A Month (or so) in the Life of an Online Entrepreneur

I often get asked for a day by day run down of what I do each day to grow my business, drive traffic, promote content etc.

It’s so difficult to give an hour by hour account as each day is different and I’m always working on 3 or 4 projects at the same time, so I thought I’d put together a post about what’s happening in the business at the moment, where my focus is and what I’m going to be working on over the next month or so.

The goal of this post isn’t for you to think, ‘oh isn’t it interesting what Jo’s doing’, but for you to read and ask yourself what you can learn from my plans. How does this correlate with your business? Is there anything in here you can emulate? Perhaps it will simply inspire you to get going! However you feel this can help you, please read and take action!

Keeping Busy

So this week has been a tough one as we’ve been all over the place for the last 2 – 3 weeks.

Firstly I trotted off on holiday to Tenerife with my Mum for a week, then my daughter had her 9th birthday the same week my partner was having a knee operation so we were all over the UK visiting hospitals, safari parks, zoos etc.

So this week we’re back at it with plenty to keep us busy!

I keep saying us as one half of my business is now selling on Amazon and I run that with my partner Rhett. In all honesty he does most of the work for that for now – more on that in a bit!

So here’s what’s happening in the business at the moment;

1. A new blog design!

If you’ve been following me for a while you will have seen my business evolve over the years from Free Fan Page Templates to The Social Networking Academy to Online Marketing Addicts and finally settling on my own name and brand Jo Barnes Online.

You may wonder why I’ve been through so many iterations and if I’m going to be honest it was simply a lack of long term clarity. See my Create a Crystal Clear Vision post if you’re suffering from the same thing! It took me a while to decide to brand my business as myself, but having spent the last few months really getting to grips with my target market and what I want my business to achieve long term which is to;

Help action takers like you, create and run an online lifestyle business you can run from anywhere in the world whether that be a beach in Fiji or your kitchen table!

my entire focus moving forward is to grow the Jo Barnes Online Brand and spend the rest of my days inspiring and helping budding entrepreneurs create their dream business and life!

So it’s time for a new blog design, which I’m working on at the moment with my good friend Jared Elvidge (who’s just fab at web design amongst many other online talents)

In fact here is a sneak preview at part of the new front page.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 17.17.09

My goal with the new blog is to both demonstrate the lifestyle that can be lived by running an online business, and to share case studies and real life examples of what I do in my business to allow me to live the lifestyle myself!

I want to make it super easy to navigate and find useful information to help you with your journey and to encourage social sharing, engagement and showcase my products and programs. Also one of the most important elements of the blog is to List Build!

With the new blog will come my new ‘Make It Happen Monday’ video series with weekly motivational tips to help busy entrepreneurs like you focus on what’s important each week.

So keep your eyes open for my new look blog and video series coming soon!

2. Sales Pages & Funnels

I have a few products I now offer online, namely;

The Online Marketing Academy,
30 Day List Building Challenge,
The Instant Sale List Building Funnel,
Easy Graphics,
Facebook Domination (currently being updated) &,
Coming soon – Blog Launch.

Over the next few weeks I’m having all the sales pages re-written and re-designed and then adding an attractive ‘Products’ page to the blog showcasing all the courses.

Because our main focus in 2016 will be growing the Amazon business (more on this next), I’m not going to be spending a lot of time building complex sales funnel for the courses, so my goal throughout the rest of 2015 & 2016 is to create fantastic content every week for the blog and drive lots of traffic and visits, hopefully converting plenty of visitors into customers while they’re here!

3. Next (and last) Azon 4 Beginners Launch in September

Preparations have begun for the next (and last) launch of our Azon 4 Beginners Course which opens on 29th September 2015.

We’ve been running this course since we first dipped our toe in the Amazon waters in Nov 2013. We’re currently on Group 3 and I’m over the moon to report that many of our students are now making money with this business model. In fact some are already starting to give up the day jobs to do this full time!


So I’m currently in major list & relationship building mode as I get the sales pages, videos and funnels ready for launch week.

If you’d like to learn more about the business model then do please read my blog posts about our journey here, plus sign up to download my ebook The Beginners Guide to Building a Business on Amazon

4. Our own Amazon business

If you have a look at our monthly stats reports you’ll see that we have also been doing pretty well ourselves with this business model.

So much so, that we have decided to streamline our business for a year and spend the whole of 2016 focusing on building our Amazon business.

Hence why the Azon 4 Beginners launch in Sept is our last one (at least for a year anyway).

I’ll still be creating weekly videos and blog posts etc for Jo Barnes Online though and am excited to be able to share our journey and experimentations with you through the blog.

I’ve always wanted to spend a few months just trying out new traffic strategies and then demonstrating how or if they work and now I’ll be spending the whole of next year doing just that, exciting!

5. We’re on the Move Again!

Yep after 6 months in the UK visiting family, seeing accountants and enjoying the British Countryside, Sunday Roasts & the most amazing Chicken Tikka Massala – Madras Hot, from the curry house round the corner it’s time to head back to wifi on the beach, gorgeous Thai Red Curries & Chang Beer!

Thailand collage

We’ll be heading back to Phuket for 3 months in October, before we hotfoot it over to the Philippines next year to begin building our Amazon dream team!

It’s all go!


Busy Busy Busy!

Very exciting times at the moment and ahead, coupled with the fact that at the moment I feel fitter and healthier than ever before due to my current exercise and tennis regime!

I have to say, it seems the fitter and healthier I get, the more successful and profitable my business gets, interesting!

So things to look out for to help you with your business or life goals are;

  • New blog with super useful and helpful information on helping you to grow your online empire
  • New weekly Make It Happen Monday vid series to help get you on track every Monday and get you super motivated for the week ahead
  • The launch of the next and last Azon 4 Beginners course if you want to create a fast growing, cash generating online business in the world of ecommerce
  • Loads of great examples and case studies on business building and traffic generation

Also my focus moving forward is as follows;

  1. Give brilliant support and assistance to those who have invested in themselves and their futures via my courses and training.
  2. List Build DAILY! My new mantra is ‘never stop list building’. You must continue building your community at all times in this day and age of ‘trust’ marketing!
  3. Create brilliant and super useful content WEEKLY. By way of my Make it Happen Videos, ‘How To’ blog posts, case studies etc, plus repurposing my blog posts into podcasts & videos where possible.
  4. Play with and try out new traffic strategies for the blog & the Amazon business (and then report back via the blog on what works and what doesn’t)
  5. Continue growing my profile and brand via social media channels.
  6. Have FUN!!!!
  7. NB: Just have a read through these last 6 points and make a note of how you can incorporate these strategies into your business, as if you’re looking for step by step what you should be doing to build your online authority business then this is pretty much it!

    I do hope this post has served to inspire and motivate. Believe me if I can do this anyone can, so wherever you are in your business, set your plan, know where you want to go and don’t stop!

    Before you know it you’ll be well on your way and loving the journey!

    I’d love to hear about your business and plans below!

    Jo :)



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