47 Ways to Promote Your Lead Generation Offer

I am going to keep this post super simple.

Once you’ve created your lead generating offer (Day 10) you need to let people know it exists.

Here are 47 places & ways you can showcase or promote your lead generating landing page;

Blog / Website

1. Home page

2. Sidebar

3. Bottom of posts

4. Pop up

5. Footer

6. About page

7. Resources page

Any other pages you feel it might be prevalent!

Social Media

8. FB Group pinned post

9. FB Group cover

10. FB page pinned post

11. FB Page Cover

12. FB story

13. FB profile link

14. FB Profile Cover

15. Facebook videos, posts, general content

16. FB Lives

17. IG feed

18. IGTV

19. IG story

20. IG profile link

21. IG Lives

22. Pinterest

23. Linkedin

24. Twitter

25. Tiktok

26. YouTube video description

27. YouTube invideo links

28. You Tube channel page

29. FB Ads

30. IG Ads

31. Pin Ads

32. YT Ads


33. Medium

Add a link to your freebie in your author bio section or even within the body of your text.

34. Podcast Intro & Outro

Talk about your freebie within the intro or the outro of your podcast, or even use your freebie as the sponsor of your show!

35. Podcast interviews

Get interviewed on other podcasts and when asked where can people find you, send them to your freebie.

36. Guest Posts

Link to your freebie in the bio section of your post or even within the body text of your article if relevant.

37. Quora

Answer questions and link to your freebie for more info!

38. Ask your audience to share it

Ask your growing audience to share the link with anyone they feel it might help.

39. Other groups

With the group owners permission post about your freebie in other groups. Many groups I’m part of have particular ‘sharing’ days when members can share their own resources.

40. Forums

Yes forums do still exist and if you’re an active and valuable member you’ll most likely be able to add a link to your freebie in your signature and in response to specific questions.

41. Co-promotions

Connect with peers and entrepreneurs in your industry or niche and organise co-promotions. You let your audience know about their freebie and vice versa.

42. Summits

Get involved with online summits and offer your freebie as your gift.

43. Solo ads

Pay a reputable brand to send out a solo email about your freebie to their email subscribers.

44. Content syndication

Use content syndication platforms to link back to your freebie.

45. Email signature

Link to your freebie in the signature of ever email you send out

46. Sponsorship / Advertising

Pay to advertise your freebie on someone else’s website or podcast or within their content.

47. JV Giveaways

Not so common these days, but still out there, sign up to carefully targeted JV Giveaways.


The more I find scattered about the internet the more I’ll update this page, but hopefully this has given you some ideas for promoting your lead generating offer and also your products and services when they’re live! 😎