Advanced Marketing Strategies

Alrighty my friend, I want to touch on some other marketing strategies today just so you’re armed with an arsenal of information to go forward and grow your business.

I’m going to keep the tips on this page super basic, so they can be actioned quickly and easily on a budget, but will also link out to resources if you want to take these strategies to the next level.

If you don’t feel ready for any of these strategies just yet, feel free to skip today and come back to it when you are.

Facebook Advertising

One of the fastest ways to kick start your business is by advertising it!

There are a multitude of available options for you including FB & IG Ads, Pinterest, YouTube, Google PPC etc.

Now hold on before you let out a big sigh, resolute that paid ads are not for you because they’re;

Too expensive
Too complicated
Too scary!

That’s the point of todays task.

With the help of some amazing online resources and a good friend of mine I’m going to attempt to break it down into manageable chunks for you.

I suggest a super nice starter campaign on Facebook for only $5 just to get you warmed up to the idea and then when you’re ready you can ramp that up a little.

Slow & steady wins the race in my opinion.

So grab a cuppa, put your favorite music on in the background, roll your sleeves up and let’s get started.

1. You may not yet have an FB business account setup so please watch the video below and follow the step by step instructions to setup the Business Manager and your Facebook Ad Account. Thanks to Ben Heath for an awesome video!

2. With your new shiny account ready to go before we even think about setting up our ad, we need to create our facebook pixel which we can then add to our website or store to track the actions of the people who visit.

This way we can track visits, activity on the site, add to carts & purchases on an ecommerce store, create lookalike audiences and all sorts of super helpful information to ensure we can create highly targeted campaigns.

Here is a great video from a chap called Jason Wardrop who explains exactly what a pixel is and how to create it inside your ads account;

Once you have your pixel setup and can access the ID or the code you have a couple of choices.

  1. You can install an app or plugin which has been designed to make it easy for you to install the pixel on your site. There are a multitude available to you for whatever platform you may be hosting your site including Shopify, WordPress, Wix etc. Just google ‘FB Pixel app for X (your platform of choice)’
  2. You can ask someone you know who is ‘techier’ than you are to help you out or hire someone from Upwork or Fiverr,com to install the pixel for you using the code.
  3. Or as Jason said you can reach out to the support or help desk of whatever platform you’re using to see if they can help you install the pixel.

3. All done? You’re awesome! Now let’s create our first ad!

Here my good friend and community member Mike Lawson recorded a fab video walking you through exactly how to create your first campaign.

Please note he used an example from my Legends not Ladies ecommerce store, but the process is the same no matter your business model.

You can use this to advertise your landing page, a blog post, a video you’ve created, a product you want to showcase, anything!

Take it away Mike;

Ok so now you’ve visually seen over Mike’s shoulder how to create and setup a campaign here are some absolutely excellent resources that walk you step by step through everything you have learnt today and much more.

From Facebook advertising partner and ad creation tool Adespresso is their incredibly detailed and easy to follow Beginners Guide to Facebook Advertising

Also specifically for ecommerce stores, Shopify also has it’s own beginners guide to setting up and creating your first campaign

With resources like these you’ll be up and running in no time!

4. If you’d like to take it a step further with facebook ads you have a couple of options.

You can either learn to do it yourself and I highly recommend Wilco De Kreij. His suite of software works to enhance FB Ads and help you to gain more traction, leads and customers using all the features FB has to offer.

Start with his YouTube channel where he offers lots of free training and then sign up for his email list on his blog which also offers a crazy amount of free videos & articles helping you to master the FB Ads platform.

Or you can employ someone else to do it for you. See my article on hiring on

If facebook doesn’t float your boat, here are some fantastic guides on all the other options available to you;

Google Adwords Tutorial 2020


SEO is a long term organic strategy which is worth putting some time and effort into learning the basics.

If, like me, you feel it’s all a bit complicated and overwhelming, you’re not alone and not wrong. It is complicated and overwhelming!

So here’s my go to guy for everything SEO, Brian Dean from Backlinko to explain his 8 Step Strategy for Higher Rankings in 2020;

Also just check out his channel for more ranking tips, keyword research tips, youtube SEO tips. Seriously the guy is an SEO machine!

I also highly recommend his Definitive Keyword Research guide on his website. This is the one I have used and continue to use to work out how to do the very complicated task of keyword research.


Messenger apps

Ok my friend, we spent a long time yesterday on email marketing, mainly because its something I have done for years and know a considerable amount about!

Messenger apps & chatbots on the other hand which are becoming hugely important, especially with facebook talking about how much focus they’re going to be putting on them in the future, are a strategy I haven’t even looked into yet. (You can’t do everything!)

So I’m not even going to try to explain how messenger apps work, however I do know they are an important strategy moving forward so do be sure to join our FB Group or check back here for updates.

Here is a great guide with visual explainer steps from the folks at Adespresso –The 2020 Guide to Messenger for Business

Here is another very visual guide (I like visual guides), from SproutSocial who also teamed up with Drift, a conversational marketing platform specializing in this stuff! –

Sprout Social

Also at some point you may want to run ads to messenger, so here is a guide to messenger ads from the guys over at Hubspot.

Hubspot Messenger Bots

I think that’s got you covered for now, more to come….


Like I said at the start, you can pick and choose which strategies you want to focus on, just remember you can’t do everything alone.

You may want to get your head around how some of these work and even have a go at mastering them, but eventually you will have to choose between being a content creator, an operator, a marketer or a CEO.

So if your plan is to eventually outsource FB Ads or Google Ads, just learn the basics to get you started but don’t get too wrapped up in the detail. Focus on what you’re good at and when you start to make sales you can begin to outsource the rest.