Adding Lead Generation Pop Ups & Upsells

Ok strange request, but I want you to move your cursor as if you’re going to leave the blog.

Just move as if you’re going to open a new tab or look at something else on your screen. (If nothing happens, leave it a minute and try again shortly).

See what I did there?

If you’re viewing this page on desktop a pop up should have ‘popped up’ right in the middle of the screen with my 6 ways ebook free offer.

If you’re viewing this on mobile it may not have worked aswell, as pop ups are wont to do on mobile, so here’s what it looked like;

So this is what I mean by pop up on your store.

Here is the one I use for Legends Not Ladies.

Please note you don’t have to include a place for people to leave their email address.

This fab example from Printfuls article – 40 Website Popup Ideas to Steal For Your Online Store shows how Dodo case gives you an option to use a discount code within 30 minutes (in which case you’d get the persons email address anyway as they will buy something), or get a code emailed to you for later use.


So how do we go about setting one of these things up Jo?

Well it’s actually surprisingly easy, once again made so by people far cleverer than I, who sit about all day dreaming up amazing apps that make our lives so much easier!

What pop up app should we use?

Here’s a fab comparison Wisepops did in their article – The Best Shopify Pop Up Apps

You’ll notice they include Just Uno & the Privy app in their roundup, both of which I have used.

I have to be honest, I’m a simplicity girl, I don’t like stuff with too many bells and whistles, it makes life so complicated, so for Legends I used Privy. Free, quick & easy!

Now we’re talking!

So as per with all Shopify apps, you’ll need to install the Privy App to your site. (See Adding the App section in Day 11).

Once installed, you’ll create an account on Privy and be taken to the Privy dashboard.

From there you will create your popup.

Here’s a quick & informative video showing you how to setup a basic popup campaign using Privy;

If you want to create something a bit fancier however, you can add a spinning wheel as your pop up of choice.

I used to have one of these for our first store and it converted pretty well from memory, although they’ve been a bit overused now.

But if you want something fun, then why not!

Here’s a video showing you just how to create one of these in Privy;

Coupon Codes & Connecting to Your Email Provider

So these are great videos but they do seem to have left out how you create coupon codes & connect to your main email account.

Coupon Codes

It’s actually super simple in the Privy app for the basic pop up.

You simply click on ‘Coupons’ at the top of the dashboard. Click ‘Shopify Create coupons that sync with your store’ & ‘Master Coupon’ and add in the name of your coupon.

Then set your coupon rules, i.e., ‘percentage, fixed amount etc’ and add in your value and the coupon schedule.

This will automatically sync with your Shopify store and create the discount code within the ‘Discount Codes’ section of your Shopify store.

For the spinning wheel, my advice would be to go into the discount codes section of Shopify first and create the relevant codes for each spin, then use the hard coded version as he shows in the video using the same names as the codes you created in Shopify.

Here’s how to create discount codes inside of Shopify, which is a good to know anyway as you can use them all over the place not just inside Privy! 😁

If the spinning wheel option is a bit too much to take in right now, just start with a basic pop up and put a note somewhere to come back to it at another time (or rope in a more techie type friend to give you a hand).

I strongly recommend when faced with tough techie type jobs, invite a good buddy over for a few glasses of wine one night and try to figure it out together. At the very least the task will become a source of great laughs! 😂

Connecting to Email Provider

The first video above does actually show how to do this but I did just want to make it clear so you understand.

You should by now have your email provider account and your first flows setup including your discount code flow. (If you don’t have this particular flow setup yet, don’t worry too much as the first email with the code comes from Privy anyway!)

So you’ll want to make sure the app is connected to your email provider so at the very least any visitors are signed up to the correct list for you to nurture and send information too when you’re ready.

To do this you’ll need to have your email provider setup in the backend of your apps section of your Shopify account.

Please see the section on adding your email app & connecting your email provider with Shopify in Days 11 & 12 and be sure to get this setup first.

Then as you create your form in Privy, when you get to the section ‘Automation’, click ‘+ New Rule’.

Then sync to your email provider on Shopify and select the list you want people who sign up for a discount code to be added to.

That’s it!

Whoohooo! That’s your pop up setup!

Adding Upsells

So now you have your pop up configured it’s time to add an upsell app.

This is hugely important particularly for Print on Demand stores. Your margins are tight so if you can encourage the same customer to purchase multiple items, then your profitability will increase.

As with all apps for Shopify there are a multitude of choices and its tough deciding which one is the best to use.

To help I found a couple of good comparison articles looking at the different features & pricing of select apps.

Firstly Ecom Elites breaks down 13 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Sales (some are even free)

Also Acquire Convert walks through the Best Upsell Apps for Shopify in 2019 – although it was updated in December 2019, so I would say these are relevant for 2020 too!

In the second article they do actually include Reconvert which is the app my FB Ads guy chose to add to my Legends site.

I must admit I had no hand in setting it up, but here is a great video walking you through exactly how to use it;

Another option although certainly not the cheapest option out there is Zipify One Click Upsell by Ezra Firestone.

Years ago when building the store to accompany our Amazon brand this was the upsell app I used.

It was hugely effective and when I launch the YLB store I will seriously consider using this app, but as I said it’s quite a chunk of change, so you may want to choose a cheaper or free version to get you off the ground and switch to this when you’re making sales.

Here is a great video of Ezra walking you through a holiday campaign including his one click upsell and sales funnel.

You really couldn’t get a better example of how to create a sales funnel and upsell than this;

However, don’t get overwhelmed! At this stage in the game, you’re not creating any big sales funnels, you’ll just want to add some upsell products. So if you do decide to go down the Zipify route, here is their very detailed help document taking you through the process step by step.

If you’re thinking that maybe this just isn’t necessary for your store and you can go without it, check out Neil Patel’s The Art of Ecommerce Selling.

Don’t go leaving any money on the table my friend!


Upsells are important particularly if you’re going down the Print on Demand route, however, getting your store live is more important.

So if this is going to hold you up, leave it for now and come back to it. It’s something you can add at a later stage, although I urge you not to leave it too long as having one customer buy multiple products is a game changer!

Get a good nights sleep because tomorrow we’re pressing GO!!!