ADHD Organization Tools: Top 11 Picks To Enhance Productivity

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A significant part of thriving with ADHD involves discovering and effectively utilizing organization strategies that suit your unique needs. That’s where ADHD organization tools come into play.

These tools, which range from digital apps to physical systems, are specifically designed to aid in time management, task tracking, project planning, and more. 

The trick is to find what works best for you. One great tip is to start small. Instead of trying to overhaul your entire organization system at once, introduce one tool at a time. Experiment to see what helps you manage your day more efficiently and adds structure to your routines. 

In this article, we will explore the top 11 ADHD organization tools to help streamline your daily life.

What are the Best ADHD Organization Tools?

1. Your Lifestyle Business 90 Day Goal Setting Journal

the YLB 90 day planner is a great choice, as the image-posted highlights the features and unique offerings of the journal

This planner is designed with the lifestyle entrepreneur in mind. Regardless of where you currently stand on your entrepreneurial journey, having a clear, structured plan can help to keep you focused, driven, and organized. It’s about creating a roadmap that aligns with your entrepreneurial spirit and personal goals.

Here’s what you’ll find in our 90-Day Planner:

  • The TAG System for Goal Setting: This system allows you to set goals at three different levels – from your biggest dream (the BHAG or Big Hairy Audacious Goal) down to more manageable yet challenging objectives (HAGs and AGs). The idea is to help you dream big but also keep your goals within reach.
  • Daily Action Pages: Each day brings a new opportunity to move closer to your goals. With the daily planning pages, you can prioritize tasks that align with your top three goals, develop good habits, and manage your time effectively.
  • Reflective Pages for Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Review: These pages are a place for you to pause and take stock of your journey. By reviewing your progress regularly, you can celebrate your wins, learn from your challenges, and adjust your plans as necessary.
  • Lifestyle Vision and Bucket List Pages: Envisioning your ideal lifestyle and creating a bucket list are powerful exercises. They remind you of your ‘why’ and help you stay motivated and aligned with your true desires.
  • Lay-Flat Binding: The planner also includes user-friendly lay-flat binding that ensures a smooth, seamless experience. Writing in the planner becomes a joy, not a chore.
  • Free Printable Journal Extras: To provide you with more value, we also offer a collection of helpful freebies. These include guides for goal setting and identifying your values, a planner for your perfect day, a lifestyle budget planner, a habit tracker, and a printable 13-week action planner.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur or aspire to become one, this 90-Day Goal Setting Planner is a tool worth considering. It helps bring structure to your ambition and puts you firmly in the driver’s seat of your own life and business. It’s not just about reaching your goals; it’s about enjoying the journey along the way.

2. Cinch Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar & Chores Chart by Home & Me

Cinch Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar & Chores board
  • Customizable Color-Coding: The fridge calendar dry erase magnetic bundle features six robust and vivid dry erase fine-tip markers in black, blue, red, green, pink, and purple. These magnetic markers can be assigned to different individuals or task types for improved organization. The set also includes a specially designed chores chart for kids with checkboxes and namespaces.
  • Unified, Magnetic Organization: All components are magnetic, eliminating the need to search through drawers for an eraser or lose pens beneath piles of mail. The magnetic calendar for the fridge keeps everything within reach. With separate monthly, weekly, and daily planners, the system enables distinct separation of lists, appointments, and children’s artwork.
  • Effortless Clean-Up: The set includes a sturdy board eraser for full-swipe cleaning of all boards, and each pen comes with a tip eraser for easy correction. The fridge calendar dry erase magnetic set leaves no ink stains or ghosting, even 90 days after writing.
  • Ultra-Fine Tip Markers: For optimum use of the boards, the six bright colored markers come with an ultra-fine tip. They are designed to be hung upside down for instant, ink-ready writing, eliminating smudges, illegible scribbles, or faded words that become difficult to read over time.
  • Comprehensive Life Organization: The set provides 32 magnetic dry-erase planners, offering abundant space for writing and ensuring you never run out of room to keep track of your or your family’s activities. This set is a must-have for every home and apartment, helping to organize life more effectively.

3. ADHD Organization Tools: Chore Chart for Adults by ZZWS

ZZWS Chore Chart for Adults
  • Children’s Chore Chart: The chart serves as an effective tool to foster children’s focus on learning. It aids in the reasonable allocation of study and playtime, helping establish a concept of plan management.
  • Adults Chore Chart: It invites adults to list their daily and work plans, transforming the sliding button into a completion marker once a task is accomplished. This process enhances work efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Design: This daily chore chart for kids features an easy paper replacement mechanism. Without the need to detach the memo board, chore chart cards can be simply pulled out from the left side for substitution.
  • Generous Package Inclusion: The package includes 1 piece of a 7.5×5.1 inch chore checklist board and 15 DIY chore cards (with writing space on both sides). The larger planning board with additional columns caters to your mission needs.
  • Broad Utility: Designed with magnets, hanging holes, and a stand holder on the back, the chores checklist task board can be stuck on the refrigerator, hung on the wall, or stood on a table. Its flexibility makes it suitable for both home and office settings.

4. ADHD Organization Tools: QR Code by Smart Labels

Smart Labels QR Code Smart Labels
  • Intelligent Organization: The Smart Labels feature QR codes that can be scanned and managed using a dedicated mobile app. Available in four color-coded sticker sheets, these labels facilitate efficient organization of anything from craft supplies and tools to baby clothes and spring cleaning items.
  • Mobile Management: The labels can be tracked and managed from a mobile device, making organization effortless with the iOS & Android app. Enhance organization by adding photos, names, and descriptions of each item in your storage box.
  • Streamlined Inventory Tracking: The system eliminates the stress associated with managing inventory. Each label comes with a unique identifier, aiding in the digital organization of your entire catalog of containers. Store, organize, and locate anything you need within minutes.
  • Swift Locating: Input what you’re storing and its location into the app for easy retrieval later. Use the search tool in the app to find your items quickly. The app provides the location of your container along with the label’s color and ID.
  • Moving Made Simple: Get excited about moving with Smart Labels. These essential packing supplies serve as perfect labels for organizing moving boxes and totes in storage units. You’ll know precisely what’s in each box without needing to open them all.

5. ADHD Toolkit for Women by Davis & Hill

Toolkit for Women
  • A Groundbreaking 2-in-1 Resource: This revolutionary combination of workbook and guide serves as a definitive roadmap to a life marked by increased deliberation and focus, where your capabilities can flourish and progress can be made with momentum.
  • Authored by Experts: Written by acclaimed women’s mental health authorities, Sarah Davis and Linda Hill, these guides are designed specifically to address the unique challenges women face while dealing with ADHD in today’s world.
  • Comprehensive Learning and Improvement Tools: With 29 distinct exercises, you will gain skills to enhance organization, overcome distractions, improve relationships, and manage emotions. The guides also illuminate the impacts of diet and hormonal cycles on mental performance.

6. Home Visual Wall Planner by Create Visual Aids

Visual Schedule For Home Visual Wall Planner
  • Foster Tranquility and Control: This ADHD organization tool significantly reduces anxiety, creating calmer transitions at home and reducing stress for the entire family. By visually communicating the day’s events, it helps family members feel in control, thus contributing to a happier atmosphere.
  • Versatile Visual Wall Planner: The planner is a children’s daily routine chart consisting of 35 picture cards and two foamex boards that attach to each other using VELCRO Brand hook and loop. Displaying up to 10 cards at once, the visual schedule is easily customizable, thanks to the VELCRO Brand hook and loop on the back of the cards and boards.
  • Designed for Clear Communication: The planner features clear visual symbols specifically crafted with communication in mind. Its age-neutral characters make it suitable for both children and adults, extending its utility beyond just the young ones.
  • Durable and Safe Design: The cards have rounded corners and are made from sturdy, waterproof, and durable plastic that resists tearing, ensuring they can withstand repeated use by strong hands.
  • Created by an Experienced Professional: Developed by a mother and early years teacher, this visual timetable is especially beneficial for children with autism, ADHD, Asperger’s, speech and language delay, and special educational needs. However, these communication cards are fantastic tools for all children, serving as a universal aid for daily routine planning.

7. Fidget Bands by Learn Tower

Learn Tower Fidget Bands
  • Boost Focus and Concentration: Learn Tower chair bands are expressly designed to aid children with fidgety feet to improve their focus and attention. These 19.7″ x 1.9″ (50cm x 5cm) bands with a 1.5mm thickness offer an effective, unobtrusive outlet for children’s energy, making any standard school chair or desk a hub for concentration.
  • Valuable Learning Aid: These chair bands make a priceless addition to a child’s growth and learning journey. They boost concentration, foster calmness, and exponentially increase learning efficiency. The natural bouncing motion facilitated by these sensory tool bands can be part of their daily learning, enhancing engagement. Their rhythmic movements help keep children alert and composed.
  • User-friendly and Versatile: The chair bands are excellent tools for both school and home environments. Their straightforward installation process makes them a must-have for classrooms and parents seeking to create a conducive learning environment at home. These fidget bands are designed to fit most standard-sized chairs and desks.
  • Safe, Durable, and Quiet: Made from natural latex, these sensory fidgets for classrooms are not only safe but also extremely durable, designed to withstand the energy of a bustling classroom. These quiet classroom fidgets have been meticulously designed to stay silent during use, preventing any distractions. Rigorously tested for elasticity and endurance, these bands ensure they do not break or snap off!

8. Sensory Mats by ODOXIA

Sensory Mats for Autistic Children
  • Engaging Multi-Sensory Experience: These sensory mats are an innovative ADHD organization tool that provides a captivating environment for children, stimulating their senses with diverse textures and vibrant colors. They allow kids to play and unwind in a secure, interactive tactile setting.
  • Promoting Relaxation and Focus: The texture toys embedded in these mats are excellent tools for helping children find peace, manage stress, and maintain focus. They are beneficial in various situations, contributing to your little ones’ well-being.
  • Fun-Filled Educational Interaction: Learning is transformed into an exciting adventure with these sensory mats. Kids will love how the mats promote the development of language skills, problem-solving abilities, and both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Versatile for Everyday Use: The mats, along with the accompanying discs and bean bags, offer adaptability for use in diverse settings, including homes, therapy sessions, and classrooms. Cleaning them is easy, requiring only a damp cloth or mild soap and water after hours of play.

9. Budget System Cash Envelopes by Clever Fox

Clever Fox Cash Envelopes for Budget System ADHD organization tool
  • Empower Your Financial Management: If you seek an optimal cash envelope budget system to organize your finances as an ADHD organization tool, Clever Fox cash envelopes are your answer. These budgeting tools aid users in maintaining their money in order, promoting prudent spending, avoiding debt, initiating savings, and achieving financial goals. They come complete with everything required for effective weekly or monthly budget planning. Begin now and revolutionize your financial future.
  • Resilient, Waterproof, and Long-Lasting: Manufactured from a unique blend of high-density polyethylene fibers – a material often employed to shield buildings during construction – Clever Fox cash envelopes withstand daily use and exposure to water with ease. Almost impossible to tear by hand, they remain light and flexible. These envelopes outlast standard paper or laminated envelopes, effortlessly withstanding heavy daily use.
  • Inclusive Carry Pouch & 12 Budget Sheets: The package includes a premium zip-locker pouch to organize all your budgeting envelopes, loose change, and receipts, eliminating worries about misplaced cash or change. Each ledger envelope budget system comes with 12 budget sheets, enabling detailed tracking of your cash inflows and outflows. This record-keeping promotes mindful spending habits and assists in allocating cash responsibly.
  • Diverse Colors, Ideal Size, and an Excellent Gift Option: With 12 unique colors representing different budgeting categories, these cash envelopes measure 6.7 inches x 3.3 inches – a perfect fit for your bag or wallet. Achieving financial independence, accumulating wealth, and saving money are universal goals. Coupled with a premium carry pouch, this system makes an ideal gift for any occasion.

10. ADHD Organization Tools: Chore Chart for Kids by WonderKidz

Chore Chart for Kids as an ADHD organization tool
  • Innovative Reward System for Daily Tasks: The star magnets and incentive chart offer a motivational reward system that encourages children to complete their daily routines. This helps nurture good habits and foster responsibility in children.
  • User-Friendly Design: The children’s chore chart is incredibly easy to set up and use. Whether affixed to the fridge or hung on the wall, it’s ready to help manage your toddler’s morning and bedtime routines effectively.
  • Crafted from Real-Life Experience: The reward chart is the brainchild of a mother of three children, including one with ADHD. This real-life experience has informed its creation, making the chart a practical solution for managing the diverse needs of unique kids. It promises less repetition and more fun!
  • All-Inclusive Kit: Everything you need to use the chart is included in this kit, allowing immediate use upon receipt. Additionally, a complimentary PDF list of Reward Ideas is provided with every purchase (requires opting into Amazon emails).
  • Enhanced Magnet Thickness: As of its 2nd edition released in March 2022, the magnets for stars and chores are now 40% thicker. This design improvement ensures no pieces fall off when the chart is attached to the fridge or hung on a wall or door handle.

11. 360 Rotating Storage Organizer Desk by MeCids

MeCids 360 Rotating Storage ADHD Organization Tool desk
  • Multifaceted Lazy Susan Desk Organizer: Transcend ordinary storage trays with this Rotating Office Supplies Storage Organizer, a truly versatile solution with 9 deep bins, a flawlessly smooth 12″ turntable, and attractive colors. Ideal for organizing office and school supplies, storing makeup, serving snacks, and transforming cluttered desktops into orderly spaces.
  • Extensive 12″ Rotating Turntable: This organizer boasts an oversized 12″ turntable that rotates a full 360 degrees, providing easy, convenient access from any angle. Perfectly designed for serving as a charming tabletop centerpiece or holding small, everyday essentials in a workshop.
  • High-Capacity Storage Bins with Ergonomic Design: Unlike many Lazy Susan organizers, this model features 8 high-capacity removable storage bins. Each bin includes user-friendly finger grip handles for easy rotation, removal, and replacement, making organization a breeze.
  • Sturdy ABS Construction for Durability: Constructed from durable, lightweight ABS plastic, this desktop organizer withstands splitting, discoloration, and yellowing over time. Its easy-to-clean surface promotes hygiene for everyday use, making it ideal for loading with delicious snacks or utilizing in the kitchen.
  • Appealing Color Choices: Choose from the striking two-tone white and powder blue design or the sleek white and grey variant to complement your household decor. Each Lazy Susan arrives in a beautiful presentation box with a thank you card, making it gift-ready.

ADHD Organization Tools – Summary

Organizing life’s tasks can be a challenge, particularly for those managing ADHD. However, with the right tools and strategies, the process can become far more manageable. 

Check out the YLB 90-day journal. This journal can aid you in setting goals, tracking progress, and developing a deeper understanding of your patterns. This is an effective complement to your chosen ADHD organization tools and another step towards an organized life, where ADHD becomes a hurdle you’re well equipped to navigate.

Want to learn more? Check out our other posts on:

Remember that it’s about progress, not perfection. Start small and integrate these tools gradually into your daily routines.

YLB 90 Day Goal Setting Planner

Your Lifestyle Business 90 Day Goal Setting Planner


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With the YLB 90 Day Goal Planner Journal, you can:

  • Plan & track your goals & dreams through a comprehensive 90-day framework
  • Align your personal and business goals with your core values, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling journey
  • Break through limiting beliefs and unlock your full potential by addressing the obstacles that hold you back
  • Benefit from regular reflection and adjustment, enabling continuous growth and improvement in your entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Strengthen your commitment and accountability by tracking your progress and celebrating your achievements along the way
  • Dare yourself to dream bigger and reach new heights in your personal and professional life

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ADHD Organization Tools – FAQs

What are the best organizational tools for ADHD?

The “best” organizational tools for ADHD often depend on the individual’s specific needs and preferences. However, some popular and effective tools include digital calendars like Google Calendar, to-do list applications, project management platforms, and digital note-taking apps. Remember, different tools work for different people, and it may require some experimentation to find what works best for you.

How do you help ADHD people organize?

Helping someone with ADHD organize involves understanding their unique needs and working to establish routines, structures, and tools that support them. This might involve setting up organizational systems such as calendars, planners, or task management apps, and helping them to use these tools consistently. Regular check-ins and adjustments to the system can also be beneficial.

What are some tools to help with ADHD?

There are many tools designed to help people with ADHD. Some of these include focus apps t, time tracking tools, mind mapping tools, and even physical organization tools such as file organizers or bullet journals.

Can ADHD organization tools help with school work?

Absolutely, ADHD organization tools can significantly assist with schoolwork. Tools like digital calendars can help with due dates, while project management apps can break large assignments into manageable tasks. Note-taking apps can organize study materials, and focus apps can help maintain concentration during study sessions.

Are ADHD organization tools useful for adults?

Yes, ADHD organization tools can be just as beneficial for adults as they are for children. Adults with ADHD can use these tools to manage their personal and professional lives, keep track of appointments, organize their tasks, and improve their productivity.

How do ADHD organization tools improve productivity?

ADHD organization tools help structure and manage time, tasks, and projects, reducing the chance of overlooking or forgetting something important. By organizing tasks and breaking them down into manageable pieces, these tools can help reduce overwhelm and improve focus, thereby enhancing productivity.

How can technology help in managing ADHD symptoms?

Technology offers numerous tools that can assist in managing ADHD symptoms. For instance, reminder apps can help with forgetfulness, focus apps can improve attention, and task management apps can aid in completing tasks and assignments. These tools can be tailored to an individual’s needs and can be a significant part of an overall management strategy for ADHD.

Are there any other physical ADHD organizational tools?

Yes, in addition to digital tools, physical organization tools can also be beneficial. These might include paper planners, whiteboards for visual task management, color-coded file systems, and other tangible methods of organization.

How does one choose the right ADHD organizational tools?

Choosing the right ADHD organization tool depends on understanding the person’s needs, challenges, and preferences. Consider what areas you or the person with ADHD struggles with the most. Is it time management, task completion, remembering appointments, or focusing on work? Once you know this, you can look for tools designed to help with these specific issues. Always remember, the best tool is one that the person feels comfortable using regularly.

Can these tools help those without ADHD?

Yes, ADHD organization tools can also be helpful for people without ADHD. These tools are designed to increase productivity, improve focus, and enhance organization – benefits anyone can appreciate.

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