10 Best AI Story Generator Tools for Writers & Bloggers in 2023

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We all know that compelling stories are what makes the world go round! But coming up with interesting story plots for your novel, short story, video script or content can sometimes feel like plaiting fog (uk term for extremely hard).

That’s where ai story generator tools come in! These awesome ai story writing assistants can erase writers’ block, help inspire story plot ideas and character outlines, and can even help you write your entire story or book.

Ai story writing tools can redefine the way you write, giving you the ability to craft faster, while simultaneously editing. It’s almost like having a full writing crew at your fingertips for only a small fraction of its true value!

If you’re not certain what these powerful ai story generator tools are capable of, or have questions about their application ethically, then look no further; this article will explain why ai story generators are literally an author’s dream come true.

Best Overall
Jasper Ai
  • Use their 'creative story' workflow to create awesome stories
  • Create chapter headlines, outlines, and rewrite entire sections
  • Use Jasper recipes to create chapters, complete stories or an entire book
  • Try for FREE today with their 5 day free trial and 10,000 free words!
Best for Budgets
  • Free up to 5000 characters a month
  • 40+ templates to help get your novel off the starting blocks
  • 18+ voice tones and in-built grammar checker
  • Unlimited words only $29/month
  • Try for free today!
Best Assistant
  • Must have tool for all writers
  • Analyzes for grammatical mistakes, language, writing style, etc
  • Helps to refine sentence structure, rephrase paragraphs and set tonality
  • Built-in plagiarism checker and more
  • Only $12/month

Disclaimer: Please note this post may contain affiliate links, from which, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. I only recommend products and services I’ve used or would use myself and believe can add value to your business. If you choose to purchase from any of my links, thanks so much for your support! 😊

What is an Ai Story Generator Tool?

Writing just became much more efficient with ai story generator software.

Powered by GPT-3, a sophisticated deep learning algorithm, ai story generators produce text that reads like the work of an experienced human writer.

An ai story writing tool can help you shape your writing objectives across any medium – from crafting captivating book chapters, generating storylines, helping with a screenplay writing process, and even composing catchy ad copy and social media posts!

Whether you’re aiming for creative expression or publishing success, ai story generators are here to get your vision off the ground quickly and effectively.

Let’s look at the top recommended ai story generator software tools on the market in 2023, so you can start to write compelling stories and create your best selling novel or movie script today!

The 10 Best Ai Story Generator Tools on the Web in 2023

1. Jasper AI (previously Jarvis)

Screenshot of Jasper ai Main Landing Page

Jasper AI is a top-rated ai writing tool, making it the perfect choice for anyone in need of ideation assistance, as well as help with composition, editing and proofreading.

This highly intuitive ai tool offers plenty of templates to choose from that can be used to craft articles, blog posts, or even books – both fiction and nonfiction alike!

All you have to do is explore its varied features such as recipes, chat and templates, while getting familiarized with how the machine ‘thinks’ – something best done through experimentation.

Jasper has a unique feature called ‘Jasper Art’, which allows users to generate AI-powered images with just some keywords. This is an incredibly useful tool for creating book covers or story illustrations!

And if that’s not enough, you can even take advantage of Jasper AI’s 7-day free trial—allowing you to test out their services before committing any money.

Jasper AI Pricing:

Creator plan starts at $49/month, and includes unlimited AI-generated words and all their core features including templates etc.

Teams Plan starts at $125/month, which includes all features in the Creator plan, plus access to their long-form documents and the advanced ‘Jasper Command’, which is essential for the novelists amongst you.

Features applicable to story writers;

Although Jasper doesn’t promote itself as an ai story generator specifically designed for fiction writers, its Teams pricing plan is generous offering unlimited AI-generated words per month and access to the ‘long form document’ feature!

This makes it an ideal tool to bring your novel ideas to life; try different chapter heads, opening paragraphs, story plots, or whatever you can dream up with this amazing tool.

Jasper AI is a remarkable, creative content generator instead of just being a factual system. In my experience using Jasper AI so far, it has been immensely useful for imaginative writing.

If you are an author looking for the ultimate all-inclusive tool to assist with your writing journey from beginning to end, then look no further because Jasper AI is your perfect solution!

2. Rytr.me

Screenshot of Rytr Main Landing Page

Rytr.me uses cutting-edge GPT-3 powered AI language engines to assist you in creating remarkable and compelling content, just like Jasper!

With its comprehensive set of templates, it’s easier than ever before to begin to write engaging stories or even an entire book.

This AI story writing program is the perfect solution for those experiencing writer’s block due to its in-built grammar checking, plagiarism checker, and ‘reword’ button. With this tool at your disposal, you can rest assured that all of your content will be accurate and original.

Rytr Pricing;

Rtyr.me is free up to 5000 characters/month.

For 50,0000 characters it’s $9/month.

For unlimited words its premium plan is a very affordable $29/month

Features applicable to story writers;

Rytr.me proudly proclaims itself to be the ultimate all-in-one writing platform, boasting features ideal for novelists, bloggers, writers and influencers alike.

With 18+ voice tones available at your disposal, you can craft a unique creative experience with your fiction writing that’s truly yours!

Even better is its inbuilt grammar checker which will make the editing process effortless!

3. Novel AI

Screenshot of Noel AI Main Landing Page

As a fiction writer looking for a powerful ai story generator, NovelAI is the perfect tool for you.

Their Artificial Intelligence algorithms are designed with Natural Language Processing and can mimic human writing, making it straightforward to use regardless of your abilities. Utilize their Playground feature and let its AI provide endless inspirational stories that will blow away your readership!

If you’re looking for the perfect genre to bring your story alive, AI Modules offers an array of options and even provides helpful hints regarding stories, characters, and settings. Plus if there’s a specific author whose style you admire, they can help write in that same style using this fantastic AI tool!

Also, it allows users to access writing styles from classic to modern or devise their own preferences by customizing how they want the software to perform.

Unleash your imagination and create mesmerizing stories with the help of this ai story maker. With their AI story generator app, you can produce captivating plot lines, compelling characters, and imaginative story backgrounds according to the instructions you provide!

Furthermore, in their paid plans they offer access to sophisticated image generation tools that will bring your work even further life. Plus get feedback from other users about your work as it progresses – novel writing made easy!

The great part is, you can start using this ai story generator for free!

Novel AI Pricing;

Novel AI offer 4 very affordable pricing tiers;

Paper – Free – access to Euterpe, their second best storyteller, plus 100 free text generations & 2048 memory tokens

Tablet – $10/month – access to Euterpe, their second best storyteller, plus unlimited text generations, 1024 memory tokens & lots of extra goodies

Scroll – $15/month – access to Euterpe, their second best storyteller, plus unlimited text generations, 2048 memory tokens & lots of extra goodies

Opus – $25/month – access to Krake, their best storyteller, plus unlimited text generations, 2048 memory tokens & lots of extra goodies

Features applicable to story writers;

Novel Ai is the perfect writing companion for all of your novel-writing needs. With its ai story generator based on prompts you input, you can craft vibrant plot lines and even replicate the style of beloved authors in an array of genres!

Let their theme editor work its magic to customize fonts, sizes and the color scheme of your website in a flash. What’s even more reassuring is that your content will remain encrypted until you’re ready to launch it- ensuring only you have access!

Plus, thanks to AI driving the process, reinventing stories or just playing around with design options are effortless – leaving no limits on what can be accomplished!

4. Writesonic

Screenshot of Writesonic Main Landing Page

Writesonic helps bring your creative vision to life. Their AI generated story platform is designed to help generate ideas, copy, and descriptions, quickly and easily based on what you need.

By adding this Ai story generator software to your toolkit, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of generating sentence ideas and creative writing, just like other top-notch Ai writing software tools.

Writesonic offers an uncomplicated, intuitive interface that guides you through a logical creation process. Start with your chapter title, introduction and outline – then let Writesonic’s Artificial Intelligence do its magic to generate creative writing ideas and sentences!

WriteSonic Pricing;

WriteSonic has four pricing levels;

Free – to test out the platform and see if you like it!

$15/month, which includes the long form writing assistant and up to 50,000 words a month

$45/month for unlimited credits

$95/month which includes priority support.

Features applicable to story writers;

Utilize Write Sonic as an extra pair of creative hands to help you write stories your audience will love.

With its advanced AI machine learning, you can depend on it to write fresh content for you, restructure your existing text and fix any grammar errors, allowing you more time to concentrate on other important tasks that require your attention!

Writesonic is a very affordable option for fiction writers.

5. AI Dungeon

Screenshot of AI Dungeon Main Landing Page

If you relish the idea of transforming storytelling into a thrilling game, AI Dungeon is the perfect ai story generator game for you.

You begin by crafting or selecting your very own character, world and narrative. From there, the AI story generator tool assists you in constructing a full-fledged fantasy universe utilizing pre-made backgrounds from other authors or simply generating them as you progress through the story creation process.

The AI tool is like a genie, allowing you to control the narrative and create your own unique story. Just like those childhood books where you could select different paths for every chapter – this technology breathes life into whatever direction you choose to go in! With Artificial Intelligence, anyone can craft their own captivating tale without ever having to put pen to paper.

Instead of a writing assistant, this ai story generator game is an incredible and entertaining way to kickstart your imagination and generate countless ideas for your books and stories.

AI Dungeon Pricing

That’s the best part, Ai Dungeon is a completely free story generator ai tool! Just create an account and start playing.

Be careful though, this AI story tool is quickly addicting and your goal is to generate story ideas, not game all day long!

Have fun!

6. Grammarly

Screenshot of Grammarly Main Landing Page

For any and all writers, both fiction and non fiction, Grammarly is a powerful ai writing tool to have in your arsenal. The platform can be used for story writing, novel writing, crafting blog posts, creating content and more!

Grammarly is an invaluable tool that evaluates your written content for its readability, tone, grammatical accuracy and writing style. With this powerful software at your disposal, you can ensure that all of your writing is clear and error-free!

Grammarly can assist you with common writing errors such as sentence fragmentation, repetition of words and phrases, reorganizing sentences to improve readability, and much more.

Struggling on the perfect wording? The AI-driven system gives you access to alternative phrases that can help. Plus, its built-in plagiarism detector guarantees your originality.

Grammarly has carved a niche for itself as the unrivaled leader of AI-driven writing assistant tools, making it an ideal choice for nearly any writer.

Grammarly Pricing;

Grammarly has 3 pricing option;


Premium – $12/month or $139.95/year

Business – Starting at $12.50/member/month

Features applicable to story writers;

Grammarly is a fantastic tool for the editing process of your novel.

It will help you to refine your sentences, ensure all your punctuation is where it should be and that your writing style is relevant to your preferred settings.

As a must have ai writing assistant, Grammarly will pair perfectly with your AI story generator tool of choice.

7. Wordtune

Screenshot of Wordtune Main Landing Page

Wordtune is the ideal tool for anyone stuck in a writing slump, igniting your creative spark and helping you rewrite sentences with ease.

Wordtune is the perfect tool to ensure that your sentence structure and vocabulary are at their best. Simply copy in the sentence that you want rephrased, click a button and let the ai do it’s magic.

Not only does it provide alternative words, but also phrases to help you find precisely what works for you! If bettering your writing style is a priority of yours, then Wordtune should be added as your go to tool.

Wordtune Pricing;

Wordtune has 3 plans;

Free – includes 20 phrases per day

Premium $9.99/month or $119.88/year – unlimited

Features applicable to story writers;

Wordtune can be used natively within its own editor, inside microsoft word or you can add to chrome and use inside google docs.

Wordtune is the perfect tool to help you create compelling dialogue and intricate plots for your books. It quickly and efficiently rewrites sentences, allowing you to focus on bringing life to each character’s storyline.

A handy ai story generator software assistant!

8. Quillbot

Screenshot of Quillbot paraphraser page

Quillbot works as a rewriting tool, enabling you to automatically paraphrase, edit, and rewrite your content, to ensure that it not only reads fluently but also passes any plagiarism checks.

It also offers an AI writing assistant which will suggest corrections and improvements to your writing, helping you to write pieces that are stylistically coherent, error-free, and up to the highest standards.

What makes Quillbot so convenient is that it is available as a web-based platform and can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, it is extremely affordable, giving you access to some of the best enterprise-grade tools, even if you’re on a tight budget.

9. Shortly AI

Screenshot of Shortly AI Main Landing Page

As the AI writing software market continues to expand, Shortly AI is quickly gaining traction and recognition.

Recently acquired by Conversion.ai -the same company that owns Jasper- their mission is clear: become the best artificial intelligence tool available on the market!

They make a product comparable to Jasper’s, incorporating GPT-03 technology that builds on itself as you write! Right now, however, their offerings don’t include the same amount of predefined templates and capabilities featured in Jasper.

However, they do provide a “write for me” button that can help generate grammatically correct sentences in only a few seconds!

Shortly AI Pricing;

Slightly more expensive than Jasper, their plans start at $65/month however that allows for unlimited writing. There is no cap on words.

Features applicable to story writers;

If you are a novelist or fiction writer seeking an unrestricted number of words, Shortly may be the best option for you. Unlike Jasper, it does not offer ad templates and blog recipes that some authors do not need.

10. Sassbook

Screenshot of SassbookI Main Landing Page

Unleash the power of the Sassbook ai story generator and let its AI capabilities generate content for your novel or blog from scratch!

By utilizing machine-learning algorithms, this incredible ai story generator and ai article writer can help you bring your ideas to life with ease. With a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to creating unique ai generated stories that capture the imagination of readers everywhere.

To ensure your AI story writer produces the type of narrative you desire, you’ll need to provide some prompts. You can select pre designed genres such as thriller, romance, SciFi, humor and classic, or stick with ‘Original’ for a more personalized flair.

Sassbook Pricing;

While the ai story program is free to use, the restrictions are quite stifling. You can upgrade to their paid plans that cost $15 a month for Standard and $25 a month for Premium.

It is interesting to note that though the paid plans don’t limit the number of generations per day, there is a limit to the number of words written per generation.

With the Standard plan, each time you generate text, the number of words the platform will write is limited to 70. After every 70 words, you need to add new prompts to regenerate. The Premium plan is restricted to 100 words per generation.

Pros and Cons of AI Story Generator Tools


  1. Enhanced Creative Abilities:
    • AI-powered tools, utilizing cutting-edge AI models like GPT-3, empower writers with enhanced creative abilities, enabling the generation of compelling and original stories.
  2. Efficient Character Development:
    • AI story generators excel in character development, providing writers with the ability to craft engaging and diverse characters, enriching the narrative of their stories.
  3. Complete Story Generation:
    • These tools offer the ability to generate complete stories, from captivating beginnings to satisfying conclusions, streamlining the writing process for authors seeking efficient and comprehensive story creation.
  4. Data-Driven Story Ideas:
    • AI tools leverage data-driven insights to suggest engaging story ideas, helping writers explore new genres and providing examples that align with the evolving preferences of readers.
  5. Versatile Genre Exploration:
    • Writers can explore a wide range of genres with AI story generators, from mystery to romance, as these tools provide the ability to customize and generate stories in various genres according to the writer’s preferences.


  1. Risk of Generic Storylines:
    • While AI tools are proficient, there is a risk of generating generic storylines, as the AI model may rely on common patterns and themes, potentially leading to less unique and innovative narratives.
  2. Limited Human-like Conversation:
    • The conversation generated by AI may lack the nuance and depth of human-like interaction, limiting the tool’s ability to create truly authentic and engaging dialogue within the generated stories.
  3. Dependence on Data Quality:
    • The effectiveness of AI story generators is highly dependent on the quality of the input data. Inaccuracies or biases in the data may influence the generated content, impacting the tool’s ability to produce diverse and inclusive story elements.

Best Ai Story Generator Software Summary

Ai writers are not perfect, and right now they are not a replacement for human writers, although internet rumblings have suggested that 2023 will be an incredible year for AI growth!

As the founder of OpenAI recently said;

Prediction: 2023 will make 2022 look like a sleepy year for AI advancement & adoption.

— Greg Brockman (@gdb) December 31, 2022

Even now though, they are a valuable tool to help you save time and produce high-quality content.

Even though AI technology cannot (currently) produce a novel from start to finish, its many helpful functions, such as generating chapter titles, creating captivating opening paragraphs, rewriting sentences for clarity and style, replacing synonyms for variety and wit, adding metaphors for depth of meaning, correcting grammar mistakes with precision – can all be used to amplify your creative output.

In the meantime, if you’ve been meaning to write that novel for years, but just can’t seem to get off the starting blocks, then ai story generator software might be just what you’re looking for!

Ai Story Generator Software FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the benefits of using AI software?

AI writing software offers a plethora of advantages, particularly around speed and accuracy. It flags errors, typos, and can even spark original ideas – invaluable for those moments when you get stuck in the writing process. As AI technology progresses at an ever-increasing rate, AI services are becoming progressively more integrated into our daily lives. These tools become more advanced with each day that passes; so get started today and banish those bouts of writer’s block!

Can you write an entire book with AI story generator software?

You can indeed unleash the power of an ai book generator to compose your entire book! With every headline, paragraph and section written, the sophisticated artificial intelligence engine adapts more and more to your unique style. You’ll be able to make your book uniquely yours as the ai story generator tools replicate patterns that reflect you as an author.

Should you write a book with ai story generator software?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question as it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

If you are struggling with writing, then using ai writing tools can be a great way to get started and overcome any writer’s block you may be experiencing.

On the other hand, some people feel that using ai writing software takes the creativity and soul out of writing.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to use ai story generator software to write your book. However, to help get you started, generate ideas or even rewrite entire paragraphs, artificial intelligence is definitely the future!

What is the best AI story generator software?

I use Jasper Ai for everything. Blog posts, stories, ad descriptions etc. With its plethora of tones, templates, and creative writing prompts it lends itself to every type of writing. Plus you get to test out 10,000 words completely for free, so it’s definitely worth testing.

In fact, as most of the ai story generator software tools come with free trials your best route is to test them out.

Each tool gets better with use, so spend some time writing headlines, paragraphs, and descriptions in each tool so the artificial intelligence engine can begin to mimic your patterns.

You’ll quickly find the ai writing tool which best suits your needs.

Are AI story generator tools expensive?

As you can see there are a plethora of tools available at various price points.

Ranging from Free to super expensive, there is sure to be a tool and pricing plan to suit your budget.

Can I use AI writing tools for all my writing?

Yes! Ai writing tools can be used for almost any kind of copy or text on the internet today! Whether you’re looking for an ai plot generator, an ai narrative generator, an ai fiction generator or non fiction ai writing assistant, the internet is abundant with AI powered tools!

Writing novels, ebooks, blog articles, ads, social media captions, copywriting has never been easier. You name it, there’s an ai tool that can help with your writing process.


All the ai writing software mentioned in this article guarantee that their content is completely unique.

They even state that there is no way any two creators could output the same results even with similar inputs.

To be honest the technology behind artificial intelligence is beyond me, but as most of the tools come inbuilt with a plagiarism checker, (or you can of course use an external tool like Grammarly just to double check), you’ll be able to see for yourself that your content is 100% unique.

Why Use AI Writing Software?

Artificial intelligence writing software is a must-have for the modern writer. Whether you need help generating ideas, rewriting headlines or paragraphs, checking grammar and spelling accuracy or simply nudging your book project along — AI technology has you covered!

If you have an enthralling tale to tell but struggle to accurately express your thoughts onto paper, then Artificial Intelligence writing tools will help craft the perfect ai generated story for you.

One of the key reasons people turn to AI-powered writing tools is for assistance with editing and proofreading their work. By utilizing AI-driven software, you can get a fresh perspective on your work and catch any overlooked errors or typos.

AI novel writing software is not here to replace human writers, it is simply an AI-driven assistant that will help you while away the dreaded writer’s block or those hours spent searching for similes and metaphors online. This technology makes your job easier by providing quick solutions with little effort!

Is there a free AI story generator?

Yes, several AI-powered tools offer free versions with limited features, allowing users to explore the ability of AI-generated content without any cost.

What is the best AI story creator?

Determining the best AI story creator depends on individual preferences and requirements. Tools like Jasper AI, Rytr.me, and Novel AI are popular choices, each offering unique features for character development and crafting compelling stories.

What is the popular AI text generator?

Several AI text generators are popular in 2023, such as Jasper AI, Rytr.me, and Writesonic. These cutting-edge tools utilize advanced ai models to produce engaging and original stories.

What is ToolBaz?

As of the latest update in 2023, there is no information available about a tool called ToolBaz in the context of AI-powered tools for writers and bloggers. It’s essential to explore and verify the existence and features of any such tool independently.

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