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Wow, is it Sunday again??

Weeks seem to fly by! That’s why it’s so important to take an hour out each week to review what you’ve achieved & set your intentions for the week ahead.

Otherwise one week moulds into another week and another & so on and all of a sudden a whole year has passed by again!

So I have just arrived in the UK this morning.

It’s a beautiful day if not a little fresh!

Just arrived in London!

Good morning London! 😁

My intentions for the next week are to spend some quality time with my family here, to ensure I continue publishing daily blog posts, record a couple of MIHM episodes on the beach & complete the outlines for the book I want to write and also a speech I’m giving in a couple of weeks time at an International Women’s Day Lunch in Phuket.

I watched Marie Forleo interview author Steven Pressfield last week & he said a book outline should fit nicely on an A4 piece of lined paper. (Such an inspirational interview by the way, highly recommended and I’ll be posting separately about it this week).

Sounds good to me! So that’s my plan!

What are your intentions for the week ahead?

Write them out, stick them somewhere prominent and make them happen.

Have a great week! 😁