30+ Best AI Writing Tools for Content Creators in 2024

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These days, more people than ever are turning to AI writing tools to improve their content.

From bloggers to marketers, authors to students, AI content writing tools are becoming essential tools that help content creators stay ahead in the game of content creation.

In this article, we’re going to have a look at 32 of what I consider to be the best AI writing software tools on the market in 2024, to help you become a better content creator.

Of course the last thing you probably want is to have to read through 32 different tools, so here are my top 7, split by content type.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Chat GPT as a Top AI Writing Tool: ChatGPT is highlighted as an advanced language model ideal for various online business writing tasks, praised for its quick content generation, customization, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Jasper’s Unique Features: Jasper stands out for its ability to use templates and recipes, aiding in content outlining and development, and its chat feature for generating high-quality results.
  • SurferSEO’s SEO Enhancement Capabilities: SurferSEO is noted for its effectiveness in creating SEO-friendly content, with features like keyword analysis, content length guidance, and headline suggestions.
  • Quillbot as a Paraphrasing Tool: Quillbot is recommended for its paraphrasing capabilities, offering an AI writing assistant that suggests stylistic and grammatical improvements.
  • Novel AI for Fiction Writers: Novel AI is specially mentioned for fiction writers, providing AI-powered story generation and assistance in developing characters, plot lines, and story endings.

Top 7 Overall AI Writing Tools

1. Chat GPT! – Best FREE Ai Writer for Anything & Everything

As a writer, If you haven’t heard about ChatGPT, you’ve been living under a rock. I don’t say that to be mean, but everywhere I turn there are emails, youtube videos, tiktok videos, tweets, blog posts and everything but the kitchen sink all about Chat GPT.

How to make money from it, write books with it, do SEO with it, start businesses with it. And how it’s going to, predictably, change the world, from the positive where it’ll make us all geniuses to the negative where it will be weaponized and used against us.

No matter your thoughts, if you’re starting, running or growing an online business and content is one of your main strategies you cannot ignore Chat GPT and the impact it will have on the information landscape.

That being said, is it the best AI tool of them all?

Here’s what Chat GPT said on the subject;

Screenshot of sample Chat GPT result on a question given

What Actually is Chat GPT?

In it’s own words;

ChatGPT is a highly advanced language model developed by OpenAI with a vast knowledge base. It has the ability to generate human-like text, making it suitable for various tasks, including online business writing.

Some reasons why ChatGPT is the best AI writer for online businesses in 2024 are:

  1. Quick and Efficient: ChatGPT can quickly generate high-quality content, saving time and increasing productivity for businesses.
  2. Customization: ChatGPT can be fine-tuned for specific tasks, such as writing product descriptions or customer support responses, to fit the needs of each business.
  3. Consistency: ChatGPT can maintain a consistent tone and style across multiple pieces of content, ensuring a consistent brand voice for businesses.
  4. Cost-effective: ChatGPT eliminates the need for hiring multiple writers, reducing costs and increasing profits for businesses.
  5. Scalability: ChatGPT can handle a large volume of writing tasks, making it ideal for businesses with high demand for written content.

Overall, ChatGPT’s advanced language capabilities, customization options, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability make it the best AI writer for online businesses in 2024.

However, please remember, as with all the tools I mention on this page, it’s still being developed and there is plenty it still gets wrong. So be sure to fact check any information it spits out and add your own human touch and personal stories to any AI generated content for the best results.

2. Jasper – Best Article Generator

I’ve been playing with Jasper for a while now and one of my favorite features is the ability to use templates and recipes to help you both outline and flesh out your content.

Plus it’s new ‘chat’ feature used in the same style as Chat GPT, gives some really good results. Here’s what Jasper said about the best AI writer!

Screenshot of a conversational answer to a question from Jasper website/APP

Jasper is the perfect tool for content creators who are looking for a reliable article generator.

Jasper’s artificial intelligence recognizes the finer nuances of language, understanding the alterations between human emotion and style, making it easier to create compelling and accurate content.

By utilizing Jasper’s advanced AI, it can bring expansive ideas to life, no matter if you’re using it to explore new thoughts or revise an existing composition.

As I said, the tool offers a vast library of style templates, making it simple for users to engage in format tweaking and personalization.

Screenshot of Jasper's advance AI page

Plus you can create your own ‘recipes’, meaning for bloggers for example, you can create templated posts and re-run your own template filling in the blanks as you go for various posts and articles on your site.

Screenshot of jasper sample recipe content

Overall, Jasper is an excellent choice for any content creator searching for the best AI writing tools on the market today. Its wide range of features, including the ability to develop new ideas, edit with precision and personalize your end-products, make it an unrivaled asset for anyone creating content.

3. SurferSEO – Best SEO Tool

SurferSEO is one of the best AI writing tools for bloggers and niche site publishers. And I don’t say that lightly.

On this blog, I’m ranking for many 1 – 3 places I probably shouldn’t be ranking for with my current domain authority (at the time of writing). And I fully believe SurferSEO is the reason for that.

SurferSEO helps create SEO-friendly content fast and accurately. Every writer who aims to improve the quality of their articles and stories and wants to rank on google, should consider investing in SurferSEO to revolutionize their writing and SEO game.

It works by analyzing the web and the competing ranking content to give you the main keywords and NLP keywords you need to include in your content to have a chance of ranking.

Screenshot of surferseo competitors page
Screenshot of surferseo All terms page

It also guides you as to the length your post should be, how many images you should include and even gives suggestions for your main headlines.

Screenshot of surfer seo content structure page

With the help of the interactive graphs and visualizations provided, you can easily analyze what works best in your niche and optimize content accordingly.

On top of the main content editor tool, Surfer has an audit tool, which allows you to audit published content and improve using its SEO guided suggestions. Plus it helps with analyzing your domain and providing keyword clusters for you to further research.

screenshot of surferseo audit

The bottom line is that SurferSEO is one of the best SEO AI writing assistants for bloggers and niche site publishers. With impressive insights and recommendations, this tool makes it easy to create SEO friendly content that engages readers.

4. Quillbot – Best Paraphraser

Screenshot of Quillbot paraphraser page

Quillbot works as a rewriting tool, enabling you to automatically paraphrase, edit, and rewrite your content, to ensure that it not only reads fluently but also passes any plagiarism checks.

It also offers an AI writing assistant which will suggest corrections and improvements to your writing, helping you to write pieces that are stylistically coherent, error-free, and up to the highest standards.

What makes Quillbot so convenient is that it is available as a web-based platform and can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, it is extremely affordable, giving you access to some of the best enterprise-grade tools, even if you’re on a tight budget.

5. Novel AI – Best for Fiction Writers

Screenshot of Novel ai Main Landing Page

Novel AI is the perfect tool for fiction writers looking to add a tech-savvy twist to their creative works. With the ability to generate AI-powered stories and story endings based on content provided, it offers an unprecedented edge to genre authors looking to realize the maximum potential from their stories.

For anyone interested in writing creative fiction, Novel AI provides the chance to explore new storytelling avenues. Utilizing artificial intelligence and data-driven algorithms, it can help develop characters, plot lines, and story endings in mere moments.

There’s no limit to the types of stories that can be created, as Novel AI can recognize user-defined keywords, identify potential problem areas and offer fascinating solutions in a matter of seconds.

Once you’ve provided Novel AI with the core concepts of your story, the AI will generate hundreds of possible paths that the story can take. This means that even if you have no idea how you want your story to end, AI can suggest possible outcomes that give your story freshness and depth.

It adds more layers to the narrative without your having to toil away for hours attempting to figure out a workable ending.

Novel AI can also help to discern overarching themes in your writing, which can be immensely helpful in terms of formulating your narrative arcs. And as long as you keep giving it input, (input, input – No 5 is alive!) the AI will keep refining and improving the story, giving it a personal touch and adding nuances that wouldn’t be possible with manual writing.

Novel AI can be an invaluable helpmate to the creative writer. As the user, you input the core ideas and the AI assists in the rest, offering insights, constructing worlds and taking the narrative to unexplored depths. With the help of this remarkable tool, aspiring fiction authors can become masterful storytellers without breaking a sweat.

6. Copy AI – Best Copywriting Tool

Screenshot of Copy AI Main Landing page

Copy AI is the best copywriting tool for content creators who want to produce genuine, engaging, and creative content. This AI-powered app provides a unique and powerful way to generate scripts, emails, blogs, and sales copy for your projects.

The tool has been lauded for its exceptional writing engine, and ability to provide helpful advice on language and clever copywriting techniques. Copy AI empowers you to capture the essence of your project and craft captivating content quickly and effectively.

Copy AI will enable you to write content with ease and confidence. Its intuitive platform and simple user-friendly design make it easy to navigate, and you can generate dynamic copy in minutes, capturing the attention of your target audience.

Similar to Jasper, Copy AI includes an array of content-creation templates. These templates are suitable for a variety of projects, such as emails, blog posts, press releases, and advertising copy. This feature is especially handy for website owners who are looking to produce large amounts of content quickly and accurately.

CopyAI is the perfect choice for content creators & copywriters who want to create professional, original projects that grab the attention of readers.

7. Grammarly – Best Writing Assistant

Screenshot of grammarly download for macOS page

Grammarly is a writer’s best friend. Whether you’re writing blog content, books, essays, technical papers, you name it; with Grammarly, you can easily check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in your content.

It also helps you to use the right words and offers you a variety of synonyms to make your writing sound a lot more natural. What is particularly great about Grammarly is that it enables you to choose between different sentence structures and writing styles, so you can easily control the tone and emotion in your content.

Other features include a reading score based on the Flesch reading ease test, to ensure your text is easily understood, a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is unique and genuine, and it allows you to set goals, so you can ensure it’s giving suggestions based on your own personal parameters.

Screenshot of sample grammarly writing score

What’s great about Grammarly is the fact that it can instantly detect errors and provide meaningful suggestions that can help improve your content. Plus it’s extremely user-friendly and is optimized for any device, so you can easily access and benefit from its capabilities on the go. Grammarly is definitely one of the best AI writing tools for content creators in 2024.

So these 7 are my favorite, and highly recommended, AI writing tools for any type of content creator in 2024. However, they’re not the only kids on the block, so here are some more suggestions split by content type. 🙂

Other Best AI Writing Tools

3 Best Long Form Article Writing Tools

8. Rytr

Screenshot of Rytr Main Landing Page

Rytr is an automated writing assistant that helps you improve the quality of your work by creating fully copy-edited articles.

With Rytr, you get an AI-powered platform that accesses an extensive library of thousands of ready-to-use phrases to help you write in a more efficient and effective manner.

You also get a wide range of other features to help boost the quality of your content. These include a suggestion engine that leverages AI technology to make personalized word suggestions, a grammar and spell checker to detect errors in your writing quickly and efficiently, and a plagiarism checker that flags matching passages in material so you can avoid duplication.

Rytr is the ideal tool for content creators who want to streamline their workflow and focus their time and energy on their creative vision.

9. Content at Scale

Screenshot of contentatscale.ai Main landing page

Content at Scale is a fairly new AI writing tool whose goal is to provide you with a complete 2,600+ word blog post that completely bypasses AI detection.

This likely means that it’s not built on top of the Open AI protocol, which most of the AI tools are currently using to detect AI content.

That doesn’t mean that other tools won’t be created in the future that can detect any type of AI engines that power these platforms. So bear that in mind as you go forth and create hundreds of blog posts and simply copy and paste them merrily into your niche site.

That being said, the quality of content produced by Content at Scale is great! Plus it comes with its own optimization tool, and an in-built plagiarism scanner, and a gallery of images you can use for your featured image.

Screenshot of sample content at scale title Blog VS Podcast page

As with all recommended AI tools, I would still add your human touch to whatever content is generated, but this tool will certainly give you a head start.

As for pricing, the clue is in the title with this tool. Built for power users who want to produce content at scale, their starter package is $500/month for 25 posts, which works out to roughly $0.018 per word. They also have a scaling package at $1000/month for 50 posts and an agency package at $1500/month for 100 posts.

If you’re a multi-niche site publisher and want to create hundreds of articles a month, this could be the software for you.

10. Copylime

Copylime is my secret weapon! Built by indie developer @ThePeterMick (twitter handle), a Dad in Scotland, in its own words; Copylime is an advanced AI-generated writing assistant that elevates your content creation to the next level.

In my words, you feed it your headline, keywords and a detailed outline and it spits out a very well written, high quality post.

With a raft of tools including an article writer, paragraph writer, section writer, rewriter, intro tool, listicle tool, headline tool, conclusion tool and more, this is a blogger’s dream AI writing tool.

Screenshot of Copylime try now page

It also has some personal tools such as a greetings card writer and an ‘excuse tool’;

Screenshot of Copylime sample excuses

Plus Book Tools, Essay Tools and more.

For what you get Copylime is one of the more affordable AI tools on the market today with pricing starting at just $49 per month or only $348/year for unlimited words.

4 Best SEO AI Writing Tools

11. GetGenie

screenshot of getgenie landing page

GetGenie is a sophisticated AI SEO & content tool that specializes in content generation and optimization for websites aiming to secure higher rankings on search engines. Integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI technologies, GetGenie delivers precise SEO analysis and support in content creation.

Tailored for businesses and content creators, GetGenie is equipped with an array of features including:

  • Content Score Analysis: Utilize AI-driven insights to optimize on-page SEO elements, aiding your content to perform better in search results.
  • Competitor Analysis: Efficiently assess your competitors’ content and discern opportunities to surpass them in search engine rankings.
  • Blog Post Generator: Benefit from an AI-assisted writing tool that aids in generating SEO-friendly blog content that aligns with best practices.

The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that ensures ease of navigation and utilization of its features. GetGenie is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to enhance their search engine performance, as well as content creators aiming to craft optimized content.

With a commitment to providing value, GetGenie pricing starts at just $19/month, however you can try it out FREE with 1500 words and 10 SEO analysis credits. For businesses and individuals seeking a reliable and technologically advanced SEO tool, GetGenie represents a comprehensive solution for content optimization and strategic analysis.

12. Scalenut

Screenshot of Scalenut Main Landing page

Scalenut is like if Jasper and SurferSEO had a baby 😉

It includes the tools to write a blog post in just 5 minutes with its cruise mode guided workflows. Which you can then analyze within the built in SEO hub which gives you feedback on NLP terms, readability score, word count and more.

Screenshot of scalenut seo

You can easily generate or automate content for a wide range of applications, from blog posts to e-books. The tool offers an intuitive interface and a vast library of AI-generated short and long-form writing templates.

With its text completion and suggestion feature, Scalenut can craft clear and succinct customized sentences based on your preferences. Plus it can help with keyword research, topic clustering and copywriting.

Scalenut also offers options to automate editing, making it easier and less time-consuming to refine and polish your copy. You can easily integrate Scalenut with other popular apps like WordPress, Semrush and Copyscape.

Starting at just $17 a month for 100,000 words, Scalenut is one of the best AI writing tools for budget conscious bloggers.

13. Writesonic

Screenshot of Writesonic Main Landing Page

Writesonic isn’t a stand alone SEO tool, however it integrates with SurferSEO making it a valuable AI writing tool for bloggers or niche site publishers who want to ensure they’re creating content that ranks.

Writesonic is a powerful AI-powered content generation platform with 100+ pre-made templates for different use case scenarios and different forms of content.

Created specifically for content creators, SEO specialists, digital marketing agencies, bloggers, etc. who want to create quality content using artificial intelligence, the templates include blog ideas, blog intros, a story generator, product descriptions, Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, SEO meta tags, YouTube ideas, and more.

With an intuitive user interface and advanced algorithms, Writesonic also has its own AI art generator called Photosonic, meaning you can create unique AI art images for your posts to help with google EEAT.

Plus in recent developments it’s added Chatsonic, based on ChatGPT, but it also integrates with Google search and uses real-time images and data for content creation. It also supports voice commands.

You can try 2500 words free, then the monthly packages start at $19/month for 19,000 words.

14. GrowthBarSEO

Screenshot of GrowthBarSEO Main Landing Page

GrowthBarSEO is the perfect AI writing software to help you craft memorable sentences and write better content more efficiently. Complete with a comprehensive set of features, like keyword analysis, automated grammar and spell checking, and search engine optimization options, this AI-driven application ensures you achieve the perfect writing every time!

Sentence structure, grammar and spelling are all essential components for great writing, with real-time AI-enabled checks and corrections, even the foggiest of minds can write with clarity and competency.

The smart sentence structure and flow analysis feature allows you to craft nicely shaped sentences without worrying about clumsy phrasing or grammatical errors, but GrowthBarSEO doesn’t stop there.

It also comes with a powerful keyword analyzer tool, allowing you to track your target keywords and easily identify the right phrases to use. Plus with Surfer-like capabilities, it identifies ideal word count, readability score and NLP keyphrases to include in your content.

These essential features help you craft content that stands out and ranks well on search engine result pages.

Packages start at $29/month with a 5 day free trial.

Best Paraphraser & Rewriter AI Tools

15. Wordtune

Screenshot of Wordtune Main Landing Page

Whether you’re a writer, blogger, journalist or marketer, this tool offers a whole range of features designed to help improve your written content.

Wordtune works by taking a sentence or paragraph and automatically rephrasing it so that it’s free of grammar mistakes and reads more concisely. This makes it perfect for quickly rewriting thoughts or ideas without suffering from writer’s block!

Wordtune offers an advanced paraphrasing engine that can take the same sentence or paragraph and infuse it with new words and a different structure. This gives you an extra creative edge when expressing an idea or summarizing a topic.

Wordtune is not just about rephrasing. It also offers a range of other features for content creation such as text restructuring, keyword optimization, and plagiarism detection. You can even get access to a built-in editorial calendar and an AI assistant that can give you personalized writing tips.

If you’re a content creator looking for a writing assistant to help you reword your thoughts, Wordtune is an excellent choice. With features that make it easy to come up with content ideas, quickly rewrite text and more, Wordtune is one of the best AI writing tools on the market today.

Best Novel & Story Generator Tools

16. Ai Dungeon

Screenshot of AI Dungeon Main Landing Page

Ai Dungeon is a one-of-a-kind type of tool, as it allows you to generate stories based on your individual preferences.

A game rather than an AI writing tool, AI Dungeon is for fiction writers looking for inspiration for their next fantasy novel.

You have the ability to choose your own story, complete tasks, and make decisions that will drive the story forward, a bit like the books I used to read as a child where you choose your next adventure and you go off on complete tangents creating the story that suits you as you go!

It’s an expansive platform that offers a wide range of choices ranging from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and even romance. You’ll be able to create endless worlds and stories that are gamesome and imaginative.

Ai Dungeon offers a powerful AI technology for story generation and a highly interactive environment for creative exploration. This AI writing tool takes the adventure of storytelling to a whole new level and can bring even novice writers to be able to craft beautiful stories.

The best part is that it’s completely free to use! Let your imagination run wild.

17. Story Lab

Screenshot of Story Lab Main Landing Page

Story Lab is for aspiring writers, business professionals, and independent artists who can all benefit from utilizing sophisticated algorithmic tools to generate and optimize their work.

Story Lab offers innovative tools to support content creators in their literary journeys, providing a helping hand to formulate truly captivating stories.

With an understanding of the power of words and the importance of storytelling they’ve developed the latest in AI technology to make the writing process easier and more efficient.

Their writing tools give users the ability to let their creativity flow, while setting their work up for success with natural language processing and machine learning functions.

Story Lab’s tools automate tedious tasks that go into perfecting a piece of writing, like checking for grammar, correcting spelling, and consolidating ideas for improved flow and readability. They also offer creative features, like a randomized phrase generator, sentence optimization, and text-to-speech capabilities.

No matter the writing venture, Story Lab’s cutting-edge technology takes the guesswork out of storytelling and allows your creative vision to come to life.

You can get started for free, or sign up to their $5 or $15 package, but for just $19/month you’ll get unlimited AI runs. Sounds like a bargain to me.

2 Best Copywriting Tools

18. Persado

Screenshot of Persado Main Landing Page

Persado is a cutting-edge AI copywriting tool that offers numerous benefits for businesses and copywriters alike. It uses machine learning algorithms to generate and test variations of ad copy, headlines, and other marketing content, making it easier for businesses to create compelling and effective messaging that resonates with their target audience.

One of the key strengths of Persado is its ability to analyze vast amounts of data to determine which words, phrases, and messaging strategies are most effective in driving conversions. This enables businesses to create copy that is optimized for their specific target audience, increasing the chances of success.

Another advantage of Persado is that it can generate high-quality copy much faster than a human copywriter. This not only saves time and resources, but it also allows businesses to test and iterate on different messaging strategies at a much faster pace.

Persado also ensures that all copy it generates is original and free of plagiarism, helping businesses to avoid potential legal issues.

Persado is a powerful AI copywriting tool that offers a range of benefits for businesses and copywriters. Its ability to generate high-quality copy quickly, analyze vast amounts of data to optimize messaging, and ensure originality make it a great choice for businesses looking to create compelling and effective marketing content.

19. Frase

Screenshot of Frase Main Landing Page

When it comes to content creation, one of the most important tools for writers is Frase – an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you craft compelling and SEO-friendly content.

Frase is a great way to streamline your workflow, reduce writer’s block, and create content that engages and resonates with readers.

Frase is an AI-powered writing tool that quickly analyzes webpages, articles, and other content to extract ideas. It then presents the best ideas in an easy-to-compare format, so you can easily find the most relevant topics.

Frase also helps with finding the best words to include in your content to make sure your message is conveyed in the best way possible. This is especially beneficial for content creators looking to optimize their content for SEO purposes.

On top of content research, Frase offers editorial help with proofreading. It identifies spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, as well as suggesting corrections to help improve the readability and tone of your content.

Additionally, Frase offers content recommendations to help you get your creative juices flowing and suggests more pieces of information that can help make your content better.

3 Best AI Writing Assistants

20. ProWritingAid

Screenshot of ProWritingAid Main Landing Page

ProWritingAid is one of the best AI Writing Tools to assist writers.

It helps content creators take their writing to the next level by helping them perfect their grammar, eliminate errors, and even improve their style and clarity.

Not only can this software suggest improvements to the text, but it also can recognize patterns in writing that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Writers can also use ProWritingAid to check for consistency between text and source material and make sure all their sources are properly cited. Furthermore, it’s completely integrated with popular software such as Word, Scrivener, and Google Docs, making it easy to use.

One of the best features of ProWritingAid is that it gives you personalized feedback and suggests alternative words to make your writing better. If you’re looking for an AI Writing Tool that helps you to become a better writer, ProWritingAid is an excellent choice.

21. Hemingway

Screenshot of Hemingway sample inside a laaptop screen

Hemingway is a popular AI writing assistant that offers a range of benefits for writers of all levels. It’s designed to help writers simplify their writing and make it more concise, clear, and easy to understand.

One of the key strengths of Hemingway is its ability to provide clear and concise feedback on your writing.

The software uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze your text and provide suggestions for simplifying sentences, improving grammar, and making your writing more accessible to a wider audience.

This helps writers to identify areas of their writing that need improvement, and make changes to enhance the overall quality of their work.

Another advantage of Hemingway is its minimalist interface. The software is simple to use and provides writers with the feedback they need without overwhelming them with unnecessary information.

This makes it ideal for writers who are looking for a straightforward tool that can help them to improve their writing skills without getting in the way of their creative process.

In addition to its simplicity and user-friendliness, Hemingway also offers a range of advanced features for writers who need more detailed feedback, including a built-in thesaurus, an automatic readability score, and a word count tool.

These features make Hemingway a comprehensive writing tool that can help writers to take their writing skills to the next level.

22. Whitesmoke

Screenshot of WhiteSmoke Main Landing Page

Whitesmoke is an ideal tool for writers who are looking for a comprehensive writing solution that can help them to produce high-quality, error-free content.

One of the key strengths of WhiteSmoke is its ability to provide context-sensitive suggestions. The software uses NLP algorithms to understand the context of your writing and provide suggestions that are relevant to the specific sentence or paragraph.

This helps writers to make accurate, context-specific changes that can improve the overall quality of their work.

WhiteSmoke also offers a built-in thesaurus and a range of writing templates that can help writers to get started with their content creation. These templates cover a range of common writing formats, including business letters, resumes, and academic papers, making it a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of writing contexts.

In addition to its comprehensive features, WhiteSmoke also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. The software is available as a browser extension, a desktop application, and a mobile app, making it accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Other AI Writing Tools of Note

There are a ton of AI writing tools available to content creators in 2024, with more coming on the market every day! Here are some more options for your consideration;

23. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is a renowned natural language processing and text generation software that helps content creators create texts in a short time. With pre-trained models and a modern AI interface, Sudowrite can quickly generate compelling stories and headlines. It’s simple to use and yet offers unlimited possibilities for the creative mind.

24. Chibi AI

Chibi AI is great for people who are just starting out with AI writing. It offers an easy to use interface which helps users to generate text quickly. Chibi AI applies AI text generation technology to help you write more efficiently, while also providing evidence-based research data.

25. Outranking

Outranking is a rather unique AI writing tool that focuses on creating SEO-friendly content. The tool uses AI to analyze a website’s content, then makes suggestions to improve it – such as adding keywords or optimizing metatags. With Outranking, you can maximize the effectiveness of your web visits.

26. Neural Text

Neural Text is another effective AI writing solution that uses machine learning algorithms to write in natural language. It is simple to use and lets you generate content automatically. The tool also has a rather unique feature that offers users comprehensive analysis of their text.

27. Peppertype

Peppertype is yet another AI writing tool that is great for bloggers and writers. It uses AI algorithms to generate content automatically and to detect plagiarism. The tool offers myriad templates and also has a feature that allows users to create stories.

28. Article Forge

Article Forge is one of the more popular AI writing tools and offers content variants with great readability. It is a reliable AI-based writing tool for content creation, leveraging a Machine Learning system that can generate articles from scratch.

29. Ink

Ink is a relatively new natural language processing tool. It has been designed to help content creators create more engaging and accurate content in the shortest amount of time. Ink also has an AI feature that automatically generates an outline of your content before you start writing.

30. Copysmith

Copysmith is a rather unique AI writing tool. It uses an AI-activated editor that is capable of detecting and making suggestions for changes to your content without compromising your original style. The tool can also help you to better optimize your content for SEO.

31. AI Writer

AI Writer is an AI-based writing assistant with which you can generate entire articles without having to write a single word. AI Writer uses natural language processing technology to provide you with text, copy, and ideas all at the same time.

32. Narrative Device AI

Last but not least, there is Narrative Device AI, a powerful AI writing tool with which you can build narratives from scratch, drastically reducing the need for manual writing. With Narrative Device AI, you can churn out stories, novellas, and other texts with great precision.

There you have it, a brief overview of some of the lesser known but still extraordinarily helpful AI writing tools of 2024. From Sudowrite to Narrative Device AI, there is an effective AI writing solution for everyone.

33. Speechify


Technically not an ai writing tool, but it could help you become more productive. Speechify is a text-to-speech tool that uses AI-powered natural-sounding voices to convert any written text into spoken words. The software supports over 15 languages, more than 30 different types of voices, and can adjust reading speeds up to 5 times faster than the usual.

It is recommended for people who like speed-listening, students, working professionals, content creators, and people with visual impairments.

The tool can be used for a variety of purposes, including reading lengthy documents, email, and online content. Speechify can scan printed text and convert it into speech, making it an excellent tool for anyone who needs a hands-free way to read printed material.

The platform is available for free and premium subscriptions, and it has over 20 million downloads and 150,000 five-star reviews. The premium subscription offers HD voices and official celebrity voices like Snoop Dog and Gwyneth Paltrow.

30+ Best AI Writing Tools for 2024 – Summary

Phew! This has been a mammoth post to write and yet I have left so many AI tools out. They are coming thick and fast onto the market this year, so don’t get overwhelmed.

Most are based on the same technology and do roughly the same job. Find the one you like and as long as it’s continuously updating to stay ahead of the game so will you.

My recommendation is to start with Chat GPT and practice your AI prompt writing skills. The better you get at feeding commands, the better the results.

Then when you’re ready for something with a bit more structure and some magical tools to take your content creation to the next level, you won’t go wrong with a combination of Jasper.ai, SurferSEO.com (if you’re a blogger) and Grammarly.

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be unstoppable!

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Best AI Writing Tools – FAQ’s

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How do AI writers work?

AI writers are becoming increasingly popular among content creators, as they offer a powerful way of quickly generating compelling and engaging copy with minimal effort.

AI writers use advanced algorithms to process text, images and data to create truly innovative and original content.

Typically, these tools use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyze existing content and identify relevant topics and ideas. The AI writers then use machine learning to rewrite these topics and ideas into new, engaging and creative formats.

These formats can range from blog posts to detailed feature stories, depending on the complexity of the written content.

The AI writers also use deep learning algorithms to analyze the style and tone of the text. This analysis helps them determine the most appropriate words, sentence structures and even visuals to ensure that the content meets the desired objectives.

This way, AI writers can quickly create personalized content that resonates with the target audience.

For content creators, AI writing tools can be a reliable and cost-effective way to produce highly engaging and meaningful content. With the help of these AI writing tools, we can produce copy that is both informative and entertaining, while minimizing the time, effort and cost associated with producing high-quality content.

Ultimately, these AI writing tools offer a creative and powerful way for us as content creators to quickly create compelling content that resonates with our target audience.

From blog posts to stories to engaging marketing copy, we can significantly improve our output and reduce time to market without compromising on quality or content.

Should I use an AI writer?

I know that many are struggling with the ethics of using AI writers. This is just how we’re wired. Years ago many felt moving from letters to email was sacrilege!

Ai is here to stay, there’s no point fighting it. And as long as you supplement AI content with human thoughts, emotions and feelings (and fact checking), there is nothing wrong with using AI as your writing assistant.

It’s faster, cheaper and in many cases better quality.

The biggest benefit of using AI is that it can save time.

For example, many software packages are capable of analyzing written content and suggesting edits to improve the quality and clarity.

AI tools can also help with conducting research, gathering source material, and more.

But when it comes to AI autonomy, there are still some limitations. For instance, AI programs can’t replicate the creativity of human writers. Also automation and AI can increase errors because they’re not as capable of detecting subtle nuances that a human would pick up on more quickly.

In short, before investing in AI writing tools, it’s important to research them carefully and consider the time and money it will take to make them work productively.

With the right tools and resources, AI writers can become useful allies in the creative process, but it’s important to know when and how to use them.

Are AI writers good for bloggers?

When it comes to content creation, AI writers have made leaps and bounds over the last few years for writers everywhere.

This year in particular Chat GPT has been kicking up a storm in the SEO community. But the simple answer to that question is Yes.

By using AI writing tools bloggers will be able to produce more unique, quality content. Not only can these tools curate words to better express a certain point of view but they also can provide recommendations on how to improve an article through a variety of AI editing tools.

As AI continues to evolve, bloggers can now utilize AI writers to produce captivating content with various features such as automated grammar and spelling checks, auto-summarization, and adaptive writing suggestions.

In addition to drastically reducing the time it takes for content production, AI writing tools also offer quick solutions to improve the content quality.

This can range from suggesting alternative words and phrases to even more advanced capabilities like detecting emotions from words and paragraphs.

AI writers are great for bloggers because they can provide an extra edge to their blog posts while not having to put in the extra effort it takes to create high-value content.

As AI tools continue to become more pervasive in our lives, it’s only a matter of time before they become the go-to resource for bloggers and content creators around the world.

Can I write a book with an AI writer

It’s an exciting thought – could you write an entire book with an AI writing tool?

It’s entirely possible, with the wealth of AI story generator tools available today. As technology has progressed, these tools have become more advanced and can handle much more than just basic writing tasks.

While it would be an ambitious feat, there are several AI writing tools that can handle larger, more complex writing tasks, such as writing a book.

The best AI writing tools can help you organize and plan your story, provide ideas and feedback to improve your text, and auto-generate entire scenes and passages that read like a human writer wrote them.

With features like sentence rephrasing and text optimization, you can save time by letting the AI do the extra work. Many of these platforms even offer thesaurus-type tools to give you other words or phrases you can use.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how much you’re willing to invest in the process. If you’re dedicated to honing your craft and the AI novel writing software is available, there is no reason you can’t get a good result from an AI writing tool.

Carefully consider your options and determine which AI writing tool is best suited for your project. The possibilities are endless!

Is there any free AI writing tool?

Yes, there are several free AI writing tools available, including some AI content generators and free AI writing generators. These tools often offer basic functionalities and are a great starting point for those new to using AI for copywriting and content creation.

What is the best AI text writer?

The best AI text writer is often considered to be powered by GPT-3 and GPT-4, the latest large language models developed by OpenAI. These AI text generators are known for their advanced capabilities in generating human-like text, making them top AI writing tools and the best AI text generator in the market.

What is the best free AI tool for script writing?

For script writing, the best free AI tool is typically an AI writing app that specializes in creative formats. Look for generative AI technology that offers specific features for scriptwriting, allowing for more nuanced and dialogue-focused content generation.

Which is the best AI tool?

The best AI tool for writing generally depends on your specific needs. If you’re looking for versatility, the best AI writing tool or best AI writing app may offer a range of functionalities from content generation to editing. Top AI writing tools like Jasper or AI writing assistants integrate GPT API for enhanced performance.

How do AI content generators benefit content creation?

AI content generators significantly streamline the content creation process. They use artificial intelligence writing tools to generate ideas, drafts, and even complete articles, making them invaluable tools for writing efficiently and effectively.

Can AI writing generators help with SEO?

Yes, many AI writing generators are designed with SEO in mind. They can suggest keywords, optimize content structure, and even analyze competitors’ content, making them essential artificial intelligence writing tools for ranking higher in search results.

What are the advantages of using the best AI writing assistant?

The best AI writing assistant offers not just content generation but also proofreading and style suggestions. It can enhance the readability of your content, ensure grammatical accuracy, and maintain a consistent tone, which is crucial in professional and business writing.

Are there specific AI writing apps for different types of writing?

Absolutely. There are AI writing apps tailored for various writing needs, from academic papers and business reports to creative stories and marketing copy. These specialized apps leverage generative AI technology to cater to the unique requirements of each writing type.

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