHawk: The eCommerce Podcast

DataHawk - Ecommerce Amazon podcast

Podcaster: Raphael Menesclou and Prateek Haralalka

Why you should listen to them: This podcast is hosted by Raphael and features Prateek, both work for the Amazon seller software company DataHawk.

DataHawk is specialist software that aims to provide comprehensive analytics on your products and provide you with tools and strategies to grow your Amazon business.

Prateek‘s Choice For Best Episode: Mastering Amazon Sponsored Product Ads Set-Up.

Prateek has chosen this episode because his listeners tell him time and time that it’s the one they’ve found most helpful.

It’s another podcast that’s useful for sellers looking to increase exposure to their product listings using sponsored links (PPC advertising).

Prateek reasons that a sponsored listing achieves two things. Firstly, it helps sellers boost their products’ organic search ranking, and secondly, it drives traffic away from competing products, helping you deliver increased sales and higher future margins.

Direct Episode Link: Mastering Amazon Sponsored Product Ads Set-Up

Other Amazon FBA Seller Podcasts Worth Listening To.

Here are some other excellent podcasts for Amazon FBA sellers that are worth listening to.

Silent Sales Machine

Silent Sales Machine Radio - Amazon Podcast

The silent sales machine releases a regular podcast every 3 or 4 days and is usually an interview with a successful Amazon seller.

Spotify link: Silent Sales Machine Radio

Follow The Data

Follow the Data - Amazon podcast

This Amazon seller podcast is from Viral Launch’s creators and has regular episodes on best practices for selling on Amazon.

Direct Podcast Link: Follow The Data.

Reezy Resells

The Reezy Resells Show - Amazon Podcast

The podcast from Mike ‘Reezy’ Rezendes. An entertaining podcast all about the hustle and achieving success by reselling items on Amazon and eBay.

Direct Podcast Link: Reezy Resells.

The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

The Full-Time FBA Show - Amazon Podcast on Spotify
A podcast from a husband and wife partnership documenting their successful full-time Amazon business.

Spotify link: The Full-Time FBA Show – Amazon Reseller Strategies & Stories


That wraps up this article highlighting the best Amazon FBA seller podcasts you should be listening to. We hope you find the episodes helpful.

Growing an Amazon business on your own is not easy. Your Amazon education should be an ongoing process, and podcasts are a convenient way to up your Amazon game.

So the next time you are out for a walk or work on busy with your household chores, give a few of these episodes a try.

In the meantime, check out some other articles we wrote about our Amazon FBA journey here;


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