A Rest is as Good as a Change


Welcome to a week in the life of a traveling entrepreneur!

My chance to talk unashamedly about our travels as a family in the hope my stories inspire you to explore the world!

So my daughter was on her half term from school last week and we headed off to a hotel on the South East coast of Phuket with her best friend for 3 days.

Centara Grand - Phuket

The Centara Grand – Phuket. Well worth a visit! :)

We are actually regulars at the Centara Grand as it’s great for youngsters and the pool is right in front of the beach which for sea & pool lovers like myself & Rhett is ideal!

So I’ve been reading books in the pool, swimming in the sea & eating my favourite Panang Chicken curry at a little Thai restaurant on the beach with my feet in the sand.

What I love about short breaks like this is that they’re a chance just to recharge the batteries.

To give yourself the time & space to think about where you are & where you’re going.

To spend a bit of time with family & reconnect away from computers or TV screens.

We (Rhett & I) undoubtedly have some of our best ideas while we’re relaxing & chatting rather than caught up in the usual fairly fast pace of every day life.

I know the saying is ‘a change is as good as a rest’ but I also say ‘a rest is as good as a change’!

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Make sure you give yourself these times to get away from it all and relax the body & mind. Even if it’s just a 30 minute peaceful walk through the day or a quiet cup of coffee by yourself.

It will do wonders for the soul!

Jo :)


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