A Simple List Building Funnel Explained (Infographic)

Does list building confuse the bejeebies out of you?

I’m with you!

Trying to plan a funnel sometimes feels like a military operation!

I watched a video recently with a chap walking me through his list building funnel and by the time he finished I needed a lie down!

Apart from the oto’s, one click upsells, downsells, exit pops, payment plans, complex follow ups, segmentation, parameters and tracking he then whipped out his rubix cube, stood on his head and twirled some plates on his feet.

I’m exaggerating, but you get my point right?

I honestly believe the success to anything in life and I mean anything is to make it as easy as you possibly can. Why over complicate what could be simple?

As you grow and become better or more learned at what you’re doing then you can start to get a bit flashier, add some bells and whistles, a few twists and turns and improve as you go.

To that end, I hope todays infographic will assist you. I have detailed out 3 basic list building funnels.

The first is just for list building.

The second shows the thank you page (after optin) doubling as a sales page and in the third I have done my best to simplify adding an upsell to your funnel.


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Summary & Action

There’s no doubt that list building should be an absolute priority in your business.

You can build communities everywhere these days on facebook, twitter, linkedin etc, but still nothing beats email marketing both in terms of building relationships and getting those all important sales.


1. If you’re just starting out keep it simple. Use the amazing software at our disposal these days to make it even easier on yourself. See my blog post comparing some of the most forward thinking software on the market today – Leadpages vs Thrive Themes vs OP2 vs ClickFunnels.

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Thanks for reading!

Jo :)



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