10 Best Ai Novel Writing Software Tools For 2022

by | Mar 23, 2022

A fabulous lifestyle business model you can do from anywhere in the world is to become an author.

From short ebooks to War and Peace style novels, the choice is yours, but it’s become easier than ever to self-publish your book on Amazon Kindle or other online book marketplaces and generate an income.

However, if you are a writer, then you know that writing a novel (or any kind of book) can be a daunting task.

There are so many things stopping you from even getting started, let alone writing an entire book!

But what if there were software that could help you write your novel for you?

Well, there is!

In this blog post, we will compare the top 10 best AI novel writing software tools for 2022.

Disclaimer: Please note this post may contain affiliate links, from which, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. I only recommend products and services I’ve used or would use myself and believe can add value to your business. If you choose to purchase from any of my links, thanks so much for your support! 😊

What is Ai Novel Writing Software?

Ai novel writing software is a new (and very controversial) approach to writing a book; or articles, copy, social media posts, ads, pretty much anything you can think of that requires text.

By using extremely clever and complicated technology called GPT-3, Ai Writing tools use deep learning to produce very human text.

From idea generation to writing complete chapters, ai novel writing software can help you get your vision off the ground and published on the web.

Why Use Ai Writing Software?

The main reason for using ai writing software is to get help with generating ideas, rewriting headlines or paragraphs, checking grammar and spelling and just generally aiding in getting your book written.

If you have a great story but struggle with actually putting the words on paper, then an AI writing tool could be just what you’re looking for.

Another reason people use ai writing tools is for help with editing and proofreading their work.

By using ai writing software, you can get a second set of eyes on your work to help catch any errors or typos that you may have missed.

Ai novel writing software isn’t a replacement for human writing, it’s simply an ai writing assistant, particularly useful for those writer’s block moments and when you’d usually spend hours in a thesaurus or searching for similes and metaphors online!

Let’s have a run through the best ai novel writing software tools on the web today, that can help you put your masterpiece together and get your stories out to the world!

The 10 Best Ai Novel Writing Software Tools on the Web Today!

1. Jasper AI (previously Jarvis)

ai novel writing software - jasper ai

Jasper AI is one of the most popular ai writing software tools on the market today.

If you’re looking for help with idea generation, writing, editing, and proofreading, Jasper AI is a great choice.

With tons of templates, recipes, voice tones, and writing tools, Jasper can turn your ideas into full-fledged articles, blog posts, social media posts, and both fiction and nonfiction books.

It’s simple to use and the only real learning curve is understanding how the ai machine thinks, which can only be discovered through trial and error.

Rather superbly, Jasper AI offers a 5-day free trial so you can try it before you buy it.


Starter starts at $29/month, includes 20,000 words and all their core features including templates etc.

Boss Mode starts at $59/month, which includes up to 50,000 words, plus access to their long-form documents and the advanced ‘Jasper Command’, which is essential for the novelists amongst you.

Features applicable to novelists;

Although it doesn’t market itself as ai writing software specifically for novelists, the boss mode pricing plan includes 50,000 words a month and use of the ‘long form document’ feature.

This makes it easy to flesh out your novel ideas, try different chapter heads, starting paragraphs, stories, etc.

Jasper AI has been built as more of a creative ai content generator, rather than a factual ai system, and in my experience to date, lends itself far better to creative writing.

Jasper AI is a great choice for writers who are looking for an all-in-one writing tool to help them with every step of the writing process.

Try Jasper

2. Grammarly

ai novel writing software - grammarly

Grammarly is a must have tool for all writers, whether novel writing, creating blog articles, copywriting, etc.

Grammarly works by analysing your written words for tone, grammatical mistakes, language, writing style, etc.

It can help with fragmented sentencing, repetitive sentencing, rearranging sentences for clarity and lots more.

It also suggests alternative words and phrases to use, which is helpful if you’re stuck on how to word something.

It has a built-in plagiarism checker, so you can be sure you’re not unintentionally using text already on the web (highly unlikely with novel writing)

Grammarly has positioned itself as the leader in this market and is without doubt one of the best ai writing software options for all writers everywhere.


Grammarly has 3 pricing option;


Premium – $12/month or $139.95/year

Business – Starting at $12.50/member/month

Features applicable to novelists;

Grammarly is a fantastic tool for the editing process of your novel.

It will help you to refine your sentences, ensure all your punctuation is where it should be and that your writing style is relevant to your preferred settings.

A must have ai writing assistant.

Try Grammarly

3. Ink

ai novel writing software - ink

Ink is the perfect way to get your novel started.

With a rewriting tool that can help rewrite your sentences instantly, Ink is a great cure for writer’s block.

Ink uses a technology called “Natural Language Processing” (NLP) to understand the context of your writing. It then suggests better ways to phrase your sentences, so you can get your point across more clearly.

It’s like having a personal editor on hand, 24/seven!

Ink is targeted at bloggers with it’s superior SEO ai writing software, however if you need help with sentence restructures, chapter headline ideas or improving your creative writing skills, Ink can help.


There is a free option with Ink, so you can try the software out before you commit.

They then have 3 subscription plans;

Starter; $8.80/month

Pro; $44/month

Unlimited; $177/month

Features applicable to novelists;

Rather than spending hours searching for synonyms, idioms or expressions, Ink will do this for you.

It also offers vocabulary choices, to save time searching through a thesaurus or hungry hippo.

It comes with a chrome browser, which means you can also edit your writing within google docs.

Try Ink

4. Shortly AI

ai novel writing software - shortly

Another top contender in the world of ai writing software is Shortly AI.

They’ve just been acquired by conversion.ai, the same company that owns Jasper, and have a goal to become the best ai tool on the marketplace.

They offer a very similar product to Jasper using GPT-03 technology that learns as you write!

However, at the time of writing, they don’t appear to have as many inbuilt templates and features that are offered with Jasper.

They do, however, have a ‘write for me’ button, that helps to write grammatically correct sentences in just a few seconds.


Slightly more expensive than jasper, their plans start at $65/month however that allows for unlimited writing. There is no cap on words.

Features applicable to novelists;

A novelist may not require all the bells and whistles on offer with Jasper, such as ad templates and blog recipes etc, so the unlimited no cap on words offered by Shortly might be just what you’re looking for.

Try Shortly

5. Headlime


Headlime started as a google spreadsheet created by its founder Danny to inspire great headlines quickly, for his own projects and clients alike.

Since then, it’s become one of the most popular headline generators on the internet, with over 500,000 monthly users.

But it’s not just for headlines anymore!

People use Headlime to come up with all sorts of creative ideas, from blog post titles to business names, to long form articles and book chapters.

If you’re struggling to come up with a great headline, or just need some creative inspiration, then Headlime might be for you.


$59/month will buy you 1500 credits which will definitely give you enough to get started.

Their unlimited plan starts at $399.

Features applicable to novelists;

This platform is not targeted at novel writing specifically, however, their article generator mimics most other ai writing softwares listed here, in that it uses the latest in machine learning techniques to help you write creative text.

It may also be a super useful ai tool to help with chapter headings.

Try Headlime

6. Rytr.me

rytr me

As with the other ai writing tools on this list Rytr.me uses state of the art GPT-3 powered ai language engines to help you generate amazing and engaging content.

As with Jasper it comes loaded with templates to make getting your book off the starting blocks much easier for you.

This ai writing software also has an inbuilt grammar checking, a plagiarism checker and a ‘reword’ button to help in those writer’s block moments.


Rtyr.me is free up to 5000 characters/month.

For 50,0000 characters it’s $9/month.

For unlimited words its premium plan is a very affordable $29/month

Features applicable to novelists;

Rytr.me bills itself as the best all-in-one writing platform.

While not specifically novel writing software, it includes blog section writing which allows for long form written content.

It also has 18+ voice tones to choose from which can add even more creativity to your fiction writing, and its inbuilt grammar checker can help with the editing process.

Try Rytr.me

7. Writesonic


Writesonic is an article and blog writer. In other words, it helps to generate ideas & copy based on your descriptions & paragraphs.

The reason I’ve included it as an Ai novel writer software tool is because like the other Ai writing software it helps to generate sentence ideas & creative writing.

Writesonic has a very clean interface and leads you through the creation process in steps.

You start by adding your chapter title, your intro, your outline and then allow writesonic to work its artificial intelligence magic and help to generate a ton of sentence and creative writing ideas.


WriteSonic has four pricing levels;

Free – to test out the platform and see if you like it!

$15/month, which includes the long form writing assistant and up t 50,000 words a month

$45/month for unlimited credits

$95/month which includes priority support.

Features applicable to novelists;

Think of Write Sonic as an assistant creative writer.

Using advanced ai machine learning, writesonic will help you to generate content, rephrase and rewrite your content and fix grammatical errors.

Writesonic is a very affordable option for novel writers.

Try Write Sonic

8. Ai Writer

ai writer

AI writer is best if you have very limited time to compile lots of ideas or carry out detailed research.

All you need do is enter a headline and Ai Writer scours the internet looking for the best content relevant to your headline.

It can quickly generate a high-quality first draft for you, which you can then edit and improve.

If you need to produce a large amount of content on a regular basis, then AI writer could be a real lifesaver.

It can also help you come up with ideas for new chapters, by doing a quick search on the topic you want to write about.


Their pricing packages start at just $29 a month, but for a novelist who may want to create tens of thousands of words, it gets pricey quickly.

Basic – $29/month

Standard – $59/month

Power – $375/month

Features applicable to novelists;

Ai Writer is your personal writing assistant on tap.

This ai writing software creates ai generated text to help overcome writer’s block and generate creative writing ideas.

Certainly not a replacement for the human hand, it’s an ai writing tool that can assist with your novel writing.

Try Ai Writer

9. Wordtune


Wordtune is a fantastic tool to help get your creative juices flowing.

Focused on helping you to rewrite sentences, it is perfect for those who get stuck in a writing rut.

It highlights areas where you can improve your sentence structure and vocabulary. It also gives you alternative words and phrases to use, so that you can find just the right word for your needs.

If you’re looking for a tool to help improve your writing, then Wordtune is definitely worth checking out!


Wordtune has 3 plans;

Free – includes 20 phrases per day

Premium $9.99/month or $119.88/year – unlimited

Premium for teams – price not advertised

Features applicable to novelists;

Wordtune can be used natively within its own editor, inside microsoft word or you can add to chrome and use inside google docs.

Wordtune is primarily a sentence rewriting tool, making it easy to generate creative sentences for your novels.

A handy ai novel writing software assistant!

Try Wordtune

10. Pro Writing Aid

ai novel writing software - pro writing aid

An alternative to Grammarly, pro writing aid, bills itself as a grammar checker, style editor and writing mentor in one package.

It’s a great tool for catching errors in your writing and is also an efficient way to improve your writing style and make sure that your grammar is up to par.

Unlike many of the ai writing software tools I’ve highlighted, pro writing aid has a specific grading tool for creative writing, analysing your grammar, sentence variety, emotion, etc.

Pro writing aid is an all-in-on ai tool which can certainly aid in improving your writing skills.


Pro Writing Aid has 3 pricing plans;


Premium – $79/year

Premium+ – $89/year

Features applicable to novelists;

Pro writing aid won’t write your entire novel for you, but is a great example of the benefits of ai technology helping to polish your genius!

Try Pro Writing Aid

11. Article Forge

article forge

Article Forge uses advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning to create unique, high quality content at the click of a button.

You simply add a headline, wait 60 seconds and an article is delivered to you.

Article forge is more suited to content marketers than novelists, but as a reputable ai writing tool, I would be remiss not to include it.


Article Forge has 2 very affordable plans for writers;

Standard – $27/month – up to 250,000 words/month

Unlimited – $57/month – unlimited words

Features applicable to novelists;

Much like many of the other ai writing software tools mentioned in this article, Article Forge can help with writer’s block, and give you some sentence/paragraph ideas to get you started.

Try Article Forge

Ai Novel Writing Software Summary

Ai writers are not perfect, and they will never replace human writers.

However, they can be a valuable tool to help you save time and produce high-quality content.

While they can’t write novels on their own (and nor would we want them to), ai technology can assist with generating chapter titles, creating engaging opening paragraphs, rewriting sentences, replacing synonyms, adding metaphors, correcting grammar mistakes and simply assisting you in enhancing your own creativity.

If you’ve been meaning to write that novel for years, but just can’t seem to get off the starting blocks, then ai novel writing software might be just what you’re looking for!

Ai Novel Writing Software FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the Benefits of Using Ai Software?

There are many benefits to using ai software, but the main ones are that it can help you write faster and more efficiently, catch errors and typos, and generate new ideas

Can you write an entire book with Ai novel writing software?

If you want to, you can write your entire book using ai novel writing software as with each headline, paragraph, or section the tool learns more about your style of writing and starts to replicate patterns.

Should you write a book with ai novel writing software?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question as it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

If you are struggling with writing, then using ai writing tools can be a great way to get started and overcome any writer’s block you may be experiencing.

On the other hand, some people feel that using ai writing software takes the creativity and soul out of writing.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to use ai novel writing software to write your book.

What is the Best Novel Writing Software?

My recommendation is a combination of Jasper Ai & Grammarly.

You won’t go far wrong with these tools at your side!

However, as many of the ai novel writing software tools come with free trials your best route is to test them out.

Each tool gets better with use, so spend some time writing headlines, paragraphs and descriptions in each tool so the artificial intelligence engine can begin to mimic your patterns.

You’ll quickly find the ai writing tool which best suits your needs.

Are Ai Novel Writing Tools Expensive?

As you can see there are a plethora of tools available at various price points.

Ranging from Free to super expensive, there is sure to be a tool and pricing plan to suit your budget.

Can I Use Ai Writing Tools For All My Writing?

Yes! Ai writing tools can be used for almost any kind of copy or text on the internet today!

Writing novels, ebooks, blog articles, ads, social media captions, copywriting.

You name it, there’s an ai tool that can help with your writing process.

Do AI Writing Tools Infringe on Copyright?


All the ai writing software mentioned in this article guarantee that their content is completely unique.

They even state that there is no way any two creators could output the same results even with similar inputs.

To be honest the technology behind artificial intelligence is beyond me, but as most of the tools come inbuilt with a plagiarism checker, (or you can of course use an external tool like Grammarly just to double check), you’ll be able to see for yourself that your content is 100% unique.

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