37 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers That Pay Great Commissions in 2024

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Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn extra income in this digital age and finding affiliate programs for bloggers has never been easier!

And if you’re already blogging then joining affiliate programs for bloggers is a fast route to monetize your content.

There are of course, lots of other ways to earn money online, like selling ebooks on kindle kdp, or building online courses, but nothing generates passive income quite as much as earning commissions just by referring other people’s programs, courses & products.

This industry has stood the test of time for one reason: affiliate marketing works.

Affiliate marketing has made people money on the side while focusing on improving their brand or business. It’s lucrative, especially when the affiliate program is very generous with commissions.

So if you’re looking to make good money in affiliate marketing, you’ve come to the right article.

I’ll be listing 37 affiliate programs for bloggers that pay a hefty commission to their marketers. So get your pen and papers ready, and let’s get right to the article!

Quick Takeaways:

  • High Earning Potential with ActiveCampaign: Joining the ActiveCampaign affiliate program can be highly lucrative, offering an average of $1,350 per referral with a 20-30% recurring commission, making it an excellent choice for bloggers in the eCommerce and digital business niche.
  • Generous Commissions with HubSpot: HubSpot, a major player in digital marketing tools, offers an attractive affiliate program with 15% or 100% commission rates and a significant average payout of $276 in 2020, with a 90-day cookie window.
  • Lucrative Lifetime Commissions with Systeme: Systeme, offering an all-in-one solution for online businesses, stands out for its affiliate program that has paid over $2 million in commissions, offering 40% lifetime commissions and a 5% second-tier affiliate commission.
  • Semrush for SEO and Marketing Affiliates: Semrush, a popular SaaS platform for SEO and online ranking, is ideal for bloggers, offering $200 for new subscription sales and known for its widespread use by marketers and companies globally.
  • Shopify’s Flexible Commission Structure: Shopify, a leading eCommerce platform, provides a diverse and high-earning affiliate program with a 200% one-time payment of the subscription fee for its Basic product, appealing to a wide range of businesses and niches.

Affiliate Programs for Bloggers That Pay A Hefty Commission

1. ActiveCampaign

screenshot of the main Active Campaign landing page

ActiveCampaign is a popular cloud software platform often used by small to mid-sized businesses.

Its features are great for email marketing, lead scoring, web analytics and are also considered a CRM platform.

ActiveCampaign advertises that an affiliate marketer under them can earn an average of $1,350 per referral.

Marketers in the program can earn 20-30% recurring commission.

For every ActiveCampaign customer you share through your referral link, you get a minimum of 20% of the subscription price paid.

Joining this affiliate program can be beneficial if you’re looking to earn high commission fees.

Why? Because ActiveCampaign is a popular brand in the eCommerce and digital businesses niche. Its name isn’t new, so it wouldn’t be a hard sell for people.

It has built a good reputation in the industry and has proven its effectiveness to different people.

2. HubSpot

Screenshot of the main Hubspot landing page

HubSpot offers a full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM solutions, as well as a suite of free marketing tools such a website builder, brand kit generator or blog maker.

I’m sure you’ve also read some of their blogs since HubSpot is considered an authority in major digital marketing niches.

HubSpot’s affiliate program advertises a 15% or a 100% commission rate.

Their average commission payout in 2020 was at $276, and they have a 90-day cookie window.

Unlike some affiliate programs, HubSpot’s is completely free.

Just fill-up the forms to apply for the program.

Additionally, there are no minimum sales requirements to earn a commission.

Hubspot is one of the top affiliate programs for bloggers as it’s clearly in favor of affiliate marketers.

3. Systeme

Screenshot of the main Systeme landing page

Systeme is an all-in-one solution to build sales funnels, webinars, and memberships, run affiliate programs, send unlimited emails and physical products.

It advertises itself as the only system you need to grow your online business.

The product also aids online entrepreneurs with their website building, marketing automation, and online courses.

Given Systeme’s features to its users, the business already presents almost everything that a business needs to run online.

The Systeme affiliate program has already paid over $2 million in commissions to its affiliates.

This program is one of the most popular affiliate programs for bloggers because you can earn 40% lifetime commissions every time your affiliate link is used to purchase a Systeme subscription or course.

You can also earn 5% second-tier affiliate commissions if your referrals earn with Systeme’s affiliate program.

4. Semrush

Screenshot of the main Semrush landing page

Semrush is seen as one of the most popular Saas platforms out in the market today.

It is used for keyword research and online ranking data.

It is of great use for entrepreneurs and digital marketers since its features help with SEO, content, market research, advertising, SMM, and SERM.

Semrush is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers as alongside being able to earn $200 for every new subscription sale you do, it’s fairly easy to advertise because people in the blogging niche already know Semrush.

The brand is an award-winning international tool used by more than 7 million marketers.

It claims that one in every four fortune 500 companies uses Semrush in its business processes.

Additionally, it has a dedicated team to guide and answer all your questions if you have any.

5. Shopify

Screenshot of the main Shopify landing page

Shopify is the number one eCommerce platform for all businesses that want to bring their brand to the digital world.

It has reached that number one status among its competitors because the platform has a full suite of features that helps any business launch and manage its online store.

Shopify is home to small, medium, and big-sized eCommerce businesses, no matter the niche.

Businesses that sell clothes, appliances, tinctures, lotions, facial products, and services use Shopify due to its reputation.

Even businesses that sell trendy or seasonal products like Valentine’s Day lingerie or kid masks are using the platform to immediately get their operations up and running.

The Shopify Affiliate Program is free to join and easy to market. Entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators can join the program to share the platform with their audience.

As for its commission structure, there is no limit to how much you can receive. Shopify wants you to earn as much as possible.

It offers a one-time payment equal to 200% of the subscription fee for its Basic product. The percentage can increase to $2,000 for Shopify Plus for its sales.

6. Bluehost

Screenshot of the main bluehost landing page

Bluehost is one of the most popular affiliate programs for bloggers.

It’s one of the largest web hosting providers in the world. It claims that it powers millions of websites around the globe coming from different niches.

Marketing a product from a known brand like Bluehost won’t be too hard to sell. It’s already a household name, plus excellent reviews about it are scattered around the internet.

Its affiliate program allows you to earn $65 for each qualified hosting purchase.

The process of joining is fast, easy, and most importantly, it’s free.

To prove that its affiliate program is easy to sell, Bluehost advertises that over $5 million were paid in commissions last year alone.

Be part of their future figure today by joining their affiliate program.

7. Constant Contact

Screenshot of the main Constant Contact landing page

Constant Contact is an affordable and easy-to-use email marketing tool that’s leveraged by a lot of online businesses.

The tool allows users to create email marketing templates, automate and manage email campaigns, and nurture client relationships.

However, the features of Constant Contact go beyond the realm of email marketing.

It also allows its users to build websites for their businesses. The tool makes the process of website building as simple as possible.

Being in business for more than 20 years already, joining Constant Contact’s affiliate program is a good choice.

You can earn $5 for all qualified leads plus $105 when your referral pays for a Constant Contact account. There’s no cap on how much you can receive, so this makes you and other affiliate marketers advertise the brand as much as possible.

8. Coursera

Screenshot of the main Coursera landing page

Coursera is a global online learning platform that anyone can have access to.

It’s one of the top platforms educators and students use to digest and spread information to people.

The company started in 2012, and in less than 10 years, it has amassed 92 million registered learners on the platform.

Its affiliate program advertises that you can earn up to 45% of commission on 4,000+ courses and specializations.

Baseline commissions are between 10% – 45% on any eligible purchases your referrals make within 30 days of clicking a qualified link.

The program also comes with professionally-designed Coursera banners to add to your website and other marketing materials.

9. AppSumo

Screenshot of the main Appsumo landing page

AppSumo is a daily deals website wherein you can access new and old tools at a discounted price or even for free.

Deals inside Appsumo typically are about digital products. You can see deals on tools that help with marketing automation, CRM, courses, SEO, copywriting, and many more on the platform.

Knowing that the brand gives out the best deals, it’s deemed the #1 software deal site for entrepreneurs.

Its affiliate program allows you to earn up to 100% commission per referral.

You have the opportunity to earn 100% of the sale when you refer a new AppSumo customer and earn up to 5% on sales to existing customers.

10. Canva

Screenshot of Canva Main landing page

Canva is one of my top recommendations for affiliate programs for bloggers.

It’s a popular design tool used by people who want to quickly edit a graphic or image.

It also allows its users to create posters, content post templates, thumbnails, banners, and other visual marketing materials.

The Canva Affiliate Program can make you earn $36 for each new Canva Pro subscriber that signs up with your unique referral link.

The program boasts of timely and straightforward payments, priority support, and the ability to track your results.

With its easy user interface and having over 18 million users, Canva is an easy sell to your audience.

11. How to Academy

Screenshot of the main academy landing page

The How to Academy is an online learning and information platform offering a massive video library, live events and online masterclasses to educate yourself further on everything from business and self development to travel, climate change, neuroscience, economics, you name it.

In their words ‘From Nobel laureates to Pulitzer Prize winners, we invite the world’s most influential artists and thinkers to share their insights and ideas in livestreams and live events. We also help businesses inspire clients and staff, and make books, podcasts and films to spread knowledge and innovation across the globe.’

They’re a dream product for bloggers to promote, as no matter your niche or industry, they’ve likely got videos or events your audience can sign up for to explore the subject matter further.

They offer a 30% commission rate on all their subscriptions which can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. They also have a 60 day cookie setting, meaning once a customer clicks your link, if they purchase anytime in the next 60 days the credit is yours!

12. Unbounce

Screenshot of the main Unbounce landing page

Unbounce is an AI-powered platform that significantly helps create high-converting marketing campaigns and landing page layouts.

Marketers use this tool to make their landing pages as appealing as possible. It’s ideal for small businesses to increase their conversion rate using the features that Unbounce gives.

The Unbounce Partner Program doesn’t only benefit affiliate marketers, but it also compensates the referred buyer as well.

The buyer will get an exclusive 20% off their first three months when using your link.

Once the referred buyer pays for the account, you earn a 20% lifetime cut of every transaction as long as they are an Unbounce customer.

13. Kajabi

Screenshot of the main Kajabi landing page

Kajabi is a content marketing platform digital entrepreneurs use to sell courses and their teachings.

It’s also a great platform to start your brand and share your expertise on certain subjects. Users can utilize the platform to create personalized websites, landing pages, and email content.

The Kajabi Partner Program is only for Kajabi users.

As an affiliate of theirs, you get the opportunity to receive a 30% lifetime commission for any new member you bring to the platform that stays active after their trial period.

As you level up as an affiliate marketer, you will get special rewards as you progress. It’s advertised that every unlocked level brings rewards and bonuses exclusive for Kajabi partners.

14. Buzzsprout

Screenshot of the main Buzzsprout landing page

Buzzsprout is an easy-to-use product that can help you in launching your podcast.

It aids in providing an excellent podcasting platform, promotion tools, and metrics to track the numbers behind your show.

Podcast beginners widely use it since it integrates with a large network of popular podcast directories such as Apple podcast and Spotify.

Buzzsprout is an easy sell when it comes to affiliate programs for bloggers.

With Buzzsprout’s affiliate program, you can earn $25 for every paid referral you bring to the platform.

Plus, to incentivize your audience to use your link, Buzzsprout gives them a $20 Amazon Gift Card! Talk about a win-win situation.

15. Fiverr

Screenshot of the main Fiverr landing page

Fiverr is another of my favourite platforms for affiliate programs for bloggers.

Fiverr is a known online marketplace where freelancers can look for possible jobs.

HR Statistics show US unemployment reached an all-time high last 2020. Platforms like Fiverr can be used by the unemployed to look for gigs and jobs that can be done from home.

It’s also a place where companies can place their job postings if they need a freelancer for certain things.

This is a great platform to find well-versed individuals on jobs that need Content Writing, Ad Videographers, Virtual Assistants, etc.

What users love about Fiverr is its system requires clients to pay in advance for gigs which can range from web creation, logo design, writing services, brochure making, video edits, and many more.

Fiverr’s affiliate program pays a one-time commission of up to $150 or $10 with an additional 10% recurring rate for up to 12 months.

You can promote a lot of things with Fiverr; for example, an affiliate marketer can promote Fiverr Business, Fiverr Logo Maker, Fiver Affiliates, Fiverr Learn, and Fiverr Workspace.

16. GetResponse

Screenshot of the main  how to GetResponse landing page

GetResponse is a complete marketing software that helps you grow your audience and engage better with your customers.

Having over 30 features, users love this marketing tool since it has all the tools to achieve their marketing goals.

Users can enjoy features on email marketing, website building, marketing automation, webinars, creation of landing pages, paid ads, conversion funnel, SMS marketing, and many more.

Being in the industry for more than 20+ years, its service has reached 183 countries and is used by 350,000+ customers worldwide.

GetResponse is great for businesses that are in the services industry. A drug addiction treatment or an inpatient treatment can leverage this software to extend its reach and help more people.

A business in physical therapy can also use the webinar creation features and landing pages given by GetResponse.

GetResponse affiliate program gives you two choices: Affiliate Recurring Program, which gives you continuous commissions of 33% every month, and Affiliate Bounty Programs, which gives an upfront commission of $100 per sale.

17. AWeber

Screenshot of the main Aweber landing page  one of the popular affiliate programs for bloggers

AWeber is an email marketing service provider with over 100,000 clients worldwide.

With its built-in features that make any marketing process easy, AWeber is an easy sell for people. The tool has features on reports and analytics, auto-newsletters, and pre-built templates.

Its customer referral program allows you to earn 50% on your AWeber referrals.

Aweber is at the top of the list of high paying affiliate programs and is proud to say that it’s one of the highest referral payouts in the industry, which is true since most of its competitors are only around 30%.

AWeber’s unique selling proposition would be that it is an all-in-one solution.

It has unrivaled support, is easy to familiarize, and has already been in business for more than 20 years.

The company even partnered with Canva to make its users save time when building engaging emails and landing pages.

18. Astra

Screenshot of the main Astra landing page

Astra is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers as it is an easy-to-use WordPress theme with over 1.6 million installations.

It has gathered 5,000 5-star reviews and over 180 professional-looking templates that any beginner will enjoy.

Users can leverage pre-built websites to get their online presence up and running immediately.

Customization can be done without code and has super-fast performance.

As one of the highest paying affiliate programs, being an Astra affiliate gives an earning potential of $210 per sale because the program pays a 30% commission on every successful referral.

The brand mentioned that its top affiliates make more than $5k per month as an additional earning. Monthly payouts are done via PayPal, and affiliates are paid every third week of every month.

19. Hostinger

Screenshot of the main Hostinger landing page

Hostinger is another popular web hosting service on this list.

The business has been around for a long time, and it’s considered a reliable and legitimate web hosting service. Hostinger guarantees a 99.9% server uptime rate which is favorable for businesses whose market is around the globe.

With the Hostinger affiliate program, you can earn at least 60% from every sale.

It’s also one of those easy sells for your audience because it’s already a well-known and trusted brand.

You can join the program for free, and the application will only take a few minutes.

20. Freshbooks

Screenshot of the main Freshbooks landing page

Freshbooks is a cloud accounting software suited for small to medium-sized businesses.

It helps business owners have an easy time with the accounting side of running a company. The software provides invoice templates and aids in managing invoices, payrolls, and billing.

Freshbooks is so popular with online entrepreneurs because a lot can be done inside the software.

Features can help with estimates and proposals, creating charts to aid presentations, app integrations to make processes automated, and checking out links to make payments faster.

Freshbooks’ affiliate program pays you for every trial signup and upgrades to a paid plan.

For every trial signup that uses your affiliate link, you can earn as much as $10. If that referred account upgrades to a paid plan, you get a $200 commission.

21. Upwork

Screenshot of the main Upwork landing page

Upwork is another one at the top of the list for affiliate programs for bloggers.

Upwork is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with talented professionals and agencies.

Companies here can find exemplary individuals in writing, graphic design, web development, and many more.

Upwork has long surpassed the 15 million user mark and totaled $1 billion in annual freelancer billings.

Being an Upwork affiliate allows you to have a 70% commission on the first contract spend up to $150 for every new client referred to the platform.

Upwork has a dedicated affiliate team to help affiliate marketers with their problems and questions. The business also helps with marketing materials since they provide logos, ads, and banners to make you land that referral.

22. VidIQ

Screenshot of the main VidIq landing page

VidIQ is an online education website that offers content that helps content creators grow their Youtube channels.

This Saas product provides keywords and topics for its users to increase the chances of their videos being suggested by the Youtube algorithm.

VidIQ also helps curate engaging titles, video descriptions, and tags – all of which helps in creating an SEO-friendly video. The product also shows different metrics that you can utilize and improve to grow your channel.

Becoming a VidIQ affiliate has three levels:

  • Level 1: Associate 0-10 Sales 15%
  • Level 2: Influencer 11-50 Sales 20%
  • Level 3: Ambassador 51+ Sales 25%

As more people sign up with your affiliate link, the more free perks that VidIQ gives you.

Some of these perks include one-on-one consultation for Youtube channels, and for Influencer and Ambassador affiliates, they get their own unique custom VidIQ URL.

23. Pabbly

Screenshot of the main Pabbly landing page

Pabbly is a software that offers multiple solutions for business management and marketing problems.

It aids with email marketing, subscription billing, workflow automation and process, app integration, and form building.

Pabbly also has features on coupon management, payment failure attempts, credit applied, and many more.

The Pabbly affiliate program gives out 30% recurring commission forever. This means that by sharing your affiliate link one time, you will always get a commission from the business.

In terms of the payment system, Pabbly credits your commission in your PayPal or bank account once a month with zero delays.

Its affiliate dashboard helps track affiliate earnings and payments easily.

24. Sprout Social

Screenshot of the main SproutSocial landing page

Sprout Social is a social media management platform businesses use to effectively increase their presence digitally.

It is also used as an intelligence tool since it can provide in-depth metrics to marketers to create campaigns and strategies that work well with their audience.

It also houses several features like Brand Keywords, Collision Detection, Message Tagging, Comment Moderation, Engagement Reporting, Collaborative Content Calendar, and many more.

Reading up on these features will give you an idea that Sprout Social is all about making the user experience as easy as possible.

When it comes to its affiliate program, you can get $75 when your referral begins their first month of subscription. You also receive an additional 15% of your referral’s subscription total for the next six months.

25. Thinkific

Screenshot of the main Thinkific landing page as one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers

Thinkific is a platform that enables online entrepreneurs to create, market, and sell their courses online.

Any online entrepreneur looking to create their digital product will find Thinkific a helpful platform.

It’s very user-friendly, which makes the process of course building easy. The site doesn’t require any coding or other technical expertise.

The Thinkific affiliate program allows you to earn up to $1,700 per referral every year.

The program comes with a 30% lifetime recurring commission on all monthly or annual payments. The great thing is that it allows you to provide a bonus offer to make your deals more appealing to your audience.

As part of the Partnerstack affiliate network, the payout can be tracked under their Rewards & Withdrawals section in your Partnerstack dashboard.

The commissions are paid out after the 13th of each month. As to where you get paid, you have the option to connect to Paypal or Stripe.

26. Leadpages

Screenshot of the main LeadPages landing page which is among one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers

Leadpages is an online tool that significantly helps create landing pages to collect information and boost your conversion rate.

The proper usage of Leadpages can aid in growing your email list, improving your conversion figures, and making your marketing materials more engaging for your audience.

Its affiliate program can help you earn up to 50% commissions.

By promoting their high-converting landing page and website builder to your audience, you get a high commission rate if you successfully refer people to the business.

Leadpages can be an easy sell to your audience because the brand has created an excellent reputation for itself. Plus, every business needs a landing page. Entrepreneurs must create a landing page that’s engaging, beautiful, and well designed.

Landing pages are always important whether you’re selling a niche-specific service like teaching SEO or frontline staff training.

27. Wix Affiliate Program

Screenshot of the main Wix landing page

Wix is a free website builder that has gained popularity in recent years. It allows users to create high-quality websites to promote businesses, showcase products and services, start a blog, and post video content.

Its special features include the creation of professional-looking logos, illustrations, and provide excellent customer support.

Wix started in 2006, and in the span of being 15 years in the industry, it already has 200 million users across 190 countries worldwide.

The company started getting some traction when users realized it was easy to use. Their intuitive platform makes the process of website building fun and easy.

Wix is one of the easiest to calculate affiliate programs for bloggers, as being a Wix affiliate gives you $100 for every conversion.

The business does not limit the number of people you can refer, so you can imagine for every ten people you refer, you get $1,000.

You should note that the minimum transaction requirement in each calendar month is at least $300.

28. Hostgator

Screenshot of the main hostgator landing page which is among the best affiliate programs for bloggers

Hostgator is a managed cloud hosting platform and a leading service provider for secure and affordable web hosting.

It houses the best hosting deals that come with unlimited storage, email, and monthly databases.

Aside from the great offers and excellent features, Hostgator is known to have the best customer support in the industry.

Joining their affiliate program, you get the chance to earn $65 to $125 per every sign-up you achieve.

The program comes with a dedicated team of specialists that will guide and have your back when things get rough. It has no minimum referral, and you get 100% control over the products you sell.

Hostgator is proud that it has built an excellent reputation with people, making it easier on the side of affiliate marketers. They have over a decade of experience, and over 2 million customers have great reviews.

29. ConvertKit Affiliate Program

Screenshot of the main convertkit landing page as one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers

Convert Kit is one of the most popular affiliate programs for bloggers.

As dedicated email marketing software, it helps entrepreneurs build their audience, grow their community, and increase their earnings online.

The software helps with the audience side of things since it has features on creating beautiful landing pages, sign-up forms, and link pages that make your material stand out.

The business aids in growing a community through its intuitive email editor and features that make powerful sales funnels.

Lastly, Convert Kit allows its users to sell digital products and subscriptions to your audience even with no technical skills required.

Convert Kit’s affiliate program gives you a 30% recurring commission for every person that signs up to the business using your affiliate link.

Anyone can join this program even if you’re not a ConvertKit customer. The business also provides its associates with training courses to help them get started and earn those high commissions.

30. Big Commerce

Screenshot of bigcommerce main   landing page belonging to the list of the best affiliate programs for bloggers online

Big Commerce is a NASDAQ-listed eCommerce platform that provides software services to retailers.

The platform houses many useful features for entrepreneurs, including online store creation, search engine optimization, marketing, security, and hosting.

Its affiliate program allows you to receive a 200% commission per referral and $1,500 per Enterprise referral with no commission caps and minimum commitments.

Additionally, the more referrals you get, the higher your commission tier can go.

Big Commerce provides direct access to an affiliate expert who understands your business and goals when joining the program. The expert can also offer unique strategies to help you grow and increase your website’s visibility.

31. WPEngine

Screenshot of wpengine main landing page as one of the best affilaite programs

WPEngine is considered the leading WordPress digital experience platform.

Their platform provides brands with the solutions they need to create excellent apps and websites on WordPress to accelerate their growth.

WPEngine’s affiliate program allows you to earn up to tens of thousands of commissions for just one referral.

By promoting WPEngine’s plans, an affiliate marketer has the chance to earn $200 to 100% of the customer’s first monthly payment.

Joining the program also entails getting exclusive affiliate discounts that you can also offer to your audience.

32. Live Webinar

Screenshot of livewebinar  main landing page for one of the best affiliate programs

Live Webinar is a webinar hosting and recording service makes it easy to create and host both live and pre-recorded webinars.

It integrates with all the main email and CRM platforms, meaning users can easily build email lists and sales funnels using this webinar software.

Their affiliate program offers 30% commission on each paid account with a 3 month cookie. Plus they offer every affiliate partner an affiliate assistant to help with your campaigns.

33. Amazon Associates

Screenshot of  amazon associates main landing page as one of the popular affiliate programs for bloggers

Ok I’m not going to lie, Amazon Associates does not pay staggeringly high commissions, but as far as your overall affiliate marketing strategy goes, this is one of the easiest affiliate networks to join and add to your blog.

With an endless supply of products from every conceivable niche, you’ll have no problem finding affiliate products to refer to your audience and making regular affiliate sales.

If you’re adding affiliate links anyway, it’s worth signing up as an Amazon associate and adding links to products across your website. Every little counts!

34. Media Mister

Screenshot of one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers media-mister main landing page

Media Mister helps brands grow their social media presence by providing high impact social signals from real people with active and authentic accounts.

They offer a wide range of social media services including, likes, followers, views, comments, retweets etc.

For affiliates they have a generous program offering 50% on every referred sale, plus a super long 365 day cookie period.

35. SocialBee

screenshot of the homepage of socialbee for one of the best affiliate programs

SocialBee is a social media management tool that helps businesses enhance their social media presence.

Its core features include automated content schedules, integrations with Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy, recycling evergreen posts, bulking features, importing via RSS feeds, team collaboration, and analytics.

This affiliate program offers a 20% recurring commission rate for every new customer for as long as they remain active users of SocialBee.

Affiliates receive the support of a dedicated account manager who helps them promote successfully and increase their fees.

They also have a 90-day cookie tracking and access to a wealth of resources to start promoting the platform, including ready-to-use materials and ongoing training.

And considering how relevant social media marketing is when promoting one’s business, SocialBee’s affiliate program is a great choice for bloggers who want to earn commissions with ease and regularity.

36. International Drivers Association

screenshot of the international drivers association homepage among the best affiliate programs for bloggers

Perfect for travel bloggers, the International Drivers Association’s affiliate program offers a range of benefits and features. Affiliates can earn a commission of 20% per sale through their technology platform, TUNE. The program utilizes a CPS (Cost Per Sale) payout model, with a cookie lifetime of 30 days.

Affiliates have access to website and social media banners and landing pages translated into 44 languages. The program supports worldwide geolocations and provides advanced tracking features, API access upon request, and multi-geo and multi-language options.

Payments are typically made monthly, but weekly payouts are available for high-performing affiliates. Invoice details are provided within three business days of the new month, with commissions paid out in five business days, allowing for modifications or concerns regarding commission rates received. Payment methods include direct deposit, wire transfer, PayPal, and bank transfer.

37. Moosend Affiliate Program

affiliate page link for moosend with image of the tools' founder Adam Enfroy

Moosend is the ultimate email marketing and automation platform which automates personalized email engagements that build trust and foster long-term relationships. Our platform provides features such as AI-driven email experiences, commerce automation, build beautiful campaigns, manage your audience and track your efforts.

Moosend’s affiliate program can benefit both you and your audience. You can introduce your audience to a tool that will help them cut back on cost while increasing engagement and conversion, while you can earn a passive income through lifetime commission.

Moosend Affiliate Program Details:

  • The Moosend Affiliate program offers a tiered commission structure. More specifically:
    • Bronze Group (0-5 paid accounts) with 30% recurring commission
    • Silver Group (6-10 paid accounts) with 33% recurring commission
    • Gold Group (11-25 paid accounts) with 35% recurring commission
    • Platinum Group (26-35 paid accounts)  with 37% recurring commission
    • Diamond Group (36 or more accounts) with 40% recurring commissions
  • 90-day cookie duration
  • Payout Method: PayPal, Stripe & Wire Transfer
  • First-touch attribution model
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Promotional resources are all gathered in one place: Affiliate Resource Center
  • $5 minimum threshold

Sign up: Moosend Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers – Summary

Joining high paying affiliate programs for bloggers is a great way to earn money on the side while you build your own business.

What’s great about the list above is that they are companies with a solid reputation in their industry, making them an easy sell to your audience.

Also check out my detailed guide to affiliate marketing blog post for more affiliate marketing tips & strategies or to get started on your journey.

In the meantime, start joining some affiliate programs for bloggers today to monetize your website traffic and start seeing your affiliate income come rolling in!

Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers – FAQ’s

Do bloggers use affiliate programs?

Bloggers typically join affiliate marketing networks like CJ Affiliate, the eBay Partner Network, or Amazon’s affiliate program. By conducting keyword research, they identify suitable products or services to promote. Many companies also offer dedicated affiliate manager support to help bloggers with their promotional efforts.

Many bloggers leverage affiliate programs to earn referral payments and recurring income. These programs include popular options like Adobe Affiliate Program, Cloudways Affiliate Program, and the Teachable Affiliate Program, among others.

Is blog affiliate marketing worth it?

Absolutely. Bloggers can earn significant blog income from affiliate partnerships. By promoting online courses, web hosting space, email marketing tools, or online stores, bloggers can earn recurring commissions and boost their earnings.

Can I use Blogger for Amazon affiliate?

Yes, Blogger is compatible with Amazon’s affiliate program. Bloggers can integrate affiliate links into their content and benefit from promotional banners provided by the affiliate network.

Is there a downside to affiliate marketing?

While affiliate marketing offers many opportunities, it’s crucial to maintain authenticity and trust with your audience. Promoting low-quality products or services can harm your reputation. Also, most affiliate programs have a minimum payout, so bloggers need a substantial amount of referral payments earned before receiving their funds.

How much do affiliate bloggers make?

This varies. While some beginners might make a few dollars, others can earn hundreds or even more, especially if they tap into multiple affiliate programs and promote high-paying products or services like web hosting or SEO tools.

How can I make $1000 a month blogging?

To reach this goal, diversify your income sources. Combine earnings from multiple affiliate programs like FlexJobs Affiliate Program, Adobe Affiliate Program, and more. You can also earn by offering advertising space, creating and selling your own products, or offering services relevant to your blog’s niche.

How do beginner bloggers make money?

In addition to affiliate marketing, beginners can monetize through ad revenue, sponsored content, selling digital products, and offering consulting services. Utilizing tools like email marketing platforms can further enhance income potential.

How do I become an affiliate blogger?

Beginners can start by embedding links within their own blog posts. Additionally, promoting on social media platforms, using custom landing pages, and leveraging SEO tools can drive traffic to affiliate offers.

What are the 3 main types of affiliates?

The three main types are: Content Sites: They include bloggers and content creators who provide valuable content and embed affiliate links. Review Sites: Websites dedicated to product reviews and recommendations. Coupon and Deal Sites: These platforms offer discounts and promotions, attracting price-conscious consumers.

What are the 7 things to know before starting affiliate marketing?

Before diving in, consider: Conducting keyword research to identify profitable niches. The difference between popular affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate and the eBay Partner Network. The importance of selecting a reliable hosting provider, especially if running a WordPress blog. Benefits of promoting products with recurring income potential. The role of a dedicated affiliate manager. Ensuring compatibility between your platform (like Blogger) and your chosen affiliate programs. The significance of database hosting and site speed for user experience.

How do I start affiliate marketing with no money or experience?

Begin by setting up your own website or blog, focusing on a specific niche. Use free platforms or affordable web hosting space. Leverage free SEO and keyword research tools to optimize your content. Join free affiliate programs like Amazon’s affiliate program. Engage on social media platforms to promote content and learn from online tutorials and communities.

Remember, success in affiliate marketing requires dedication, consistent learning, and patience. Utilizing the right tools and platforms can significantly enhance your efforts and revenue potential.

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