The 7 Best AI Video Cartoonizer Tools in 2024

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If you’re searching for the very best AI Video Cartoonization tools on the market today, look no further.

In this post, we will explore the top AI Video Cartoonizers that have revolutionized the way we transform videos, unleashing our creativity and bringing our imaginations to life.

Quick Takeaways:

  • AI-Powered Transformation: AI Video Cartoonizers use advanced AI and computer vision algorithms to transform real-world videos into animated, cartoon-like visuals, offering a blend of creativity and expressiveness.
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: These tools automate the animation process, significantly saving time and reducing costs compared to traditional hand-drawn methods, making them a game-changer for content creators.
  • Image Upscaler’s Distinct Approach: The AI Video Cartoonizer by Image Upscaler stands out with its unique three-step process: separating face and background, applying different cartoonization methods to each, and then merging them for a cohesive cartoon style.
  • Diverse Options and Styles: The top AI Video Cartoonizers, like Filmora and AILab Video Cartoonizer, offer user-friendly interfaces, multiple cartoon styles, and powerful editing tools, catering to both professional and beginner content creators.
  • Accessibility and User Experience: These tools prioritize intuitive design and ease of use, with options like direct web access and desktop applications, making advanced video cartoonization accessible to a wide audience.

What is an AI Video Cartoonizer?

The term “AI Video Cartoonizer” refers to a piece of AI video editing software or a technological tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision algorithms to create animated cartoon-like visuals from real-world videos or footage.

By using various AI techniques to analyze and modify the video frames, it automates the hand-drawn animation process. It improves them with cartoon-like features like vivid colors, stylized outlines, and exaggerated features.

example of uncartoonized video (before)
example of cartoonized video in cartoon style by ImageUpscaler (after)

Why AI Video Cartoonizer?

AI Video Cartoonizer serves several purposes and offers numerous benefits to users. Here are some reasons why individuals and businesses may choose to use AI Video Cartoonizer:

  1. Creativity and Expressiveness: AI Video Cartoonizer turns common videos into expressive and visually appealing cartoon animations, allowing users to express their creativity. The addition of this unique artistic touch enhances and makes the footage more memorable.
  2. Time and Cost Efficiency: Creating high-quality hand-drawn animations traditionally requires significant time, effort, and artistic skills. AI Video Cartoonizer automates the process, saving users valuable time and resources. It eliminates the need for manual frame-by-frame animation, allowing for faster production and reduced costs.

Let’s take a look at some of the top AI Video Cartoonizer tools available on the web today, which can assist you in creating captivating cartoon-style videos and sharing your animated stories with the world!


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Top 7 AI Video Cartoonizer Software

1. AI Video Cartoonizer by Image Upscaler

processed videos of AI Video Cartoonizer by ImageUpscaler

The AI Video Cartoonizer by ImageUpscaler is an online software that allows users to transform their videos into cartoon-style animations.

The software follows a three-step process to achieve this:

Step 1. Splitting the Face and Background

In this step, the software separates the face and background of the video.

By isolating these two elements, the cartoonization process can be applied to each component individually. This allows for more accurate and precise cartoonization results.

For example, let’s say you have a video of a person standing in front of a beach. The software will analyze the video frames and identify the person’s face as well as the background (the beach scene).

It will then separate these two components for further processing.

Step 2. Cartoonization of Face and Background

After separating the face and background, the software uses different cartoonization methods for each part.

Two independently trained Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), one for face cartoonization and the other for background cartoonization, are used to accomplish this.

For instance, the software cartoonizes the isolated face component using this technique. The person’s expressions, gestures, and other facial details are preserved while the facial features are transformed into a cartoon-like representation.

The beach scene is simultaneously turned into a cartoon-style background by using the background cartoonization technique on the isolated background component.

Step 3. Merging the Components

The software individually cartoonizes the face and background before merging them back together to recreate the original video in a cartoon-like style. With the cartoon elements added, the natural view of the video is preserved thanks to this step.

The software combines the cartoonized face (with its expressive features) and the cartoonized background (with its altered beach scene), building on the previous example. As a result, the person’s facial expressions, gestures, and the surrounding beach are all animated in a consistent cartoon style.

To use the software, you can visit the online platform provided by Image Upscaler. From there, you can upload your video and choose one of the seven available cartoon styles.

The software will then perform the three-step process automatically, transforming your video into a cartoon-style animation.

example of cartoonized video in the natural style by ImageUpscaler


  • The software provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to both professionals and beginners.
  • You can transform your videos into cartoon-style animations with just a single click, streamlining the process and saving time.
  • The software offers fast processing times, typically taking only 1-3 minutes to cartoonize a video, allowing you to quickly generate your animated content.
  • With seven different AI cartoon styles to choose from, you have the flexibility to select the style that best suits your preferences and creative vision.
  • ImageUpscaler provides the option to use the software for free without the need for registration. Users can test the tool and its capabilities before deciding to upgrade to a paid plan.


  • The software has a restriction on video length, allowing only videos of 60 seconds or less to be processed. Longer videos may need to be edited or split before using the cartoonizer.
  • There is a size limit of 20 MB for videos that can be uploaded to the software. Larger video files may require compression or resizing before they can be processed.
  • The software does not provide extensive manual editing options for cartoonized videos. Users have to rely on the predefined AI cartoon styles and cannot make detailed adjustments to specific elements of the animation.


The software offers a range of pricing options, including a free plan that allows for two videos per month without any cost.

For users who require more usage, there are paid plans available, ranging from $6 to $29 per month, which offer additional features and higher usage limits.

2. AILab Video Cartoonizer

processed videos of Video Cartoonizer by AILab

The next tool is called AILab Video Cartoonizer.

Users can easily turn their videos into cartoons with just a few easy steps thanks to the program’s support for a variety of video formats, including MOV, MP4, AVI, M4V, MP3, and WAV.

The best feature is that this software is freely accessible, allowing various users to use it. Some users might experience some difficulty navigating the website at first.

After users successfully upload their video files, the software automatically turns the videos into gorgeous cartoons using cutting-edge algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques.

The entire video has been altered; the original facial expressions, objects, gestures, and motions are all still present, but they are now presented in a delightful cartoon style.

AILab Video Cartoonizer stands out for its effectiveness and simplicity. It simplifies the cartoonization process and does not require labor-intensive manual editing.

Even those without extensive technical expertise or artistic talent can produce impressive results. The software’s automatic conversion ensures a reliable and excellent result for different video files.


  • AILab Video Cartoonizer provides a release preview, allowing users to try out the software before making any commitments. Users can access and test the application’s features without any cost, which is beneficial for those who want to evaluate its capabilities.
  • Users can enjoy the convenience of using AILab Video Cartoonizer without the need for registration. This eliminates the extra step of creating an account, making it easy and hassle-free to begin converting videos into cartoons.
  • AILab Video Cartoonizer offers flexibility in choosing the output format for the cartoonized videos. Users can select from a range of popular video formats, such as MP4, AVI, and MOV, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.


  • The processing time for AILab Video Cartoonizer is relatively long, taking more than 7 minutes. Users should be aware of the processing duration and plan accordingly to account for this extended waiting period.
  • AILab Video Cartoonizer offers only one style option for cartoonization. While this style may still produce appealing results, users may desire more variety and customization options to achieve their desired cartoon aesthetic.
  • The software imposes a size limit of 50 MB for video uploads. Videos exceeding this size would need to be compressed or reduced in size before they could be processed by AILab Video Cartoonizer.


AILab Video Cartoonizer is available for free, offering its full range of features without any cost. Users can take advantage of the software’s capabilities without the need for a paid subscription or purchase.

3. Cartoonize Video

main page of Cartoonize Video software

Cartoonize Video is a desktop software that offers users the ability to convert their videos into captivating cartoon formats. It involves applying various techniques, filters, and effects to alter the appearance of the video, giving it a hand-drawn or animated cartoon style.

Cartoonize Different techniques and software tools can be used to create videos.

While other tools rely on manual adjustments and customization options to achieve the desired cartoon effect, some tools automatically analyze the video frames and produce a cartoon-like representation of the scenes.

The cartoonization process is made simpler with Cartoonize Video’s user-friendly interface, especially for newcomers. The software offers a variety of customization options, so users can give their cartoon videos their own special flair.

In addition, Cartoonize Video supports a number of video file types, such as AVI, MP4, and WMV, to provide users with compatibility and convenience when working with various video file types.


  • The software offers flexibility in choosing the output video size, ranging from 480p to 4K resolution. This ensures that users can produce high-quality cartoon videos suitable for various platforms and devices.
  • Cartoonize Video is a desktop software, that eliminates the need for an internet connection during the cartoonization process. Users can work offline, ensuring data privacy and allowing for uninterrupted usage.
  • Cartoonize Video provides users with a diverse selection of more than 15 effects to apply to their videos. This wide range of effects offers versatility and enables users to experiment with different cartoon styles and looks.


  • One drawback of Cartoonize Video is the relatively long processing time required for each video. The software’s processing duration can range from 30 to 40 minutes, which may be considered time-consuming for users with large or multiple video files.
  • Cartoonize Video is currently only available for desktop use on the Windows operating system. This limits accessibility for users who utilize other operating systems such as macOS or Linux.
  • The free trial version of Cartoonize Video offers limited functionality, restricting users to working with only a 15-second video fully and adding watermarks to the output. To access the full range of features and remove limitations, users will need to upgrade to the paid version.


Cartoonize Video offers a free trial version that provides limited features, allowing users to test the software’s capabilities. For full access to all features and the removal of limitations, users can opt for the paid version, priced at $19.25 per month.


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4. Video2Cartoon by

main page of Video2Cartoon software

An online tool called Video2Cartoon, accessible at, allows users to convert video clips into animated cartoon-style videos.

Although it is simple to use and has a quick processing time, there are some restrictions and things to take into account. Now let’s get into the specifics:

The website requires users to register in order to use Video2Cartoon. They can start the video conversion process after registering. No matter how long the original video was uploaded, the output video is only allowed to last for five seconds.

Additionally, the maximum file size for video uploads is 50 MB.


  • Video2Cartoon offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate the software and convert their videos into cartoon-style animations without much difficulty.
  • With processing times ranging from 120 to 300 seconds, users can expect relatively quick results when generating a cartoon video online.


  • Users must register on the Video2Cartoon website to access and utilize the software, which may be an inconvenience for those seeking a quick and anonymous experience.
  • The free version of Video2Cartoon limits the output video to just 5 seconds, regardless of the length of the original video uploaded. This may restrict users who wish to convert longer videos into cartoon-style animations.
  • Users should be aware that the resulting cartoon-style video may not meet high-quality standards, and there may be significant distortions in the image.
  • Users may encounter limitations or issues with certain functions within the Video2Cartoon software, potentially affecting the overall user experience.


With the free tool Video2Cartoon, users can easily turn their videos into cartoon-style animations. However, additional software features can be purchased for between $10 and $50, giving users access to more advanced features and capabilities.

5. VideoCartoonizer

processed videos Video Cartoonizer by AITransformer
the result of converting a video into a cartoon by AITransformer

Users can turn their videos into cartoon-style animations using the online software program AITransformer VideoCartoonizer.

The user-friendly interface of VideoCartoonizer, which offers customization options, is one of its many features. Now let’s get into the specifics:

User registration is required on the website in order to use VideoCartoonizer. It’s important to note that the website’s convert button is inactive prior to registration.

However, users have the option to upload a video and select a style before making an account. Although registration is required, it grants users access to the software’s features.


  • VideoCartoonizer provides users with a selection of 8 different cartoon styles, allowing for diverse and unique cartoon transformations.
  • The software offers users the ability to preview the output video before finalizing the conversion. Additionally, users can download the cartoonized video for free, enabling easy access to the final result.


  • Users must register on the website to utilize VideoCartoonizer fully. While this allows access to the software’s features, some users may prefer a quick and anonymous video conversion experience.
  • In the free plan, the website’s logo is displayed and takes up a considerable amount of screen space during video playback. This may be distracting or inconvenient for users seeking a clean and logo-free viewing experience.
  • Users utilizing the free plan are limited to a maximum video quality of 256 pixels, which may not meet the requirements of high-resolution output for certain purposes.


VideoCartoonizer offers a free plan that allows users to convert up to two videos per day.

For additional features and an enhanced experience, users can choose from the website’s pricing plans, which range from $5 to $15 per month. These plans provide access to all the software offerings on the website.

6. Ziggeo

main page of Ziggeo software

A powerful video platform created to meet the demands of companies and developers is called Ziggeo. The “Cartoon Effect,” a standout filter that gives videos a distinctive visual style, is one of the many features that Ziggeo offers.

To ensure the Cartoon Effect’s efficacy and suitability for various types of video content, it is crucial to take this into account.

Embedded video recording, one of Ziggeo’s standout features, enables users to easily record and upload their own videos using webcams or smartphone cameras. The platform also has transcoding features, which allow videos to be changed in resolution.

It’s important to note that Ziggeo’s Cartoon Effect does not use AI software; rather, it uses Instagram-style filters to produce a cartoonish effect.

While these filters can improve the visual appeal of videos, more complex cartoon transformations cannot be achieved using them because they do not make use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms.

When using Ziggeo, there are a few things to keep in mind. Users must submit a lot of personal information during the registration process, including their country, phone number, and company information.


  • Ziggeo simplifies the process of capturing and uploading videos by providing embedded video recording functionality.
  • Alongside recording videos, Ziggeo allows users to upload their pre-recorded videos, providing flexibility in content creation.
  • Ziggeo enables users to choose the most appealing frame as the cover shot, enhancing the visual presentation of their videos.
  • Ziggeo offers a diverse range of filters, including the Cartoon Effect, allowing users to customize the visual style of their videos.
  • The platform supports transcoding, ensuring videos can be converted to various resolutions to meet specific requirements.
  • Ziggeo streamlines the process of sharing videos by enabling the automatic upload to popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo directly from the user dashboard.
  • Users have the option to personalize their videos by adding custom logos and overlays, enhancing branding and visual appeal.


  • Ziggeo’s Cartoon Effect relies on Instagram-like filters rather than advanced AI algorithms, limiting the complexity of cartoon transformations.
  • Registering on Ziggeo requires providing substantial personal information, such as country, phone number, and company details, which may be time-consuming.
  • Accessing the trial version of Ziggeo necessitates linking a payment card, which may deter some users.


Ziggeo’s pricing structure starts at $99 per month, indicating that it primarily targets professional users and may not be suitable for casual or occasional video needs.

7. Leo Legaltech Limited: Video Toonify – cartoon video (app for Android)

main page VToonify app

Leo Legaltech Limited’s powerful VToonify app for Android enables you to transform your videos into enthralling cartoon animations.

VToonify makes it simple for users to turn their videos into distinctive and aesthetically pleasing cartoons thanks to its user-friendly interface and sophisticated AI algorithms.

The app uses its clever algorithms to analyze video frames and turn the footage into entertaining cartoon animations.

VToonify enables users to unleash their creativity and bring their videos to life in a fun and exciting way with a variety of animation styles and customizable options for facial details, expressions, and age.


  • VToonify features a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly learn and navigate the app. Additionally, the app provides helpful hints to enhance the user’s understanding of the interface.
  • The app offers a wide range of animation styles, including cartoons, caricatures, emojis, and even horror characters. This variety allows users to choose the style that best suits their creative vision and storytelling needs.
  • VToonify provides users with customization options to adjust various parameters of the characters in their videos. Users can customize facial details, expressions, and even the age of the characters, allowing for greater personalization and creativity in their animations.
  • Powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, VToonify analyzes video frames and converts them into hand-drawn animations. This AI technology ensures high-quality and visually appealing cartoon animations.


  • VToonify processes only the first face it detects in a video. If there are multiple faces or if the main subject’s face is obscured, the app may not produce the desired results or work as expected.
  • The free version of VToonify offers access to only three animation styles and allows users to convert only one video. Additional styles and features are available in the premium version.
  • The free version of VToonify contains advertisements, which may interrupt the user experience and be a source of distraction.
  • VToonify recommends using clear and crisp videos with a prominent face as the main subject for optimal animation outcomes. Poor-quality videos or those lacking clarity may affect the quality of the resulting animations.
  • The app suggests exploring different models as they operate differently. While this diversity offers flexibility, it also means that the results may vary depending on the chosen model, potentially leading to inconsistent or unexpected animation outputs.


VToonify offers a subscription plan for $0.27 per week, or users can pay $1.35 per year to gain access to premium features and a wider selection of animation styles.

AI Video Cartoonizer: Summary

In conclusion, the emergence of AI video cartoonizers has revolutionized the way we experience and create animated content.

Along with AI writing tools like Jasper, these innovative tools have opened up a world of possibilities for artists, filmmakers, and content creators, allowing them to transform ordinary videos into captivating cartoons with just a few clicks.

Throughout this article, we explored seven of the top AI video cartoonizers available today. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect even more sophisticated AI video cartoonizers to emerge, offering enhanced features and improved results.

The possibilities for AI in the realm of animation are endless, and it will be fascinating to witness how this technology evolves and influences the future of animated content creation.


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AI Video Cartoonizer: FAQs

How can I Cartoonize a video?

AI Video Cartoonizer is a technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to transform regular videos into animated cartoons.

The process involves analyzing the frames of a video and applying various artistic filters and techniques to create a cartoon-like appearance. The AI models learn from vast amounts of data, including hand-drawn animations and existing cartoons, to understand and replicate the cartoon style accurately.

How do I make an animated AI video?

To create an animated AI video, first, choose one of the AI tools available for video editing. These tools typically allow you to upload or add video files directly from your local file system. Once uploaded, the AI will convert videos into animated cartoon videos by applying cartoon effects. The resulting video can be downloaded directly via a download button, making the process simple and not requiring prior knowledge of animation techniques.

What is the AI tool to generate cartoons?

The AI tool to generate cartoons is a sophisticated software that uses artificial intelligence to turn video and photos into a cartoon version. You can use these tools to cartoonize a video file or even turn photos into animated cartoon videos. Just upload your local file or choose from stock videos, and the tool will do the rest, offering a cartoonized video file ready for sharing on social media platforms.

Can I turn videos from my social media platforms into cartoon videos online?

Absolutely! Most AI video cartoonizers allow you to upload video files directly from various social media platforms. After uploading, these tools apply unique cartoon effects, turning your videos into captivating cartoonized versions that will stand out on any platform.

Is it possible to use stock videos to create cartoon videos?

Yes, many AI tools for creating animated cartoon videos offer a library of stock videos. You can choose a video from this collection and apply cartoon effects to create a cartoon version of the video, without the need for uploading a local file.

How can I convert videos from my device into animated cartoons?

Converting videos from your device into animated cartoons is straightforward. Use an AI video cartoonizer to upload your video files. The tool will then automatically turn your video into a cartoonized version, making your videos stand out with unique and engaging animations.

Do I need prior knowledge in video editing to use AI cartoonizer tools?

No, you don’t need prior knowledge in video editing to use these tools. AI video cartoonizers are designed with user-friendly interfaces. Simply upload your video file, and the tool will automatically apply cartoon effects, providing you with a cartoon version of your original video that’s ready for download and sharing.

What is the best AI video-to-cartoon converter?

When it comes to video-to-cartoon AI converters, AI Video Cartoonizer by ImageUpscaler stands out as a top choice. This AI-powered tool utilizes advanced algorithms to transform regular videos into captivating animated cartoons.

Can AI turn a video into a cartoon?

Video cartoonization can be applied to a wide range of videos, but there are certain factors to consider.

The quality and resolution of the original video can have an impact on the final cartoonization result. High-quality videos with clear visuals and well-defined objects produce better cartoon-like outputs.

Additionally, the complexity of the video content and the desired style of the cartoonization can also affect the outcome. While most videos can be transformed into cartoons, it’s essential to choose a video-to-cartoon AI converter that best suits your goals.

Is AI Video Cartoonizer free?

AI Video Cartoonizer typically offers a price plan, but most of them also provide a free version with certain limitations.

For example, the free version of AI Video Cartoonizer by ImageUpscaler allows users to process up to two videos, while the free version of Desktop Cartoonize Video adds watermarks and restricts video duration to 15 seconds.

Visit the respective software websites for detailed information.

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